I would like to discuss a taboo subject and have not seen it discussed here. It is written about but it seems the rules say we cant write about in cest. So you will notice that I pulled a small trick there.

I became aware of sex at a very young age, and again, because of the rules I can't say what my age was. However, I had not quite reached double digits. I began to notice other males and their cocks when in situations I could see them. Changing rooms at public swiming pools, the same location showers, or just taking a piss in the woods. Anyway, I was not abused as a person that age, indeed, I was the agressor.

First it was my playmates and then older boys in the neighborhood. I was just plain fascinated with looking at cocks and their differences. I am cut, others were not. The first cock other than mine that I touched was that of my older b*****r, and he was several years older than I. I started to touch his cock in his sl**p because I saw it hard one night and was tempted to touch it. He didn't react so I actually took it into my hand and felt it. I liked the feel, so I held it a while and it just throbbed in my hand. It quickly started oozing a clear fluid that I thought was pee, but it didn't seem to act like pee. It was not watery. Now of course I know it was pre cum. I touched it with my finger and it was sticky. Then I tasted it from my finter, and it was sweet. The more I held his cock, the more it oozed. Very naturally AND WITH NO PRETHOUGHT, i licked it and the move I licked, the more I got and I really liked the taste so I just took his cock in my mouth and licked harder/ I can't say I sucked it, but I sure was licking it fast because it was flowing out of his cock like a leaky faucet.

All of a sudden, my mouth was filled with cum and it kept shooting and shooting and I kept swallowing and swallowing until it stopped. When I moved my mouth off his cock, I discovered his eyes wide open and looking at me. Nothing was said at that time, and I wondered what would happen the next day.

Since it was summer and no school, Dad went to work, and later Mom went to her work also. As soon as they were out of the house, he asked me if I liked what happened last night. I told him I did, but didn't understand everything that happened, so he explained exactly what it was. Then he asked if I wanted to do it again? I said sure, I liked it and had no problem doing if for him. Next thing as quick as a flash, he has his hard cock out and I immediately took it in my hand. Again it started leaking.

He sat down on the edge of the bed, I got on my knees and started sucking him again, just like last night. It took about 10 minutes, but the precum was flowing again and then I felt the head of his cock swell, and again he was shooting cum into my mouth. I really liked the taste and I sucked and sucked until his cock was limp and I quit.

He left the house and I stayed there watching something on TV. An hour of so later he came back in the house with a friend of his. Eddy lived about 5 doors away from us and they were tight friends, so I didn't think anything of it. My b*****r said "I told Eddy what you did for me, and he wants to know if you would do it for him"? I was upset at first that he told on me, but was assured no one else knew or would know.

I quickly agreed "why not" since I did like it. Well out comes this cock about two or three handsfull for me, and it has foreskin. It is long and thin, and I really liked the way the skin pulled back and expose the head. It too was leaking precum, so I jacked it off for a few minutes, fascinated with the foreskin back and forth off the head. I took it to my lips and tasted the precum and liked it as much as my b*****rs. So I began to suck and he was getting more and more of it in my mouth and the next thing I know it is in my throat and I am gagging. He took it out, and let me recover, but soon it was back in my throat. After about 5 times of this, I figured out how to let it go in my throat without gagging and soon had it way past my gag reflex. I was actually being face fucked and I liked it too. When Eddy shot his cum it was way into my throat, and I never tasted his cum until he withdrew enough that I got the last shot on my tongue and in my mouth. I liked it. I liked it a lot and we all agreed that I could suck them off anytime I wanted and it was safe.

Anyway, that is my beginning and I later graduated to a lot of other experiences. I have written some of them on LUSHSTORIES.COM under this same screen name.

I would love to hear from you, male or female, and tell me about YOUR home experiences with f a m i l y. I have a lot to share, and at LUSH we can chat when you see me there. I am only there early in the mornings, eastern time.

hope to hear from a lot of you because I know this is not a unique experience.

90% (23/3)
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12 months ago
Great story...one I can relate to...very readable..look forward to the coming installments! Keep up the good work!
1 year ago
very good reminds me of my early days
1 year ago
Lovely to read how you started to enjoy sex.
1 year ago
great story !!
1 year ago
What a great start!
1 year ago
Loved it, had my cock hard bringing back memories.
1 year ago
Loved it....would have loved to suck off my brother like you did.
1 year ago
This is great stuff, thx for sharing.
1 year ago
short but sweet
1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
Very nice indeed,,
1 year ago
nice story!