luck day 2

She is a show-off

Me and Nic always used to hang out together, she was a real flirt though, and any excuse to drop her knickers and they would be off – I loved being around her. She always managed to get whoever we were with to get naked too – she was just the best friend ever.

This particular afternoon she had called round to my house to see if I wanted to go for a walk – sure I said – we set off toward the school when she suddenly said I need to pee – Oh ok do you want to nip back to mine? – no she said we can go over there, at this time I have never seen a girl pee so I was feeling a little aroused by this thought – we wandered over the field toward some bushes – shall I wait here I asked – no come with me she said (I was hoping she would say that) we went to the bushes and I was turned on at this point Nic went around the bush and stopped she unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down my dick was straining at this point, she dropped her white cotton pants and I could see her pussy her clean shaved and stunning – she squatted down and had a pee – again my dick was rock hard and Nic saw my bulge she looked up, like what you see? She asked – oh yeah I said – she finished stood up and said have a look then, I squatted down and looked at her naked pussy and put my hand to it – it felt so smooth I looked up to her and she had lifted her top and was fondling her small tits – we heard a rustling and we spun round Nic quickly pulled her pants up, we looked to see who it was –it was Nic’s friend Diane, she asked us what we were doing – nothing said Nic I was having a pee why? I just wondered said Diane,
Nic asked if Diane wanted to walk with us, ok she said, we wandered onto the nearby park, when Nic started asking Diane about her boobs (Diane had much bigger breasts than Nic), she was asking about how big they were and were they as soft as hers, I haven’t felt other girl’s tits before she said. Diane seemed a bit cagey about Nic’s approach but Nic was fairly persistent and was constantly asking what her tits felt like – eventually Nic Said let us have a feel of your boobs and you can feel mine and you can feel his cock as well – come on let us touch your tits – I was a little taken aback by this comment but hugely turned on at the fact that Nic was offering my dick out to other girls.

We came to a brick shed building which was down a banking – it looked fairly secluded we looked around and thought we couldn’t be seen by anyone – Diane was wearing a knee length summer dress she put her back to the wall and looked around again she then took a grip of the bottom of her dress and slowly lifted it she first revealed her lace panties and I could see her pubic bush which looked so different to Nic’s smooth shaven pussy – she continued to lift her dress till she came to her bra, then she put her fingers under the wire and lifted her bra and her tits bounced out firm and big – wow they looked gorgeous Nic put her hands to them hoh wow she said they feel wonderful – she motioned toward me – touch them – she said I put my hands up to them and felt her tits my dick practically shot its load there and then I couldn’t believe this was happening – I felt her tits for a while Nic was now kissing Diane’s nipples I ran my hands down Diane’s tummy to the top of her panties and gently pulled her knickers down – oi she said I said you could feel my tits not my cunt – please – I said – right right ok she replied – I put my hands on her soft wiry pubes and gently moved them around my fingers slowly made their way towards her clit and her tight wet hole – right she said your turn she pointed to Nic, ok said Nic, Diane dropped her dress but didn’t pull her pants up, Nic turned and put her back to the wall, and lifted her top to reveal her smaller firmer boobs, Diane put her hands to Nic’s tits and started to squeeze, all this time my dick was bulging and throbbing, I still don’t understand why I hadn’t shot my load yet, but I know I was really close, I unbuttoned Nic’s jeans and slowly pealed her jeans & panties down so I could once again touch her smooth pussy it looked and felt stunning it felt like two seconds had passed when Diane said come on your turn, I stood up and put my back to the wall, Nic pulled her pants up and I undid mine, and pushed them down as I did my cock sprang outward and upward it was rock hard, Diane was surprised, she got a grip and started feeling it, I knew I was only going to last seconds before I shot my load, Nic cupped my balls and they both had a good stroke – I am going to cum, I said – what already said Nic, yeah I am sorry but I am sooooo turned on, with that my spunk shot out all over Diane’s dress there was loads of it, arrrgggghh she said look at the mess – I am so sorry I said, Nic still had a grip on my balls my dick didn’t soften it stayed hard (probably because I was still quite young) Diane looked at all my sticky cum all over her dress and put her fingers to it its warm she said for some reason she decided to taste it, hmmm its quite nice she said – Nic tried some oh yeah she said at this point we heard someone coming so I quickly pulled my pants up although my bulge was still quite visible, Diane’s knickers though were still round her knees. At the top of the bank stood Ben and Kath, our friends, me and Nic had already ‘played naked games with these two’
Kath came down the bank, she was wearing a tight denim mini skirt and I could just see her white panties as she stepped down the hill, as she got to the bottom, she looked at my bulge and then at Diane, why are your knickers round your ankles – Diane looked down she bent down and pulled them up giving Ben a good flash of her pussy at the same time, what’s that on your dress Kath asked er – its him – Diane said – oohh Kath continued have we missed the fun, No said Nic we were just starting actually Ben came down the hill, he put his hands around Kath what’s happening he asked – well started Kath, these have been exploring each other’s bodies and he has cum all over Di’s dress – oh cool said Ben is that why your knickers were down, I like you pussy it looked nice, Diane blushed, Kath turned to Nic and put her hands on her tits, come on then lets continue, at this Ben spun round and whipped Diane’s dress off over her head, she was shocked at this suddenly just stood there with only her knickers and bra on, Ben dropped his pants and his dick was rock hard, it was a bit bigger than mine but he was a bit older than me, Diane was trying to cover herself up but Ben was bold as anything his cock stood out in front of him and he was proud to show it off, he grabbed Di’s bra and unclipped it so her big boobs popped out then he spun round and grabbed Kath’s skirt and pulled it down revealing her white panties whilst this was happening Kath had removed Nic’s top and was quickly unbuttoning her jeans, before long Nic was stood there with just her trainers on and naked as can be, ben wandered round Kath rubbing his cock against her thighs so it sprang back to attention he made his way to Nic, in turn Nic grabbed his rock hard cock and started to wank him off – at this point I was the only one dressed, Kath was only wearing her knickers as was Diane, Kath turned to me and quickly removed my pants so my dick was released, Diane dropped to her knees and put my dick straight into her mouth and started to suck me off – omg – this was amazing, at this point I turned to see Ben pushing his rock hard cock into Kath’s tight wet pussy, Nic was squeezing his balls as he did this, I wanted to fuck Nic now, so I pulled my dick out of Di’s mouth I have never felt my dick so hard, I turned to Nic who knew what I wanted, she bent over and moved up behind her she put her hands through her legs and grabbed my cock and put it into her pussy, wow it was an amazing feeling, I started to fuck her slowly I looked at Ben who was pounding away like mad his bollocks were slapping Kath as he fucked her, Diane went round to Ben and Kath and put her hands on Kath’s pussy so she could feel Ben’s cock going in and out, Kath pulled Di’s knickers down and slipped a finger into her fanny and started to finger fuck her, Ben pulled his glistening cock out of Kath’s tight pussy and moved round to the back of Di and shoved his rock hard cock into her cunt and started to fuck her, Kath got up and moved over to me and Nic, she got hold of my dick and pulled it out of Nic’s pussy and put it into her mouth, and licked all Nic’s juices off it, Ben was groaning now I am cumming he said, he pulled his cock out of Di’s pussy and shot a load of spunk all over her back and there was loads of it Ben’s body was shuddering with ever shot of spunk, I knew now that I was ready fire my load I pulled my cock out of Kaths mouth and turned toward Di and shot all my spunk over her face and hair, she was covered in it, it was all down her back all over her face and in her hair – we all felt really good, Nic started to get dressed as did I Kath went over to Ben and licked the end of his still hard cock clean and then they got dressed, Di was still naked at this point, she was looking for something at this point we realised that her dress was missing it had gone, so had her knickers and her bra, so she was naked full of cum and no clothes to put on, me and Ben looked to see where her clothes were but we couldn’t see them anywhere nor could we see anyone around who could have pinched them, Kath got some tissues out of her pocket and helped clean Diane up a bit, but this didn’t help the fact that she was in the nude. Nic said we need to help her get home so she can find some clothes, ok said Ben I will walk in front of her Nic & Kath at each side and you – pointing at me can be behind her – great I thought this means I can watch her fit arse as we walk back to her house. We set off and left the park but to get to Di’s house we had a half mile walk through quite a few streets, as we set off we walked slowly down the main road and the cars passing us were giving us a few strange looks we needed to cross the road so we stopped then ben and the two girls ran across the road leaving me and Di behind she had her hands cupping her tits and put my hands around her she spun round to face me and I covered her arse, the cars cleared with a few beeping horns as they saw Di’s naked body, me and Di then ran across the road, we ran up the street to catch up to the others I was stunned watching her tits bouncing I was getting a hard-on again we caught upto the others who were laughing but Di wasn’t she was angry ‘come on you lot I want to get home’ we shrouded her again and made it home with her, we stood at the top of her drive and she ran in we then saw her at her bedroom window, still naked a few minutes later she came back out with a new dress on, she stood in front of us and lifted her dress to show us she didn’t put any underwear on, then she confessed I got really turned on coming back naked so much so I don’t want to wear any knickers or bra again –
We all turned round and headed off to Nic’s house which was just round the corner – I need to pee said Diane!!!!

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