Amazing Anna

I had been seeing Anna for about 3 weeks and hadn't done anything other than kiss her but just by the way she moved her tongue in my mouth i knew it would be worth waiting for.
Allow me to describe her for you she was about 5 feet 7 inches tall a size 14-16 reddish hair with blond streaks and most importantly 36H breasts now i absolutly love big natural tits so let me tell you i couldn't wait to get my hands on her breasts and my tongue on her nipples.
Anyway it was one weekend in a particularly hot august and me and Anna were in a club with a few friends just drinking,dancing and having fun.Anna and her friend were on the dancefloor dancing in that sexy way thats girls do whilst i stood at the bar getting the drinks in when i got that feeling you get when you know someone is staring at you.I turned around and sure enough Anna was staring straight at me and there was this look in her eyes i'd never seen was as if no one else was in the club and she was fucking me there and then with just her eyes.
immediatly my cock stiffened and i just knew that tonight i would finally get to see her amazing breasts,to suck on her nipples and to lick and finger her juicy pussy.
she walked over to me and just went straight in for a kiss more passionatly than ever before her tongue f***ed itself into my mouth as she pressed her lips harder onto mine my hands instinctively went up to fondle her heavy round breasts but she just grabbed them and put them onto her ass my fingers squuezed into her fleshy ass cheeks as i pulled her closer wanting her to feel what she was doing to my cock.She then pulled away and looked at me again but this time the eyes had a glint in them and this drove me just as wild she then came close and whispered into my ear
"i want you to take me home and fuck me"
i was a little shocked by this as she always seemed a little shy but i was not going to pass up the opportunity to fuck this horny giant breasted woman in front of me.
i took her by the hand and led her to the exit and to my flat which was just around the corner but it took longerto get there than usual as she kept stopping me and begging me to kiss her.
i didn't know how much more of this i could take as every time we kissed she just pushed those massive tits into my chest even harder i thought i would shoot my load there and then in the street but somehow we made it back to my place.
As soon as we got in through the front doo lust just took over the both of us and our tongues were in each others mouths and my hands were squuezing those ripe tits of hers i could hear her gasping a little on every sqeeuze of her tits and this just drove me even more wild we went throught to the bedroom and she just pushed me onto the bed as i lay there she was once again staring at me with that filthy look in her eyes
i want you to see how wet you've made me" she said and she took off her trousers and panties and stood there with her pussy glistening with her juices she then started to rub her pussy starting with her hole and working up to her now rock hard clit just listening to her moan and pant and hearing her pussy squelching as it got wetter and wetter seemed to make my cock double in size she noticed the massive bulge in the front of my trousers and demanded that i took my clothes off.
It took literally seconds to remove all my clothes and as i stood there naked in front of her she took her hand away from her dripping pussy and started to rub her juices onto my hard cock.My cock immediatly reacted to this and started to throb which just made her wrap her hand around my shaft and start to wank me furiously.i had to beg her to stop as i was going to cum right there and i wanted to save my cumshot for her glorious tits.
Get on the bed" she demanded "i want to sit on your face" i got on the bed and lay down on my back i couldn't wait to taste her.She climbed on top of me and positioned herself just above my face i looked uo and could see her swollen pussy lips and smell the juices i pulled my headup to herpussy but she just pushed it back down again 3 or 4 times this happened and i was getting frustrated with her teasing the suddenly she let go of my hair and pusheed her pussy towards my face straight away my tongue eagerly went into her hole as deep as i could push it she was starting to moan and this just made me push my tongue deeper my hands wrapped onto her thighs trying to pull her legs further apart so i could get right into her and get as much of her juice as i could
"lick my clit" she gasped so my tongue moved up her pussy until it found her clit and i began to lick and suck on it
she started to moan a bit louder now and grind down ono my face and her hand went behind her and found my solid dick and she started to wank me in time with her grinding i didn't know how much longer i could hold off my cumshot so i began to lick and suck her clit harder i could feel her thighs start to tremble in my hands and her moans had turned into screams as her climax was starting to build "i'm cumming i'm cumming" she shouted and before i knew it she was climaxing hard her juices just squirted all over my face and her thighs just gripped my head as she trembeld until her orgasm had passed.
she climbed off of my face "i want to taste my pussy" she said then started to kiss me her tongue seeming to take every last bit of her cum out of my mouth my hands again went straight for her tits squuezing them and now pulling on her already erect nipples i pulled away from her and grabbed the bottom of her jumper and started pulling it upwards she offered no resistance and as her top lifted over her magnificent breasts i could see what i had been waiting for her breasts were somehow contained by a lacy black bra that was straining to hold them in.i removed her jumper and started to pull her bra straps down over her shoulders i positioned my mouth by here tits just waiting for her nipples to be freed and when they did i greedily sucked on them and licked my tongue all around the areola they were perfect and with each suck i pushed my face deeper into the breast my fingers found her still wet pussy and i started to rub her clit again the combination of her clit being rubbed and me sucking her nipples and it wasn't long before she climaxed over my hand she then took my fingers and sucked her cum off them.
"i need you to fuck me now" she gasped so i demande she bent over so i could fuck her from behind as i slid into her soaking wet snatch she let out a long moan i started to slowly slide in and out of her but she wanted it harder so i just started to slam my dick into her my balls slapping onto her and her tits swinging back and forth i lent over and grabbed those tits and squeezed as hard as i could she could take no more and started screaming and moaning as she started cumming again her pussy gripping my cock as her juices flowed over it and out of her pussy this made my balls tighten and my spunk rise "i'm gonna cum" i shouted for her to turn around so i could cum on her tits "cum inside me i want to feel your spunk in my pussy" she moaned it was to late to argue and with one last big deep thrust i grunted and shot what seemed like the the biggest cumshot i'd ever shot straight up her snatch she took my whole load expertly and her pussy just seemed to squeeze every last drop of spunk out of my balls until it relaxed and released my still throbbing shaft.

i did get to cum on her tits eventually but thats for my next story
73% (4/2)
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3 years ago
nice story