Do Women Enjoy Watching Two Men Have Sex as Much a

If your love-life is anything like mine you will know that early on in a relationship you often tell your partner some of the sexy things you have got up to before you met them. Yes? No? Well it’s always been so for me.

Usually, in my experience, we tell each other episodes from our past which get more detailed and probably more embellished, as we each get comfortable with things. Early on I told my first wife about my love of wearing feminine undies. I can’t say it turned her on much but she didn’t object and enjoyed the fact that it helped me stay hard longer. She told me that she had some lesbian lovers when she was younger but she was reluctant to tell me more even though I was very turned on by the thought.

One night we were lying in bed idly playing with each other after some very passionate love making (me in panties as I remember) and I broached the subject of her lesbian activities. This time instead of trying to change the subject she told me about the very first time she had physical sex with another woman.

She said that at school she had “the usual schoolgirl crushes on the games mistress or the art mistress” but these never led anywhere but left her wondering if she was lesbian because she hadn’t any similar feelings for males. Anyway, when she left school she went to train as a nurse. Back then student nurses were required to stay in accommodation provided in or near the hospital they were training in. These “nurses’ homes” were for females only and visitors, male or female, were not allowed except on a Sunday afternoon when families could visit in a common sitting room. Of course nurses could meet friends outside of the home but there were strict curfews and they all had to be in by 10pm. There wasn’t a lot of opportunity to get “up to no good” and being surrounded by females at work and in the home Anne didn’t get much chance to meet men, so her sexual urges concentrated on the female of the species.

However she didn’t do anything about these lesbian urges apart from masturbating while fantasising about some of the other nurses.

One night, not long after she qualified as a nurse, she was working on the female orthopaedic ward which was acting as the “receiving ward” that night. This meant that any females admitted as emergencies overnight would be accommodated there until they could be transferred to the appropriate specialist ward in the morning.

About 2am a woman was admitted in great pain and it was thought she needed her appendix removed urgently. The patient, called Mary, was put in a private room and her husband packed off to the cafeteria for a coffee. Anne helped Mary undress and into a theatre gown whilst they waited for a surgeon to arrive and examine the woman. Anne said that when she was undressing Mary she found herself getting very aroused by the sight of her voluptuous breasts and when the doctor turned Mary over and inserted a gloved finger up Mary’s arse (feeling around for the appendix which is easier to locate by that route) Anne almost came in her pants. She was sure someone must have noticed but if they did no comment was made.

The doctor asked when the woman had last had anything to eat and said he would operate at 4am. Then having told Anne to give the patient a premed and prepare her for surgery he went off to prepare everything.
The first thing Anne had to do was give Mary an injection into her buttock and Anne said she spent a lot longer massaging the injection site than was really necessary. It was either that, she said, or kiss her ass which she was tempted to do.

As the injection took effect Mary got a bit “high” and giggly but she allowed Anne to take her to the bathroom where she was to be bathed and have her pubic region shaved ready for the operation. Fortunately as this was the orthopaedic ward there was easy access to the bath which even had a hoist. Anne ran the bath and removed Mary’s gown before helping her into the bath carefully, but even so she couldn’t help her hands grabbing hold of various erotic regions of Mary’s body.

Once in the bath Mary was unable or unwilling to wash herself but in trying to do so she was splashing water around, much of it over Anne that Mary suggested Anne take off her uniform to save herself from getting too wet.

Imagine the scene as it was described to me. Mary, a buxom red-head naked in the bath and my wife wearing only a bra, knickers, suspender belt and stockings washing Mary from head to toe but, as she admitted, spending most of the time on her tits and her pussy. By the time that she got Mary out of the bath Anne’s undies were soaked both inside and out and Mary had come at least twice.

Once out of the bath Anne’s next job was to shave Mary’s pussy. As Anne helped Mary up onto the treatment table where the defoliation was to take place, Mary put an arm around her and as she did so undid Anne’s bra, pressed herself hard against Anne’s naked tits and kissed her full on the mouth.

In a few second Mary had her hand inside Anne’s panties and exclaiming on the wetness she found there she rubbed Anne to an orgasm in next to no time. That done Mary got onto the table and said that now Anne had to pleasure her pussy as she shaved it and from what I was told Anne did exactly that. You can imagine, soaping the hair, drawing the razor over the skin (let’s be honest that feels good doesn’t it) then caressing and drying it. There was even some sucking and clit licking too.

When they had cooled down Anne was feeling embarrassed at what she had done but Mary, who had clearly being pretending to be more “giggly” than she actually was told her not to worry and that it was clear to Mary that Anne had wanted her from the moment she removed her clothing. She said there was nothing to be ashamed of and though she, Mary, loved her husband and enjoyed sex with him sometimes she enjoyed sex with women too. “A cock’s all very well,” she said “but I’ve yet to find a man who can handle a clit as well as another woman can”.

In the telling of this tale I had become very aroused particularly as Anne was stroking my cock and balls as she was telling me about it so when she wrapped her lips around my knob I shot a load deep into her throat.

After a few moments she said “Dave, guys get off on lesbian sex, do you think girls get off watching or hearing about men having sex together”. I said that I hadn’t really thought about it but I didn’t see why they shouldn’t.

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