Cum for Dawn :Book II

Hello, my name is Dawn and these are my stories.

Well the summer of ’93 went by pretty quick for me. Sarah had me knee deep in dad’s magazines and I was always really happy when she would show me a new magazine she had borrowed from dad’s stash.

Towards the end of summer, just before school was about to start, I came down with a fever. I couldn’t stop sneezing and just felt achy all over. I was trying to rest in bed, (naked of course) and I went through a sneezing spell and couldn’t stop.

“Dawn, are you still feeling sick?” I heard my mom saying from outside of the room. She came in, having just gotten off work, still in her work clothes. She looked so beautiful: strawberry blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail, black wire rim glasses with those fierce green hazel eyes, and long beautiful legs wrapped in black nylon’s. (I think about her now and I get wet; my mom is so beautiful!)

“Come here honey; let me feel your head.” Mom sat down next to me and gave me a hug and put her lips to my forehead to see how hot I felt. Her lips felt so cool pressed to my forehead that she almost put me to sl**p right there; mom had a way of just making things go away.
“I see you’re still a little warm honey. Maybe you need a good shower; it should help you break that fever,” Mom said. I didn’t care; I just loved being in her arms. I had dreams where she would cuddle me naked, feeling her soft silky body next to mine…

“I will have Sarah run a shower for you ok? Your dad and I are going out for dinner tonight so I will make sure Sarah will take good care of you.” Mom called Sarah into the room and told her to give me a shower and keep me company while they went to dinner. Sarah agreed and came over and gave me a big hug. I was loving it! Mom and Sarah look like twins; the biggest difference at this time was Sarah had blonde hair and wasn’t as tall as mom yet.
Sarah ran her hand up and down my back to try and ease me a bit, which really just gave me goose bumps. Mom gave me a kiss goodnight and told us that she and dad would be back late. Sarah looked at me and smiled.

“So let’s get that shower started! Nurse Sarah is here to help you!” She said really eagerly. Sarah left to go start the shower and told me she would come and get me in a few minutes when it was ready. After awhile she came back in, wrapped in a towel, and told me to hit the showers. I went with her into the bathroom, where she disrobed and told me to get in. I was kind of surprised, because I hadn’t realized she was going to shower with me.

“C’mon Peach let’s get you all sudsy.” Sarah ran my hair under the cool water and started to wash me up. She knelt down and told me to turn facing her so she could wash my face. When she started washing the rest of my body she kind of took her time slowly getting every part of my flesh. Now, I don’t know if it was because she had the water a bit on the cool side or if I just liked the feel of her touch on my body, but I started getting goose bumps again.

“Cold are we?” Sarah whispered in my ear making me shudder a little more.

“AAaaah CHOO!!” I started sneezing again. Sarah brought me in for a hug and I started to whimper a bit.

“Stupid cold! (sniff…sniff) Sarah, can you make it go away?” I asked, hoping she would be able to somehow miracle my cold away.

“Here let me make the water a bit warmer for you now.” Sarah made the water warmer and it felt so good on my body. Next Sarah soaped up my neck and back and started to massage me. Her hands just seemed to know where to go. She found every ache and pain on my body. She washed my feet and went real slowly all the way up my legs.

“How does this feel Peach?” Sarah whispered in my ear. She came back to my shoulders to wash the soap away and started lightly kissing my neck and back. I started to gasp (just a little) as she had one hand rubbing on the side of my leg and the other wrapped around my stomach.

“It… it… feels good,” I said as my legs buckled leaning against her cool wet body.

“If you would like, Peach, I’ll sl**p with you tonight. Would you like that?” Sarah asked, as if I was going to say no (yeah right). I nodded yes. She finished washing herself and we both stepped out of the shower. She wrapped one towel around my body and then played with me a bit by wrapping my hair up in another towel; she made me look like a swami.

We went back to my room and she told me to sit on the bed. She dried herself off and left the towel on the floor, leaving her naked for me to watch while she brushed her golden hair.

“Sarah, you’re pretty like mom, you know that? You look just like her.” Sarah smiled and gave me a wink.
“You really think so?” She asked while posing in my mirror, “I don’t know, I think mommy has a better butt than I do.” Sarah said.

I looked at her butt and said, “Nope, you have the better butt, at least I think so! Ha, ha, ha, AAAAhh Choo!” I started sneezing again. Sarah came over and took the towel off my head and wiped my nose.

“C’mon Peach, let’s get you in bed.” Sarah took off my other towel and dried me off. We sat back in my bed and she turned on the TV so I could fall asl**p. I laid my head down on her chest using her boobs like pillows. Sarah started to play with my hair a bit, stroking her long fingers through it.

“Do you still feel yucky?” Sarah asked. I nodded yes and she moved me more in front of her. I laid more in-between her legs, which she slowly wrapped around me. She started to kiss the top of my head while massaging my arms and then moved to my stomach, grazing her nails up and down my tummy.

“Does this feel ok?” Sarah asked, my eyes closed and my mouth slightly opened.
“Y... yes,” I said trembling. Sarah’s hands caressed up to my bare chest, covering both nipples, and started to massage them gently. This made me arch my body and bring my legs in, while my hands grabbed a fist full of sheets. She moved her hands down my body and grazed her nails on the inside of my legs. Then her soft hands moved to the outside of my legs to repeat the grazing again and again. I felt shudders go through my body as she lightly kissed my neck.

“Ready to beat that cold down?” She whispered in my ear. I nodded yes, not too sure of what she meant, but I didn’t care. I just didn’t want her to stop what she was doing.

Sarah nudged me up just a little so my neck was exposed to her. My knees were bent and she had her legs in-between mine, spreading them apart. She wrapped one arm around my tummy again and put her other hand cuffing my clit. I gasped at the feel of her hand on my most private of areas as she slowly began rubbing up and down. She then kissed and nibbled on my neck, which sent shock waves through my body. I had had never felt anything like this before and all I knew was that I didn’t want her to stop. I started panting more and more as her pace quickened.

“C’mon Dawn, beat that stupid cold.” Sarah whispered in my ear making me almost moan out loud for just hearing her saying my name. I was almost convulsing with the sensations running through my body.

“Saraaaaahhh!” I couldn’t stay quiet anymore! I was squirming everywhere. Sarah’s hand was still rubbing my clit, (and for the record my s****r never penetrated me) but now she was rubbing a lot faster.

“There you go Dawn, beat that cold!” (She told me years later she just couldn’t resist what she did next.) As I was thrashing about, Sarah slowed down almost to a stop and allowed me to catch my breath before I went over the edge. She started up a nice rhythm and took her free hand to move my hair to the side exposing my neck. She started kissing my neck nice and softly, and with each delicate kiss she rubbed a little harder on my clit. I didn’t realize how soaked she was making me.

I felt her lips grazing my neck, sliding back and forth, (what made my eyes open wide, though, had been the feel of her teeth grazing my neck and her tongue sliding searching for that sweet spot) and once she found her mark, she slowly bit down as if she had bit into a sweet peach.
With eyes wide, and mouth open, I let out a loud cry. My body suddenly arched up and I didn’t know why, or understood any of the sensations happening to me, and I exploded in Sarah’s hand. My body went limp and I felt completely drained, but at the same time I felt wonderful.

“Feel better Peach? Did we break that fever?” Sarah asked with a chuckle while licking my juice from her hand.

“Mmmmm y… yes Sarah… I do feel better.” I replied, still breathing heavily. Sarah got the next surprise. I turned around and laid on her, nuzzling against her breasts, and, without hesitation, I began licking and nibbling on her closest nipple. I was suckling her as if it came natural for me to do so. She gasped and tensed a little, but then relaxed. In the end, I had one leg thrown over her mid section and one arm resting on the un-suckled breast until I fell asl**p. Sarah hugged me and eventually nodded off too.

(Hours later)

“Aaawww, how sweet! John come look.” Mom called dad over; he looked inside and smiled.
“I’m going to bed Michelle. Hey, you should cover them… You don’t want them to catch a cold.” Mom came into my room and pulled my blanket up to cover us. She kissed both Sarah and I on the forehead.

“Good night you two; Sweet dreams.”

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2 months ago
So sweet...and smokin' hot! Thanks, Dawn!
3 months ago
Outstanding! I felt for poor lil dawn, all hot with fever. I could practically feel her hot flesh burning up. What a swell sister Sarah is to take such great care of her. And the end.. So sweet. Experiencing many things reading this one. Can't wait for the next!
5 months ago
People don't read anymore.
5 months ago
I wonder why so many thumbs down? I'd like to read their stories.
5 months ago
Sweet dreams :)
5 months ago
It looks like Sarah really knew how to take care of her sister :)
6 months ago
Great follow up! Well written! But again, why the negative votes?
10 months ago
your sister sounds like a sexuel Goddess the way she explored your body ;)
11 months ago
Very lovely and sweet sey remedy (Y)
I remember getting rid of a fever
like that with my 1st steady girl

* * * * * POET PETER
1 year ago
loving and erotic and much write well
1 year ago
Very erotic and so sweet. I don't think there is a bond closer than two loving sisters.
1 year ago
That was a hot anecdote.
1 year ago
great writing, just love it, 5 stars ;)
1 year ago
Such a hot and sensual story! Can't wait to read more!!!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Sweet, erotic,taboo.... Im loving how its going so far.
2 years ago
nice one again
2 years ago
Sounds like love!! It's really nice when you can remember how lovingly you and your sister were, and still are. I have 6 sisters. I kinda know how you feel.These stories are really awesome!!
2 years ago
wow love that story hot
2 years ago
outstanding stories
2 years ago
Your stories are very hot
2 years ago
Erotic, sensual and well written!
2 years ago
:D:D very hot. im so reading the rest.
2 years ago
My favorite
2 years ago
i think your book is great, very sweet.
2 years ago
this is great!! One of the best story's ive ever read
2 years ago
may be my fav
2 years ago
very, very erotic
2 years ago
Nice, interesting story
2 years ago
Great story, very hot girls !!