Dick Dangler
I met him @ a PC convention and he showed me how to navigate etc.
As he leaned over me he touched my shoulder & stroked my arm when I got things right on the computer. He was handsome tall & black but he smelled so good.
As he was touching me I felt my cock begin to swell so much so that it was becoming uncomfortable. Sure enough he noticed my embarrassment although he didn't take any further at that time. He suggested we adjourn to the bar & we spent the evening getting to know each other.
I asked him back to my room so that he have a look at my lap top.
As before he leaned over my back but this time he stroked my chest softly while hinting it was time to get know each other better.
I knew what he meant and slowly undressed each other until I was naked. Needless to say I was fully erect by this time. My new friend seemed suitably impressed with my 9" manhood and began to stroke it to its full erection at which point I was near to coming. He noticed my situation and said that we must not waste any more time. He took his boxers off to reveal a wonderful 10" knob which I was immediately drawn towards. I sucked his weapon & took as much of it down my throat that I could swallow. Sure enough he exploded & I was so happy to take every drop of his love juice and continued until he was drained dry. As he relaxed on his knees I slipped my togger right up his lovely ass. He was hairy but that didn't make any difference as he took all of my 9" right up to my balls which slapped against his bum.As I was fucking him I reached around and slowly wanked his weapon back to life. In no time I shot my entire load straight up his hole & as it gradually came back out I licked his ass until my mouth was full with my cum. He loved that idea & suggested he would like to do the same so I lay back on the bed while he lifted my legs & entered me.
He was BIG. It was a beautiful cock & it felt lovely.
He played with my semi-erect cock before he shuddered to a climax.
He then proceeded to lick my ass until his cum appeared. He took as much as he could in his mouth & then proceeded to give me the most wonderful full on kiss.
I swallowed all his juice again and it tasted wonderful.
I have never tasted such good cum ever again, whether it was because it tasted of rum I don't know but I have had another black man since.
79% (15/4)
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4 years ago
O this was soo good had to jackoff while I read your story thanks
4 years ago
u know u got a hit when just the name pulls u in!

Dick Dangler
4 years ago
Thank yiu made so hot that I came sitting at my desk had to and change my panties.
4 years ago
dam hot man i had to jack off to this one shit it was good