Cum for Dawn :Book III

Hello, my name is Dawn and these are my stories.

I love New Years Eve: staying up late, watching Dick Clark, partying with the neighbors, watching my b*****r light fireworks off in the streets… My parents really got into the New Years thing; they would invite pretty much the whole block over for a party.

Well the New Years of ’93 into ’94 I wasn’t going to forget anytime soon, as usual at the stroke of midnight the fireworks would go off, and I’m talking about the big ones! Not my b*****rs, which always made me run and hide. (At that time I didn’t like the loud booms from the fireworks.)

This year I decided to hide in Sarah’s walk-in closet and stay there until the coast was clear. To take my mind off of the sonic booms outside, I figured I would look through Sara’s stash of magazines and lose myself in the pictures of beautiful women. It didn’t take long for me to start getting naked and caressing my body as I flipped through the pages. Losing track of time and forgetting where I am, I heard Sarah’s voice drawing nearer.

“Ssshhhh, be quiet!” Sarah said while walking into her room. It made me jump up real quick and pulled on the string to shut her closet light off. Lucky for me her closet door was almost shut, just giving me enough space to peek. I heard giggling and another voice along with my s****r’s as they whispered to one another. Sarah came right over to the closet almost instantly and opened it just a little more. I thought I was caught and done for, busted and naked!

Sarah looked right at me and gave me a smile and wink, “Hey Cindy turn on some music will ya?” Sarah said to her friend.

Cindy and Sarah go way back, pretty much to birth. Sarah was about an hour older than Cindy and she was one of our neighbors. Cindy is a bombshell of a girl; she has long raven black hair, pale skin, and yellow eyes. She looks like she came straight out of a 1940’s pin-up magazine or belonged on the side of a B-17 bomber.

“Ok Sarah, no problem. Anything in particular you want to listen to?” Cindy asked while flipping though the radio.

“No, anything will do.” Sarah chuckled, while still fixed on me, making me shy and nervous. Cindy found a channel to listen to and, I k** you not, it had to be The Police, “Every breath you take”. Sarah started laughing, finally turned around, and started walking towards Cindy.

“What’s so funny?” Cindy asked.

“Nothing, nothing, I just like this song.” Sarah claimed, sitting on the bed and holding out her hands for Cindy to come sit next to her. Cindy came over and sat next to Sarah and they both started lightly touching each other. Sarah leaned in and gave Cindy a light kiss on the lips and slowly moved to her neck. Her yellow eyes closed as she gave a little whimper, asking Sarah to turn off the light. I was hypnotized by what I saw and didn’t want Sarah to turn off the light at all. Sarah got up and gave me a smile while walking by to turn on her table light.

“I want some light on, so I can see those beautiful eyes of yours.” Sarah said to her prey, who pretended to be the shy nervous one backing up on the bed. Sarah grabbed her feet and pulled her back to the edge of the bed and gave her a deep kiss, making Cindy melt in her hands.

I was in heaven watching all of this, they looked so beautiful together. My hands were all over my body, caressing and rubbing everywhere, watching what was unfolding in front of me. Sarah picked Cindy up and brought her down to the floor, almost in front of me, licking and kissing her. Cindy could not resist (nor did I think she wanted to)! I fell to my knees, grabbing myself and almost let out a cry, but was able to stay in control.

“So, what would you like me to do to you my Queen Bee?” Sarah asked Cindy teasingly while caressing her breasts, slowly lifting up on her black and yellow shirt.

“God, you can do anything you want Sarah, just don’t stop.” Cindy panted, breathing heavily. Sarah pinned down Cindy’s arms just above her head and told her not to move. With Cindy’s eyes closed Sarah, again, looking right at me -I think for approval, smiled and gave Cindy a lick on her neck; she moaned louder, almost louder than the haunting music that was playing.

Sarah came up for a little air and took off her shirt and bra, throwing them to the side; she then took her long blonde hair and glided over her prey’s exposed body. Sarah finally removed Cindy’s bra, fully exposing her breasts, and grabbed them firmly, pinching her erect nipple to make Cindy arch and gasp for air.

I could barley take it much longer; with one hand on the door knob and the other rubbing my pussy, I had to bite my lip from making any sounds myself. I was really enjoying watching my s****r and Cindy biting, licking, and scratching each other.

Sarah finally decided to take off Cindy’s pants; she used her nails to graze the sides of Cindy’s legs leaving red nail marks. My s****r didn’t stop there; she went right for her panties. I thought she was going to tear them off! Cindy, laughably, tried to escape, crawling on her hands and knees. The Queen Bee grabbed the door knob to the closet for leverage pulling the door wide open, where I was at, but she wasn’t paying attention to what was in front of her. (Sarah said years later the look on my face was priceless: like a deer in the headlights.)

Sarah grabbed Cindy’s hips and pulled her body closer to hers making Cindy let go of the door leaving both hands on the floor.

“Come here. Where do you think you’re going?” Sarah asked, as she gave her a few good spanks on her butt. That sent chills through my body -had I been standing I would have dropped to my knees at the sounds of the smacks on Cindy’s butt.

Coming to my senses, I grabbed the door to shut it again -which made a squeaking sound, getting the attention of both Cindy and Sarah. Before Cindy could look though, Sarah grabbed her long black hair and pulled her close to her. With one hand full of hair and the other rubbing Cindy’s pussy, Sarah looked right at me and slowly bit down on Cindy’s exposed neck, making her cry out and go limp.

By this point my hand was soaked and my juices were running down my legs. I wanted so bad to come out and join them, but was afraid to and at the same time, had no idea what to do next if I did. Sarah decided it was time to take this back to her bed. She let go of her hair and lifted Cindy off the ground all the while still biting into her neck and rubbing her pussy. Carrying her over to the bed, she gently laid her down and grabbed one of her legs. Started from the inside of the ankle, she slowly licked down her leg and teased her pussy by skimming over it and going up her other leg.
“P, p, please lick me! I can’t take it anymore!” Cindy begged for Sarah to lick her and kiss her. Cindy tried effortlessly to grab at Sarah’s head to bring her into her dripping wet pussy, but Sarah kept teasing her going even slower than before, until finally burying her tongue deep inside Cindy’s pussy, lapping every bit of her juices as she could.

“Oh my god, you taste so good, just like strawberries.” Sarah said as she eagerly ate Cindy alive. Sarah wrapped her arms around Cindy’s torso and Cindy wrapped her legs around Sarah’s back and neck. Then Sarah did the most amazing thing I had ever seen: she not only lifted Cindy off the bed, but lifted her high into the air with her tongue still burrowing into Cindy’s pussy. I came so terribly hard the second I saw that, it was amazing! Cindy’s only defense was to hold onto Sarah’s head and take it.

“What are you doing to me?! I’m…I’m, oh God, I’m cumming!” Cindy cried out. Sarah lapped up every bit of her juices that she could and slammed her back down on the bed, falling to the ground exhausted. Cindy was curled up in the fetal position, convulsing and moaning, almost sounding like she was crying. (Sarah told me that she was still having orgasms, which is why she was convulsing and making those sounds) I was spent for the moment, breathing just as heavy as the two going at it. Sarah looked like she was out cold on the ground; she had spent all her power and energy lifting Cindy off the ground for so long. I’m not sure for how long, but we all seemed to have passed out for some time after that. I woke up to the sounds of moaning coming from Sarah. Peeking out of the door again, I saw Cindy fiddling with Sarah’s pants.

“That’s not fair, you still have clothes on!” Cindy protested while stripping my s****r of her pants. Sarah seemed to be at the mercy of her friend’s groping and touching. Cindy went in-between Sarah’s legs and started rubbing her crotch through her panties and pulling them to the side to expose her dripping wet pussy. Sarah started to move, but only a little. She turned to look at me and gave her biggest smile before her eyes rolled in the back of her head. Cindy slowly came in and licked the top of Sarah’s clit, but only a little; just to tease her.

“Oh now it’s my turn to milk you of ALL your sweet honey.” Cindy told Sarah as she licked and nibbled her clit. I was already soaked again; I grabbed one of Sarah’s shirts to wipe myself off a bit, but it didn’t take long before I was soaked again. I just couldn’t help myself, watching these two gorgeous teens kissing, licking, and biting each other made me feel not only dizzy, but really, really good. I had to watch and see what happened next.

Cindy finally slipped off Sarah’s panties and wasted no time in diving right back in with reckless abandon. She buried her tongue deep inside Sarah’s moist, wet pussy, making Sarah’s eye’s come to life as she covered her mouth to keep from screaming. Sarah wrapped her legs around Cindy’s neck and back to keep her from escaping. Every time Cindy came up for air Sarah f***ed her right back in.

“God that’s it! Please don’t stop! Use your fingers!” Sarah begged Cindy. At the time, I had no idea what she was talking about, but I found out real quickly. Cindy had freed herself from Sarah’s grip and slowed down the pace a bit. Cindy started licking from Sarah’s belly button and slowly went up her tummy until finally finding a nipple to play with.

While that was happening, she used one hand to pin down one of Sarah’s arms and her other hand started rubbing her damp pussy which made a weird slurpy sound. (Sarah was soaked) Cindy was licking both of Sarah’s breasts, going back and forth teasing and biting. Cindy had a way with her tongue. Sarah said she had the tongue of a devil, since she could easily touch the middle of her nose with it! I watched in amazement as Cindy’s tongue darted and licked all over my s****r’s breasts without mercy. The Queen Bee would lick then blow on them to make Sarah’s nipples more erect.

“Is this what you want?” Cindy asked as she slid her fingers deep inside my s****rs pussy, slowly and methodically, taking them out to have a taste of my s****r’s sweet juices.

“Yes, please don’t stop! I want more.” Sarah said, begging again for more. I wanted so badly to come out and help in some way or to just get closer and watch like a good girl. After licking her fingers clean of Sarah’s juices, Cindy gave Sarah a long deep kiss and slid her fingers back into her pussy. Sarah’s moans became louder and louder with each slow stroke.

“Oh you like that don’t you? My fingers sliding in and out nice and slow,” Cindy whispered into my s****r’s ear, barely loud enough for me to hear. Cindy’s free hand traveled all over Sarah’s body, lightly caressing her breasts, giving her Goosebumps, and making her gasp.

“I could do this to you all night. God you’re so beautiful Sarah! I’ve wanted you for so long and now I finally have you. Go ahead honey, cum for me, give me a real big orgasm.” Cindy’s fingers were slamming furiously into Sarah’s pussy, making a loud smacking sound; I couldn’t stop rubbing myself at the sight of watching my s****r being taken apart, literally, at the hands of her friend.

“No. I, shouldn’t cum! I, I,” Sarah gasping for air as her body arched and jerked about.

“You want to scream don’t you Sarah? Go ahead, scream. Scream right in my mouth!” Cindy went in for her kiss, letting Sarah scream in her mouth as she came all over Cindy’s fingers and hand.

She finally pulled out of Sarah and cuddled next to her, giving her a kiss and sharing Sarah’s own juices with her. They both licked Cindy’s fingers as if they were the world’s best ice cream. After a long rest, (for everyone) Sarah asked for help up.

“Cindy, could you please help me back to my bed? I don’t think I can walk; my legs feel like rubber.” Cindy said nothing, gave her a nod, and helped Sarah to her feet to lead her back to her bed. Sarah seemed to pass out just as her head hit the pillow. Cindy whispered something in her ear that I couldn’t hear, but whatever it was put a smile on her face. I watched Cindy get her clothes together and was watching her leave. Just as she was at the door, she stopped.

“Good night Sarah, I love you…. Oh, and good night Dawn. I hope you liked it.” If I could have seen my own eyes they were probably the size of dinner plates! I think I forgot to breathe for a minute too! Did she know I was there the whole time? I waited for what seemed like forever after she left to come out. I slowly opened the closet door hoping to sneak out without waking Sarah.

“Well what are you doing way over there? Come cuddle with me,” Sarah whispered to me. I totally froze like a deer in the head lights. She pulled her covers back to invite me over, her eyes still closed.

“C’mon it’s getting late, you must be exhausted.” I was, I finally relaxed and went over and turned off the light and crawled into bed with her. She felt so warm with her body touching mine.

“Oh Dawn you feel so good. You’re nice and cool.” With her arms wrapped around me, I felt safe. She started to snore a little after only a few minutes of lying there, but can you really blame her? I was surprised I was still awake. After I felt she was sound asl**p, I couldn’t help it. I started thinking about what I had just seen and started to rub my pussy, just a little. I didn’t want to wake Sarah up. So, I started rubbing myself and slowly started grinding against my s****r.

It wasn’t too long, though, that my rhythm picked up more and more from just thinking about what Sarah and Cindy had done to each other earlier and how I wanted to join and let them do all those things to me. It looked like it was so much fun! I started to whimper a little and then spoke out without thinking.

“Oh Sarah, please, please help me!” All of a sudden, I felt Sarah’s hand on top of mine, rubbing my pussy.

“All you had to do was ask Peach.” She whispered in my ear as she kissed the back of my head, helping me rub faster and faster. I started to scream a bit from the pleasure I was feeling and Sarah had to cover my mouth with her other hand.

“Go ahead scream as loud as you want, it’s ok.” I stopped rubbing my pussy and finally let her take over and screamed as loud as I could into her hand. She rubbed me so good that I think I had a few tears of pleasure coming out of me. After all I had witnessed I wanted Sarah; I wanted her to do to me what she and Cindy did earlier that night. I finally came and even went a little cross eyed as my body went limp next to hers.

“God you’re a horny little thing aren’t you? How much do you got in there?” She was whispering in my ear. Exhausted and completely spent, I don’t remember too much after that. Sarah told me years later how I was babbling and how it was like someone slowly turned the switch to off. The one thing I do remember about this New Years was it was the best New Years Eve ever!

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4 months ago
Unbelievably hot again! Shot when Cindy spoke out to Dawn :)
6 months ago
Very nice :)
7 months ago
I wish I had a new years just half as good as yours!
10 months ago
sounds like an awesome new year sarah and cindy are little Minxs and you a horny wee kitten ;)
1 year ago
Such a sexy scenario!
How nice and naughty.
Well written. Congrats.

* * * * * POET PETER
1 year ago
Hey Dawn, long time no talk lol, just stopping by to re-read your stories, they are soooo freakin hot, i really hope you post more, its been so long :( hope you're doing well and really look forward to the next chapter, you're stories are really the only stories i read on this site, beautifully written, and i love the tender sensual relationship you have/had with your sister, so hot.
1 year ago
The story itself is an exciting read, but when I do the math, it blows me away how young you were when it took place. You are so fortunate to have such a loving, open minded big sister. Well done!
1 year ago
Always nice when a sister shares her toys.
1 year ago
Hottest story yet!!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
So sis planed this whole thing, huh? Well sertenly sounded like a very exciting night, for everybody.
2 years ago
you certainly have a way with words another nice story
2 years ago
You are so very discriptive, I feel almost like I was there with you, watching, just like you, now I'm getting a little hot, if you know what I mean!!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
totall seductiive
2 years ago
that was a great story wow new years was great for u
2 years ago
very sexy thanks
2 years ago
amazing story! Very sexy!
2 years ago
I enjoyed this so much. I got to say you've got some good writing skills.

Bummer i only have one story left ;)
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2 years ago
" She looks like she came straight out of a 1940’s pin-up magazine or belonged on the side of a B-17 bomber."

That's my favorite description in the entire thing. :)
2 years ago
VERY HOT! great story!!!
2 years ago
Very nice story, exciting and well written, thank you!
2 years ago
they just keep getting better and better :D
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WoW! Excellent!
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very erotic
2 years ago
really loved this one!
2 years ago
This got me wet!!! :)
2 years ago
nice made me remember a few things i had forgotten.
2 years ago
another great one. its getting more and more intense ;) . great erotica