Episode 24 - Amis new house

The sl**ping arrangements at the Jones household have always been unusual: the identical Ami twins share a room. Up until puberty they slept in bunk beds, Sweet-Ami usually in the lower bunk with Tangy-Ami above her in the top bunk. Except of course when they wanted to cuddle or fuck and then they both had to crowd onto one narrow mattress. Once they started bringing friends home for the night, it got very cramped in their small bedroom, and they often swapped rooms with their dad Bob, so they could share a girlfriend or boyfriend in his big double bed. Eventually they disassembled the bunk bed frame to make a double that almost filled their room from wall to wall. They had to sl**p diagonally to avoid slipping down the gap between the two mattresses; but it was useful for jamming a dildo upright for mounting.

Once Mum had left and returned to Spain they slipped into Dad's bed every Sunday morning – Sweet holding onto his erection while Tangy rubbed her cunt across his face. Once they reached puberty he would gently fuck each dau_ghter in turn; opening their tight little twats up with a moistened finger, before sliding his condom-clad prick deep into their hot beautiful bodies. They both squealed as the one being fucked usually chewed the other's tits, or sometimes bum cheeks.
Anyway, now they were approaching 18 and Bob was offered a new job up North, they jumped at the chance of a larger house with their own rooms. Now they were nearly legal for making or acting in porn they wanted a room to turn into a porn studio.

House Hunting
Bob and the twins had spent an hour trailing around identical-looking Estate Agencies in Chesterfield, rejecting the dozens of identical-looking houses on offer. Sweet-Ami, wearing unsuitable high-heeled boots was complaining her feet hurt and needed a cup of coffee. Heading back towards a café they stumbled across another shop almost in darkness down a dark alley.
They had to stand really close to the plate glass window and peer inside to see the houses for sale.

Looking through the window, Sweet is attracted to the blonde young man in a smart pin-stripe suit, just as Tangy realises the dark-haired one behind a desk must be his twin.

Derek and Justin slip off their jackets, hanging them over the back of the office chairs and advance to stand in the window. Tangy-Ami notices that all four of them are wearing identical shiny waistcoats; the boys over a white shirt and tie, the girls over pale bare flesh, showing just a hint of cleavage. Justin slowly unbuttons his waistcoat in a sexy stripping style, rolling hips and encouraging his twin to copy. As the last button popped undone he revealed an attractive flat stomach and large belt buckle. The girls got the hint and equally slowly unbuttoned their waistcoats, but this time from the lowest button upwards. First revealing perfect belly buttons, then finally pairs of fabulous 32B breasts, crowned with dark nipples hardening from the slight chill and their excitement. Both Ami’s leant forward pressing their breasts to the cold window, the 4 pale blue nipple rings making soft circular scratching noises against the glass as the girls continued to rotate their delicious hips.

Seeing the obvious trouser bulges, Tangy motioned for the lads to continue their striptease, by undoing the pretend belt holding up her short skirt and wiggling it to the floor. Derek and Justin were out of their shoes and trousers in a flash; large erections clearly visible inside their white boxer shorts. They surprised each other when Derek grabbed hold of his twin’s prick through the thin fabric and gave it a quick jerk up and over the waistband and throbbing into the daylight.

Sweet-Ami replied by lifting the hem of her twin's skirt right up to show the black satin thong underwear and sliding her hand down the front to massage the clit. Tangy was glad she had shaved them both this morning; they were certainly in for some pussy action. Pulling her hand out after a few moments dipping between the pussy lips, she offered the sticky fingers to Sweet-Ami, who eagerly lapped up her own juices. Covering their bare breasts Tangy and Sweet piled into the shop where Bob was already in deep discussions with the owner Maggie, taking a great interest in the front of her blouse. Sweet-Ami and Derek slip out to the back office giggling, with his hand on her tight-skirted bottom. Tangy and his twin Justin follow five minutes later to see Sweet-Ami on her knees, Derek in just his boxer shorts, pushing his cock into her eager throat.

Back in the office Bob sat across the desk from Maggie chatting about houses for sale in the area, the weather, the great local pubs and finally the effect her cleavage was having on him. Maggie hadn’t said much for a while, apparently staring at the monitor on her desk: “You’ll never guess what your girls and my boys are up to on that leather sofa in the back office”.
Bob: “Let’s see, they’ve been out there about ten minutes; so my girls should be naked, interlocked at the cunt and sucking off your boys, one each of course. Am I right?”
Maggie: “Come around here and take a look, you’re absolutely right. I wouldn’t mind some of that pussy myself, they look delicious. My boys get cross when I seduce their girlfriends, so I don’t get to have much young cunt. Sorry, dribbling; I hope they do fuck older women.”
Bob, slipped both hands down the front of her blouse: “Nice pair of breasts – Check”, then holding Maggie’s wrist “Pulse – Check. Yes you pass”.
Maggie pulled off her jacket and blouse, while Bob struggled with the clasp on her bra: “Aah free at last” as her heavy breasts fell into his outstretched hands “Mmm gorgeous nipples. OK if I just chew on this one while you get your skirt off?”

Maggie eased out of her chair, with Bob still attached to one breast, dropped her skirt and hobbled over to the door (skirt around ankles) set the ‘Closed’ sign and turned out the lights: “Where do you want me big boy?” She was already quite wet from watching her sons being sucked off, so Bob dispensed with the usual sexual pleasantries and just took her f***efully from behind over the back of an office chair. They were still clearing up the puddle of spunk dribbling down her black stockings when Sweet-Ami leading one of the boys by the prick came back in looking for her phone.
“Oh I see you two have become well acquainted” said the young man “you really should try her arse” laughing “I’m told she loves it”.
Maggie searching through her desk drawer found a bottle of 'Yes' organic lubricant and smeared a good dollop into her arse: “Great stuff this, you ought to try it. Right, come here little girl, up on the desk; let me lick you out while your naughty dad has my bottom. Oh fabulous, you taste so sweet, like peaches and white g****s and apricot. Oh, of course that explains your nickname, I am being stupid. So I obviously need to try out your Tangy twin. Wait a minute, isn't that some of Derek's spunk coating your clit? Did he miss?"
Derek, the blonde son, was too intent on bringing himself off again into Sweet-Ami's mouth to worry about this accusation, but Bob picked up on the implications: "So you call tell your boys apart by their tastes too? Delighted to meet another group who practice f****y fun".
Maggie replied “Yes I used to call then Salty and Creamy when they were little, but they’re all grown up now, so they don’t fuck their old mum nearly as often as I’d like”.

Bob didn't last long in Maggie's taut arse, while watching her eating his Ami, who in turn was deep-throating her Derek, and soon filled it with ropes of his hot sticky sperm. Maggie came, bringing off Ami clamping her mouth shut around her hard clit. Ami gagged as Derek's prick erupted down her throat, furiously rubbing her own nipples just for fun. Just then Tangy-Ami walked back in stark naked hand-in-hand with Justin: "We're in love" they murmured "Dad we just have to move up here, so I can fuck Justin every 10 minutes, he's an awesome lover, keeps making me cum". Then to Sweet "Sorry babe he's mine, not sharing this one", with that she went back down on him again.

Bed and Breakfast
It was too late to get back to London, and Bob hadn’t thought to book a hotel for the night, so Maggie called up one of her friends who ran a small hotel in the town. On the phone: "Janice, haven't had you in ages, could you do us a big favour. One room for tonight.. you know that large room with the 2 king-sized beds, could you push them together? Ah yes, there's 2 adults and 4 s*******n year olds.. yes my two lads and a pair of gorgeous identical twins.. yes can't stop fucking them. Don't think we'll be getting much sl**p. Oh nearly forgot; a sales rep left a box of sample flavoured lubricants for us to try out.. I've used up all the peach and raspberry – Derek tastes divine, but there's plenty left for you and Sam. See you in about an hour, just as soon as I can get some clothes onto these c***dren. Vibrators and dildos in the usual cupboard? Love you".
Then to Bob: "OK got us a room for the night; Janice and Sam are very accommodating, expect they will join us for a drink before bed. OK, now get that limp prick out of my arse, and let's get cleaned up".
Sweet-Ami was babbling: “Can we really stay the night? With the boys? In one giant bed? I haven’t been so happy in weeks. But Dad we need to buy some new underwear”, the torn remains of a black thong still tied between her nipple rings; where Derek had tried to give her 32B's a cleavage to fuck. After he came all over her tits the knots had tightened up and he had to cut the thong off.

Justin admitted he was saving Tangy’s thong as a memento of their first, second and fourth fucks. Bob gave them £20; the two Amis raced into the clothes shop next door just before closing time. Tangy was explaining to her twin that Justin had insisted she wore the thong ‘internally’ as a contraceptive; when she eventually pulled it out of her cunt, coated in layers of spunk, he wanted to frame it as a art work. Sweet realised there was no point in asking where the sperm from the third fuck had ended up: “You slut – anal on the first date” as they browsed the racks of rude underwear. They selected a pair of pretty blue panties with lacy edgings each, but then realised these might not survive the night so pulled these on under their short skirts and took another 2 pairs to the counter.

“Four pairs please” announced Tangy to the shop lady, who looked confused “Oh come here, give me that bar-code scanner” lifted Sweet’s skirt and scanned the price label hanging from the panty waistband. Then she scanned her own, revealing rather more of her dark Brazilian landing strip than intended as the label had slipped inside. “There, now you can put these pristine ones in a bag, and cut off these itchy price tags”.

They all had an exhausting night at the Bed and Breakfast, fucking, sucking, and wanking until Maggie ended up in the centre of the enormous bed being double-fucked by the two Amis wearing double-ended dildos. Bob, Justin and Derek made the best use of any free female backsides or mouths to deposit their spunk. To retaliate Maggie fixed a short stubby strap-on dildo to each knee and pulled an Ami's cunt onto each, bouncing them up and down, while hauling on their erect nipples. Having recovered their erections the boys buried them in a random Ami backside, breaking their own unwritten rule about not swapping girlfriends. Feeling a bit left out Bob lubed up both thumbs and pushed one into each future son-in-law, making them ejaculate loudly into their Ami. He resisted the urge to clean up their dripping cocks, but let the young couples take a four-way shower, while he pounded Maggie.

Janice and Sam woke them with a cup of tea in bed, really just to check the mint flavour on Bob and the boys for themselves. Sitting on the bed covered in naked bodies they couldn't resist a quick stroke of an Ami bottom, spread wide over her dad's leg, just dipping a finger between her sl**ping moist pussy lips. Sweet-Ami purred like a kitten having her tummy tickled, and clamped her thighs around the groping fingers. sl**pily turning over she smiled at Janice: "Hello you two, thanks for a brilliant night. Maggie said you are naturists, I guess you like to watch naked people". With that she pushed her bare breasts into Sam's face demanding she kiss them, after removing the little ribbons that one of the boys had tied behind each nipple ring to keep them permanently erect."Perhaps we should have a triple-wedding in the woods; then we can invite all our friends for an orgy afterwards. Would you come, please".
After a hearty breakfast, they reluctantly depart and start the serious business of looking at houses.

Maggie filled in the Guest Book with the entry 'Thank You for a fabulous romantic night with sex toys: Maggie and Bob (large black anal plugs, purple dildos) and c***dren Ami, Ami, Derek and Justin (small blue)'. The dildos were all carefully washed, standing drying in the shower tray, and the dozen or so sachets of flavoured lubricants in the bin, many covered in Maggie's red lipstick.

The New House
They quickly reject a number of boring new houses, but then find a huge detached Victorian 4 bedroom with large secluded garden. The current owner Dave shows them around; explains that now his c***dren have left home doesn't need so much space, but will be sad to leave. Ami bounce around on each bed, squabbling over who gets which room; Dave watches flash of pale blue panties as each Ami flings her legs in the air "Do you two always dress identically?"
Bob: "Oh yes they do absolutely everything together".

Sweet-Ami opening a door they hadn't seen: "Oh what's up these stairs?" charging up the steep staircase, flashing Dave her pretty legs, following close behind. Then came Sweet-Ami followed by her dad Bob, who could see right up Tangy's short skirt and remarked on her bare arse: "Careful Dave you don't want to get your face into her arse; Tangy what happened to your blue panties?"
Tangy flippantly: "Oh they were getting a bit sweaty, so I took them off. It's OK they're in Dave's shirt pocket". Bob very carefully pulled the sides of Sweet's panties up into her crack, so just the lacy edges showed outlining her pert buttocks. He stroked each rolling cheek as she climbed the steep stairs, and then pulling the bunched up panties out of her cleft, kissed her lovingly between the cheeks, just as all fa_thers would love to do.

Sweet-Ami turning back to her dad's head at her waist level: "Naughty man, I love it, you can do that every day when we live here".

Dave rushing up behind Tangy, just managing to avoid touching her bare bottom inches from his face: "Be careful, nobody's been up here for ages". The attic room was huge; with daylight pouring in through a large roof-light onto a bed that didn't look like it was meant for sl**ping. A video camera on a sturdy tripod stood in one corner, and a number of spot-lights were fixed to the rafters. The first thing Tangy-Ami noticed when she entered were the ropes suspended from the apex of the roof, hanging in loops above the bed, and some strategically placed low cupboards. Sweet-Ami spotted a digital photo frame on one wall and switched it on. To her surprise it burst into life displaying an innocent looking holiday photograph of two young c***dren on the grass: "Are these your k**s?"

Dave walking over: "Yup a long time ago, they're both grown up now and got their own families. Tina was about 9, which makes Rory about 7; great k**s".
The pictures advanced automatically, and the c***dren appeared in a variety of poses and locations, but generally wearing less clothing each time.
Tangy-Ami, who had come over to watch: "That yellow bikini is rather revealing – you can almost see her nipples poking through" she murmured. The next photos had clearly been taken in this attic, with the c***dren almost naked on this bed. Tina was coyly hiding her bald pussy behind one hand, the other hand jacking off Rory behind her. Rory had both hands on her breasts, tweaking her large nipples into erect points.
A few revealing photos later Bob, who hadn't said anything so far: "Who's a naughty dad then? That extra penis in her mouth – that would be yours I guess".
Dave blushing now: "I think we had better stop now, before ....", but the next photo confirmed all their desires – Tina was facing the camera on hands and knees, with her bro_ther Rory above and behind in a classic downward anal penetration position.

Tangy-Ami: "Oooh I love that angle da_ddy, you can get so deep", and hopped up onto the bed, handing her panties to Dave and started masturbating.
The last photo in the photo frame showed Tina hugely pregnant, smiling at the photographer and holding a large swollen breast in each hand.
Bob: "Dare I ask whose baby that is?"

Dave: "No, there are some things better not discussed" winking " she's happily married now, but there is a certain familial resemblance".
Sweet and Tangy faced each other on the big bed: “Race to get naked. Go!” and their few remaining clothes were off in a flash. Sweet-Ami buried her face in Tangy-Ami’s 18 year old crotch and started licking.

Dave: “Now they’re both naked I can’t tell them apart, Bob how do you manage?”
Tangy, panting slightly from her sis_ter’s tongue lashing on her clit: “It’s the taste – get your mouth around her cunt, and then try this finger”; collecting some of her own cuntal goo, now spreading downwards onto her thighs. Dave walked around the bed holding a pretend camera to his eye, saying “Click" and "now move that arm a fraction", and so on.

Sweet-Ami and her identical twin rolled over onto their fronts, hiding four erect nipples from this nice man’s scrutiny, and slowly opened their legs wide. He couldn’t get enough of their pale, supple bottoms, and by now had a real camera focussed on their glistening private parts.
Bob: “There is one other way; you see that dark freckle just below Tangy’s right cheek, there on the inside of her thigh” stroking her bottom “well Sweet doesn’t have one”.

Sweet-Ami laughing: “But when we were little I would always draw one on my leg with eyebrow pencil and Tangy covered her up with blusher, and dad could never tell”. Looking back over her shoulder it was obvious what Dave and Bob had in mind – both had dropped their trousers, and two rather handsome erections were only inches from the girl’s backsides. Both dads licked their fingers and smeared the spittle around their Ami's rear hole, and just before plunging in Sweet-Ami asked: "Quick what's the exact time?"
Looking at his expensive watch as he thrust into Tangy's arse Dave replied "Twelve-Oh-Five precisely, 12:05 and 2 seconds, 4 seconds, 6 seconds" with each push into her lovely bottom.

"OK you win" grumbled Sweet-Ami "that's another fiver I owe you – I never imagined we'd get screwed that quickly".

Bob and Dave synchronised pounded their Ami: "8 seconds, 10 seconds, 12 seconds".

Dave: "Wow that's too fast for me; I want to savour this fuck. Sorry Ami, but you have such a taut and juicy arse. I think I'm cumming".
The two dads came within seconds of each other; Dave pulling out to cover Tangy's lower back and bottom, but Bob releasing his sperm deep inside his girl's body.

Bob and Dave got dressed and went downstairs to discuss money, while Ami and Ami wiped off each other's sperm, then rolled on the bed for a while kissing and playing around with a double-ended dildo they discovered in a cupboard drawer. Once they'd satisfied each other cuntally, they headed for the open shower area in the corner of the attic.
Sweet-Ami:"Look they've got one of Uncle Mike's dildo shower-heads" turning the water up to quite hot and very fast, sprayed it up between her twin's pussy lips. "How does that feel? Strong enough for you" the dildo began pumping into her cunt as water gushed out, oscillating the tip against her clit, bathed in stinging warm water.

Tangy-Ami: "Stop messing about and shove it in, I need to cum on this beauty" grabbing Sweet's hand and forcing the spraying dildo shower-head into her cunt. The water now gushed out around the cleverly-designed grooves in the sides of the device, and down her legs. Sweet-Ami jammed it right up, pushing her sis_ter onto her tip-toes, as her legs began to shake. Sweet-Ami could also feel her own orgasm approaching through their identical twin libidos, and grappled her own nipples in anticipation. Tangy's climax exploded the dildo out of her cunt and onto the floor, where it throbbed obscenely covered in cuntal goo, until Sweet turned the water off, and licked back up the wet legs.
Sweet-Ami jumped up on the bed to look out of the attic window, wet buttocks wobbling invitingly: “Look Ami you can see the garden, there’s a huge oak tree in the middle, on a grassy mound. Just like that one we fucked under at the pub, where those boys tried to video our tits”.

Tangy: “Cover yourself up you slut, look there’s a little girl next door, in that yellow dress, can’t be more than eight or nine. She doesn’t want to ogle your wet nipples”. Wendy looked up from her sun lounger next door and grinned, rubbing her flat chest with both hands. Both Ami’s waived back, then Sweet cupped both of Tangy’s breasts and pulled them into her mouth to chew the dark, firm nipples.

Sweet, between mouthfuls of chewy tit flesh: “What do you think, fuck competition with the two blokes under that tree, see who cums first? Tangy then noticed the little girl’s mum come out of their house wearing a short white dress, bringing Wendy a glass of squash. As she bent over her daughter, the dress rode up revealing the back of stunning red bikini bottoms: “Wow dad would love some of that; perhaps she can be the prize”. Wendy’s mum looked up just as Tangy grabbed Sweet by the cunt, as only identical twins can, and f***ed a deep gurgling sound. The mum waived back, licking her fingers in anticipation of some wet pussy fun.
Once they stopped bouncing around, they found a dressing-up box under the bed. Sweet-Ami chose an almost see-through one piece swimsuit – dark nipples clearly showing through the thin white fabric, cute buttocks exposed by the high cut legs. Tangy chose a bright red tee shirt cut-off just below the breasts, and a pair of denim shorts where the crotch had been almost reduced to a thong.

Out in the garden Bob was photographing his twins, mostly on hands and knees, under the big tree. Then they were kissing and slowly undressing each other; carefully hanging the dressing-up clothes on the low branches. The little girl Wendy watching over the fence, fascinated– asks her mummy what they are doing. "Why have they got no clothes on? Look that man is leering at their bottoms. Now he is stroking them, Oh Mummy, he has put his hand between their legs".
Just then Dave came out wearing an apron and carrying a tray of drinks, which just hid his powerful erection: "Hello little girl, would you like this cold lemonade?" handing a glass over the fence. When he turned away towards the twins, Wendy gasped as his hairy bottom came into her full view: "Mummy that man has got no clothes on either". Then he went over to the twins, stripped off and pulled Sweet-Ami into a quick reverse-cowgirl, slipping his erection up her bum. This allowed Bob to kneel and push into her moist cunt.

Wendy: "Why are those two men squeezing that girl between them? Look she's making a girl sandwich lying face up on one and the other one keeps pushing his penis into her. Mummy why is she putting her feet up on his shoulders? Is that so he can penetrate her further? Oh look the other identical one has taken all her clothes off now and is sitting on the lower man's face. Oh that's disgusting, is she going to wee on him? She's rubbing her chest and moaning a lot. Oh mummy, are those men doing sex to them in the garden?"
By now Mum is also peering over the fence, looking a bit flushed. Dave invites her over: "come round for a drink, bring your little girl".

Wendy and her mum slipped through the gate between the gardens, and approached the writhing heap of flesh below the big tree. The hem of Mum's dress caught on a thorn, lifting it high over her waist, exposing the red thong of her bikini bottoms. Wendy following her, indignantly: "Mum I can see your bottom; you've forgotten to put any knickers on".

Dave: "Hello Wendy, what a pretty dress; do you want to sit down there and watch us playing with these two girls? You can take some photos with this camera if you like. It's OK, they're both 18".

With that he pulled Sweet-Ami's legs higher over his shoulders and thrust down into her sopping wet cunt, with a delicious squelching sound. Wendy's mum initially felt a bit uncomfortable watching her neighbour ploughing into this pretty girl, while the man underneath had her arse. She then noticed her naked twin flip her cunt down onto her dad's face, demanding "Lick this you bastard. I need a climax".

The Race
Tangy-Ami explained the rules of the Orgasm Race: Dads could use any means to make their Ami climax first; the winner had first choice of Wendy's mum, the loser just got sloppy seconds.

Wendy: "What's slippy seconds mum? Does it hurt? Do they both get to fuck you? Oh how wonderful, being fought over. I wish I had two men racing to take my virginity".

Wendy's mum pulled off her dress, and advised Wendy to do the same to avoid grass stains. Mum sat with her back to the tree trunk, pulled up her knees and flashed her camel toe prize to the assembled orgy: "Wendy slide down between the Amis and grab one nipple in each hand. You can tell when their cumming – the whole breast goes rock hard, then suddenly releases back to softness".
As both dads pounded their Ami, swapping between holes as the mood took them, Tangy motioned Wendy's mum over to whisper something and grab a good handful of arse: "Hmm nice, my dad's going to love that".

"One extra rule has just been brought to my attention" said Wendy's mum, settling back by the tree with one hand firmly buried down the front of the red bikini "If the two Amis should just happen to climax at the same time, then you have to both fuck me together – D.P. I think it's called".
Wendy: "What's deepeee mummy?"

Sweet-Ami: "Just wait, you'll see. Keep squeezing our nipples. You can chew mine if you like; I love it".

Both Amis panted hard under their sexual onslaughts from behind, mouthing obscenities at each other over Wendy's head, who was trying to measure the rigidity of their nipples. At first it seemed that Tangy would cum first, then Sweet caught up, spewing juice down her dad's thighs; but finally, according to Wendy, they both climaxed in the same second, and she declared it a dead heat.
"Oh dear" muttered Wendy's mum "I think you two had better have a rest, then the fun can begin". The two dads pulled out of their Ami's arse – both had finished on an anal, licking their girl's bum hole as it returned to its usual size, and then advanced on Wendy's mum.

She stood up, pushing Dave against the tree and going down on him. She gobbled his swollen cock, while massaging the heavy balls: "Oh I'm going to enjoy this".
Bob took up position next to Dave and offered his prick at mouth level. Wendy's mum sucked both in: "Oh now I can taste the difference – you must have had Sweet – tastes like honey, and now it seems like swallowing olive juice from Tangy's cunt".

As Bob and Dave pulled her up off the grass, reluctantly letting their pricks slide out of her wonderful slobbery mouth, her bikini top came undone letting her large breasts flop out, then Dave undid the side tie on her bikini bottoms to massage her arse.
Sweet-Ami thought it might be time to leave, as Wendy's eyes widened taking in her naked Mum, about to get double-fucked by these two powerful erections. Looking back over her shoulder, as the two Amis frog-marched her into the house, she caught a glimpse of her mum wrapping her legs around Dave's waist, and thought she saw a flash of sunlight from something metallic, before Bob blocked her view by stuffing his cock between her cheeks.

Play Room
Back up the attic Sweet-Ami snogged her twin, lovingly pushing two discrete fingers up the cunt, searching out her sis_ter's g-spot. Wendy had climbed up on the bed, staring out the window at her mum fucking the two dads under the tree.
Looking up Tangy asked “Have you never watched your mum fuck…, er I mean ‘making love’ before?

Wendy: “Oh yes every Sunday morning. When I was little, I’d pop into their bed, and dad would disappear under the duvet” laughing “you could see his feet sticking out of the end. And Mum would close her eyes and make these funny gurgling sounds. Once I peeked under the covers and watched dad’s tongue pushing into her thingy. I didn’t know what it was called then; I guess I was only three or four. Anyway Dad said he was ‘eating her out’ and called this ‘his special breakfast in bed’. Then he would lie on top of Mummy and make love to her. Sometimes he would pull my pyjama bottoms off and just watch me stroking myself, and his penis would get enormous, like it was going to burst. I wanted to stroke it, and he always let me. One time he got all agitated when both Mum and I were rubbing it, and white stuff started spurting out of the tip; I thought it had broken, but Mum cleaned it all up with her mouth".

Tangy: "Did he...?"
Wendy: "No it's OK, he never fucked me. Funny really, he thought I was still a virgin; said he was waiting for my breasts to grow. But he always brought home naughty knickers for me to try on. One pair was lovely shiny black satin shorts edged with red lace, scooped very low at the front and revealing at the back. Dad loved them; made me walk around the house in the evenings after school. He would slip his hand down the front and stroke my pussy; got me all wet, but never put his prick in there."

Sweet: “Did you want him to .. fuck you?”
Wendy “Oh yes, I can’t wait; but he says ‘not until my breasts are developed’. How can I make them grow? I’ve tried all the usual suggestions – rubbing da_ddy’s spunk over the nipples, tweaking the nipples really hard, eating lots of yoghourt. How did you two get such gorgeous tits? Can I suck them, please? Sometimes he watches me in the shower; I make a great exhibition of rubbing soap into my bottom, he seems to enjoy that. One day he made me use an electric toothbrush on my clitty – it felt awesome. Then he put his cock in my mouth; just the tip really, but it was enormous and rock-hard, and he held the back of my head, until Mum came in and told him off. Said that was her job, and sucked him off right there on the bathroom floor. Spunk everywhere, all over her top, but I managed to get some for my nipples”.

Tearing her eyes away from the incredible garden sex scene that day, she asked "I've never watched twins together, are you two real lesbians?"
Sweet-Ami, now with an entire fist inside her sis_ter: "No, babe we fuck both boys and girls, we're bi-sexuals. If you want to join in, come over here, strip off and we can make this a girly threesome on the bed. That's it; don't be scared, we're not going to bite, well maybe just a little. You'll enjoy it. You can tell all your friends you've been had by the two Amis".

Little Wendy timidly took off her yellow dress, then her white socks and panties, folding them carefully onto the bed. Shivering slightly from anticipation (the room was lovely and warm from the sun shining in) she lay face-down between Sweet and Tangy Ami on the large bed. Sweet-Ami started out kissing her neck and shoulders, progressing slowly down her spine towards the delectable buttocks. After licking the inside of an elbow, Tangy-Ami slid down to the foot of the bed, and started kissing upwards from Wendy's feet, up to her ticklish knees, to meet Sweet in the middle; stroking and kissing one bottom cheek each.

Wendy gasped as both sis_ters tongues brought her close to her first 'real' orgasm – she didn't count her early masturbation attempts: "Can I roll over?" she panted.

"Yes of course babe, you realise we will have to eat out your pretty pussy. Every tiny inch of flesh, all along the sides of your lips, that hard little clitty and drink every drop of your juice. We will suck you dry. You will be begging us to stop. But we can't, we need to make you climax continuously for at least 5 minutes to lose your lesbian-virginity. OK?"

Wendy carefully rolled over onto her back, one hand clutching at her hard nipples, the other buried between her legs, hiding her young slit.
“Naughty girl” cooed Sweet “who’s been stroking herself. I bet this finger” easing it out of Wendy’s pussy “is all sticky. Hmm it tastes divine”.
Wendy spread her legs wide, waiting to be eaten out. Tangy-Ami didn’t waste a second, diving her tongue into Wendy’s slick pussy, and rubbing her little nub of a clitoris between thumb and forefinger. Sweet-Ami offered her breasts for Wendy to graze on, then slid her body further up the bed so Wendy's tongue stayed in contact with flesh until it nestled in her dark pubic triangle. Flipping one leg over Wendy's face, she gently lowered her puffy cunt lips onto Wendy's eager tongue. Wendy had never licked out a pussy before, but took to it like a duck to water; soon whipping Sweet's cunt into a frothy mess.

Wendy's mum tiptoed up the attic stairs, trying to avoid the steps that squeak, as she could hear several gurgling moans coming from the bed bearing the Ami twins and her little Wendy. The sight of Tangy-Ami's bottom high in the air as she munched on Wendy, whose head was buried between Sweet-Ami's thighs was too much just to watch. She had to have that arse, so stripped down to her bikini and pulled on a discarded strap-on dildo and gently pushed it in. Tangy-Ami removed her tongue from Wendy for just a moment to look around; then smiling at her luck, thrust it back in making Wendy climax. Wendy shook through her first deep lesbian orgasm, gasping for breath, then pushing her tongue back into Sweet-Ami.

Bob and Dave were not far behind Wendy's mum, couldn't believe their eyes at the four fabulous girls in front of them. Dave photographed Sweet-Ami, holding her own darkest nipples, and cumming hard from Wendy's onslaught on her cunt.
Sweet-Ami to Bob: "Cum here you lovely man, I need some of that cock down my throat. And you Dave careful how much of Wendy you get in the photos – remember she is rather young", and to Wendy "Keep sucking bitch, you're learning fast".
Much later when Wendy's mum pulled off the glistening strap-on and her damp bikini bottoms, little Wendy clearly saw her mum's clit ring exposed below her blonde pubes: "Mummy can I have a closer look? Sweet-Ami told me all about them. Does it hurt? Can I touch it? Does it make your cum harder? When can I get one fitted, it looks so hot?" Wendy slid her hand downwards and under her mum's clit ring and rubbed in a circular motion, catching it between her fingers, her fingers getting covered in stickiness.

"Oh you gorgeous girl" moaned her mum "yes keep doing it, just a bit harder. Oh I've been waiting ages for you do that. You see that shiny black rubber dildo, can you reach it? Oh lovely, now just push the tip between my lips. Here I'll hold them open. That's it, now just push it in. Don't worry there is plenty of room in there, you won't hurt me."
Wendy: "Oh mummy, I'm fucking you with a dildo. Your clit is going all slippery, I can hardly hold on. Mummy why are you panting? Are you going to cum on my fingers?"

Tangy-Ami helped Wendy into the strap-on, adjusting the straps around her tiny waist; giving it a whack to make sure it was snug fit: "Now you can fuck her properly. Just climb between her thighs and push your hips forward. Here I'll help. Now rock backwards and forwards. It's OK I'll just massage your bottom to get you going. That's it perfect fucking action. Your mum is going to love you".
Dave just couldn't believe his good fortune, quietly filming behind Wendy, concentrating on her little bottom bobbing up and down between her mother's thighs, watching the long black dildo sliding in and out of the slick cunt he had been eating out and fucking in the garden.

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2 years ago
Excellent writing. Very descriptive. And very perverted and hot too.
2 years ago
excellent addition to this wonderful series