The making of a sub

Second Posting

Having been in this lifestyle for 15+ years I am always looking for the next sub and finding them when I really am not looking. This was true with Cindy.
Sitting at home I was just relaxing having a glass of wine, a nice Oregon Merlot, when the phone rang and Cindy said hi, time to talk. Well not knowing Cindy I was curious as to how she had my number. A friend in the lifestyle had said she should call me.

We talked for about 15 minutes and toward the end it became clear that Cindy was interested in one of my toys. She had never experienced a flogger and wanted to see, so I invited her over and she said 15 minutes which surprised me that she was wanting this so quickly.

Fifteen minutes later the door bell rang and I saw Cindy for the first time. Short, 5 4 about 140 wearing a white blouse and a short black skirt. I welcomed her and invited her in with a glass of the wine waiting for her on the table. She sat on the edge of the couch showing some nerves. As we talked I saw a nice looking blonde woman who was telling me she had broken up with her last and only DOM that very week. As she talked she seemed to be getting a certain look in her eyes that was telling me she wanted something from me that very evening. I pulled out the flogger I like best and laid it on my lap. Cindy’s eyes could not leave the toy and I know that she also was aware of my rising hard on.

I held off as long as I wanted and then picked up the flogger and played with the leather, watching Cindy’s eyes grow more inviting. I asked if she had done what I wanted if she was coming over. She stood up and bent over the arm of the couch exposing her bear ass. No panties as instructed and I knew this was going to be fun. I had her spread her legs open and asked was she ready, I only ask until there is agreement that she would be my submissive bitch. Cindy breathing deep said yes SIR with a voice of anticipation.

I stood just in such a way that Cindy could not see the flogger or know when it might strike her bare ass cheeks. The first stroke was semi firm and she let out a soft scream, which I took as pleasure. I was right as I offered the next strike with more firmness and continue for about ten more time each a little harder. Cindy’s ass cheeks began to turn red for my pleasure. I stopped and ask, good? Yes she affirmed and then ask and begged for more, which I gave without hesitation.

This scene continued for a few more minutes at which time I stopped sat down and told Cindy to return to sitting on the couch. She did as told sitting gingerly on her red ass cheeks. Her breathing was faster now and I saw anticipation for what was next. Cindy took a deep breath and offered to suck me off or go to my bedroom and let me take her wet pussy. I reminder the soon to be sub that that was not our agreement. There was to be no sex this evening even if she was fucking turned on. Cindy ducked her head and apologized for asking to be fucked. I have a rule an agreement out side of a scene is never changed while the sub is submitting to her Master. Cindy would learn that over the next few weeks.

I offered Cindy to return in the near future after we talked more on the phone clarifying just what our boundaries are for this new D/s relationship. Cindy stood smiled an lifted her skirt showing me her shaved pussy. Walked to the door and said I would be hearing from her soon. A nice evening with a great future.

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