Me my wife and her daughter part2

I laid back onto the bed and continued to watch Jill and Sam kissing each other.
Sam's tongue was quite long and as she pushed it into Jill's mouth Jill sucked on it like it was a cock.

Suddenly Sam pushed Jill back so she fell on the bed and Sam pushed her mothers legs apart then she was eating Jill's cunt which was still full of my spunk. I moved further up the bed and turned Jill's head so I could fuck her mouth with my stiffening cock while i leaned over Jill's body and watched Sam fucking her cunt with her long tongue, her face tongue, chin and nose was covered in my cum. Sam then pushed a finger into Jill's tight ass and started to pump it in and out while continuing to tongue fuck her. Jill was groaning around my cock when she started to spasm with the best orgasm she has ever experienced. She started to squirt all over Sam's face and Sam continued fucking her until Jill had to push her face away.

Sam crawled up the bed over Jill's body and she started to kiss her mam, sharing my spunk and Jill's cum in a sloppy kiss. I moved to the bottom of the bed and pushed Sams Nighty over her hips. Her shaven cunt with its large swollen clit and full long lips where begging for my cock so I pushed into her tight slick pussy. My god she was tight. She pushed herself back to take all of my swollen cock deep into her, I held her hips and fucked her hard and fast. I was in heaven, fucking mother and daughter has to be most mens dreams but I was doing it.

Sam told me to lie down so she could fuck me so i did as was told. It was Jill's time to watch. Sam straddled me and held my cock in her right hand while sliding her wet cunt up and down my shaft, teasing me asking me how much i wanted to fuck this dirty little whore. " I want to fuck you so much and I want your mam to watch you cum all over my cock you slut", then I was in her again. Sam ground herself into me her clit pushing against me then she rocked to and fro. Jill got up and started to suck on Sam's long swollen nipples, using her teeth to nibble, bringing Sam closer to orgasm her moaning getting louder, "oohhh yes im cumming. Fuck me you bastard, fuck me hard". I pulled her forward and started to slam my cock harder into her, her juices where running down my shaft then she screamed as she floodede the bed with cum. I couldnt take any more and started to cum half filling her pussy but she moved forward off my pumping cock so Jill took over and started to suck my cock taking the rest of my spunk while Sam caught her breath.

When i stopped cumming Jill came upto me and kissed me, letting my hot spunk slide off her tongue. "where's mine" Sam asked so i pulled her down beside me and emptied my spunk into her mouth. She swolled it all down greedly.

We all just laid on the bed and fell asl**p. I couldnt wait for tommorrow....
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cool.. more pls. :) cheers
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