Wife wanted rough sex

Kathy’s next fantasy lived out

The week after Kathy whored she told me that she could hardly think at work. She shared that she went into the restroom and fucked herself to orgasms several times each day. She begged me for some more fun for the next weekend. I asked her what and so I set up one my favorites, a small group gangbang.

Friday finally got arrived and Kathy came in the front door with a certain look that I knew she was fucking horny and read to play. We share a glass of Cab and talked about her day, as I tantalized her with what her pleasure was to be this time. Finally Kathy needed to know, but I said well it is a little surprise, and asked if she was OK with that. Yes she replied and smiled knowing had and a very nasty mind.

The evening past until about 8:30 and on this winter evening it was very dark and with a cold wind blowing. The doorbell rang and Kathy answered it wearing a sweatshirt and pants with her warm slippers. I could hear her invite who ever was there out of the cold and she giggled as he touched her tits. Mirrors are so much fun when you sit in certain places. Kathy walked into the living room holding Jason hand. He was the first guy I invited over for some pussy. I know Kathy thought this was it and came over and kissed me thanking me for this soon to be fun scene. Kathy went back and offered Jason a beer, which he accepted and upon her return with beer in hand Kathy sat next to this really hot looking guy. Good looks is not all he was holding as his hand went to her knee. He had told me he was a good 8 plus inches long and thick to boot. Kathy moved toward Jason as his hand moved up her thigh to her waiting pussy. It was going to be a good night and Kathy hadn’t even turned on the charm yet.

Jason knew to just go for it and Kathy obliged. She moved her sweat pants to the floor and exposed her red panties to Jason’s touch. The first kiss was deep and Kathy moaned with pleasure as the tongue went deep into her mouth as his fingers found the wetness of my wife’s throbbing wet lips. The two of them looked like they knew each other before this first few minutes of touching and kissing. Kathy laid back and the sweatshirt was over her head and off in no time. I could tell Jason was going to enjoy her firm tits and those large stand up nipples. He went to work on the right tit and in no time had moved from sucking to nibbling to biting and each step turned his new fuck friend on even more.

Kathy moaned and held his head tight to her as Jason worked her over first on the right tit and then her left. At that point Kathy let the truth of her feelings out. Fuck me, fuck this bitch she as she offered herself to his touch. It was at this point that Jason laid back and opened his pants to let his damn huge cock go free and telling my wife to suck on this bitch. Kathy’s eyes got large and moved into position to be his cock-sucking bitch. Her hand went around the shaft and there was an equal amount still left uncovered. That was no problem as her mouth took as much of this cock down into her throat and at once she gagged and choked and I thought she was going to pull off, but not my Kathy. She is such a cocksucker this was like a steak dinner for her.

This sucking and fucking of her mouth went on for a few minutes and then Jason said time to fuck and Kathy gave his rod a few more licks and ask how he wanted her, doggie or on her back. Jason said on your knees in the couch leaning over the back so he could pound her. As Jason enter the bitch the doorbell rang and #2 and 3 waited my smile and invite to enter. Told them to go on in and much to their pleasure Jason was buried deep in sweet Kathy’s cunt. She looked up and let me know that she was ready for what ever I had in store. Number 2, Chuck, moved around to the side of the couch that Kathy was leaning over and pulled out his nice tick tool for her to suck on while Jason continued to bang her. Number 3, Todd, moved over to the same side of the couch and dropped his pants off along the way and reached over and started playing with Kathy’s tits. All of this action had me to turned on as I watched my wife get ganged banged and she didn’t know that two more cocks would be ready and waiting when these three had finished with her.

Jason was holding her hips and just pounding her, and with each stroke it f***ed her mouth down on either Chuck’s or Todd’s cocks. This rocking action continued until Jason asked if one of them wanted to fuck her for a while. Todd replied sure and switch places with Jason as he relaxed on the couch getting a full view of this fucking and sucking.

Todd warned Kathy that he would not go to long as he was fucking horny and about that time he pulled out and shot a load that hit the back of her head that was bobbing up and down on Chuck’s cock. I know Kathy loves the feel of cum and knowing that she had two more loads waiting she was fucking ready to serve. Chuck pulled out of her mouth and moved around to her wide-open pussy as Jason walked around and offered her his shaft for some more mouth action. Chuck moved into Kathy and add a little twist as he pulled on her hair with one hand as he squeezed her tits with the other. My wife was in the state of heavenly pleasure and I don’t think she even felt the pain of the hands on her tits.

Jason told her to open wide and with that dumped a load of cum in her mouth and shooting all over her face and into her hair. At the same time Chuck said he was about to fill her with cum and let out a yell of pure pleasure as he fill Kathy with his cum. Kathy went for it also and orgasmic pleasure was obvious by the sounds and the look on her face at the same time. I know she had a good one because of the time that she kept cumming and moaning and over and over with Chuck riding her all the time.

Sorry but I need to get this posted, will pick up the rest of the evening shortly.
Part II
Chuck pulled out of Kathy’s dripping pussy and let her suck it clean. Nice to have your bitch clean your cock after a good fuck.

Kathy jump up off the couch and ran to the bathroom laughing all the way there and back. She love it were her words and wished there was more. Like a well-timed play the doorbell rang again and Kathy looked at me with a smile saying, you have got to be k**ding. I answered the bell and let the next to cocks for my wife’s pussy. Jake a tall black man with a nice look and body went right into the living room followed closely by Robert an athletic looking guy in his late 20’s. Robert also had a nice nice body and the bulge in his pants said there was a good cock waiting for Kathy’s next round of ‘fuck me tonight.

Kathy was down sucking on Jason’s cock again when she looked up and saw Jake and Robert stripping off their cloths and two nice cocks awaiting her attention. Kathy gasped when Jake came semi hard and her had was covering only about 50$ of his rod. Down she went and the black cock was buried in her throat with Robert’s hands playing with her tits, as she became a cock-sucking slut one more time.

This scene continued until Jason said to bring her over to the couch so he could help out using her. Kathy turned and crawled back to Jason and then moved up on to his cock. Pussy filled Kathy’s nice inviting asshole was ripe for the picking. Jake move behind her, which made it harder to get a good view of, all that was in Kathy. But the guys weren’t through as Robert and Todd moved into position to get their cocks sucked, as Kathy was full of cock and always one waiting.

I have to say that is one hot fucking picture and I couldn’t resist getting the camera and making some memories shots for sharing with my wife who I don’t think even knew I was there anymore.

One of the guys said lets rotate the bitch and turned her over still sitting on the cock and then the next cock returned to her ass and the guys moved to as to continue the blowjob. I wondered how long the guys could keep this up and within just a few minutes I found out, not too long was the answer. Everybody pulled out and stroked their cocks right over my wife’s face and then blew the biggest loads of cum I had ever seek. Fucking hot, is an under statement. Kathy took the first load right on her lips and chin with the second and third quickly all over her face and into her hair with the fourth guy saving it up for a huge concluding shot of cum covering her from her head to her tits and everything in between. Snap snap and I had pics to remember.

Well there you have it another night with a cold breeze blowing and Kathy fucked to her hearts content.

Wife wants it rough

After her next few months of fucking and enjoying herself and giving me some fucking hot memories Kathy was ready to try something a little different. Rough sex was her next fantasy that she wanted to bring out of the box. She wanted the same rules though, I was to set up some scene that she would get roughly fucked and she didn’t want to know it was coming. She also said that during the sex she would not look at me but would totally be into what ever the guy or guys were doing to her. She said she knew I could help her fulfill the fantasy and hope it could be soon.

How about the next weekend up at the cabin that our good friend yes one of Kathy’s favorite cocks, offered to us any time we wanted to get away. I told Kathy we were going away for the weekend and let pack and be out of here on Friday evening so we could enjoy the place and the lake for all of Saturday and Sunday. Friday at 5 I arrived home and Kathy had everything ready to go from the food, to our clothes to the toys that we like to play with.

The drive up to the lake cabin was only two hours from home and the sun was still up when we arrived. We had planned some salmon on the grill so dinner was easy and the wine was just right for the setting of the sun that was glowing in the western sky. We cuddled up with a hot movie, sorry can’t remember what the name of was as I am not sure I saw too much as Kathy began getting that frisky look and I just relaxed as she gave me one of her great slow sex blow jobs. I shot my load all over her tits and even into her hair, which she just laughed at. One more load of cum for my wife Kathy.

The next morning I suggested a walk around the east side of the lake and Kathy dressed in a halter-top, and pair of shorts looking hot and so fuckable. She had no idea of what was just around the corner and up the trail about 500 yards from the cabin. We started off and I said I wanted the camera since it was a sunny day, so I told her to just keep walking and I would catch up once I had retrieved the camera from the cabin.

Kathy started up the trail and was just enjoying the walk when much to her surprise she came to a pickup with two guys sitting on the open tailgate drinking their morning coffee. Kathy smiled and the smile was returned with looks from both guys that made her want me to hurry up and catch up with her. The guys started to chat, small talk, and Kathy relaxed and stopped walking and just stood there for the guys to get a full view of my wife. The guys introduced themselves and seem polite and nice. Gary was nice looking with dark hair and solid body that Kathy took one look at and was interested. Jay was guy 2 and he was also nice looking tall and slender with a pleasant enough smile. Kathy accepted a cup of coffee and joined them at their campsite.

Kathy had just sat down when Gary moved over next to her and Kathy moved down the log the were sitting on making more room, which Gary closed again as he moved closer to Kathy. She began to get uncomfortable and started to stand when Gary reached over and held her in place to which Kathy said she need to go as her husband was waiting for her. Gary laughed and said sure a hot thing like you must have someone waiting and just laughed as he held her in place with a firmer grip. Kathy again tried to stand but this time Jan moved over in front of her and told her to just stay put.

The campsite was about to become a hot fuck scene with Kathy getting really roughed up by both of these guys. Kathy stressed again her husband was coming up behind her and she need to go, to which Gary said she didn’t and reached over and exposed her tits with one pull on the halter top that left Kathy sitting there with her tits being fondled by two guys that she didn’t even know. She tried to get away and cover up but to no avail she was totally under their control and f***e of their hands. Kathy started to yell but Jay’s hand covered her mouth and she looked frighten for the first time. Gary told her to relax and enjoy the fun all they wanted was a good piece of ass to start their day. Jay picked Kathy up having taken the halter top off stuffing it in her mouth stopping her from saying anything.

The guys moved her over to the back of the pickup and pulled one of the sl**ping bags out from the back covering the back end of the truck. Kathy was squirming and pushing away the four hands that now were it seemed everywhere on her body. Her tits were being roughly squeezed and then Gary leaned down and started to suck on her tits and even to bite them as he pinched and pulled each of them. Jay pushed her up into the back of the pickup truck and pulled her shorts off. He laughed when he saw the shaved pussy and told Gary this is a fucking horny bitch. Gary responded well lets not disappoint her as he pulled down his jeans and f***ed her had to feel the hard cock that would soon be filling her cunt.

The two positioned my wife so that Jay had her face right in front of his now exposed cock which was a good 7 inches and nice and thick. Kathy the slut knew what to do with a cock like that but didn’t want to seem to be enjoying her first really rough sexual encounter. Jay told her she might as well give in since she was going to get it even if they had to tie her to a tree and fuck the shit out of her. Kathy seemed to stop fighting and accepted Jay’s rod into her mouth and then gagging as he pushed down into her throat. The look on Kathy’s face was priceless as she tried to breath and at the same time open her mouth to the cock that was fucking her face.

Kathy doesn’t remember just when she felt Gary pushing himself into her pussy but along the way sucking Jay she became aware that she had two cocks both of them banging her and having their way with her. Gary said too bad the husband hadn’t returned to see his bitch of a wife getting a good Saturday morning fuck. Jay said bet he would have joined in if he were here. I just smiled from my spot that allowed me to see al the action and Kathy not to see me.

The two guys continued to pound my wife and rough her up at the same time. Kathy let out yelps as Jay reached down and pincher her nips hard as his cock continued to gag her with each stroke into her throat. Gary in the mean time had withdrawn and had lifted up her legs so as to have the perfect target for spanking her hard with his hand first and then taking off his belt he really worked her ass cheeks over. They turned read and Kathy moaned with each strike of the belt. She was getting her rough sex.

The two guys said lets cum and the tie her up to the tree and have an other go in a little while. Seemed like a good idea and Kathy was covered in cum as both guys shot loads all over her face, tits and pussy. She looked really fucked and such a cum slut covered from head to toe.

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I like this, wifey being properly used.
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