Patty and her daughter

Patty and her daughter

Hi again, this took place several years ago and every thing here is true, but that is up to you to believe.

Patty and I connected on a phone line chat and agreed to meet on a Sunday afternoon at a local restaurant, which proved to be a short stay, as we both knew what we wanted. Patty was short, 5‘3” 140# with a smile that just drew you into her crazy sex world. We chatted for a little while and Patty shared that it was the wrong time of the month, but there was always the other lips and which we both laughed. A few minutes later Patty followed me to my home and as I opened the front door to let her in that smile told me I was about to get a great blowjob.

Sitting on the couch together Patty and I kissed and feeling her nice firm tits as we did turned her on even more than I expected. With in minutes Patty sat back took her top over her head and then remove her bra to expose her tits for my full inspection. I leaned over and sucked on her right tit and heard her saying to bite the nipple hard. I did and Patty moaned and replied oh fuck. I sat back and Patty leaned over and went to work sucking me off. She proved from the time her lips touched the head that she was hungry and loved being a cock sucking bitch. I don’t recall how long it took but do remember blowing a good load and she pulled off and let it cover her face. Patty looked up at me face covered in cum and smiled telling me she thought we would make good friends and that was very true.

Jumping ahead in the story Patty and I did become very good friends and I played with her in several scenes that she asked for. As time past Patty wanted more and began to set up ‘dates’ with other guys, one way to make a little extra, but Kate her daughter was a little young to leave alone and Patty had said early on that she wanted Kate to experience her first sexual activity with some she trusted that would not knock her up in the back seat of the car. We left it at that until Patty wanted to start ‘dating’ and Kate was not 16.

So one Friday afternoon about 4 Patty called and said she had a ‘date’ could Kate spend the night with me? She must have heard my thinking as she said yes spend the night and just go slow. I knew what she meant and told her that she knew I would. Asked if Kate would know and she said yes.

Kate arrived about 7 and she was wearing a halter top with blue shorts the school colors. She just came in not even bother to knock. She hugged me and smiled as I squeezed her tight young body to me. She had a bag with her, which she put in the bedroom on the floor and came back into the kitchen as I was preparing a little snack. Kate told me about her day and that mom had left her a small gift for the occasion, which she smiled at, as it was a box of condoms. We both laughed and she smiled placing them on the table.

We went out to the covered patio and sat together on the two setter. I ask Kate if she was nervous and yes was the reply. Told her I know how to go slow and she would be OK. We drank some lemonade and ate the snack as I looked over this young body that was about to become a real woman and not the virgin teenager after tonight.

The sun was setting but the light on the patio was fading so I just reached over to Kate and drew her close for a kiss. She responded very well and kissed me like there was no tomorrow. Kate had short dark hair that framed her face and with her lips wet from the kiss she had a certain look of her mom. We continued to kiss and I reached my hand inside her top and lifted it up exposing the sweet 34c tits, smaller than mom’s 39D. Kate seemed so relaxed and went with the flow as I leaned down and sucked on her tits one after the other. I could tell that her nerves were going with each lick or time my mouth sucked on her nipples. We kissed some more and then I started going harder on Kate’s young tits and she moaned and said please don’t stop. I was full erect and showing in my shorts.

Kate’s hand found my erection and did not pull away but explored what I knew was the first time she had ever even touched a man’s cock. I laid back and pulled my shorts down and placed her hand on my hard on telling her to stroke it slowly. Kate did as she was told and her eyes fixated on my cock. Then I said kiss it and she again followed the instructions as her lips kissed the head and even opened her mouth as it went up against her tongue in her mouth. I played with her hair as she became more willing to take all of the rod in her mouth and I even pushed her head down but she gagged and I let her up. Before she could go back I sat up and took off her top and motioned for her to remove the shorts. Kate was about as tall as mom and slighter build with that young firm stand up tits just wanting to be sucked. Kate lifted up her ass and the shorts and panties were on the floor.

I leaned her back on the couch and opened her legs to see the pussy already moving with anticipation. I leaned down and kissed her and place a finger in her cunt to feel, oh yes she is a cherry. Not wanting to spoil the moment I moved my hand to her clit and kissing and sucking on it Kate lifted her hips and I moved my tongue into her wet lips and Kate moaned with the pleasure I knew she was having.

Wanting to go slow and to get her ready for my cock and moved in between her legs and rubbed her pussy on my hip as my cock was under her leg. Kate kissed me and said she wanted to fuck and I laughed and told her to take it slow we had all night. The kissing became wetter with Kate opening her mouth for my tongue. Her breathing was getting faster and with that her tits were moving almost independent of her body. I reached down and sucked and licked the right tit while fondling her left and pinching the nipple. She responded to the touch with more please more and harder. I pinched the nipple harder and like her mom she moaned and for the first time I heard her say, ‘oh fuck’. Kate was going to be a good addition to the fun times.

I continued to suck on her tits and rubbing her clit as Kate opened her legs wider with my cock coming around in front of her pussy lips. I had set up the bedroom bed with towels to catch the bl**d of her pussy so knew I would wait to take her there. Kate placed her hand on my cock and reached around and played with my balls. I asked her did mom tell her to do that and she nodded affirming her mom’s direction for pleasing me. We were to turned on I did not notice the sunset and we may have been visible with the back lighting of the door from the house. Sat up and pulled Kate on top of me caring less about anyone seeing and more about getting this teenage ready to fuck. She sat on my lap as my cock was pinned down by her pussy and hips. We kissed and I told her it was time to move to the bedroom, but before that happened Kate moved off of me and knelt down with my cock in front of her face.

She opened her mouth and went all the way down choking and gagging but not stopping. I again played with her hair and pushed her head down loving the mouth of this teenage cocksucker. Her mom must have told her what to do to suck a cock because there was no way she could have knowing what do with a cock in her mouth. Kate moved with the pushing action and actually stopped the gagging as she was deep throating the full length. I stopped her because I damn sure didn’t want to cum in her mouth when the cherry pussy was there for the taking.

Finally sat up and then stood over Kate pulling her from her knees. We walked to the bedroom with Kate in front of me and me hold tight to her ass. We went down the hall and I could feel the tension building as we turned corner and she saw the bed with the towels spread and ready for her to get fucked. Kate turned and kissed me and I laid her back on the bed and just about entered her without even trying.

We kissed and I reached over and got a condom as I promised mom I would. When Kate saw it she smiled that inviting smile and I told her it was time. Moved on top of her lifting her legs and placing the condom-covered cock over her pussy lips. I explained that this would hurt and she would bleed and she agreed that I would not stop once I was in her. So with nothing holding me back I place the cock in her lips and leaned down like I was going to kiss her and pushed forward penetrating the teenage pussy. Kate let out a yell but didn’t pull back as her hips stayed with me as I went in her one inch at a time. She moaned and I felt the warmth of her bl**d and then lifted up to she the cherry now all over both of us. Kate wrapped her legs around me like a pro and I went back in her pussy and this time went all the way in. Kate was hurting I could tell, but as promised I kept fucking her deeper and harder with my load getting ready to fill the condom.

Kate was breathing hard now and her tits moving up and down and she smiled and told me to keep fucking. I moved her legs up even higher and allowing my cock to fuck her deeper. With that motion there was no holding back and blew. I think I surprised Kate when I told her I was cumming bitch but she just responded cum cum.

As I unloaded I looked into her eyes and watched as my sweet teenage friend was fucked for the first time.
Nice to say the least and so fucking hot. What a night to remember and only the beginning

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very hot
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Very good
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Great story thanks for sharing
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Hope you write about more of your adventures