s*s was a good piece of ass PT 2

s*s a good piece of ass Pt 2

Eve always was home in the afternoon ahead of me and I knew to go to my room when I got there and change into a pair of shorts and t-shirt, then just a short walk down the hall and around the corner to Eve’s room and her naked body.

Eve as I said was horny all the time every day and I was the lucky bother to get her sweet tight pussy. Eve was three years older them me so was 16 when I first fucked her, two years after her first cock. This afternoon she was in bed as usual and I could see her fucking herself as I walked in. I pulled back the sheets and Eve, eyes closed and moaning, ‘fuck me, fuck me hard’, was just begging to have a cock in her, which I was more than willing to provide.

I laid down beside her and reached over and kissed her tits, left first since it was the closest and my s*s moaned some more and spread her legs wide open. Oh she was naked and fucking herself with a dildo. I told her this afternoon that I want her to try something new that I had read about. She asked what and I said let me tie you to the bed. Eve smiled and assured me that I was going to have my way with my hot little bitch of a s****r.

Coming back from my room with the rope I told Eve that she needed to spread her legs even further apart and as I tied one leg after the other to the bed frame, then came the arms and I had my s*s right where I wanted her. I sat down on her and place my cock in front of her face and told her, suck s*s, suck your bothers cock like a good little bitch’ and she did as she was told. Soon I was ready to mount this pussy and fuck her hard; first I untied her legs so I could go for her really rough and hard. Eve started saying don’t hurt me, which was part of the game, and I told her shut up and fuck. My cock entered for what must have been the 20th time since I first fucked her about a month ago.

Eve had agreed that something different was in order and I said could I try something but I didn’t want to tell her before hand, to which she agreed to be surprised. I told her it would be OK if she said no during this surprise but only if she said stop would I stop. So as my cock entered my s*s’s tight pussy wet with anticipation I told her fuck me bitch or I will make you an ass fuck cunt. Eve said no don’t do that please as my cock began it pounding action and she arched her back to allow me to go even deeper. I realized I had forgotten the condom but could not stop now for it. I lifted her legs over head and I could see her sweet virgin ass as I entered her pussy. I whispered in my s*s’s ear that she was about to become an ass-fucking bitch, to which she said stop. Why I asked and she just said we needed to go slow with that so I just pounded her pussy harder as Eve moaned and grabbed hold of me with her legs and fuck me back.

I moved up over Eve so I was really looking down at my s*s as I fucked her faster and faster knowing that I need to pull out before the load of cum went in her. As this happened I did finally manage to disengage and shot the cum all over Eve as I fingered her to a fantastic orgasm. Covered in cum s*s smiled at me and told me how much she like me taking charge and that I should do more of that.

This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with my submissive tight and always wed little, 5’2” s*s.

85% (18/3)
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2 years ago
good but more
3 years ago
Truly enjoy your stories, thanks.
3 years ago
fuck that asshole