Episode 19 - the School Project

Kelly and her dad were out walking in the park one autumn day; Kelly skipping along in a short summer frock, kicking through the fallen leaves. Kelly occasionally flipping up the back of the skirt to reveal the bright pink boy panties that her dad loved. He would often just lie on the sofa stroking and licking the tiny crescents of her bum cheek exposed by the panties; sometimes without even fucking her properly. Once aroused she would flip his hard erection out of his trousers and into her mouth, sucking noisily until he came, filling her tiny mouth with hot seed.

Watching her bum flashing into view, they came across a young mother, breast-feeding her baby boy, on a bench in a quiet corner in the dappled autumn sunshine under some trees along the path. The mum called out "Kelly, it is you, hello love, I'm Tanya's mum. Oh this wonderful hunk must be the dad I've heard so much about".

Kelly and her dad stopped in their tracks; here was a beautiful young woman, barely old enough to have a 2 month old baby, let alone be mother to that little sex-on-legs Tanya. The mum was wearing tight dark grey jogging trousers and a matching short zipped jacket, open to the waist with baby attached to one breast and the other partially obscured by a white bra. Her exposed tanned stomach was perfectly flat, leading dad's eye down to the trouser waistband that the baby's foot had accidentally pushed down exposing the top edge of a bright white thong.
"Wow" dad breathed, hardly able to tear his eyes from her crotch to look at her face "you are gorgeous; I can see exactly where Tanya gets her sexiness".
"Why thank you, kind sir" replied the mum, flipping her gaze back from dad's obvious erection "come and sit down and tell me all about that session you had with my daught3r. She gets a bit vague about how her leotard came to be so stained that day"

"Just before we get into that" replied Kelly's dad "can I say that Kelly here has a school project on the Practical Uses for Breasts, and would love to examine you feeding, while we chat".
Tanya's mum: "Oh what an unusual subject for a School Project, I suppose it must have been set by the lesbian gym teacher.. Sue isn't it?"
Kelly's dad "Yes that's her, really tasty piece, fucks blokes too (I'm told), after gym classes, over the vaulting horse – lovely arse she has – I'm told..."
"So it's true – you and Lucy's dad had her – double fucking a lesbian, wow that's progress". Neither of them had noticed Kelly had pulled the mum's nursing bra aside and was glugging down great mouthfuls of hot sweet milk, some dribbling down her chin.

"Fantastic" mumbled Kelly "I never remember it tasting this good".
Baby had fallen asl**p, and woke up with a start when Kelly's dad's hand brushed against his bare foot tucked into his mum's waistband. His hand slid effortlessly inside his mum's white thong, seeking out a smooth pubic triangle and moist lips. Mum had both hands occupied with holding baby, and trying to maintain some semblance of modesty with both breasts exposed to passers-by, one being chewed by a little girl. So she didn't bother with removing this strangers hand from her cunt; anyway she was beginning to enjoy the attention her daught3r had already experienced.

Dad massaged down both sides of her pussy lips, gently forcing her thighs apart. When he 'accidentally' grazed her clit with the edge of his wedding ring, he was delighted with the small guttural moan emanating from this lovely creature. "You're stroking my vagina, you naughty man" she moaned "Oh don't stop, I love it. Your big manly fingers penetrating my wet cunt, and your little daught3r sucking my breasts, wonderful".
Baby had now finished his feed and dropped off to sl**p, so mum leaned over and popped him into the baby buggy. Now with one hand free, she grabbed hold of dad's erection, only to find that Kelly already had one tiny hand wrapped around it, so they shared. Together they managed an awkward two-handed jerking action inside his trousers, as dad had a hand in each cunt, massaging his daught3r and finger-fucking the mother.

"Tell me more about this Project" mum managed in short bursts breathing hard "what else can you do with breasts?"
"Well" replied dad "Kelly's big s1ster Laura does a magnificent soapy tit wank – just the right size nipples, lots of lubrication on both breasts, cock held between them in the bath – she has me cumming in minutes. I guess that is a Practical Usage".

"That sounds like an excellent Practical Usage, but probably not right for a park bench" said Mum "how about we go back to my place to try it out?"
Dad stood up before the mum let go of his prick and the tip ended up an inch from her mouth, just as she was saying "try it out". Without missing a beat she swirled her tongue around the head and clamped her teeth closed. Dad's automatic reaction was to grab the back of head and thrust forward, trying to f0rce it down her throat. Mum gagged as it hit, and then relaxed her throat wider trying to swallow the next 6 inches.

"Wow you suck like a vacuum cleaner" moaned dad "you filthy slut, I love you" and after a few more thrusts erupted into her mouth.
"You bastard" she screamed, with spunk dribbling down her chin and dripping onto her heaving breasts "that wasn't part of the deal. What a dreadful example to set for your daught3r". Kelly just sat next to them in shock, hardly touching her cunt "dad that was awesome; how could you?"
Mum spat out bits of pubic hair "You're coming back to my place for a good shave, and then you fuck me up properly, when those balls are clean."

At Tanya's House
Tanya's mum let them into the house and put the baby down for a sl**p. Tanya and Kelly disappeared up to her bedroom whispering and giggling like two little girls who know something is about to happen. Kelly's dad and Tanya's mum casually snogged in the hallway, hands roaming everywhere; her bra was soon lifted up around her neck as dad gently massaged her full breasts. Mum pulled off dad's trousers, as he hopped around on one leg, trying to free himself from the tight legs. Mum pushed him backwards onto the sofa, and the pair crashed down in a tangle of limbs, ending up with his prick in her mouth.

Mum: "Yuk you're so hairy, that will have to come off before we go any further" she spread a towel under his bum and applied shaving foam all over his balls.
Dad: "Careful with that razor". Mum was good, lifting his tight balls clear of the razor, sliding it carefully across the tender skin. She soon had a healthy covering of pubic hair across the bowl of warm water, and dad with bald pubes. With both hands covered in shaving foam, she couldn't resist jacking him off as he tried to direct his spunk into her mouth again.
Mum: "Now he's all clean and shiny, I think he deserves a sucking", gobbling down his hot sticky sperm.

Upstairs Tanya rummaged around in her clothes drawer and discovered two pink leotards she had grown out of years ago: "Here Kelly try this one on; it won't button up in the crotch, but I have a solution to that".
Somewhat sheepishly Kelly turned her back and slipped all her clothes off, folding them carefully onto Tanya's bed, then pulled the tiny pink leotard over her head and down to her waist, the crotch piece dangling way above her pubic bone. She skipped around the room wobbling her bottom towards Tanya, and thrusting her hips forward provocatively flashing her bare cunt.
"Just right" breathed Tanya "my mum will love you in that". Wielding a pair of scissors Tanya carefully cropped the flapping crotch pieces away into downward facing points front and back, then sewed on a wide length of ribbon to each point. Tanya pushed Kelly back onto the bed, slipping her tongue between the moist lips just to check Kelly's flavour: "Delicious, mum will love licking you out". Tanya spun Kelly round, tickled her bottom and tied the ribbons into a large bow between her legs. The front ribbon parted Kelly's pussy lips, and the back ribbon shot down between her bottom cheeks, framing them cheekily. Kelly paraded around the bedroom, watching her pert arse in the wardrobe mirrors "Oh I think my daddy will like this too".

Kelly then set about modifying Tanya's leotard; cropping the front to a square edge just above the pubic bone, and leaving the back above her taut buttocks. She sewed a length of ribbon from just above each hip bone, down between the legs outside each pussy lip, then up across a buttock to attach at waist level, widely spaced apart. The effect was to produce the outline of a pair of panties, with no fabric to cover the essentials, just providing directions for where to insert a cock or dildo.
When Tanya and Kelly found their respective mum and dad downstairs fucking vigorously they just stood and watched, slightly open-mouthed at the sight of so much spunk and milk dripping off her mum's tits, and dad still pounding away into her backside. Mum looked up: "I see you two have been sewing, you both look delectable; come over here darling and let me inspect that ribbon".
Tanya slid her cunt under her mother's tongue, and rocked forwards smothering her nose in clitoris and pussy juice: "Oh mummy, I love you" then looking up "Oh fuck I think her dad is about to explode in your arse". Kelly's dad did indeed 'explode', pulling out at the last moment so that his darling daught3r could suck all the jism off.

Kelly: "Oh wow, that was amazing, you taste scrummy. I could drink this stuff all day long".
Tanya's mum curled up in Kelly's dads arms, sliding her slippery breasts up and down his chest, kissing him and generally looking like the cat with the cream, that's just had the most amazing sex.

"OK baby, now it's your turn. Find your big s1ster's strap-on dildo, just the little blue one, we don't want to hurt her, and see if you can make your little friend Kelly squeal". Tanya shot upstairs, her little bottom wobbling invitingly, and came down a few minutes later grinning from ear to ear, wearing an almighty black strap-on that almost reached her belly button.
"I could only find this black one" she smirked, whacking it against Kelly's face "Laura must have worn the little blue one to school".
"That's OK" replied Kelly's dad "use plenty of lube; she's had more than that up her arse".
"Oh shit" muttered Kelly "about to get buggered again", kneeling down and spreading her arse cheeks ready for the dildo entry. Tanya took great delight in pushing the black dildo fully into her friend's backside, leaning back so that she could massage her own cunt. Mum and dad watched as their two young daught3rs gurgled, climaxed and collapsed onto the sofa.

The Interview
All cleaned up and wearing fresh black see-through silky panties; Tanya filming and Kelly holding a stick microphone and providing the commentary, they started their joint school project report.
Kelly: "Good morning class my name is Kelly, this little bitch is my friend Tanya" the camera panning up and down Tanya's body "and we are interviewing her mum and my dad demonstrating the second Practical Use for Breasts. You will recall from the earlier video that the first Practical Use for Breasts was naturally breast-feeding a baby, which my mum demonstrated in the park. My dad filmed her enjoying the baby and me both suckling her great tits, unfortunately this idyllic scene was rather spoilt when he felt the need to cum down her throat, and I had to lick him clean".

Tanya: "and so classmates, here we see my mum on her knees in front of her dad, both naked" camera slides down to her mum's bare breasts encasing his enormous penis "We all know tits get larger and smaller when feeding a baby, so tell me mother, how large are your breasts today?"
Mum: "Well darling when we measured them a few moments ago they were roughly 36DD, the right one slightly larger" she replied hefting her right breast and squeezing out a few drops of milk.

Kelly: "and what do you consider the best lubricant for this session?"
Dad: "If I could just interject at this point, I should like to use yoghourt – probably peach or apricot, as the sperm makes natural yoghourt taste funny".
Tanya came back from the kitchen with an open pot of peach yoghourt, stuck in two fingers and proceeded to massage handfuls of it into her mother's tits.
Kelly to her dad: "and what do you prefer to call this 'Practical Use for Breasts'? I've heard soapy-tit-wank, tit-fucking, breast-bashing, nipple-knocking (no I just made that one up), or perhaps it's really a form of Tribadism".

Dad: "I thought Trib was what lesbians did, like scissor-s1sters, cunts locked together, trying to rub a climax out of each other without using hands or any dildos".
Tanya: "Well that's what we thought" panning the camera down to Kelly who had her cunt in a vice-like grip using her thighs "but Sue our gym teacher says it's any form sex involving rubbing body parts together, without penetration, so I suppose this is counted".

When Kelly pulled the microphone out of the space between their pussies, and the soundtrack recovered from their liquid sounds, she brushed it across her mother's erect nipples, making a scratchy rubbing sort of noise. Dad was now jacking his enormous prick up and down in the groove between her breasts, only clearing her chin by millimetres as his heavy balls slapped into the undersides.
Mum pressed her breasts hard together, slowing dad's thrusts, and then eased the pressure allowing his slippery prick to slide up her chest.
Dad: "Now if you wrap them right over so the nipples collide, the yoghourt gets trapped and makes this fantastic slurping sound".

Tanya slipped around behind Kelly's dad filming up between his legs, which he opened to display his great balls slapping up between the tits. Carefully gripping the camera in one hand she tentatively reached out to grasp his bollocks, pulling downwards against his up-thrusts. Dad was clearly getting close to cumming – his balls had tightened up, and the head looked enormous.
Kelly lay behind Tanya's mum licking up her thighs and bottom, burying her tongue between the hot cheeks, sliding forward to engage between her lips, licking up and over the pubic mound, and back down to suck in her clit. Mum yelped as Kelly's teeth clamped shut on her tender clitoris, shutting her eyes to avoid the drips of yoghurt spraying off the tits above her head.
Tanya brought the camera around dad's side to hold focus on his prick buried between the sticky breasts, emerging from the top of her enf0rced cleavage and disappearing again with a loud slurp. It seemed that dad could take this punishment all day, but mum was getting tired on her knees, gripping Kelly's head between her thighs. Tanya decided to bring things to a head, by sucking off the prick the next time the head emerged, still holding his balls in her spare hand. Once Dad started spurting it went everywhere: all over Tanya's face, the camera, mum's neck, her breasts, and then started dripping down with the peach yoghourt into Kelly's open mouth between her legs.

Kelly announced for the camera that she had now developed a taste for peaches and spunk, as she, Tanya and dad cleaned up mum by licking the sticky sweet mixture off her breasts. Mum shuddered slightly as each mouth grazed her nipples, reaching out for the strap-on discarded by Tanya. Dad came to her rescue pounding the dildo between her open lips and rubbing her clit hard to a climax.

Tanya switched off the camera after capturing close-ups of her mum's pussy and Kelly's dad's penis just for reference.

Face Painting
At the school fair, Tanya, Kelly and her big s1ster Laura have set up a face-painting stall for little girls to turn into kittens or lions. Mums and dads were dragged to the stall by their little darlings, who watched while Tanya and Kelly helped each c***d select an image and then painted their faces in glowing colours. Mums generally stayed with daught3r, but a few dads poked their noses into the small marquee behind the stall, wondering about the discrete sign saying "Paint me".

Laura and 3 of her teenage girlfriends, all topless, just wearing denim shorts, were larking about with paint brushes daubing each other's breasts with splodges of colour, and then pressing a stretched artists canvas onto their shiny painted tits. Each image was a unique mammary masterpiece, which they signed and then sold.
Occasionally Tanya popped in to film a particularly tasty tit painting for the third 'Practical Use of Breasts' in the school project.
One girl sat on her dad's lap, or rather perched her cute bum on his erection, and allowed him to apply the paint to her breasts by hand, creating a beautiful image of groped tits.

Laura couldn't sit around, getting hot between the legs, while an erect penis was being 'wasted'; so pulling her friend off her dad, she gave him a special painty-tit-wank between her breasts covered in paint. Once the spunk started erupting between her blue breasts his daught3r shrieked and clamped her mouth over her dad's prick head, slurping down his seed like she was drowning.
The breast painting was all done on a chair in the middle of the tent, but for more fun the girls had arranged a large leather sofa facing into a corner behind a clothes rail for a little privacy. The sofa was covered in a soft fluffy white rug covered in black Dalmatian spots, to provide a comfy bed for fathers and daught3rs to fuck on.

"Oh you beautiful girl, I've been waiting years for that, thanks to your blue-titted friend we have found a new loving sex". Father stripped his daught3r of her blue denim shorts, marvelling at her trimmed blonde bush, he had never set eyes on, and plunged his tongue into her waiting cunt. "oh daddy, you adorable man, you're making my knees go all wobbly; no little boys at school have a clue how to suck pussy as well as you, oh god I've gone all creamy, I'm going to cum, cum, cum, cum, ohhh daddy I love you".
Laura added a new entry to the 'notches on a tent-post' sex list for the day, which now read:
• Breasts painted: 8
• Dad's sucked: 3
• Dad's tit-wanked: 1
• Manual Climaxes: 15
• Daught3rs Deflowered: 1
• Male Teachers seduced: 2

[Author's note: Some of these claims cannot be independently substantiated as Tanya was banned from filming near the sofa, and some pages of Kelly's notebook were found to be stuck together. Also there may be some double counting as one of the male teachers set upon by three topless girls was known to have a 9-year old daught3r in the school, who may have still been a virgin prior to the school fete. The 'Notches on a Tent-Post' scorecard was adapted with permission from 'Notches on a Bed-Post' score of her sexual encounters, maintained by Erin on her xhamster profile page, see: http://xhamster.com/user/teengirerin].

The entire netball team of 8 fit teenagers, dressed in their skin-tight white tee-shirts, obscenely short pleated skirts and no underwear were offering to pose for photographs with dads or boyfriends for a contribution to their next season’s tour fund. Every opportunity was taken to make the girls bend over, showing off their butts, or photograph them against the sun so that it streamed through their skirt or underneath their breasts. Not many of the photos were considered suitable for the school magazine, but circulated on Facebook and flickr, and their next netball games were very well supported. Sue their gym teacher was notionally in charge, and tried to maintain some sense of decency by directing daught3rs and their over-eager dads to the “Paint Me” tent to suck or fuck in private when they got too frisky.

As each girl struggled out of the tent, pulling the skimpy clothing back on, they were awarded a coloured message bracelet, reading “I love my Daddy” for a sucking, “I adore my Daddy” for a mouthful, “My daddy loves me” for a lick or finger-fuck or “My daddy adores me” if they managed a full fucking in the allocated 10 minutes. Sometimes a girl could claim two bracelets if she was quick. All scores were written up on the ‘notches’ board.
After all the young c***dren had had their faces painted by Kelly and Tanya, Sue sat down outside the tent and asked for a leopard or tigress. As Tanya stood close to her gym teacher, applying paint to her nose and cheeks, she noticed Sue’s hand quietly slipping up under her skirt, and stroking her thigh.

“So how are you two doing on the school project? You know it has to be in by Wednesday” Sue asked pushing her fingers inside panties and between Tanya’s pussy lips.
Kelly: “Well we’ve done 'breast feeding' and 'tit-fucking' and 'painting', but now we’re running out of ideas, what can you suggest?
Sue: “Well, think about what breasts are – they’re a 'secondary sexual characteristic' designed to attract a mate, the primary is obviously between your legs and trickier to show off.”
Tanya, breathlessly, as her cunt is creaming up: “So while you have a firm grasp of my Primary, how are you trying to seduce me with your Secondary's?”
Sue: "Take a look, do like pierced nipples? The little gold rings are just the right size for chewing. They worked at treat at my interview – the headmistress was wearing a similar pair – just visible inside her blouse – I got the job and she got a good licking in her office".

Sue's Job Interview
When Sue applied for the teaching job, she was formally interviewed by the headmistress and the Chairwoman of Board of Governors, who fortunately was also a lesbian. She was asked to present a ten minute lesson for the junior sex education class, and so invited Lucy and her little br0ther Tom to assist.
Sue emphasised that early education was critical to avoid unwanted pregnancies and STIs. She had obtained a bulk supply of condoms, in various sizes and flavours for the c***dren to try, and preferred to put them on the real thing rather than bananas or dildos. Lucy was instructed in the correct manner of applying a condom to her br0ther, behind a screen to avoid his embarrassment at having his s1ster handling his little penis. Lucy sat Tom down on the headmistresses big leather chair, pulled off his trousers and underpants, thoughtfully leaving him sat on a handy towel to stop his bare bottom getting cold. Tom's little prick standing to attention, Lucy gave it a quick lick then pulled on a large size condom. It clearly didn't fit, so whipped it off and tried a medium size, raspberry flavour. A few deft hand wanking movements proved it was a snug fit, so giving him a quick kiss, she skipped back around the screen, licking her lips to curtsy and announce her br0ther was correctly protected and tasted lovely.

Lucy: "Can I fuck him now, it seems wrong to waste a nice erection? It's OK I'm not a virgin anymore"
Sue: "Haha, she doesn't mean that; of course we don't encourage u******e inc3st at this school".

As the interview continued to drone on, Lucy sat on the headmistresses lap, slipping a hand inside her blouse to check on the nipple rings.
Headmistress sliding her hand up Lucy's thigh: "Tell me more about this Intact Hymen Club you started. Is it right you are all waiting to grow breasts before getting your dads to take your virginity?"

Lucy wiggling her bottom to allow the headmistress wandering fingers into her panties: "Sorry my dad couldn't wait that long, he was very gentle, kissed me all over first, I was begging for it, he just slipped it in. Oh miss you're making me all wet thinking about him; his delicious cock. He allowed me to lick up his spunk; it's great I don't need to keep rubbing it onto my nipples to make the tits grow."

Headmistress, now really finger-fucking little Lucy: "and the other girls; are they still in the club?"
Lucy laughing: "Nobody got pregnant, but we've dissolved the Club, because none of us are still virgins".

Meanwhile Tom spun around in the high-backed leather chair behind the screen and discovered a video monitor hidden between some books on a small desk. He carefully switched it on, trying to hide the 'click' by coughing, and a moment later an image from the school CCTV system popped up. The first views were shots along empty corridors and classrooms, then a motion detector caused it to lock onto the girls' changing room, where a gaggle of senior girls rushed in wearing dripping wet swimsuits, and proceeded to strip each other off. One girl rolled up her wet swimsuit into a long dripping sausage shape and rubbed it backwards and forwards between her legs, making her generous pussy lips expand and wobble. Tom couldn't believe his luck ogling naked girls, who seemed to be showing off to the 'hidden' camera at eye level. Two girls started kissing and rubbing their chests together flattening two pair of quite large breasts. By accident he pulled back on the edge of the desk to get a closer view to the monitor; a drawer slid open revealing a joystick for controlling the CCTV cameras. Overjoyed Tom zoomed right in to one girl's cunt, filling the screen with her glistening pussy lips, and a finger rubbing her clit.

In the changing room Laura spotted the small red light next to the 'hidden' CCTV, showing that the system was recording, and decided to stage a lesbian 'rap3' scene for the headmistress, who she assumed was watching, not her younger s1sters best friend's little br0ther. The 'victim' was brought naked before Laura by two 'acolytes', wearing bikinis, f0rced down onto her knees, and her head held between Laura's thighs.

Acolytes: "Now suck you bitch. Lick her out you slut. Get your tongue up the slag's cunt. Make her cream. Get that clit between your teeth. No excuses. We don't care if you only suck blokes; you've got to be a lezzer here. Now perform for the headmistress, she likes obedient girls"

Laura: "Higher, get the bitches tongue on my clit. Rub her nose in my juices. I need to cum today, not next week. Aaarg that's better – get the rhythm faster, push her head harder, don't let her stop sucking. Chew my clit. OK untie her arms, so she can push a finger up my cunt. That's it, harder you slag, keep that finger in. More fingers, OK go for two; bunch them together. That's it, now fist me. Oh yes, oh joy, I think I'm going to squirt in the slag's mouth. Hold her still, can't waste any of this; I'm going to fill up the little slave. Hey you with the pink bikini, come here, chew my tits, smack them around a bit, slap these hot nipples. Hope the headmistress is watching this, it's all for you my darling. Just watch I'm going to drown the slut in my cunt juice. Hold her up close; keep her mouth open; here it comes".

Little Tom watched Laura filling the slave's mouth with p33; it gushed out dribbling down her chest, the two bikini girls holding her firmly in the stream. His right hand on the CCTV joystick trying to focus on Laura and the slave, left hand pounding his prick. He was amazed how much spunk a medium size condom could hold.
What he didn't realise was that Sue, the headmistress, the chairwoman and his s1ster Lucy were all standing behind him watching the same scene. After he climaxed little Lucy gave him a hug, handed the full condom to Sue and helped him back into his clothes, after thoroughly cleaning his penis with her mouth. They both kissed the assembled crowd and left.

After Lucy and Tom had left, Sue sat in the leather chair with the chairwoman squatted down between her legs, and the headmistress holding her breasts from behind. Laura pushed away the dripping slave and demanded her two acolytes to don strap-on dildos ready for a lesbian orgy demonstration for the CCTV. One strap-on pushed into the slave's mouth, still on her hands and knees, and the other girl knelt down behind her to f0rce her strap-on into the girl's arse. She screamed.

Laura: "That's cruelty: straight up her arse without any lubricant, here have some of my pussy juices on that strap-on". The slave gagged and bucked her hips. "So bitch, tell the head how much you like being fucked in the arse by a girl".
Slave: "Gurgle, glug".
Laura: "Good slave, now let's see how those pretty tits take a mauling". Laura slid underneath the slave taking both nipples into a vice like grip in her mouth, rolling them between her bared teeth and growling.
Back in the head's office, Sue switched off the monitor, and got on with the job of seducing the head and chair of governors, and unsurprisingly passed the interview.

Rugby Club

After the school fete the netball team went home to change into something more practical for the evening activities at the coffee bar in the community hall. The far corner was commandeered by the rugby club and few girls dared enter for a second time. Kelly had talked her big s1ster and 3 friends into helping her with the last phase of the school project 'Breasts to attract a mate'. Laura's sloppy joe vest had enormous arm-holes; she had only to raise a hand or lean forward slightly for anyone standing by her side to have a perfect view of both firm breasts from underneath up to the nipple and beyond. All the girls wore tight jeans, showing off their tight arses, but were not expecting to keep them on for long.

Laura thinks she recognises one of the under-18 rugby team slurping a large coffee, deeply involved in some complicated discussion about the game they just won."Mike, hi, I thought it was you" settling her pert bottom onto the seat beside him, and pulling his face close to hers.

Mike: "Do I know you? Wow what amazing tits, better not let my girlfriend see those beauties, she'll want a threesome".
Laura: "That's fine by me, do you really like my breasts?" she replied slipping a hand inside his trousers.
Mike: "They are heavenly" grabbing a good handful "so smooth, and soft, but heavy and your nipples are hard and crunchy. Can we fuck?"
Laura perched her bum over his lap, in her favourite lap-dancing pose, rubbing his trouser-encased prick with her denim clad bottom. Mike's hands naturally slipped through the vest arm holes to cradle each breast. He breathed heavily into one ear "Oh my, you are gorgeous. These tits are to die for" rubbing her nipples hard.

Laura breathlessly: "So you like my Secondary Sexual Characteristics?" then towards Kelly who had been quietly filming the whole episode "I think Sue was right, they do work".
Little Jenny busily making notes, smiled across at her br0ther, blowing him a kiss: "Luv her up b*o. Fuck the little bitches arse".
"Charming" said Laura "If that little slut is your s1ster, then your dad must be tall, let me see: dark hair, um bushy eyebrows, really strong, trimmed pubes and a circumcised prick about this long" pulling her hands eight inches apart.
Mike: "oh, so you must be the 'cute little fucker' that gave him a lap-dance, he said your arse was the tightest he'd had in ages".
Laura: "hmm that's me" pulling off her jeans and thong "how would you like it: fast or slow?"

Two of the girls had been snogging heavily and had their hands inside each other's tee-shirts, decided to put on a full lesbian show for the boys. They stripped down to their thongs and climbed up on the table, mashing their tits together then licking down necks and hips and then inside thongs. The boys grabbed at anything they fancied, mauling breasts into amazing shapes and pulling buttocks apart to ram fingers into arses. The girls tried to get into a lush '69', slurping each other's cunts, but the rugby team had other ideas and soon had one prick in the exposed arse and others pushing into both mouths. Kelly continued filming, with Jenny trying to write coherent notes about the way the big girls were using their breasts, but both succumbed to the building pressure in their loins, putting down camera and notebook and rubbing their own cunts to furious orgasms.

By now Mike had Laura pushed over the table, pretty breasts flattened, legs wide apart being shafted by his rampant cock: "How's this bitch, as good as my dad?"
"Arrgh, you're huge, you're stretching my cunt to bursting, you're hitting the top of my womb, I'm cumming, oh god you're so big...".
Refreshed from her climax little Jenny held her br0ther's exploding cock, milking the last of his sperm into Laura's pussy, and kissing him with tongues.
Mike: "You little minx, now down on your knees, lick your br0ther clean. I don't expect to see a single drop of spunk left anywhere. And as for you Laura, I've just got to have your arse as soon as you've recovered".
Laura: "Just give me a minute to get my breath back, you wonderful lover. Every bit as good as your dad; now just be gentle with my backside, it needs lubricating. Perhaps your s1ster would oblige, as it's her project". Little Jenny jumped at the chance to lick out her heroine's arse, to get her all ready for her big br0ther to fuck senseless.

The two pretend lesbians and the boys now fucking them paused to watch Jenny holding Laura's wet cheeks apart for Mike to thrust his way past her sphincter deeper and deeper into her arse, until his balls slapped. A deep gurgling noise was coming from Laura's throat, until Mike pulled her shoulders up off the table by grabbing at her breasts. Jenny climbed up, offering her quim to be licked out by Laura as her head swung from side to side under the relentless arse pounding from Mike. Very soon Jenny's cunt was a mass of slather: her juices, Laura's tongue lashing and from one of the girls a bottle of cola poured on to her chest to cool her down. Laura sucked the cola out of Jenny's cunt trying to quench her thirst and brought Jenny off. Watching his tiny s1ster's face contorting through her orgasm brought Mike to a crashing eruption deep in Laura's arse, amid an a****listic roar. Jenny leant forward to hold onto Laura's tits as her head slumped forward, and her legs still shaking under the onslaught.
"Fantastic" mouthed Jenny towards Kelly who was still shakily filming "these breasts really do work".

Laura grabbed hold of Jenny's cunt to hold herself up as her legs buckled and one finger slipped smoothly inside. "Careful with my s1ster's virginity" moaned Mike protectively, wondering how to explain to his parents how she came to lose it.

"No need to worry about that – she's no virgin" replied Laura "your playful little s1ster had a 'cycling' accident on the school's fucking machine last week. So she can take it up the cunt just like the rest of us sluts, assuming that is you don't object to a bit of inc3st". Aside to Jenny "You are so lucky having Mike as a br0ther, he has a fantastic cock and knows how to use it on a girl; perhaps you should try out your dad too, he gave me a great time".
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