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I'm:Dawn R. Paige, 27
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Well, I'm into fitness and staying in shape to keep those abbs rockin. Acording to my girlfriend She says, and has always said, since we met when we were 6 years old, I look like Supergirl. Now she says I look like Supergirl's daughter.

I'm looking for classic porn I used to watch when I was younger and I am also on the hunt for a movie called "Thief", it has Brittany O Connell in it.

I'm a lesbian woman with bi-voyeur tendencies, which means I like watching regular and lesbian porn, but I prefer women myself.

Cumming soon! and often, are my growing up experiences, so stay posted for my stories.

Some of the things I'm into (chat or watching) are: BDSM, Incest, Classics, Priest/Nun, School Girl/Teacher, Asian Bukakee News, Lesbian Sapphic Showering.

Now guy's, I'm a Lesbian; although I do like to watch straight porn, that's as far as it goes. Now that doesn't mean I wont chat with you, it just means I don't need to see pics of you, or talk about hooking up, or that we should meet up, etc.

About my stories, the most common questions I get are: Are they true stories?, (yes they are) Do you and your sister go all the way? (read and find out XP) are you and your sister still close? (yes we are) and does anybody else in the family get involved? (you will see! XP)Oh and how old were you when these stories took place? (take the year I talk about and look at my age on my profile and figure it out.)

Lets get one thing perfectly clear, I WILL NOT post or E-mail anybody and I mean ANYBODY pictures of myself,family or my girlfriend. Also I will NOT use a web cam, I do not have nor do I need one. I will talk with you on just about any subject, and will open up about my personal life to you if you ask, but again I absolutely WILL NOT, send or post pics of myself,family or my girlfriend, not even a picture of my big toe or any other part of my body. Those who persist will be blocked, my patience is thin with this subject, and I'm at a ZERO tolerance level to the matter. Respect my privacy and wishes please.

Okay look, I'm just not into the cam thing, first off I don't have one on my computer, second, It bores me, third, I have no desire to watch you jack off.

Okay people, here's the deal, if your gonna try and friend request me here's a couple of things to keep in mind. 1.READ my profile! this will help by leaps and bounds. 2.first read #1. 3.if you are gonna friend request me have your messaging turned on, those who don't will be blocked automatically. 4.be polite, I will treat you how you treat me. 5.I have a name I'm not babe or baby or sweety. 6.Have you read #2 yet? don't answer that it's a rhetorical question of course you haven't. and 7.I'm NOT here to hook up with any locals what so ever of any kind, male or female or both, I have no interest in it AT ALL! 8. Just be nice and have fun people!

Okay one of my pet peeves is people who friend request me and accept and then block messages. Why bother? I'm not into friend collecting so say something, if anybody blocks messages I will simply block them.

Okay yet one more thing, I do not have Skype,my space,facebook,AOL Messenger or any other instant messenger service, nor do I want to, I have no use for them jumping around and chatting. I chat on X-hamster only.

Look, I'm not here to hook up, don't go inviting yourself over simply because we have a lot of texts between us, it's not cool and is more on the lines of desperate, creepy, and going into the realm of stalking, so let that dream die because your not coming over for dinner or breakfast lunch, noonsies,supper, 2nd breakfast,linner or anything else not even a pop tart.

Lastly, please don't ever start a conversation with, "I want to drink your pee!" I'm just gonna block you. That's just gross.
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1 month ago
Not even a pop-tart. I love it! :P
1 month ago
You commented about I movie clip that I just watched about a sex therapist operation. The movie is called, "Skintight". It is an extremely sexy movie. Just thought that you might like to know the name.
2 months ago
You have a great profile and your collection of pictures is fantastic
3 months ago
Thanks for the add
3 months ago
lol Yeah one of the people I use to talk to on here got a little pushy, and seems to think I need to reply to him the second he sends a message, when I told him I was busy masturbating he told me I was stupid for that and need to answer him less cold as he put it. So I blocked him.
3 months ago
Pushy Sometimes?????
3 months ago
1500 days! :D How are you? :)
3 months ago
Thank you for answering my request in the positive
4 months ago
LoL,great profile ! I have got to give you credit,, you are the first female that I've seen talk about brother sister relations, me and my sister had that also for years and yes we are still close (not *%^}% close anymore) and talk on a regular basis. I haven't read your stories yet but I will.
4 months ago
Welcome home hope you had a great time. It is nice to go but it is nice to come home also..
4 months ago
Have a wonderful trip - bring back lots of pix to post!
5 months ago
Thanks for the add!
Lovely profile and pictures!
5 months ago
Damn. Amazing content. EXQUISITE profile full of terrific pics/vids/blogs. Cheers!!!
5 months ago
I love red haired girls :)
To wished to find one ... but forever ;)
5 months ago
hi dawn, liked your profile thank you for posting.
6 months ago
Thanks for adding me Dawn
6 months ago
But - but - I'd rather be up your crack than crack you up...
7 months ago
thanks for the add
7 months ago
hello lady!!
7 months ago
saying, "hello", it's been awhile....
7 months ago
thanks for the add,
in front of Christmas, horny Greetings from Berlin.
7 months ago
I love your profile.
8 months ago
just love your profile !
8 months ago
9 months ago
Thanks beautiful.....!!!! Like a lot your classic videos!!!
9 months ago
Good afternoon Dawn, Have not talk to you in a long time Hope you are doing well and that everything is going great for you.
9 months ago
Hey there
9 months ago
10 months ago
10 months ago
Hey sexy ! :) long time how are you? message me.

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