How it all started – first cock then pussy

I cannot remember any time in my life when sex wasn’t important. I would stroke and shoot loads when I took a bath and then have to clean the tub of the stuff that gathered around the edge of the water line. I had a friend Eddie that was 3 years older than me and it was a friendship because of our parents. Eddie was also sexually active early and I know he had fucked his cousin 2 years younger than him on several different occasions.

Eddie and I would have sl**p over and his room was right next to his parents. You talk about horny people, his Dad and Mom fucked every time I slept at Eddie’s. The sounds were as clear as if we were in bed with them. The next morning Clare his Mom would act as nothing had happened the night before as she fixed the both of breakfast, but Eddie and I knew different.

It was during this period and on those visits that Eddie and I started playing the others cock. I think Eddie began the action most nights as Mom and Dad fucked away. We never did anything more than touch and stroke but I can tell you it had me stroking off in the bathroom before the night was over.

This went on for a couple of years until one summer night we were not in Eddie’s bed but outside just under his parents bedroom window. As usual Mom Clare and Dad Joe went at it. This night it was different for the first time with Eddie and me. He pulled down his shorts and showed me his cock and I touched him as in the past. As the fucking from the bedroom window got really going Eddie positioned himself with his cock in front of my face and motioned for me to it. I reached down and took his cock in my hand and guided it into my mouth, just like we had seen in his Dad’s porn magazines. Eddie put his hand on the back of my head and I started giving my first blowjob. I have to say with the sound of his Mom fucking and his Dad telling to be a good bitch I never thought of stopping. Though I knew what it meant to suck on a cock and that sooner or later Eddie would blow his load I did not stop. Eddie’s breathing got faster and faster as he fucked my mouth and at the same time the sounds from the bedroom became louder and louder and I had no thought of pulling of his cock. It seemed that both guys Eddie and his Dad Joe were in sync and they both shoot a load about the same time and my mouth was the recipient of Eddie’s cum. Not sure what I thought about the taste but swallowed most of it without hesitation.

It became very quiet after Eddie and Dad Joe shoot their loads and Mom Clare and I received the blasts. I lay back knowing that I had started something that would not stop with this one time.

Moving forward about two weeks I went over to Eddie’s home after school one day as school had just started after the summer break. I expected Eddie to get home before I arrived but I was mistaken. I yelled from the front door and hearing nothing went toward the bedrooms. I passed his parents room first and there was Joe lying naked on the bed stroking his cock. I went to go by with only a quick look when Joe told me Eddie was not home yet and would not be there until much later. I turned and went back by the door once again seeing Joe’s erect cock being stroked. He told me to come in for a minute which I did not thinking. Joe invited me to sit on the edge of the bed as he continued to stroke his cock. I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the cock in front of me and see that it was some what bigger than Eddie’s.

I sat there not saying much for a few minutes and then started to leave, but Joe’s hand on my leg stopped me and I looked at him and saw a smile on his face. He didn’t really say much but I knew what he was saying with the smile. The cock was right there and since I had sucked on Eddie’s now several times, I had a pretty good idea what was expected of me. Not sure why but I reached over and put my hand on the lower part of Joe’s cock near his balls, then without stopping bent over and started sucking his cock. Joe liked it at least I thought so from the moans and groans that came forth. He called me a name not sure what as I sucked his cock into my mouth. It seemed forever but Joe finally said he was about to blow. He told me to stand up drop my shorts and bend over. Now I did as I was told but really had no idea what was about to go into my asshole. Joe opened the nightstand drawer and took out a jar of lube and stood behind me as he put the lube on his cock. I got the idea pretty quick that I was about to be fucked and I was right. Joe moved into position with his cock lined up to penetrate me. He told me this might hurt but he would go slowly. I nodded OK and sure enough as his cock went in me I felt the pain. Joe moved deeper into me and then pulled out and repeated this action several times. Joe told me to breath as his cock went deeper and deeper into me and I heard him call me a nice bitch just like he had said to Eddie’s Mom Clare. I breathed and the pain seemed less and Joe started really gong faster and faster. As I said he was close to blow the load before he started fucking me so it was less than 5 minuets and my ass was full of his cum. Joe stayed tight against me even after he finished and then slowly pulled out wiping his cock clean. I tried t stand up to pull up my short but my legs just won’t support me. I laid there ass bare for a few more minute as Joe went to the bathroom and returned. He laughed and helped me up and stroked my cock as he pulled my shorts back into position.

Again I knew this was not the only time I was to be Eddie’s Dad Joe’s bitch and that was true.

Now moving to the pussy for the first time. School had started back but I still was cutting grass for some spare change. About a week after Joe had fucked me I was just home from school when the phone rang and I heard a voice say Hi. This was Ms. Sherwood my teacher from last year. Have to admit one of the prettiest women I knew. She asked if I was available to cut her grass. I said yes and she wondered if now was possible. For sure and told her I could be there in less than 15 minutes as she lived just around the block from my home. Went to my room put on a pair of shorts and t-shirt and got ready to cut grass. I have to admit I had sex on the brain having been sucking and getting fucked recently but still never thought I would hit it lucky with a woman like Ms. Sherwood.

I walked around the block with my mower and knocked on her front door, which was standing open. I was invited in and stood in the entryway waiting to see this knock out of a woman. She came around the corner wearing a tank top and short shorts. I could hardly believe what I was seeing, but managed to ask where she wanted me to start cutting her grass, front or back yard. She cross the room and kissed my cheek, which brought and immediate throbbing to my shorts. Back yard it is I accepted and went back out my mover trying to ignore the growing erection. Got myself under control, know she was off limits and went to work cutting the back yard. This took about 15 minutes and as I finished I she the tank top standing behind the screen door. She opened the screen and asked if I wanted some lemonade. A hot day and by now I was shirtless and pretty wet with my sweat. I went into the kitchen and she handed me a glass. For sure I noticed her breast in the tank top and the legs that really were spectacular. I said thank Ms. Sherwood and she corrected me it Jean. As I took the drink I brushed up against her and again had a throbbing in my shorts. This was not fair a young boy and this woman in the same room and me turned on like a dog in heat.

The lemonade was consumed and I started to go but Jean was standing in the doorway. I smiled and she did also as her hand went to my wet chest and rubbed the nipples. My erection was in full bloom and I was breathing faster. Jean asked what my hurry was as all I had left was the front yard and the small areas on the side. Not knowing what to say I think I just chuckled like an embarrassed schoolboy. Her hand worked its way down to the shorts and she smiled at the feel of the erect cock under them. I have to say that at that point this horny k** was not going to resist too much, if at all. She smiled and moved closer keeping her hand on my shorts and cock and then she reached over and kissed me this time on the lips with her tongue entering my mouth. Stunned I returned the kiss and waited for her to make the next move. Jean started rubbing my shorts and before long reached inside to the cock and I gasped with pleasure. Jean smiled and stroked me as her breast went against my wet sweaty chest.

I wasn’t sure what to do next but managed to reach down and feel her breasts as she lifted up the top and exposed them to my touch. She kissed me some more and I did the same as our breathing continued to increase. Jean pulled back and took my hand leading me into the living room. I notice a towel spread out on the couch and as she laid back I moved on top of her. We kissed and somewhere along the way her shorts went on the floor and her tank top was lifted over her head. As she lay there breathing very heavy I stood up and dropped my shorts exposing the erection that Jean already knew from the feeling in my shorts. I did not stop to ask what she wanted and told her I wanted to fuck her like the horny bitch she was. Thought that sounded good since I had heard Joe say that to Eddie’s Mom. Jean smiled and pulled me on top of her.

I have to say the first penetration into her wet throbbing pussy didn’t work as I fumbled my way through my first piece of ass. She laughed told me to slow down and wrapped her legs around me holding me in place. As we began to move my cock fucking his fantastically beautiful woman she told me to take her and make her a bitch. With that I grabbed her and really pounded her wet pussy with the throbbing cock. She told me to keep going and blow the load into her, which I will say was shortly after I heard the words. I did cum really hard and it seemed to last for ever.

Jean moved me off and stood up went into the bathroom return with a towel between her legs and smiling. Hoped I had liked that she smiled and you can guess my response. Dressed and went back to cutting grass. I could only hope that that was not the only time I would take a nice fuck from this former teacher. What a hot bitch and so fucking pretty.

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Good story.