Wife’s fantasies become real

During the few days after Kathy was fucked by Frank as I watched we talked about many possibilities for her next play time. Kathy stayed as turned on as I had ever known her. I would come home from work and she would be watching some porn, which before she hated, and telling me that she want to try what ever was on the screen.

We decided that we should move forward quickly since Kathy was horny and ready to play. She came up with the idea of playing whore with me watching. I needed details and Kathy just said trust her. We decided to go to a town about 50 miles from home to be able to be discrete and not be recognized by friends.

As we packed for our trip that next Friday afternoon, I told Kathy that I would go along with what ever she was wanting, and with a smile that said I would love this evening we both agreed lets play.

We checked into a hotel in the downtown area and located a couple of bars to begin the evening. Kathy gave me a great blowjob as we showered and dressed her for her first evening of whoring. The time came for us to venture into the bar and Kathy instructed me to sit off to the side at a table by myself as she went to work, meaning picking up a trick.

Kathy had chosen a dark blue dress that showed her tits off and invited guys to take a look. She went over to the bar and ordered her gin and tonic the last one she was to order for the evening. Kathy turned and opened her legs toward where I was sitting and knowing the croutchless panties were showing me the wet pussy in the dark bar. Kathy did not have to wait long to draw the attention of a couple of guys, which she smiled at with an invitation that they accepted. Both guys came over one on either side of my wife and began the conversation with what they hoped was a whore. Kathy is so good at flirting and egging guys on, always has been, that it was just a few minuets when the guy on the left put his hand around her waist and squeezed her tight. The other guy’s hand was moving to her lap and she just giggled at all the touching. I watched as my wife whored it up for these guys.

It didn’t take long and I saw Kathy’s hand move over to the lap of the guy on the left and with a giggle I knew she had felt his hard on. He loved it as he move his hand in between her open legs and smiled when he touched her pussy lips throbbing threw the open panties. Well this scene progressed and as Kathy and the two guys gut up she motions for me to follow. She had told the guys that I had to watch and they like the idea of fucking my wife, now their whore. Kathy was has guts and asked for 300 bucks from the two guys and they had agreed as long as she did what she was told, that was not a problem for Kathy.

We walked across the hotel lobby with me trailing and watching my wife strut her stuff. On the elevator they took one and I got on the next with me arriving on the floor as they were entering our room. Kathy made sure the door was open for me. The room a two-room suite was perfect for me to stay outside the door to the bedroom and watch this whore, my wife perform.

The two guys began to undress and Kathy was right with them. The taller of the guys turned to my door and I saw a nice guessing 8 plus thick cock standing erect and ready for Kathy’s mouth to engulf it. Kathy knelt and took a handful of cock and began the pleasure I know she craves. She was engrossed in the cock in her mouth when the other guy moved behind her and bent her forward to expose the back door. Kathy pulled off and told the guy condom on the table. He reached over opened the wrapper and placed the condom on his throbbing rod, which then move toward Kathy’s wet and waiting pussy.

What a fucking hot picture to see my wife being tagged teamed by two nice cocks and to hear here moan with pleasure and the excitement of being a whore. The guys took no mercy and Kathy gagged, as her throat was full of meat as her backside was penetrated deep. The motion of the two guys got in sync and she was going down on the cock and then back to the cock in her pussy and this went on for a good 5 min. The names she was called must have really had Kathy spinning, for I don’t think she had though about what it would be like to told to fuck you slut whore. Now she knew.

The guys kept pounding and fucking the whore and I know Kathy came a few times and wanted more as the withdrew from her mouth and pussy and turned her around for the next round of fuck the whore. This time the guy fucking her held her hands behind her back so she could not stop the cock in her mouth deep fucking her throat. Kathy started to gag and I though maybe I should step in tell them to easy but he withdrew and asked the bitch did she want him to stop to which Kathy just moan fuck no harder would be better. With that the cock went back in her mouth and down her throat. Kathy looked so hot and I could tell pure pleasure.

The guys kept this up for a little while and then the one in her pussy said he was ready to shoot his load and the other guy said lets drown the whore. Which meant Kathy was position like a porn movie with her head back mouth open and eyes close for two full loads that hit her face from both directions.

The guys shot and shot and then rub their cocks all over her face and into her hair playing with her tits as if they were beach balls. What a fucking hot scene to see your wife, my wife be fucked so hard and so deep and then covered with cum.

Kathy took a deep breath smiled toward the doorway where I stood and pronounced I am a fuck whore. Was she ever and a good whore at that.

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3 years ago
It definitely is a huge turn-on watching my wife being fucked hard by other men... I love filming it. Great story, looking forward to reading all of them...
3 years ago
Great story. Thanks for posting.