First TIme with a Guy (True Story)

Until I got to college, I had not ever thought about anything sexual with another man. That all changed with I got to college. It was probably a combination of my expanding sexuality, massive amount of porn I was watching, and working out in the gym with a lot of really athletic built guys like myself.

One early spring afternoon I was coming back from the gym and was walking down the hall towards my dorm when I surprisingly saw a lone guy in the study lounge on the center of the floor. Usually the only time that room got used was late at night for long distance phone calls to boyfriends or girlfriends or large group projects. I slowed my walk as I pasted the room and noticed this guy was watching porn!!! I couldn't believe it. This was either a really funny dare or bet, or a really really desperate dude. I checked the hallways and didn't see anyone coming so I stood outside the door and watched. I couldn't tell where his hands were but he did look comfortable. I slowly and quietly opened the door and slid myself into the room. He didn't even notice my presence. I stood there for quite a while but finally the scene ended and I blurted out, hope you didn't cum on the table! You would've thought the chair was a cannon he shot up and started freaking out and yelling at me but I was blocking his only escape root. He kept trying to get me to move but I didn't budge.

He finally waived the white flag and listened to me. I explained to him if you don't live on this floor, you are going to have to run back to your room and pray no one sees you with that huge wet spot on your sweatpants and bulge you still have tenting them. And you are going to be the infamous study room porn guy. He put his laptop down and I could tell was more frustrated then anything at this point. He started telling me about how his roommate only leaves for class and otherwise just stays in and plays minecraft and never goes home or to other peoples dorms and trying to enjoy himself or bring a girl back is next to impossible. I laughed and he got mad but I said I know your pain because that's my problem too. Only difference is I have a different class schedule from my roommate and have a jerkoff schedule down. He told me I was lucky and I said no today is your lucky day. He looked puzzled and I told him my roommates classes the rest of the week are cancelled and he went home already and won't be back until next week. He didn't say anything so I said that this was an invite to watch uninterrupted porn in my dorm if he wanted to. He thought about it for a second and said sure what the hell I could use it.

We walked back to my room and he had to piss and I sat on my bed and got my laptop out. He came out of the bathroom and I slapped my mattress inviting him to join me. I offered the options of just watch on the laptop or we can hook it up to the TV. He said TV sounded good to him. I hooked it up and got back in bed. I said how about we make this a game. He agreed. I said we can play sit on your hands or hand check. He didn't get what I was talking about so I said, we watch the porn but we have to keep out hands on our chest or stomach or sit on them and the first guy to touch his dick loses and the other guy gets to tell him what to do. He said that sounds cool to him. I let him pick the first few videos and he picked some straight porn and they were some good scenes including anal. I picked the 4th video we watched and went bold and picked a mmff bisex scene. We watched for another 3 hours and my balls and cock were straining to get out and cum so bad!

We had now watched everything from gay to shemale to DP, lesbian, pretty much everything. We hadn't said much during it other then how hot she was or if the dudes in the scene were good looking. I asked him if I was allowed to go p*&^ and he said well what about you touching yourself. I said well I guess you have to watch to see if I do anything outside of the normal. He said fair enough so we went to the bathroom and it felt so good I moaned. He laughed and he went in after me. We went back to the bed. I decided to lay down and he joined me. I had my right arm over my head and my left laying across the top of the pillows. We both had noticeable bulges which I pointed out. He laughed and said if only there was something to do about that. I looked at him and said well maybe there is. I stood up and took my clothes off, freeing my cock. He claimed that I touched myself when I did, I protested but secretly didn't care. He proclaimed that he won the game. I questioned what I would have to do. He stood up and took his clothes off too, laid back down and told me to lick his chest and nipples. He wasn't a super buff guy but was well built. I laid down and lowered m head to his chest and nipples. He softly moaned as much tongue swirled about his chest. After a few minutes I stopped and he thanked me. He asked what happens now, I said well I guess he was still in charge so whatever he wanted. He didn't say anything but he grabbed my arm and pulled me next him that our muscular bodies were touching. He put is hand behind my head and pulled me to him and kissed me. I kissed back. It was like a light bulb went off in my head. I had always been told my girls that my lips were very soft but I feel like I had met my match. He continued to kiss and it quickly turned into what felt like a flashback making out in the backseat of a car.

Our bodies rubbing against one another felt as good if not better then any girl I had been with. That's when it hit me, literally, our rock hard cocks slapped off one another, breaking our moment and bringing us back to earth. We both grabbed at our dicks and laughed after the initially pain went away. I stole the control and asked if his dick was okay. He said it hurt a little and I offered to help him and wrapped my hand around his rigid pulsing shaft. I slowly stroked and rubbed his balls. He moaned a little louder this time. He said that was making them feel better. We were locked into each others eyes as I slowly rubbed his cock. He grabbed my wrist and said he would cum if I didn't stop. I released his cock from my grasp and darted my mouth for his and we kissed furiously. He pushed me onto to my back he began to kiss, lick and suck at my chest, nipples, and stomach. He slowly made his way to my pelvis but teased me and darted to my thighs. He licked and kissed them and this felt incredible. He returned to my chest and went down the other leg. He finally to my liking grasped my cock. His hand felt so soft. He used his other hand to rub my chest and stomach. I was moaning and praying to not cum yet. He gave me long slow strokes from base to head and mixed in quick hard tugs of about 4-6 at a time before going back to a slow long stroke. No girl had ever given me a handjob like this before. I lifted my mouth to his and we kissed again tongues shooting in and out of each others mouth. The kissing was enough to make his stop the stroking. We locked our legs like we were scissoring and our cocks and balls rubbing together was incredible. Our sweat was acting a lube to let our bodies glide across one another. We both had the same idea as our hands met reaching for the others cocks or our own. We went for our own and watched as we both fervently stroked our cocks. Our moans grew louder. He erupted first with he first to ropes of cum hit near our faces and the rest hitting the sheets and our hands. This site was too much for me, my load erupted mixing with his on our hands and the sheets.

We both let out a huge sigh and a laugh and the kissed passionately, our cum covered hands rubbing the others body. We laid there spent not saying much. He eventually got up and turned on another video, saying this is why we are here isn't it. I agreed and he climbed back in bed. Somehow both of us were getting hard again. He told me to get up on the edge of the bed and he knelt in front of me. He engulfed my cock in his mouth and the feeling of another man wrapped around my cock was incredible. He would give long strokes with just his mouth then move to just the tip and stroke me with his hand while the other played with my balls. I started moaning louder again as I felt my 2nd orgasm brewing. He kept working and I announced my orgasm was cumming and erupted in his mouth and on his face. Without hesitation I said your turn and he laid down on the bed and I went in between his legs. I first went with his style but changed to mixing in licking with an open mouth then taking as much as I could in my mouth. I sucked and licked his balls and stroked him fast. He was moaning, and I knew he would cum soon. I went back to sucking and he put a hand on the back of my head and thrusted once and erupted in my mouth. His warm ropes of cum in my mouth almost all stayed in my mouth but some leaked out. I climbed back to next to him kissed him, the taste of our cums mixing in our mouths. We laid there for awhile until he said he want to go to bed. I never offered to let him stay with me. He dressed, kissed one last time and disappeared out the door.
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22 days ago
thanks everyone!!!
23 days ago
great story very sexy
4 months ago
Very very hot story cum so hard reading it
4 months ago
Good one.
5 months ago
What a story!
6 months ago
maybe next time you guys should play an edging game to see who can last longer while stroking their cock
7 months ago
wow that is a hot story. such a sexy encounter. i am dripping cum after reading again.
7 months ago
Great story! Very hot.
7 months ago
thanks for the comments guys!
7 months ago
Great first time story. Did you ever see him again around school?
7 months ago
You are so bad so erotic and so fasanating