wife wants me kept in chastity

It started about 4 months ago when I told my wife how much I masturbated and she didn't believe me. I started marking the calendar when I brought myself off and as she looked at it, she was at first in denial. I then started asking her to watch me if she liked when I brought myself off. She was still in denial and still is to this moment. She agreed to buying a CB2000 to play with to see if she liked it. When we first got the CB2000, it was only for the night which gave me the time to get used to it. She slowly started to see the difference in me when she decided to be my keyholder and tell me not to bring myself off. I would prove to her by the amount of cum and intensity that I was indeed faithful. The last month I have been under her control except for 5 days when we got into a fight. I am averaging over the past 1.5 months close to 2 orgasms a week. This is way less than I am used to since I am used to taking care of him whenever he wants. Another gripe my wife has is that I refer to my penis as him and give him control over me when he wants to cum.

She has started to enjoy the Love and devotion I give her after being denied an orgasm for a few days to a week. I think she is seeing the benefit for her in me being locked and only able to cum under her control. We have found the CB2000 for hard work outside is not comfortable. We purchased from Club Fem a spiked penis strap called the MCD(male chastity device) that we now use in the daytime. I wear the CB at night and she watches me change into the MCD in the morning. At night, She cuts the metal locking ty-rap that she has engraved with an engraver and makes me put the cage on. I get maybe 10 minutes a day free but she is there to make sure the switch happens without me Cumming.

She is slowly starting to accept and want my chastity. We set a 1 month trial period 3 weeks ago and she is already talking about her being the keyholder when ever she wants. I have told her when she puts the key on her neck, I am hers for anything she wants. I have found that I am so focused on her when I want an orgasm that she loves it. She is slowly accepting the chastity idea and I am guessing that in 1 week from now, the end of our 1 month agreement, I will only have a few days if any to bring myself off when ever I want. I think she is liking the control of me and the pampering I give her wanting an orgasm. We have both found that my penis, when he wants to be pleased, gets what he wants. She agrees somewhat that it is better for her to control him(penis) than him control me! She is still learning and I am happy for that.

For all you husbands out there wanting chastity, patience seems to be the best approach. Show her how much you love her and be there for anything she asks for. I gave her a set of anything rules in writing that basically spells out all the things she can ask for or demand. The anything rules basicly in writing is you accept anything and cannot say no. I cannot say NO while she wears the key!!! This helped soften her to the idea. I'm pretty sure that in 1 week when the month ends, there will be a short break in my chastity. I will mark the calender with my masterbation which she still does not beleave that guys do it that much and she will pull out the key. She has already asked that if she wanted to play the game as she calls it, would I say yes. Of course I said anytime, just say now.

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2 months ago
good for you
2 years ago
Enjoy, but I hope your wife realizes the real benefit, and decides on a permanent arrangement, with regular but seldom releases (90+ day intervals) you will both be far happier!
2 years ago
Write us the continuations of this story, when your wife brought home her boyfriends to gangbang her, your daughter and your sissy asshole and mouth ... you chastitied cuckold!!!
3 years ago
Good for you. I did the same, it took her a while to get used to it. When unlocked I pretended to not want to pamper her, after being locked up for a few days I pamperd her and made sure she was satisfied. After a while she really got used to that and keeps me locked up all the time now.
3 years ago
Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
sorry to here that