Wifes's next fantasy lived out

The week after Kathy whored she told me that she could hardly think at work. She shared that she went into the restroom and fucked herself to orgasms several times each day. She begged me for some more fun for the next weekend. I asked her what and so I set up one my favorites, a small group gangbang.

Friday finally got arrived and Kathy came in the front door with a certain look that I knew she was fucking horny and read to play. We share a glass of Cab and talked about her day, as I tantalized her with what her pleasure was to be this time. Finally Kathy needed to know, but I said well it is a little surprise, and asked if she was OK with that. Yes she replied and smiled knowing had and a very nasty mind.

The evening past until about 8:30 and on this winter evening it was very dark and with a cold wind blowing. The doorbell rang and Kathy answered it wearing a sweatshirt and pants with her warm slippers. I could hear her invite who ever was there out of the cold and she giggled as he touched her tits. Mirrors are so much fun when you sit in certain places. Kathy walked into the living room holding Jason hand. He was the first guy I invited over for some pussy. I know Kathy thought this was it and came over and kissed me thanking me for this soon to be fun scene. Kathy went back and offered Jason a beer, which he accepted and upon her return with beer in hand Kathy sat next to this really hot looking guy. Good looks is not all he was holding as his hand went to her knee. He had told me he was a good 8 plus inches long and thick to boot. Kathy moved toward Jason as his hand moved up her thigh to her waiting pussy. It was going to be a good night and Kathy hadn’t even turned on the charm yet.

Jason knew to just go for it and Kathy obliged. She moved her sweat pants to the floor and exposed her red panties to Jason’s touch. The first kiss was deep and Kathy moaned with pleasure as the tongue went deep into her mouth as his fingers found the wetness of my wife’s throbbing wet lips. The two of them looked like they knew each other before this first few minutes of touching and kissing. Kathy laid back and the sweatshirt was over her head and off in no time. I could tell Jason was going to enjoy her firm tits and those large stand up nipples. He went to work on the right tit and in no time had moved from sucking to nibbling to biting and each step turned his new fuck friend on even more.

Kathy moaned and held his head tight to her as Jason worked her over first on the right tit and then her left. At that point Kathy let the truth of her feelings out. Fuck me, fuck this bitch she as she offered herself to his touch. It was at this point that Jason laid back and opened his pants to let his damn huge cock go free and telling my wife to suck on this bitch. Kathy’s eyes got large and moved into position to be his cock-sucking bitch. Her hand went around the shaft and there was an equal amount still left uncovered. That was no problem as her mouth took as much of this cock down into her throat and at once she gagged and choked and I thought she was going to pull off, but not my Kathy. She is such a cocksucker this was like a steak dinner for her.

This sucking and fucking of her mouth went on for a few minutes and then Jason said time to fuck and Kathy gave his rod a few more licks and ask how he wanted her, doggie or on her back. Jason said on your knees in the couch leaning over the back so he could pound her. As Jason enter the bitch the doorbell rang and #2 and 3 waited my smile and invite to enter. Told them to go on in and much to their pleasure Jason was buried deep in sweet Kathy’s cunt. She looked up and let me know that she was ready for what ever I had in store. Number 2, Chuck, moved around to the side of the couch that Kathy was leaning over and pulled out his nice tick tool for her to suck on while Jason continued to bang her. Number 3, Todd, moved over to the same side of the couch and dropped his pants off along the way and reached over and started playing with Kathy’s tits. All of this action had me to turned on as I watched my wife get ganged banged and she didn’t know that two more cocks would be ready and waiting when these three had finished with her.

Jason was holding her hips and just pounding her, and with each stroke it f***ed her mouth down on either Chuck’s or Todd’s cocks. This rocking action continued until Jason asked if one of them wanted to fuck her for a while. Todd replied sure and switch places with Jason as he relaxed on the couch getting a full view of this fucking and sucking.

Todd warned Kathy that he would not go to long as he was fucking horny and about that time he pulled out and shot a load that hit the back of her head that was bobbing up and down on Chuck’s cock. I know Kathy loves the feel of cum and knowing that she had two more loads waiting she was fucking ready to serve. Chuck pulled out of her mouth and moved around to her wide-open pussy as Jason walked around and offered her his shaft for some more mouth action. Chuck moved into Kathy and add a little twist as he pulled on her hair with one hand as he squeezed her tits with the other. My wife was in the state of heavenly pleasure and I don’t think she even felt the pain of the hands on her tits.

Jason told her to open wide and with that dumped a load of cum in her mouth and shooting all over her face and into her hair. At the same time Chuck said he was about to fill her with cum and let out a yell of pure pleasure as he fill Kathy with his cum. Kathy went for it also and orgasmic pleasure was obvious by the sounds and the look on her face at the same time. I know she had a good one because of the time that she kept cumming and moaning and over and over with Chuck riding her all the time.

Sorry but I need to get this posted, will pick up the rest of the evening shortly.

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2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Very much enjoying your story...
3 years ago
Getting really hot in here!
3 years ago
Good start. Hope you can finish it soon. Thanks