Kathy welcome my s****r into our fun

Wife continues to submit joined by s*s

After Kathy got started she could not turn it off. One cock was not going to be enough for a weekend so most Friday’s we had one to three guys spending the night and Kathy fucking and sucking all of us. This also was the giant step into Kathy becoming submissive.

The first few months turned into a couple of years and along the way we agreed, and I do mean we, that Kathy would do what she was told during play times and even during the average work day. I told her what to wear and when to shave her pussy, and everything about her life came under my control.

All of this continued for those first two years with play times that you only see in porn. Kathy admitted she had become a nympho and thought of sex most of every day. One part of this new life style for us was bringing in live in submissive females for my pleasure. The one I want to share with you in this story was my little s*s that moved in early the second summer.

Eve, if you have read the other stories, was also into the lifestyle and had a sex drive about the size of Kathy’s. I am not sure how Kathy didn’t know that I was bang Eve whenever there was an opportunity but she said she had no idea. I thought this might upset the apple cart with Kathy, but just the opposite was true.
Eve came by the house one Saturday afternoon when Kathy was in the midst of one of her play times with a couple of guys.

Eve and I went out on the deck and share a beer and talked. She shared that she was really needing to move out of her present living place and just didn’t know where to go. I offered without thinking that she could come live with Kathy and me for whatever time she needed. Yes you can imagine my nasty mind was racing with the possibilities of this kind of arrangement. Kathy was about to say yes when Kathy came out for a break wearing only her panties. Kathy was very welcoming to Eve, as they had always gotten along very well. I explained the situation the Eve needed a place to stay and that I had offered the spare room downstairs. Kathy said great, but then kinda made a face, like but what about, you know?

Kathy meant maybe it might not work if Eve was around to interfere with the weekend playtime. Eve smiled and told my wife that I had shared our little secret some time ago when I had visited her. Kathy’s face responded with some secret knowledge of her own as she asked was that the last time I and fucked her?

I laughed and asked her how long she had known this f****y secret? Kathy said only last week when she found a picture I had taken of Eve sucking on my cock. Oops I forgot all about the souvenir and asked was she pissed. Kathy said absolutely NO, and in fact that made the newest houseguest part of the inner circle of our playtime. We all laughed and raised a beer to new ‘old’ friends.

About that time one of the guys that was there for the playtime came out naked and asked if he could get a beer. Kathy said sure then come join us. Ed got his beer and came back and sat next to Eve. I watched as Eve looked down at the nice cock sitting beside her and then saw Kathy join them surrounding Ed with two hot women. Eve was not sure what to do or how to respond at which I told her to just be herself and do as she is told.

Eve’s voice always changed when she submitted and she sounded like a young Eve as she responded to me, Yes Sir. I gave Kathy the sign to suck Ed and she dropped to her knees in front of him and taking the cock that had already fucked her, she began the stroking it back to a full erection. Eve sat and watched until I motioned for her to remove her top and join my wife on her knees. Eve being a good submissive always does what she is told and in just a few seconds was taking Ed’s balls in her hand as Kathy continued to suck his erection. I reached over and placed Kathy’s hand on my s****r’s tits and sat back and watched as my wife played with her nipples as she sucked on the cock.

I cleared my throat, which Kathy new was the signal to stop doing whatever, and she turned and looked at me as I gave her the eye motion to go after Eve. Kathy being a good submissive cunt reached over and pulled Eve to her and kissed her with full lips and tongue exploring my s****r’s mouth. Ed reached down and started playing with both sets of tits and just watched as my wife and my s****r went after each other.

Eve looked up at me after a few moments and I gave her the next step in this wild scene. Eve like Kathy never hesitates and she laid Kathy back on the deck in between Ed and me and removed her panties so as to expose my wife’s dripping wet cunt. Eve was down on Kathy so fast that I think I missed her hand moving into the wet folds of the pussy she was tongue fucking. This continued for a few minutes and then Ed moved in behind Eve and penetrated her having lifted her sundress and moving the panties off to the side of her pussy.

I would never have thought the scene that was unfolding before me would ever happen. My s****r eating my wife while a cock that had already fucked my wife was in my s****r’s pussy banging her like there was no tomorrow.

Ed didn’t last long and pulled out turned Eve around and shot his load all over her face. Some of the cum landed on Kathy’s tits and she reached up and rubbed into her skin. Eve took the full facial and then turned leaned back over Kathy and the two submissive kissed exchanging the load from Ed’s cock.

What a nice way to welcome Eve into the f****y and our Saturday play scenes.

Hope you like this there is more and a few comments will help encourage me to share them.... LOL

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2 years ago
very good
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PLEASE, keep up the great work.
3 years ago
great story......love your writing xx
3 years ago
good writing
3 years ago
Very good, more please.
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3 years ago
Good story, "My sister eating my wife while a cock that had already fucked my wife was in my sister’s pussy" now that is a great thought.
3 years ago
3 years ago
excellent, more please!