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My fa*&^% had a summer vacation home that we all split. One summer I was going down with my fa*&^% and one of my D#@ nephew and his fa*&^% were going down at the same time. The house had 3 floors of just bedroom so their was enough space. I arrived a day before they did and got the place ready. The first few days were typical. All day on the beach, evenings on the boardwalk, night spent in entertaining each other. The fifth day was when it all changed. Each morning I got up around 7am to go run the boardwalk and do some exercises on the sand to show off. I came back in around 9am and found the house silent. I checked a few of the bedrooms and did not see anyone. I decided to be risky and walk to the bathroom naked. I was enjoying my shower and even decided to rub my cock a little. I decided to finish in my room and got out and dried myself. I threw my towel over my shoulder and walked with my glory standing at attention. My room was at the far end of the hall away from the bathroom. I was about half way down the hall when I looked up from watching my cock bounce to the site of what I guess would be considered my 3rd cousins wife. She was about 5'8 and maybe 130 pounds with blonde hair and 36c breasts. She was a model when she was younger but had some health problems that f***ed her to end her career. She was still gorgeous and I used to watch her when we'd be together.

Anyway, I was frozen in my steps, my towel had fallen to the floor and there was no way to hide my hard on. She was standing in the hall wearing a bikini, which she had not dawned for the first day of vacation. She had been in one pieces before. He body looked amazing in this two-piece though, showing off all her curves. I decided to make a run for it. I quickly scooped my towel up and started walking briskly towards her and my room beyond. We made eye contact as I passed and the turn of making my way around her my towel fell again. Now my hard on was in close up view for her to see. I left the towel and ran to my room and closed the door. embarrassed now, I was in no mood to finish what I started. I sat on my bed and put a new pair of shorts on and laid there wondering what was going to happen later.

Not sure how much time had passed but there was a soft knock on my door. I got up expecting the worst and opened it, to the shock of seeing her standing there holding my towel. She said, you kind of lost this in the hall, I smiled and held my hand out, instead she pushed the door open and walked in. She sat on the edge of my bed and smiled at me, I asked why she did not just give me the towel and leave. She explained she wanted to talk to me before everyone got back. I tried to deflect and asked where they were, she said they went to breakfast and take the young'ns to the pier. She then patted the bed and told me to sit down. I walked over and sat down. She then said, what was I doing earlier. I put my head down and she said that's what the *&^% do and I can talk like an adult. I laughed and said that I had gotten back from my workout and decided to enjoy myself a little bit in the shower then figured it would be safer to finish in my room and well now that was not such a good idea. She laughed and apologized for spoiling my fun. I was surprised to hear her say that. I looked at her like she was crazy and she said don't worry, your secret is safe with me. I'm not going to tell anyone what you were doing. You can relax honey. I decided to ask the question and questioned the bikini that had not been worn around everyone else. She said she felt uncomfortable wearing that out with everyone. I got my turn to joke and said you could wear that all the time and I would not care. She looked at me and laughed. I told her its a compliment. She smiled then sunk her head and mumbled something. I asked her what she said and she said at least someone likes what it looks like on her. I had a puzzled look on my face I guess because she said her husband did not say anything when she tried it on for him the other night when everyone turned in for the night. I was stunned, I made sure I heard what she said was right, then told her he nuts. I finally came to about her with her and told her she has looked amazing ever since we first met years ago, and I always enjoy spending time together because I get to see her and her great body. She grabbed me and squeezed me tight in a hug. I returned the hug but not as tight has she was. She then released me and went into how her husband has not been the same and not complimenting her recently or giving her much attention. She asked if she could tell me something that I would not repeat. I agreed and she then started giving me dates as to the last any type of sexual contact or romantic affections from him. They had not had sex in 8 months! I tried to lighten the mood and said no wonder you could not stop staring at me in the hall way. She smiled but said that's actually true, she has not see a cock outside of resorting recently to porn. I was now glad I had put my shorts one because an image shot in mind of her naked in bed watching porn playing with herself. She then told me that she was actually standing outside my door for a few minutes before knocking hoping she could hear me playing with myself. I looked at her in astonishment. She just nodded her head. I decided to try changing the subject and asked where she was going when we had our awkward meeting. She was going out to lay out on the deck so that she could feel hot in her bikini. I said you don't need to feel anything , you are sexy in that thing. She hugged me again and this time kissed me on the cheek. I hugged back but this time could feel how soft and smooth her skin was and told her that too. She squeezed tighter. She said that's been the more flirting or anything in so long. We sat there in silence when she popped another awkward question, she asked if I watched porn. I mumbled a yes but she asked me to repeat and I said it louder. She shouted a big yes and ran out of the room. She returned with her tablet and laid down. She said come on lay down lets watch some for a little bit.

I thought this could not get much more weirder so why not and laid down next to her. We both bent our legs and laid next to each other and used our touching legs to hold it up. I could not believe it, she signed into an account and picked a few videos before she found one she liked. It was a brunette getting it good from 2 guys. I thought the tablet holding would cover up my re-growing cock but she whispered in my ear that it looks like I'm enjoying this. I said she picked good porn. She laughed and handed me the tablet and sat up. She reached behind her and with a swift movement, off came her top and then a tug at the knot on her left side her bottoms were on my chest. I was now staring at her amazing naked body, and there was not sign that she had had 2 $%^& in that body of hers. She said thanks for staring, it works just as well as words. She laid down again this time on her left side and her head on my shoulder and her right hand rubbing her legs and stomach and her left hand running through my short buzzed hair. I could not focus on the porn, I kept watching her hand rubbing her body. She started rubbing my stomach and toying with my waistband of my shorts. I sat the tablet on the bed and took charged and threw my shorts down. She gasped when she saw me rock hard. She did not say much so I gave the same response as she gave me. She asked if she could touch it. I took her hand and placed in on my cock. She it just feels hot to touch a cock again. I laughed and said it yours to play with honey. She tugged for a little bit then sat up so that I could see her left hand rubbing over her pussy while she tugged me. My hand quickly replaced hers over her pussy and she fell back on the bed. She rolled over so that she was on my face and her mouth was on my cock. We 69ed for what seemed like forever until her moans grew stronger and I felt a flush across my face and she rolled off and said that was t he best orgasm she had in months. I pulled her close and gave a kiss to let her taste her sweet pussy. She looked me in the eye then down at my throbbing cock and then back at me and said its yours, do what you want with it. She pulled my ankles so that I Was flat and she climbed and she sat all the way down. Then she laid on top of me and we kissed deeply. We grinded out bodies together without much thrust and it felt incredible. I knew I was not going to last long and I warned her. She said tell her when and she would get off. I waited as long as I could while she bounced on my cock then told her "NOW!". She dismounted and I stroked my cock and my load shot to my neck and all down my chest and stomach. Her eyes were so wide I thought they would pop out. She said she had never seen a load like it before. She licked me up as best she could then wiped me off with my shorts. We found the tablet and watched more porn until my phone went off. We threw some clothes on and went out the back door and started walking the beach together, sharing sex stories and fantasies. After some time we found a much let crowded area and luckily we found an inlet in the water that we walked through. We laid our blankets down and continued to share stories. I asked her if she had ever had sex outdoors or in public. She said once when in school her ex had fingered her on campus late at night but that's it. I took her hand and we walked a little further until it was much more secluded. I pulled down my shorts and she engulfed me. I spun her around on her hands and knees and entered her from behind and pounded her. She then pulled away and laid on her back and rubbed her clit while I stroked her. She rubbed to almost an orgasm and then screamed 'fuck me now". I quickly repositioned in her and thrusted as fast as I could until she could not control herself and she cam everywhere. I kept up the thrusting and finally pulled out and shot my load all over her stomach and chest. We quickly got in the water and rubbed out bodies and then got dressed and started walking back to the house.
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