Episode 27 - Daughter Swapping

Ellie woke up early, stretched and ran both hands down her young naked body, wondering why she felt different inside. Curses – still no breasts yet, but her hard little nipples felt stronger today – more responsive to the occasional tweak as her right hand continued downwards towards her belly.
Oh yes, it was coming back now – last night she had lost her virginity. That was why she was in Kit’s bedroom, waking up in Kit’s bed, with the little tramp curled up asl33p next to her. Her best friend from junior school had the most delicious dark brown skin on the outside and a gorgeous deep pink colour on the inside.

She remembered Kit holding her taut lips open for Ellie to gaze inside, and then lowering her wet slit onto Ellie’s tongue for a good licking. She wasn’t sure when she had become aware of another pair of hands – huge hands with thick black fingers gripping her buttocks and making her shudder inside. One large finger-tip pressed against her puckered anus, making her scream into Kit’s pussy as she opened up to accept it.

“Daddy are you going to fuck us both with that?” Kit babbled, staring at his enormous erection advancing up the bed towards them. Kit had already lost her virginity to her dad Kurt a month or so ago, and thought now it must be Ellie's turn. Ellie wasn't so sure: her dad thought it best to wait a little longer, but she didn't fancy any of the spotty boys at school. Here was the ideal opportunity to get rid of this little flap of skin, beside her best friend, and by the owner of a strip-club.

Kurt flipped over onto his back and effortlessly pulled Ellie up his body to kiss her lightly on the mouth. Ellie quivered in anticipation: "Yes please, Uncle Kurt. Do it to me. Stop me being an innocent ch1ld. Make me into a young lady"
Kit's hands were all over her friend's bottom; pulling the cheeks apart, and holding onto Kurt's erection resting upright between Ellie's thighs. Kit selected a bright blue condom to protect her friend, and stretched it over the prick head, as her dad's hands were now busy in Ellie's bottom.
Kit tried a quick mouthful, but decided that blueberry flavour was not to her liking. Slowly Ellie squirmed her body around on Kurt's so that the tip of his penis nestled at the entrance to her dripping pussy.

"Are you sure you want this, little girl?" asked Kurt, just nudging into her opening.
"Oh yes please. Please fuck me. Ravage me. R-a-p-e me, pretty please. My body needs your seed. I want your babies". Ellie's breathing slowed as she pushed downwards, feeling his huge organ stretching open her virgin hole wider and wider.

Kurt's prick head advanced and came to a slow halt against her hymen, just flexing it back and forth. She was definitely still a virgin, but not for long now. Rather than a direct assault, which might cause her unnecessary pain; Kurt gripped her bony little pre-pubescent hips and twisted her body through a few degrees either way. This rotated her cunt about his prick, easing it through the weak patch, and suddenly he was in. Ellie screamed once, and then kept sobbing as her gently drove further into her accommodating body. As he pulled back for the next stroke he accidentally hit her g-spot and she had her first real climax. Ellie was ecstatic, beating her fists against Kurt's chest, feeling that he was filling her entire body.

Her pussy was so tight, she was squeezing Kurt so hard, he played with her bottom to ease the fabulous sensation of giving her so much pleasure with his erection. She was so wet that one finger entered her taut butt-hole as she twisted around trying to take all of his cock in her newly-opened sex hole.
Ellie was feeling such a slut that she hardly noticed her best friend Kit climbing up forwards onto her dad’s face, f0rcing him to eat her out. As Kit writhed back and forth over Kurt’s tongue her own butt-hole presented itself to Ellie, who promptly stuck a finger up it.

As unlikely as it sounds, the three did manage a near-simultaneous climax; the two girls cumming first, then Kurt pulled out and splashed what seemed like pints of sperm all over Ellie’s tummy. Ellie and Kit showered and fell back into bed exhausted, to wake up naked and satisfied next morning.

Daughter-swapping Party
Next morning Kit explained that because Ellie was no longer a virgin she was now eligible to join the Daughter Swapping Club. Kit’s aunt had married in the 1960’s and told her all about the wild wife-swapping parties she and her girlfriends attended. After rather too much to drink the men would put their car-keys into a bowl and the ladies would pick any one out. The lady would find the owner of the keys, and if she fancied him, would pair up into a free bedroom. Occasionally there was more d***ken pussy than sober cock, and a real orgy took place.

Kit was determined not to wait until she married, but hated most of the boys at school, so she decided to try Dads and Daughters instead.
Kurt didn’t need much persuasion from his little tramp daughter to throw a Dads and Girls party at the apartment. The youngest girls all came in shiny disco outfits and crowded into one noisy room, chattering and planning. The older girls were slowly getting very d***k in another room, swaying their taut bodies together as they passed the vodka bottle around. One girl was already stripped down to her red underwear and m*****ing anyone who would dance with her.
Meanwhile the dads all congregated in the kitchen, swilling beer, discussing the football or racing, or anything except the purpose of this party – to get laid by as much u******e pussy as possible.

Some of the older girls had invited their friends along, mostly for the drink, but the offer of a quick masculine grope set the pulses going. An entire hen party seemed to be happening in Kit’s bedroom when she tiptoed in to get changed. The ‘bride’ was wearing little more than a shiny white thong and a pair of fairy wings – her fairy wings – how dare they? Anyway Kit accepted a drink from them and told them to be downstairs in five minutes.
Downstairs Kit turned down the lighting, swapped the noisy disco music for something slow and sexy, and got everyone’s attention by standing on the table and shouting.

“Right you lot, Cocks line up along that wall and Cunts along this wall. Dads get your shoes and trousers off, quickly now. The idea is each little slut puts on a blindfold and tries to find her dad. No peeking – just use touch and taste. When you’ve found someone you like, be back here in 20 minutes.”
The little girls giggled; the older daughters and the hen night tramps peeled off a few more clothes.

“Right a few House Rules before you get stuck in. Absolutely no R-A-P-E. If a girl says NO, then pull your cock out of her and find another way to make the bitch cream”.

“And if a dad says NO” chipped in Ellie, to roars of laughter “I’m serious” she grinned “find another dad who will do what you want”.

“Yeh, right” replied Kit, getting into her stride “and no Pregnancies. There’s plenty of condoms in each room; Dads, just make sure you use one”.

Kit turned to the youngest girls curled up on the sofa “If any of you are still virgins, then see my Dad first”. Kurt waved. “He can be very gentle for your first time”.
Ellie jumped up, holding open her lips “Look, he only did me last week, and there’s no bruising at all”.
The bride from the hen party, still wearing Kit’s fairy wings, rushed over to Kurt pleading for him to take her virginity. She grabbed him around the neck and wrapped her thighs around his waist, gently lowering her sopping cunt onto his prick for the first quick fuck of the evening.

Ellie waved around a vicious-looking dildo she had found down the back of her chair “and if any of the dads want to try anal for the first time, I’d be delighted to help”.

"Right any questions?" Kit looked around the youngsters waiting to get naked. One pretty little blonde, with big bright blue eyes asked "Has anyone got some of that slippery stuff that goes up your bum? My dad always uses it on me."
"Sure" beamed Bob, pulling a tube of K-Y jelly out of his shirt pocket "come over here you little beauty". The little girl pulled her leotard aside, baring her left cheek, offering her bottom up to Bob's finger "Thank you Mr Jones that feels so good. Will you be my first fuck tonight?" She quickly unbuttoned the leotard and pulled it right off, proudly displaying the discrete letter 'A' stick-on tattoo on her right buttock. "That means I prefer Anal, Mr Jones" as if there was any doubt.

Other girls displayed the letter 'C' on their left buttocks, for Cuntal, and most of the teenagers had both. The Ami twins had scrawled ‘DP’ across their pubes with eyebrow pencil, hoping to take turns with two dads at a time.

Kit handed out the blindfolds and one by one they stumbled over to the line of cocks proudly on display. Some daughters tried the methodical approach – start at one end of the line and feel up each erection until they found one they recognised or just wanted to suck on. Others tried licking a few and settling on the largest to pair up with. Kit found two of the teenagers fighting over her dad – one trying to get the Biggest Blackest Cock in the room down her throat, the other rubbing her pointy breasts against his chest.

Graciously Kit let him take the two tarts; she had only stopped fucking him five minutes before the party started, and knew he would be back for more.
After examining 3 erections by hand, one little girl insisted ‘her’ dad kneel down so she could kiss him goodnight. When his hands automatically squeezed her cute bottom, she knew he was hers.

After all the cocks had been matched up and carried their little girl off to the kitchen or a bedroom to fuck and suck in private there was still quite a few spare cunts left over, including Kit. So after a quick game of strip poker, with no rules – just get naked and d***k, they found that Kurt and Gemma’s king sized bed was still free and settled down for a riotous lesbian orgy.
Whenever a dad had finished making his swap-daughter climax to her satisfaction, he would return her to the orgy and pick his next victim.

Gemma arrived home just before midnight to find her apartment littered with naked bodies; some d***k, some sl**ping, a few still fucking. Kurt called up his club’s limo that was used each morning to take the strippers home, and paid Mandy to ferry all the dads and daughters back to their homes. Mandy, his gorgeous re-headed driver was well tipped and picked up a few hot phone numbers.

Daughter-swapping Weekends
Sue the Headmistress had noticed that many more Dads were at the school gate to collect their little girls on a Friday than any other day. The daughter-swap party had spawned daughter-swap weekends.

Tanya often helped out at her dad's shop on Saturdays. He sold budget clothing, boys and girls, and had a regular order to supply the local dance academy. He stocked foot-less leggings, tutus, shiny tops and tight skinny leotards which buttoned up under the crotch. Tanya could easily recognise girls from the swap club, long before they presented their orange bracelet. Their swapped-dads looked slightly embarrassed holding hands with a strange young girl that they were dying to seduce, but first had to buy them some nice clothes. The girls concentrated on the latest fashion jeans and tee-shirts, while the dad inched them towards the underwear section. After selecting a really short skirt, most dads fell upon the dance leggings; brains working overtime imaging how a foot-massage from their 'daughter' would look and feel.

Bob Jones, the Ami twins’ dad, was lucky enough to 'win' Ellie for a weekend; he had no idea how Ellie's dad was going to cope with his two sexiest identical little local cunts. Ellie didn't need to drag Bob into the shop, he was a regular customer; so she marched straight over to the dance clothes and selected a pair of shiny blue foot-less leggings.

"Can I try these on?" Ellie asked nicely, picking up a matching elasticated bandeau top to cover her little-girl nipples. "And can I help her?" laughed Bob, discretely stroking her bottom.
"Sure" called out Tanya's dad "why don't you use the Stock Room, it's a bit more discrete".

Tanya had helped her dad to tidy up the Stock Room for precisely this purpose. It had a nice big leather sofa, a sink with hot water, a heater, had a hook on the back of the door to hang up clothing, a big supply of flavoured condoms and the odd vibrator in case a girl needed warming up.

Ellie slipped in first, dropping all her clothes on the floor and lay back on the sofa wearing just the blue leggings, pulled up tightly into her crotch, showing a delicious soft camel-toe. Bob closed the door behind him, and smiling at the sight of his weekend swap with one tiny hand slipping down the front of the leggings, carefully stripped down to his underpants. Bob sat on the sofa, lifting up Ellie's bare feet and placing them around his erection pushing up above the waistband. Ellie gives a fabulous foot-job, really holding a cock perfectly between the soles of her feet, jacking slowly, and then speeding up. Long strokes with her feet pushed together, then quicker fluttering across the head. Bob stopped her before ejaculating; he wanted her differently. Ellie climbed up on his lap, after pulling his underpants right off. Holding his erection in both hands she twirled her tongue around the head of his hot prick, slowly sucking it into her young wet mouth.

Bob reacted by lifting her bodily off the sofa, making sure her mouth stayed firmly around his cock, so that she was upside down with her bottom just below his chin. He inserted a sharp finger nail through the crotch seam of her new leggings, tearing apart a large gash as she spread her thighs around the sides of his head. Holding onto her narrow hips, Bob drove his eager tongue between her hot buttocks, sliding it up and down the salty gap between her thighs. Ellie responded by forming a perfect vacuum in her mouth and sucking him in.

"Are you ready baby?" Bob gasped, holding onto the sides of her head "Here it cums". Ellie gasped as the first burning hot dollop of sperm hit the back of her throat, then like the good daughter, her dad had taught her, swallowed it all down.

Afterwards, back at the shop counter Bob complained that these leggings were obviously faulty, showing Tanya’s dad the large split from front to back.

“OK, we saw the problem…”
“Huh?” replied Bob.
“Oh sorry, I meant to say I see what you mean. I’ll get you a new pair. Size 7-9 years I guess. Won’t be a moment..”

Looking puzzled at the correction, Bob leant over the counter where Tanya was glued to the CCTV monitor, rewinding and playing a scene from the stock room camera in slow motion. Bob was horrified to watch himself eating out little Ellie dressed in those torn leggings and little bandeau top covering her non-existent breasts.
Ellie had slipped around the back of the counter to get a better view and giggle with her new best friend Tanya. Before her dad got back with the replacement leggings they had sketched out a design for a crotch-less pair that could survive a good session with a swapped dad.
He promised to check with the suppliers if such a garment was available in their sizes, and was delighted to find pairs in several colours which had a split-crotch. Both sides of the opening were trimmed in a matching colour soft lace, and from certain angles maintained the illusion of actually covering the little girl’s private parts.

He had to road-test a pair on Tanya, who quickly volunteered to wear them around the house all day and get her pussy eaten out whenever her dad fancied a snack. He was a bit concerned the lacy edgings might chafe as he stuck an erect cock into her taut bottom, but found no problems at all, so ordered a box-full for the shop.

Bob turned up one evening with both Ami’s, who dived into the box; Tangy selecting a blue pair and Sweet-Ami a pink pair. Bob thought he was being smart hanging his trousers over the CCTV camera pointed straight at the Stock Room sofa, as he ate out Tangy and gently fucked Sweet.
When they swapped over, Sweet smiled at the newly installed ceiling-mounted camera, before offering her dripping pussy up to her dad’s mouth. Back in the shop Tanya’s dad had to rush for the rest room to deal with an enormous erection caused by watching the monitor. Bob declared he was perfectly satisfied with these new leggings, and left a hefty cash donation in the Ch1ldrens Charity collecting tin.

Throughout the weekend there was a continuous demand from swap-dads for the new foot-less open-crotch leggings for their favourite daughters.
The number of dads now taking their little angels to the dance studio on practice nights increased rapidly, just so that they could catch an occasional flash of bare flesh as they did the splits or exercising, bent over touching their toes. Most couldn’t wait to get their sexy little girl home, so usually fucked them through the leggings in the car park.

Right next to the village dance studios, which became the agreed weekend swap location – each dad would bring one ‘daughter’ and take away a different one was a discreet gent’s hairdresser.
They occasionally cut c***dren’s hair too, so were not surprised when Jim took in his favourite ‘daughter’ Tanya to get her long blonde hair trimmed. Tanya sat next to him in the waiting area, swinging her legs back and forth on the hard plastic chair; her bright red shoes and short white socks flashing into view and then disappearing.
Suddenly she stopped swinging her feet and clamped her thighs together, and in a loud whisper said “Daddy I need a wee-wee”.

Jim called over to the young female hairdresser; quite attractive really in tight black salon uniform trousers “Is it alright if my.. er .. daughter uses the Little Girls Room?”

The hairdresser came over, giving Jim the first opportunity to see her from the front – yes quite nice for a teenager – good high breasts and a wide smile “Yes of course babe, up the stairs, first door on the left”.

Tanya raced off upstairs, aware that every pair of eyes in the salon was following her long bare legs and short pleated skirt. She turned on the top step, lifting her skirt to give Jim a big smile and flash of pale blue panties.

“Strange your ‘daughter’ doesn’t look anything like you” commented the teen barber conspiratorially, heading back to her client’s haircut.

A few minutes later, when Tanya returned, her seat was taken by another waiting customer, so she hopped up on Jim’s lap and whispered “I couldn’t find any toilet paper, so I had to dry my pussy on these” stuffing her panties into Jim’s shirt pocket. The slight aroma of young girl pussy wafted upwards as Jim’s hands started to explore Tanya’s thighs, knowing they were only inches from her bare hot sex.

Jim caught the hairdresser watching them in the mirror, smiling as his hands slid underneath Tanya’s skirt. “OK you two, you’re next” as she finished with her client “here I’ll lower the seat for you, so your little darling can sit on your lap”.

With Tanya covered in the sheet nobody could see Jim’s hands exploring her body, or his increasing erection which Tanya released from his trousers.

“So how would Sir like his little girl’s hair cut?” asked the hairdresser, trying to get their attention.

“Oh, um, just a trim” managed Tanya, as Jim’s cock head massaged her bottom, then slipped in “Oh, that’s it, keep it long”.

Tanya tried to sit very still as her hair was being cut, but couldn’t keep quiet – making little moans as each inch of cock slid up her arse.

“Are you OK, babe?”asked the teenager, sensing the fuck happening under the cover, and “He’s not your real dad, is he?”

Jim: “No I’ve just got this little beauty for the weekend, then I need to hand her back; undamaged of course”. The noticing the hairdressers pretty hot body up close “Hey, how would you like to join our Swap Club? There’s no age limits. Just turn up with a dad, and take away a different one. You can fuck him as often as you like. No strings. Sometimes they’ll even cook for you, especially to get you in bed”.

All the time he was explaining, Tanya was riding his cock deep in her arse, making little chirping sounds. The suddenly stopped and sat bolt upright: “Oh shit, that was awesome”.

The haircut was finished: “Would Sir like a tissue to clean up? And yes, I do quite fancy joining; I’ll have a word with my dad tonight and let you know”.

By the time the sheet was removed Tanya and Jim were relatively decent; the cum-soaked tissue dropped in a bin. Jim paid for the haircut, with a hefty tip, and left holding Tanya’s little hand.

Normally dads wouldn’t be seen dead at the local theatre for a dance studio production, but knowing their daughter and all the swap-daughters they had had would be strutting their little butts around, they turned up in droves.

Dads weren’t disappointed – all the girls performed excellently – thrusting their little pussies out towards the audience, rolling hips and furtively touching bottoms. Several leotards had discernible damp patches between the legs, showing the daughters were enjoying the show too.

Bob went backstage during the interval to congratulate his Ami twins, but was stopped by the sight of a lovely teen in front of a mirror, checking her nipples were level. Standing close behind her, he juggled her breasts through the thin leotard fabric and pressed his erection into her backside: “Have you thought of joining the Daughter-swap Club? I’m sure a hot body like that needs a lot of exercise”.

“Well my dad is pretty protective, but I’ll ask. I’ve heard a lot about the club and wondered how to join”.

Bob: “Well here’s a card that explains all the benefits. I’m sure your dad will want you to be happy. Just bring him along to our next party. I’ll be happy to swap. Tell him he can have both the twins – if he’s got the stamina – they do take a lot attention to satisfy them properly”.

The girl, nipples now clearly visible, turns and whispers “Umm, could I have one of them? I’ve never tried being a lesbian before, but I really fancy your Tangy-Ami. I’ve been watching her performing on stage and would love to get to know her better. If you know what I mean”.

Bob “Silly, why didn’t you just ask her. Tell you what, come home with us tonight, and if you can tell which one’s Tangy you can sl**p with her, otherwise it will have to be me”…

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