me and mom

It happened when I was 20.....

I was over at my mom's house and we were drinking. I was in my shorts and she was in her nightgown. I started getting hot because of the beer so I took my shorts off and just sat there in my boxers. I didn’t know my Mom was looking at me and that she could see him hanging in my boxers and could see the outline of him.

Out of nowhere I hear her ask, "may I see him?"

I told her, “you will have to wait because I have to pee.” I left and then came back a few minutes later.

She was sitting on the couch and was looking at me and said, " well can I see him?"

I walked over to her and stood in front of her and said, "if you want to see him pull him out."

She reached up and pulled my boxers down. As she pulled them past the head of my dick, it sprung up and brushed against her face. She smiled and then she grabbed it in both hands and rubbed it. She said, "wow you are very thick aren't you?”

I told her, “no it is still soft. When I am rock hard I am 10 1/2 inches long and a little thicker then a coke can.”

She asked, “have you ever had a good blow job?”

I told her, “not anytime recent I haven’t.”

Then she started sucking the head, sliding it in and out of her mouth, going halfway down on my dick. She sucked harder and it felt so good I started to get hard. She could feel me stiffening in her mouth, she looked up at me and pulled away saying, " I can't get that deep any more, all I can get in is the head now."

I told her, “you are good at sucking.”

Then she asked, “would you like to put it in me?”

I told her, “yes, how would you like it?”

She laid back on the couch and put her legs behind her head and said, “just slide in baby.”

I bent down and went to lick her pussy to see how it tasted but as soon as my tongue rubbed her clit she told me, “no, just put it in me.”

I grabbed my hard dick in my hand and rubbed it around her hole, making her wetter. As I pushed in her hole she braced both hands on me and said, “go slow, it has been six years since I have had any thing in me and you are huge.”

I pushed in slow, feeling the head pop in, she was soo tight. I asked, “are you sure I will fit?”

She said, “yes, just go slow, push a little deeper.”

I did, I could feel her pussy hole open as I slide into her. I was in her a little past the head when she stopped me, “wait, let me get used to it now.” So I stopped for a minute or two and then she said, “ok go more.”

I pushed in deeper and I could feel her pussy squeezing my hard dick. Then she let out a moan and said, “wait stop there.” I stopped and when I looked down at my dick, I was almost half way in her. She started rubbing her clit as I pushed deeper, I felt it slide in a little more and then I hit something.

I asked, “what is that?”

She said, “it is the bottom of my pussy. Haven’t you ever felt the bottom of one?”

I told her, “no.”

She said, “don’t move, keep it in me so sI can get used to it.”

So I was there on my knees with my dick just a little past halfway in my moms' pussy. I asked, “can I move now?”

“No, here let me jack you off while you are in me.” She reached down and started jacking me off and I could feel the skin on my dick moving in her rubbing her G-spot. I reached down and started rubbing her clit and could feel her getting tighter.

I asked, “are you going to cum?”

She said, “yes I am, don’t move.”

So I rubbed harder and felt her cum hit the head of my dick. I asked her, “can I move now?”

She said, “yes but slow.”

I started pulling out and I could feel her pussy grabbing my dick as I slid out of her and then back in. I was going a little faster when I looked down and saw her eyes was closed and tears were coming out... I asked, “are you OK mom?”

She said, “yes, it hurts a little, remember it has been a while since I had a dick in me.”

I asked, “do you want me to stop for a minute?”

She replied, “yes.” So I stopped and she started jacking me off again. She looked at my face and saw it was turning red so she told me, "don’t cum in me."

“I'm not going to.” She started moving her hips back and forth and jacking me at the same time. I was rubbing her clit and I could feel her tighting up again and then I felt it a little pop. I looked down and saw I was a little deeper in her. I looked at her eyes which were smashed shut with more tears coming out. I asked, “do you want me to stop?”

She replied, “no, just hurry and cum for me okay?”

I started going in and out faster and she started screaming after every slam into her. She told me again, “hurry, faster, cum for me, cum on my pussy.”

I started going even faster and deeper, I could feel her getting wetter and wetter. I pulled all the way out and slammed in one last time and felt a big pop and my balls against her ass. I looked down and I was all the way in my mom's pussy, all 10 1/2 inches was in her.

She let out a big scream and said, “oh my god it hurts so bad, pull out, pull out please.”

I tried to pull out but I was stuck. With me pulling and pushing, trying to get out of her, it made my cock even harder. I pulled and pushed harder and she was crying more and more tears were running down her face.

She kept screaming, “please pull out of me, it hurts so fucking bad.”

I told her, “I am trying but I am stuck, something is holding me in.” So I kept going in and out and then I felt my balls shoot every drop into her pussy.

She felt me shoot off in her and screamed, “I told you not in me, pull out, pull out now.”

I was froze, filling her pussy with my cum, feeling every bit of my hot cum hit her insides. This actually made her cum one last time.

After my last shot of cum came out of my still rock hard dick she told me, “okay pull out now.”

I tried but was still was stuck so I stayed in her until I became soft again. I could feel myself sliding out of her, her pussy forcing my dick out. I stopped it with the head just in her hole and said, “do you want me all the way out?”

She said, “yes get out of me now.”

So I pulled my cock out and it made a popping sound. I looked down and it looked like she was peeing. Cum and bl**d were making a huge puddle on the floor in front of the couch and some was even on the couch..

86% (48/8)
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2 years ago
Wow!! Great story.. too bad you retired early..
3 years ago
a good story, Anna
3 years ago
Great story.
3 years ago
the reson why thier was blood was cuse i riped her and busted thre her cervix wall she had to have 12 stiches
3 years ago
was he stuck in her cervix? why was there blood?
3 years ago
Wow very nice man, i hope you share another one with us soon!!
3 years ago
Isnt it funny that you came out of her and into her? lol
3 years ago
mum looks lusty and sluty
3 years ago
3 years ago
thank you steveo2 and yes i love the size i am
3 years ago
"10.5 inches and thick as a coke can" Must be related to king kong!
3 years ago
great story dave,,hope u git her some more,,need to break her in ,,