In the middle of the night

My friend had agreed to stay over for the night i was 13 he was 15, usual messing about and doing stuff so later it was time for bed and we were staying down stairs in the lounge me on the sette him on a camp bed, we talked for hours till i must have fell asl**p, dont know why but i must have woke up feeling a hand on my dick through the covers but i didnt open my eyes, i just lay there waiting my heart was pounding and ringing in my ears it was so exciting, then a squeez and a rub and the hand mooved next thing it was under the covers and pulling at my pants, i started to get hard i had already worked out it was my friend who was doing all this, finaly my pants were down and my dick had sprung out not very big or thick and not much hair as i was a late developer, i do have a long foreskin which i started feeling being pulled slowly back and forth, the feeling was amazing i had never felt anything like it before, my heart was pounding out of my chest i was trying not to moan or moove as i didnt want it to stop but i could feel my boy cum slowly rising and ready to squirt i had to moove a little as it was just too exciting just then i felt a warm breath around my dick which by now was just ready to explode, and just then it did spurt after spurt after spurt, never have i felt so turned on i finaly stopped cumming he licked and sucked deep on my now srinking cock, just then he started to pull my pants up, i thought the experience was over but then he grabbed my hand and i felt him pull it down to where his dick was was, he was rock hard it was very thick with what felt like a huge cock head, he held my hand rubbing and wanking his cock with my hand i can remember not being able to close my fingers around it as it was so thick ,he then started moaning and mooving and then i felt was sperm dripping down onto my hand and wrist and arm it must have shot quite far as i even felt some dropp on my sheets i nearly shot again myself it was magical, he then put my hand back and turned over, i couldnt resist putting my hand to my face, i could smell the cum and had to lick and taste it that was the first time i had ever tasted someone elses cum it was so horny i found it hard to get off to sl**p after that, in the morning he carried on as if nothing had happend and we never spoke about it, but i still had him back many times after that and each time was amazing, hes married with k**s now just like me but i will never forget all them years ago in the middle of the night.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Wish I had a friend like that!!
2 years ago
Great story. Welcome.