Rainy days and Mondays !!

Monday morning, who needs them! in the street people jostles for position in queues, pavements begin to fill with men and women going to work. In your house there was a different atmosphere, for today a special person was visiting, A local beauty agency was sending a new apprentice to your house for some training in massages and waxing.

You took a shower and awaited the arrival of the apprentice. To get you in the mood you put on a silk dressing gown and some generously revealing panties that only just covered you. The other thing you had to take into consideration was that your friend from Sittingbourne was also invited and suggested that he may even have a full massage.

At 9.30 as agreed the doorbell rung, opening it to allow the person in, a breeze blew pass you and parted your dressing gown, giving the apprentice a glimpse of things to come. With all her bags, she entered and introduced herself as Sarah.

Leading her to the front room, she proceeded to lay out the room with a table bed, paper towels and aroma oils. Making polite conversation, you could tell she was nervous. Making her a cup of coffee must have eased her mind as she seemed to relax.

At 9.45 your friend arrived, his name was John. A fit looking guy who you knew played sport and looked after his body as best he can. John told Sarah after they had been introduced that he might join in later.

All was set, the table laid out, the room filled with the smell of aroma and you sat on the sofa alongside John. Sarah got ready and asked that you now stand and remove your dressing gown. You slowly untied the loose knot of the sash which held it closed and dropped it from your shoulders. Allowing it to be caught by John. Standing in just your underwear, you looked like a women just about to for fill a fantasy that had been long overdue. You turned to John showing your rear off to Sarah giving her a full glimpse of your see through material that covered your bottom. Winking at John, you moved to the bed. Sarah again became nervous, the tremor was clear in her voice as she asked you to lay on your front.
Laying there with you head facing down, you felt her hand start to kneed your calf muscles following the lines of your legs, up to your hamstrings which were tight for some reason. Down towards your calf’s again her hands went. Each time rising a little higher until eventually arriving at the material of your panties. Her body moving to the side of the bed and her crutch in line with the side of your head, you turned your head sideways and caught a glimpse of the split in her white uniform . this revealed a clear view of her white knickers underneath. Continuing to caress your body , her hand now moving over your knickers she without hesitation slipped cautiously a hand inside, waiting for a reaction, which would have resulted in her hand being removed quickly if not appropriate, with no reaction from you, Sarah continued to massage your bottom cheeks allowing her fingers to pass over the entrance of your bottom. The pleasure of oily hands moving over your rear was enough for you to allow your legs to slowly part allowing a route for her hand to travel even further inside your panties and along the entrance of your quim. Her hand were everywhere, creasing all parts of your pussy to a excitement that had not been felt for a long time. Sarah then inserted her oily fingers exactly where you wanted them, deep inside you, the oil making this easy to perform. Using her thumb to rub the clitoris which brought you a sudden and unexpected orgasm .

Sarah requested that you turn over and lie on your back with your head looking up at the celling. You did as you were told as no request now would have been disobeyed, Moving to the head of the table Sarah placed a small piece of material over your eyes and without hesitation proceeded to raise her uniform, pulled her gusset to one side and place her wet pussy over your mouth allowing the juices to be smelt by your nose which was only millimeters away. Your hand gripped the back of her bottom and pulled her quim closer to your mouth allowing your tongue to push deep inside sending your taste buds in to a frenzy. Sarah gestured to John who was sitting on the sofa taking all this in to come behind her and lick her bottom and pussy also. This would allow her juices to flow under her body and into your mouth. Sarah pulled at the lining of your knickers and lowered her head to allow her tongue again to penetrate your entrance. John obliged with no hesitation licking the anal passage and bringing Sarah close to orgasms also.
Sarahs hands were all over your body, parted legs were hanging over the side of the bed, the love juices flowed, your two bodies moving in unison with each other.

With you having your tongue deep inside Sarah’s pussy and Sarah having hers deep inside yours you reached out and grabbed Johns now erect cock. Trying to wank it and play with it . pulling the foreskin back to reveal a large head, you offered it up to Sarah’s anal entrance. John now knowing what you wanted him to do, he pushed his member to the entrance and teased it, slowly John pushed his cock into Sarah’s arse hole. Hitting a g spot within seconds, allowing more floods of juices to enter your mouth.
With a cock in her arse and a tongue in her quim moans of pleasure filled the room. Sarah having already inserted three fingers into your wet pussy pushed the last two and proceeded to fist fuck you hard until you could not stand anymore, squirting all over the bed and paper towels which was now ruffled and wet with juices.

John pumping his cock hard in her arse knew he was close to coming and released his cock , lowered his knees which allow the hot spunk to flow straight into your mouth, flowing deep inside causing you to swallow hard . taking johns cock you then grabbed it by your mouth and sucked it dry lapping up every last drop of spunk that flowed from his penis eye.

Sarah dismounted the bed , turned and blew a kiss to John knowing that later you and her would again venture into the bedroom to play again once more.

As for John, well he is still awaiting a massage and a wax.

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