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Thought I would share what happened last week-end when John came to visit with his partner C. John phoned to say he was coming to London for a 2 day conference bringing C with him she would shop and sight see while he worked and could they come to visit as C wanted to meet us. John had already explained that C was a great lover but very shy outside their bedroom and of course no idea of what we got up to on his visits.
They arrived on the Friday night and C although not a beauty had a lovely cascade of reddy blonde hair and these beautiful tits I figured about a 34ff and an imediate vision of John giving her a booby fuck and spurting spunk on her face and tits made me very moist indeed. After supper and a few bottles of wine C became a bit more chatty and that initial shyness disapeared. A few times John started to stroke her thigh but she pushed his hand away so maybe the shyness not quite disapeared. I went to the kitchen for some more wine and John followed me the bulge in his trousers showed how horny he was I handed him the wine and rubbed the front of his trousers licking my lips whispering how I would love to suck him off for a minute I thought he was going to grab me and throw caution to the wind and fuck me but with a groan he returned to the living room. That night hubby and I had a good satisfying fuck which we were very vocal so John and C in the next room knew exactly what we were up to.
Next morning I awoke early pulled on a T shirt and went to make myself a coffee I just started to drink it when C came into the kitchen when she saw me became a little flustered obviously our noise the night before made an impression. She had a kimono style robe on those tits straining against the material. I handed her a coffee and remarked you have a great set of tits C I bet John loves them. Blushing she nodded, we moved into the living room siting at each end of the couch, I lifting my leg under me and of course she got a good view of my shaven pussy again a blush and trying to keep eye contact but her eyes kept falling to between my legs. Stuttering and blushing she blurted out I see you shave John has asked me to but they thought of shaving there and she shuddered. I opened my legs a little more lifting my Tshirt saying hubby liked it smooth and stroked my pussy. I lent over pulling her robe open as I thought no nightdress, I said with her colouring there would not be much hair so it should be easy. My hand rested on her inner thigh and I felt her tremble under my hand, come on no time like the present and pulled her towards the bathroom. I took of her robe knelt in front of her and went to work on her pussy hair. Her whole body was trembling my soft breath breathing on her pussy as I worked and within minutes she was completely smooth. I glanced up and notice her nipples were rock hard, I stood up my fingers brushing lightly against her mound see that wasn`t difficult. Those tits of yours are so kissable C and I brought my lips down on first one erect nipple and then the other lightly sucking a slight groan escaped from her lips and taking her by the hand led her to there bedroom, John I said C has a surprise for you as she walked towards the bed. John came awake the sight of his naked partner and a smooth pussy, he threw the covers back and of course he was sporting a wonderful erection. C grabbed his cock wanking it a little and then she mounted him and started to ride him I watched my fingers going to my clit and rubbing myself. Her groans of pleasure as she rode him became louder her orgasms rippling through her body, I took of my Tshirt and walked to the bed hoping I could join the action, I knelt beside them C`s eyes were glazed with lust pushing herself to another orgasm I brought my mouth to her hardened nipples sucking softly at first and when she did not stop me sucked and nibbled a little harder. John`s hand came between my legs fingering my pussy and then 2 fingers straight in to me I ground myself onto his hand. He groaned as he shot his load into C`s pussy, as they flopped onto their backs John said let Suzie go down on you, C did not reply so I sank my face between her thighs and started to link John`s spunk from her pussy. At first she lay stock still but as I worked on her clit I felt her hand press the back of my head pushing herself onto my face her quivering body in throws of another orgasm. John was working on me from behind first his fingers in my pussy then moving to my arse wonderful. As C lay there her legs open her pussy pulsating with her orgasms I got up and went into my bedroom. Hubby was awake and obviously heard everything, he grinned at me as he lay wanking his cock and then in aloud voice said have you been shagging John you dirty slut how could you for that you will give me a blow job. I happily obliged.
As John and C left for Newcastle that afternoon C said please visit us soon and we can return the hospitality you have showen us, John grinning from ear to ear so obviously it will be a shagging week-end. C kissed me good-bye and whispered I`ll let my hair grow till we meet again and you can shave me again.
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3 years ago
Hot story.
4 years ago
So so so sexy every mans dream love this story thanks for making my day