Wife lives out her fantasy

We, Dave and Kathy have been married for 6 years, and the sex is great. Kathy is small but nicely built, with 36c tits, nice round ass, short hair and a smile that knocks you off your feet. Over the past few years we have talked about Kathy having sex with another man, and she agrees that that is a big fucking turn on, but just not sure she wanted to go there. This past month, she agreed to try it once but with these agreements. 1) She didn’t want to know when it was going to happen; just set it up and she will fuck who ever I have for her. 2) She will not look at me while I sit and watch her get fucked but will concentrate on the cock that is fucking her. I agreed knowing that all of this was a big turn on.

About a week later I asked a common friend, Frank, if he wanted to fuck Kathy. To say he said yes is an understatement. We agreed and I told him to have his way with her, and he clarified she was to be fucked as he wanted it more or less dominating her. I said yes, because Kathy likes to have me in control and she was very willing to submit.

That next Friday night Frank came by the house for a drink like he had done just two weeks before. This time was different and Kathy said after her fuck that she had no idea this was it. Frank was a friend and she didn’t think he was even interested in her. She found out he was and Kathy got a good fuck right in front of me.

Being summer we sat out in our inside out room with Kathy and Frank on the little couch with her wearing a halter-top and shorts, under which I knew she did not have panties on due to it being summer. After on drink Kathy went to get another gin and tonic for herself and Frank and I agreed go for it. Upon her return Frank put is drink down and Kathy sat close to him suspecting nothing was about to happen. Frank was talking and moving his hands around explaining how big the fish was that he caught last weekend when his hand landed on Kathy’s right knee and did not move. Kathy took a sip of her gin and tonic and never missed a beat but looked at Frank as he continued to tell his fish story not moving his hand until it started moving up the inside of her right leg. From then on Kathy never looked at me as she and Frank went at it on the couch right in front of me.

Kathy opened her legs for the arrival of Frank’s fingers in her cunt and smiled at him as he kissed her on her lips and neck and tits as he lifted up the halter-top. Kathy has always been a talker during sex and this evening was to be no exception. Frank had large hands and took her right tit and squeezed hard and Kathy moaned with pleasure that was just the beginning. Frank looked down at Kathy and said I am going fuck you hard and she just whimpered yes please. Frank told her from this point on she was his bitch and she would do as he told her. Kathy I could tell was into the scene immediately and I guessed was already more ready to fuck than even Frank thought.

Frank told Kathy to strip naked and knee before him. Kathy stood up and took off the halter and showed him her tits before turning around still not looking at me as she bent over removing her shorts and showing Frank her pussy and ass. Frank grabbed her ass cheeks firmly and spread them for a better view. Then he turned her around and had her lean over so he could get a mouth full of tit. Kathy was then in position for me to see her pussy and ass that was already red from Franks firm grip. Kathy was then f***ed to the floor as Frank removed his shorts and exposed his nice thick 8” plus cock for my wife to see.

Kathy gasped and I knew she was please because she always likes the porn with the BBC. She took hold of his cock with her hand and went to work sucking on Frank’s throbbing cock. He told her to stop and she looked up at him and he said your going to be my whore for the night sweet Kathy hope you understand that. She nodded and went back to work taking more and more of his rod into her mouth and finally her throat. I loved the sound of her gagging as Frank called her all the names in the book for a slut who is my wife.

Frank was enjoying the blowjob but stopped her before she could finish, as he wanted more than her fucking mouth. Frank told Kathy to get up on the couch and kneel over that back and with that I pulled out my cock in anticipation of Kathy getting rammed good and hard. Frank moved behind her and asked if the bitch was ready to be fucked to which she nodded and moaned yes please. Frank moved into position and through his legs I could see his throbbing cock enter my wife’s cunt. With one swift motion Frank was buried deep into her wet pussy and holding her hips proceeded to bang her. Kathy grabbed the couch and moved with Frank with each stroke of his cock in her cunt. As I said Kathy like to talk during sex and she started telling Frank to fuck her hard and make her his fucking bitch whore, which seemed to turn Frank even harder. As I moved to another chair opposite the couch I saw Frank begin to finger Kathy’s ass, which I had forgotten to tell him was off limits or so I thought.

Kathy moaned as he went deeper into her ass and continued to pump her with his cock in her cunt. Kathy did not seem to object to what Frank was doing as she continued to talk to him egging him to fuck her deeper and using her as a fuck toy. As I sat in total amazement Frank reach over with his other hand and pulled Kathy’s head back with a hand full of hair. He asked her is she was ready for the opening of the back door, and without hesitation she moaned yes please ass fuck your bitch.

Frank pulled out and reached over to his shorts and pulled out a tube of lube, which he quickly opened and applied to both his cock and her asshole. Kathy still did not hesitate to keep Frank wanting all he could get offering him to be his ass-fucking bitch. Frank moved back into position and instead of Kathy saying go slow she told him to just go for it, get the pain over with so he could filler with cock. Frank needed no encouragement and plowed my wife’s ass like this was an every day occurrence for her. Kathy let out a yelp but told him not to stop. I could see this really hurt her but again she never said stop but rather please keep fucking her.

Frank had no problem in fucking my wife’s ass like he had her cunt just before. Kathy seemed to move past the pain and started enjoying the banging into her fucking back door. Frank grabbed her hair again and asked how the whore liked this cock buried deep in her. Kathy turned around somewhat and smiled and told him to do what ever his cock desired. Frank grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard as humanly possible. What a fucking turn on to see my wife being taken like a common whore and used for the pleasure of the cock that was banging away.

Frank got to the point he had to cum so he pulled out turned Kathy over and laid on the couch ready to be his cum drinking slut. He placed his cock an inch or two from her mouth and said her choice, all over her fucking face or down her throat. Kathy answered quickly taking hold of Frank’s cock and starting to suck his load into her mouth. When he said is was about to happen Kathy opened her mouth and took the first of several shots into her mouth then moving Frank’s cock back took the rest all over her face. What a picture to hold in my memory bank.

Frank shot more cum in her mouth and on her face than I had done in the past month, she was covered at which Frank took his cock and rubbed it all over face into her hair and then all over her tits. Kathy was covered with the biggest fucking load she had ever seen.

Kathy went into the house and came back having cleaned her face and tits off and standing hold the towel full of Frank’s cum said to me, I hate to tell you this, at which I expect to hear how bad she felt having just been fucked in front of me. But no, Kathy said she loved this and now was ready for what ever else might happen.

This was the start of some wild fucking sex with my wife, other cocks and yes even other pussy.

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4 months ago
What a great cum drinking wife.
2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Great Story... It is such an awesome experience as I too have experienced this with my wife...
3 years ago
Great story. To echo Mickray, hope to see more stories. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Congratulations on a great story line, hope to see more from you.