A new friend and her daughter Part 2

The phone rang the next day about 3:30 and I was pleasantly surprised to hear Sarah was calling. She wanted to meet in about an hour to which I agreed with great anticipation. I cleared out of my office so fast I am not sure anyone knew I was gone. The ride home was filled with what will this late afternoon bring in the way of pleasure.
I opened the door to a smiling Sarah and invited her in. The first kiss as we closed the door told me I was going to be happy she had called. Her tongue was down my throat and her hands were all over my crotch. I felt her tits knowing how she loved to have them played with. We broke from the embrace and moved to the couch in the living room. This was one hot Mom and I could tell she was dying to tell me something.
Mom began by saying how she had enjoyed the play the previous day and as I nodded affirming her feelings, she smile went large. I asked her what she liked and her answer aroused me instantly. She liked the way I took charge and then when I called her daughter a bitch, oh my gosh what a turn on. We talk about that for a minute and I asked her did she feel she was submissive and she nodded dropping her head. I assured her that was just fine and that my kink side was domination. We talked for a few more minutes and then I told Sarah that subs had there place and if this is what she wanted she should be sitting at my feet looking up and she did it instantly. I told her to open her blouse and unhook her bra so I could have access and view of her tits. As I watched her respond instantly and replied Yes SIR I knew this was about to hot but even I didn’t know how hot.
I reached down and told my new bitch that she would do as I say with no safe words in play today, as she would just have to trust me. Her nodding affirmed I had a willing sub at my feet. As I continued playing and pinching her tits I decided to go for the gold and asked her about her daughter Sherrie. Mom looked up and said she is a phone call away. I asked if she knew that Mom was here and that she came to become my submissive and again she nodded. I told her to call and she did and only two words were spoken, ‘Come on’.
As I awaited the arrival of the 5’8” tall teenage daughter I began to think what I might have them do and thought I would expand the play from yesterday. I told Mom to strip to her panties and then had her turn and show me her backside. I couldn’t resist taking a swat at the nice cheeks showing around her panties. Sarah didn’t flinch as I spanked her with my hand holding her close and, then asked her what she had to say. The right words, Yes Sir’, were a pleasant sound indeed.
Before I could move to the next part of my fun the doorbell rang and I told Mon to go and welcome Sherrie to our play party. The two returned and I instructed Mom to kiss her daughter like she had kissed me on her arrival. Mom followed my order and turned and kissed Sherrie like it was a usual thing to do and just as I had said her hand went to her daughters crotch and she even moved Sherrie’s hands to her own tits just as I had done to her. This kiss lasted for at least two minutes at which time I told the two, Mom and her daughter to assume the position. Mom went to her knees in front of me and Sherrie started to do the same when I stopped her. I told her to undress as Mom is and then join her Mom before their new Master.
Sherrie took the sundress off overhead exposing the tits that were so young and firm with the nipples already enlarged. As she bent over to take her shoes off I told her Mom to rub her backside and get her ready to serve. Mom did as told and her hand went up under the panties of her daughter preparing her to be my bitch. Sherrie moaned a little at the touch of her Mom and then turned and knelt next to her before me. I told both of them again that there were to be no safe words today, and Sherrie asks what that meant. I told her that she was not allowed to say no to anything I told her or her Mom told her to do to please either of us. Mom said Sherrie would do as I say and Sherrie agreed. I asked them both if they were ready to be my bitches and with a joint Yes we had total agreement.
I told Mom to join me on the couch and to sit next to me. Then I told Sherrie to take mommy’s panties off which she did like the good obedient daughter. Then I told Mom get ready for some fun and I received a smile that said she knew what was about to happen. Sherrie knew also so when I told her to eat mommy’s pussy she was on it like a bitch in heat. I watched as Mom’s hands played with Sherrie’s hair as she enjoyed the tongue action she was receiving. I asked Mom if this was her first time and to my surprise she responded yes Sherrie had never eaten Mom’s pussy until now. I enjoyed that even move knowing Sherrie was experience with someone else and that she had never tasted the juices of her Moms cunt.
Sherrie showed me that she was enjoying the taste of pussy and I placed her hand on my crotch and felt her hand massage my hard on through my shorts. I reached over and kissed Mom and played with her tits as Sherrie continued pleasing her. I sucked on Sarah’s tits and reached down and played with Sherrie’s head as it moved in and out of her Mom’s pussy. This action continued until I heard Sarah begin to moan loader and I could tell an orgasm was not far behind. So I stopped Sherrie and looked up at Sarah’s face that was glowing with anticipation. I laughed and told her no big ‘O’ for her until I say so and then I slapped her across her tits as a way of getting her attention. Yes was the response and I could tell my Mom sub was willing to do what her new Master wanted.
I told Sherrie to sit next to her Mom on the couch and told her to remover her panties and place them on her mothers head like a crown. The blue panties slipped off the long teenager’s legs and then they were place on Mom’s head and I told the two to kiss and show me what kind of bitches I was about to fuck. The kiss this time was more passionate than the welcome kiss just a few minutes ago, as both Mom and daughter were fucking turned on.
I moved in front of Mom and stripped my cock bare and raising her legs in the air I moved into her pussy that was wet with her juices and those of her daughter’s mouth. Mom took my cock as she continued to kiss Sherrie and the three of us were locked in a motion with each stroke that enter Mom and moved her with her daughter to be one with me. I told the two pussies how hot they were and that I would fuck them both one after the other. They stopped and together and said YES SIR.
Mom was enjoying getting fucked as my cock penetrated her wetness and then I looked over at Sherrie and watched as her Moms hand fingered her wetness turn Sherrie on at the same time. As I withdrew my cock I told Sarah to go down and make her daughter cum. She moved around and into position to place her face directly in front of the waiting lips and her tongue went inside the teenage pussy. With her legs raised in the air allowing for her Mom to tongue fuck her Sherrie moaned and moved her hips fucking the wet face in her crotch. As Sarah continued to please the young one I moved behind her and lubed up her ass ready to be fucked.
Mom was focused on the action of her mouth and I don’t think she knew what was about to happen. She had told me that she doubted she could take a cock in her back door but at this moment both she and Sherrie were not thinking about her ass getting fucked. I moved up and mounted her like a dog in heat and went into her with a slow but firm pressure and she never even missed a beat with her mouth. The ass-fucking Mom was really being the slut she claimed to be. I pulled her hair and lifted her face out of the wet cunt and asked her what she was, and the sweet words, ‘I am a Mother fucking slut with my face in my daughters pussy.’ I asked her and ... and she had no idea my cock was in her ass and when she realized I could tell she went deeper into her erotic moment. Sherrie pulled her Mom’s face back into her and with in second exploded with a load orgasm telling Sarah to keep eating her as she rode the face and tongue.
Well with that I shot my load deep in Mom as I stepped up the pounding. It seemed like an hour passed but I think it was only a few minutes when Sherrie exclaimed, ‘that was fucking hot’, and Sarah replied, ‘ glad you enjoyed it’.
How much hotter could these two women get?

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