Wife's night continues part 2

Chuck pulled out of Kathy’s dripping pussy and let her suck it clean. Nice to have your bitch clean your cock after a good fuck.

Kathy jump up off the couch and ran to the bathroom laughing all the way there and back. She love it were her words and wished there was more. Like a well-timed play the doorbell rang again and Kathy looked at me with a smile saying, you have got to be k**ding. I answered the bell and let the next to cocks for my wife’s pussy. Jake a tall black man with a nice look and body went right into the living room followed closely by Robert an athletic looking guy in his late 20’s. Robert also had a nice nice body and the bulge in his pants said there was a good cock waiting for Kathy’s next round of ‘fuck me tonight.

Kathy was down sucking on Jason’s cock again when she looked up and saw Jake and Robert stripping off their cloths and two nice cocks awaiting her attention. Kathy gasped when Jake came semi hard and her had was covering only about 50$ of his rod. Down she went and the black cock was buried in her throat with Robert’s hands playing with her tits, as she became a cock-sucking slut one more time.

This scene continued until Jason said to bring her over to the couch so he could help out using her. Kathy turned and crawled back to Jason and then moved up on to his cock. Pussy filled Kathy’s nice inviting asshole was ripe for the picking. Jake move behind her, which made it harder to get a good view of, all that was in Kathy. But the guys weren’t through as Robert and Todd moved into position to get their cocks sucked, as Kathy was full of cock and always one waiting.

I have to say that is one hot fucking picture and I couldn’t resist getting the camera and making some memories shots for sharing with my wife who I don’t think even knew I was there anymore.

One of the guys said lets rotate the bitch and turned her over still sitting on the cock and then the next cock returned to her ass and the guys moved to as to continue the blowjob. I wondered how long the guys could keep this up and within just a few minutes I found out, not too long was the answer. Everybody pulled out and stroked their cocks right over my wife’s face and then blew the biggest loads of cum I had ever seek. Fucking hot, is an under statement. Kathy took the first load right on her lips and chin with the second and third quickly all over her face and into her hair with the fourth guy saving it up for a huge concluding shot of cum covering her from her head to her tits and everything in between. Snap snap and I had pics to remember.

Well there you have it another night with a cold breeze blowing and Kathy fucked to her hearts content.

100% (10/0)
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2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
I so want my wife to be gang banged... Very awesome! Keep them going.
3 years ago
Great story. Wish I were there helping her getting what she desired. Thanks for posting.