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when i was married to my ex wife some years ago , to keep the sparkle in our sex life she would tell me things that had happened to her during the day when i was at work. these were her fantasies that she knew would turn me on and spruce up our sex life. on this occasion i came home from work after a long day and she was in the garden as usual potting bulbs and flowers. let me describe her to you. fifty years old a nice bum and a massive pair of tits. what you been up to i asked her. The usual she replied.Two guys were repairing the path outside by the road earlier, and as it was a hot day i offered them a cold drink she said. I let them sit in the shade of the house while i carried on weeding and stuff. and i said.After a while they walked round to where i was and admired all the fine work i was doing. Now my ex had on at the time a tight pair of jeans and a blouse with the top buttons undone.She continued, the two guys were in their twenties and thanked her for the drinks. Before you go she said, would you get the garden roller out of the workshop at the bottom of the garden its to heavy for me to get over the step, sure no problem and dragged the roller out for her, one of them then made a comment about how lucky her husband was to have such a curvaceous wife.Do you really think so she said, is that what you both think. We sure do one of them said you have got a great body and for what i can see a lovely pair of boobs as well. Yes she said , a bit to big sometimes and they get in the way.Anyway must get on she said. see yourselves out and went into the workshop to get some seeds for the garden.Then she heard a noise behind her and the two guys had followed her in. Another cold drink she asked them. That is not what we had in mind they said. And whats that she said what do you want.They shut the door and moved towards her. She could feel the excitement building up as they stood each side of her and started to undo the buttons on her blouse, one by one they were being undone by two total strangers.She shut her eyes as her blouse fell to the floor. She then felt hands stroking her tits over her bra. Then a hand undid the clasp at the back and that too fell to the floor, she was now standing there with her breasts on display. A mouth was then placed over each nipple and they began sucking and licking her tits as she started to moan with pleasure. By this time she was wet between her legs and ready for anything, her eyes were closed and she heard a rustling noise and a large cock was placed in either hand, she began to yank away . after a few minutes she was led over to the bench where her jeans were pulled roughly down, her legs were spread and two fingers were inserted into her pussy. fuck me she said, i want both of you yo fuck me. The first one slid in from behind and pumped away for a while as his mate had his cock in her mouth, she was moaning with pleasure at this time and begged them to come, a large wad of come was emptied into her pussy as the second guy took his cock out of her mouth and shot his load over her tits. boy do i miss those fantasies.
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