Episode 18 - the Hymen Club (revised)

This is another story starring pre-pubescent Lucy and friends and thier close f****y relationships; please do not read if offended by u******e i****t.

In Bed
Early one morning about a month after little Lucy was a*****ed by the r****t builder and rescued by Giselle (in Episode 17); she slipped into her parents’ bed, and snuggled into the moon-shaped space between mum and dad. Dad was behind her and Mum in front; both slept naked so she could feel Dad's hairy chest against her back and Mum's bare bottom against her taut young tummy. She had already applied a gloop of flavoured lubricant between her bare cheeks and rocked her little arse backwards onto dad’s morning erection. As the head of his prick slid effortlessly between the taut little cheeks of her backside, he involuntarily reached forward and pushed down on her shoulders, thinking it must be his wife’s erotic encounter. Lucy flinched as the first inch pushed past her ring and penetrated her rectum, but didn’t make a sound, hoping her dad would continue fucking her little arse, like he had a month ago. Dad roused from sl**p, his prick automatically engorging in her tight tunnel, only realised something was wrong when he tried to fondle his wife’s breasts and found instead Lucy’s completely flat smooth chest.
“Hush” whispered Lucy “no need to wake up mum, just keep pushing, I’m sure it will all fit”.
“You very naughty baby girl” breathed dad into her ear “hold still while I get a better angle” and nudged a further 2 inches into her overheated taut backside.
"Oh daddy, I love you" Lucy whimpered, easing one leg backwards over his thigh to allow him better access.
“Wow you’re so tight” he groaned as the spunk started pumping up into her tiny arse “but remember we have to preserve your virginity until the day you have breasts”.
Mum stopped pretending to be asl**p and rolled over to face Lucy; her full breasts within inches of Lucy's chin "Suck them baby" she murmured, pushing a hard nipple into Lucy's mouth. Lucy grabbed hold of the breast in both hands, chewing ever so gently on the nipple, just like when she was a baby suckling. "Harder" demanded Mum, then "Argh" as Lucy squashed her two tits together, sucking in both nipples and ground her teeth together, which was nothing like a baby.
Lucy kept squeezing one with her left hand, but slid her right hand down, first to her own cunt which was sticky with her Dad's spunk dribbling out of her arse, then to her Mother's, pushing one then two fingers between her hot slick pussy lips. "Oh yes" moaned her Mum "That's it, rub my clit; push your fingers further in, now bunch your fingers together and fist me; harder. Oh you little darling, you're making your Mum climax, oh keep going, don't stop, it's wonderful, oh I love you, argh..."
Dad carefully pulled out of Lucy's arse, asking his two favourite girls to lick him clean. Mum got stuck in straightaway, but Lucy held back asking "Can I get pregnant if I swallow Dad's cum?" just dipping her fingers in the puddle between her cheeks and absent-mindedly rubbing it into her nipples, hoping to make them grow into breasts.
"No of course not, silly" Dad replied "to get pregnant you have to be fertile and take it up the cunt; swallowing is perfectly safe".
"Oh great" answered Lucy, pushing her Mum aside to get more of Dad's cock down her throat.

Starting the Club
On her way to school Lucy told her best friend Kelly, who was a year older, all this morning’s fun with mum and dad. Kelly wanted to know all the details: when her dad had started making out with her arse, how much it hurt, what Lucy's mum thought about it, and why her virginity was so important. Kelly's big s****r Laura was already a teenager and had started her puberty early, and now had large ripe breasts and a full triangle of dark pubic hair. Kelly knew that her dad had regularly fucked Laura for at least a year, and wanted some herself.
So every day, Lucy and Kelly inspected their pussies with a mirror to ensure the hymens were still intact and searched out recommendations online to make breasts grow as quickly as possible. Several like-minded girls at school bandied together to make the 'Intact Hymen Club' to help protect their virginities and plot the day of their deflowering with a f****y member. Most assumed their dads would perform the sacred act when their breasts were large enough to tweak, others fantasised about dishy uncles. At every opportunity they would sit on the knee of their intended victim and ‘accidentally’ rub a hand or thigh across an engorged cock, while whispering the club rules.
The club rules, which changed from time to time, included:
• Absolutely No Boys,
• All girls to have an intact hymen, checked at every meeting,
• No bicycle or horse-riding or violent exercise allowed.
• No girl to be more developed than the 'breast budding' stage, which they defined as having a small raised bump behind the nipple; the nipple and surrounding areola maybe getting a little darker.
• Each girl to have a male f****y member willing and able to take their virginity on demand.
• Anal sex is fine.
They mostly knew that breast size gets a lot of attention (from boys) and wondered how they can make their breasts grow faster or bigger. Despite what some magazine ads say, there isn't any magic cream or pill that can speed up the process or make a girl's breasts larger than they are. In fact, breast size is mostly determined by heredity and a girl's weight. So, if a girl's mother has big breasts or small breasts, the girl can expect to have breasts of similar size. And a girl who has more body fat is more likely to have larger breasts, so the fatter girls were happy.

Human Biology
Sue, the human biology teacher and gym mistress, thought it best to explain reproduction to her infant girls and boys in the approved manner of “when two people are in love.. the man places his erect penis in the woman’s vagina… and deposits semen … which fertilises an egg and 9 months later a baby is born”. Then asked if the c***dren had any questions…
Kelly asked “Miss does the woman have to climax to get pregnant; my big s****r always screams when daddy is fucking her, but she doesn’t have any babies?”
All the boys sniggered, but some of the girls looked worried and stopped masturbating for a moment to listen to the answer.
“No Kelly” replied the teacher “a girl can get pregnant without having an orgasm, only the man needs to”.
One girl asked if it was OK to swallow her b*****r's semen; another asked why it sometimes tasted yucky.
Little Lucy couldn’t resist asking a question that had been bothering her since that morning in her parents bed “Miss, and if a man fucks a lady up the arse, will she have a baby boy instead of a girl?”
“Lucy that is completely untrue and rather an advanced question for this class”
“Oh good” replied Lucy “that’s what my dad said too, but it does hurt quiet a lot”.
Kelly then sheepishly raised her hand and asked “Miss, can you get pregnant from lap-dancing?”
Sue: “I suppose we’re talking about your s****r Laura again…?”
Kelly: “Yes Miss, she sometimes performs for my Dad and his friends; she wears her favourite shiny blue thong bikini that Daddy bought her, and wobbles her bottom over their penises, sliding up and down their thighs. She’s a teenager and got real breasts and pubic hair and has periods every month, so she must be fertile. You know she lets me trim her pubes; Dad likes her completely shaved bald, so she looks like a little girl; but she prefers a tiny dark hairy triangle. When the pricks are all nice and hard she pulls the thong off and straddles one of them; but it's OK, Dad always insists the men wear condoms. Jenny, your dad was there, he’s cute, and I think I recognised Tanya’s dad, and of course Lucy your dad, he kissed me and stroked my bottom, so I had to suck his cock, oops sorry Miss ‘his Penis’. Dad wouldn’t let me watch Laura getting properly fucked, but she came up to my room afterwards so I could lick the spunk off her tits, and she told me all about it.”
Lucy indignantly “You sucked my dad’s cock! That’s my treat; he can’t go stuffing into any little slag’s throat! I hope he didn’t cum, that would be too awful, in my best friend”.
Kelly “Calm down baby, it wasn’t like that” putting an arm around Lucy’s shoulders “it was just a quick slurp, it didn’t mean anything. Anyway he said you were the best sucker he had ever had, and you would give me some lessons; so we’re all meeting up for a sex picnic at my house on Saturday, where Laura, you and me can all blow him away” .
Jenny and Tanya: “Can we come too, to practice on Lucy’s dad before we try our own?”
“Yes of course, just bring some rude underwear, and dad will stay hard for hours, so we can all suck him off”.

After Class
At this point the bell rang for the end of the lesson and teacher stopped Lucy and Kelly as they raced for the door “I think I’d better have a word with your parents, would you both ask your dads to come in after school. Oh and another thing, why do I never see you two at Games; you’re both quite fit, and your excuses are poor”.
“Oh Miss, that’s because we need to protect ourselves” mumbled Lucy, coyly slipping a hand up her skirt to stroke her pussy.
“We need our hymen to be intact until we’ve got proper breasts so our dad can take properly break the virginity. Look we’ve formed the Hymen Club, and that means no jumping or leg spreading” added Kelly.
“I hate to ask this, but do your dad’s really have anal sex with you?”
Kelly: “Only on Mondays, dad holds me in a reverse-cowgirl and only slips a couple of inches up my bum, while my big s****r chews my clit, then she has to lick all his spunk off before he goes to work”.
Lucy: “I watched him bumming Giselle at the r****t-builder’s flat, and he got the whole 10 inches inside her, it was awesome, but he’s quite gentle with me”.
Kelly: "Miss do you like little girls?" she asked provocatively pulling up the hem of her regulation school skirt and tucked it into the waist-band. She slipped both hands into her regulation blue school knickers, pulled them down past her knees and with a deft flick of one foot kicked them into the hands of Lucy. Lucy turned the blue panties inside out and sniffed the damp crotch area, probing her tongue into the tangy wetness.
Lucy: "Hmmm, tastes heavenly, I think she tastes of peaches, but her big s****r says apricots, what do you think Miss?"
Kelly pulls apart her pussy lips inviting teacher to check her private flavour; Sue cannot resist and squats down between Kelly's legs, gripping her hard little clit between her teeth, and stroking up the back of each thigh to hold her taut bottom.
Sue: "mumble, mumble, I agree with your big s****r; definitely apricots, delicious".
Lucy "My dad thinks you might be a lesbian or at least a bi-sexual".
Teacher gruffly: “That's none of your business, just tell your dads to come in; ask for Sue and meet me in the gym”
“Yes of course Miss” added Kelly “I think my dad fancies you, he loves to lick out red-heads, especially if they might be lesbian, he says they taste so much better”.

The Sex Picnic
Lucy, Tanya and Jenny all met up at Kelly's house, where Kelly’s dad and Lucy's dad were already stripping Kelly down to her panties in the big warm conservatory.
Lucy’s dad sat in the middle of one sofa with Laura and Kelly’s dad opposite him on the other sofa; Lucy and Kelly, Jenny and Tanya sat on the floor between them scoffing little cakes then jelly and ice-cream. Lucy wearing a short summer dress introduced the lap-dancing lesson by demonstrating the forward position on her dad, straddling his lap facing him. His hands automatically wrapped around her bottom, lifting up the back of her dress to expose her pretty blue panties, before slipping both hands inside for a good grope. Lucy pointed out that her dad’s prick was safely squashed between her tummy and his and so was no threat to her virginity. She wrapped her hands around his neck and, in a loud stage-whisper, told him how much she adored him, how she could make him very happy, and how when she was older she wanted to have his babies.
Next up was Tanya, wearing a shiny lilac leotard, straddling Kelly’s dad; his large hands engulfed her tiny bottom cheeks. He carefully popped open the press-studs in the crotch of her leotard, slipping his hands between her cheeks, and stoking her little tightly puckered bum-hole. She moaned into his ear that she wanted to drink his spunk, as he lifted her up and down against his chest, using her whole young body as a masturbation glove. As she rose up and down she massaged the head of his erect penis with her tummy and prominent pubic bone. It was only a few minutes before he erupted, covering her tummy in his hot white spunk, while licking her ears and fingering her bottom. Tanya came too, shrieking and shaking violently, clamping her thighs tight on his lap. Kelly and Jenny bounded forward to lift Tanya off onto her back on the floor and lick the pool of sperm from her tummy. Lucy was concentrating on cleaning up Kelly’s dad, when Kelly’s big s****r Laura walked in wearing a very short pleated skirt and a bikini top that just failed to cover her large nipples.

Laura with two dads
“OK k**s” laughed Laura “remember only try this when you’ve already lost your virginity, because you’re sure to get fucked”. She danced over towards Lucy’s dad, turned her back on him and bent over to touch her toes, the skirt riding up to reveal her pretty camel-toe and a complete lack of underwear. Her cunt gaped open and her tight puckered bum-hole winked at him. Pulling the skirt right off she eased her bottom over his stretched out legs catching his growing prick between her bum cheeks.
“Now girls watch carefully” sliding her bottom up and down his erection and leaning back so his hands naturally cupped her breasts. “The moment you let his penis slip down between your legs, you’re fucked; he can choose which hole, and I love it”. With that she raised her arse, letting his prick slip forwards and run down the groove between her cheeks and nestled in the entrance to her wet pussy. Tanya and Jenny crept forward to get a better view as the head of his prick engaged in her cunt and slowly disappeared inside her body. Laura rocked her entire body backwards and forwards from the hips, burying his prick further into her womb. Her bikini top couldn’t protect her vulnerable rock-hard nipples from his m*****ing fingers, and she shuddered to her first climax, juices erupting from her pussy and splashing Tanya’s face.
“Now for the fun part” breathed Laura, trying to maintain her composure “All I need to do is lift up a bit, grab hold of this slippery prick and stuff it up my arse; watch carefully”. Lucy’s dad went into overdrive, hauling back on her tits and forcing his prick deep into her willing arse.
“Oh god, you’re so tight you little bitch, aaargh!”
Laura smiled across the room to the other sofa “Daddy I’m all nice and wet for you now, come and take me lover”. Laura’s dad needed no more invitation than the sight of his teenage daughter holding her swollen cunt lips open begging to be licked out. Laura’s dad put Jenny back down on the floor after removing his finger from her bottom “Here lick this; do that for your daddy and he will be happy to let you stay in the Intact Hymen Club until you’re old enough to fuck”.
Laura’s dad shuffled across the gap between the sofas making a bee-line for his daughter’s wanton pussy, held open and dripping just for him. He slowly licked up the inside of one thigh, taking his time, making her wait. Laura tried to push her crotch forward onto daddy’s tongue, but Lucy’s dad who still had most of his prick up her arse pulled sharply back on her tits, forcing himself further in and making Laura yelp.
Eventually he reached the top of her thigh and pushed his tongue and a finger for good measure, between her lips circling around her hard clitoris bud. Laura melted, her thighs began to wobble and her breathing slowed, she could feel the next climax coming, but wanted this sensation to last forever. "Oh daddy please, please fuck me, I need to show these little girls what real loving is".
"OK, up on your feet" he commanded, Lucy's dad still vigorously fucking his daughter's bottom, and pulled the two of them vertical, Laura still impaled, holding her legs out straight either side of his hips. Laura's cunt engulfed her dad's rock-hard penis, wrapping her legs around his back, drawing him in deep with a delicious slurping sound. The two dads paused for a brief moment, and then counting 3-2-1 synchronised their full-depth pounding into Laura. She shrieked as the two large cocks crashed into the thin internal wall between her cunt and arse, spewing pussy juice down her thighs. The dual penetration was relentless, forcing Laura to attempt to relieve the pressure by lifting up and kissing her dad, first pleading for him to stop, then to carry on, she was getting delirious.
Kelly, her little s****r sitting at her dad's feet watching intently was shocked enough to plead "please daddy stop, you're hurting her". "Nonsense" replied her dad "she's loving it" just as he and Lucy's dad lost complete control of the situation and poured spunk into both her cavities.
After a long time standing with the three bodies locked together by spunk, sweat and penises, they gradually separated, laying Laura down gently on the floor to rub her sore backside.
“There, I knew they couldn’t last long” she murmured “that’s how to give your favourite dad a lap-dance he will never forget. But just remember forwards if you want to protect your virginity, backwards if you need a fucking”.

The Wet-Room
Laura took the two dads upstairs to the large wet-room to shower off their spunk. The four youngsters Lucy, Kelly, Tanya and Jenny strolled into the kitchen discussing the next stage. Kelly made them all very large glasses of orange squash, which they wolfed down and came back for more, wanting to ensure full bladders for their dads' pleasure.
When they arrived at the wet-room Laura was kneeling between the two dads, a cock in each hand, wanking them gently as they mouthed filthy obscenities about fucking their daughters.
Tanya pulled Kelly's dad onto the floor, straddled his chest and masturbated her little clit until, with a little whimper, she shot a jet of hot, steaming yellow pee over his neck and face. This was the shock that Lucy and Kelly needed to release their full bladders, squatting over the drainage hole in the wet-room floor, while rubbing soap into each others' bottom.
Jenny, who had been filming with her waterproof camera, and holding onto Lucy's dad's cock for moral support, pulled him to the floor positioning her cunt just above the tip of his rigid prick.
"Be careful, don't do it" warned Lucy "He can't resist a pretty cunt".
Little Jenny adjusted her position so that the prick threatening to pop her cherry just nudged her lips apart, exposing her clit, but then harmlessly slid outwards grazing against her tummy. The friction of his hard cock against her clit and her own finger slipped up her bum was enough to set her off peeing: a huge stream erupted around both sides of his prick, as she bumped her bottom up and down on her hand.
"You lovely little slut; just wait 'till I get Lucy home, I think she'll be leaving your Club fairly soon".
“OK girls, now for the next stage” commanded Lucy “Jenny turn around and get your pussy over his mouth, now lean forward so you can grip his prick in both hands. That’s it nice and tight, you can never squeeze a cock too much. Here’s a squirt of liquid soap, lather up his balls, he likes that. Now start pumping both hands, you can suck the tip if you like; don’t worry about the little bit of pre-cum, you’re going to get a complete mouthful soon”.
Tanya asked if swallowing spunk makes your breasts grow, and Laura laughed “Get a load of these; it never did me any harm”.
“Down on your knees slut”, her dad ordered “get those pretty tits soaped up and wrapped around this prick, and don’t forget to swallow”. The two dads had a race to see who could fill their little sucker first.

Cycling Machine
Back at school Sue encouraged one of the older netball team girls to strip off and sit on the new cycling machine; carefully slipping a foot onto each pedal and tentatively holding the handlebars.
Sue: "Now start pedalling slowly, and feel the clitoral stimulator open your lips and massage your clit". "As you pedal faster the vibrations get faster; change gear if you want the stim to slow down but give deeper thrusts".
The girl was so focussed on the sensations in her cunt she hardly heard Sue explaining that the left-hand twist control on the handlebars enabled the cuntal thrusters, and the right-hand control the anal probe. Pulling back on each handlebar caused the dildo to enter her, and pushing forward to slide out. The girl experimented with the anal probe, sliding just two inches into her rectum on each stroke and soon tried the cuntal thrusters at maximum setting and climaxed violently. Laura relaxed for a moment pulling off her crop top and badly fitting sports bra, letting her good-sized breasts hang free, before grabbing the handlebar again to expand the anal probe opening up her arse. Pushing both handlebars forward withdrew the thrusters so they almost left her body, then after a brief moment of relaxation, heaving backwards caused them to oscillate inside her cunt and arse, taking her over the edge again.
"Wow that was awesome" she shouted after getting her breath back "is it alright if I squirt?"
Sue: "Yes it's fully waterproof, and the splash-guard is easily cleaned for boys".
"Boys?" asked one lad nervously watching the cuntal thrusters pushing high into Laura's womb.
Sue: "It's OK; it checks your sex first, you won't get any nasty surprises; the clitoral stimulator slides neatly under your balls, and only the anal probe is enabled". "Make sure you wipe it down after each use, and use plenty of lubricant; it will automatically apply some when you get on, and you can squirt more with that white button. It’s lovely and slippery and cool, so is great if your cunt or arses are feeling too hot".
"What about us in the Hymen Club" asked Lucy and Kelly "we can't have the cuntal thingy poking around breaking our cherries before our dads get a chance". The older girls giggled, but Sue was serious about protecting the virginity of her u******e girls "It's OK; it will detect your club bracelet and automatically disable the cuntal probe".

Sports Bra
Laura and Kelly’s dad, with Lucy, Kelly and Lucy’s dad, arrived at the gym as requested, and on hearing shrieks and moans stopped in a small alcove behind a curtain, in time to watch Laura probed through her second crashing orgasm. Then, two thin wire probes emerged from between Laura’s pussy lips and slowly stroked their way up through her dark pubic triangle, briefly meeting at her belly button before sliding up each breast to grasp hold of a nipple. Laura moaned as her large nipples were squeezed and a small surge of electricity seemed to jump straight to her g-spot.
“Just watch” breathed Sue as thin metal straps encased Laura’s breasts, fanning out from the nipple clamped tight. Each one followed the contour of her breasts until they hit flat chest wall, and then together bounced her tits up and down to measure her natural springiness. Straps extended around Laura’s back and a pair snaked over her shoulders to join up on her spine. Finally the nipple clamps were released and her new sports bra was complete and fitted to perfection. Laura staggered off the ‘exercise’ cycle, into Sue’s arms, who slipped a discrete finger into her abused bottom to check her stretched arse-hole was recovering its normal size properly. Once her legs had stopped trembling Laura experimentally jumped up and down, bouncing her new bra as much as possible. Amazed the nipples never moved, the bra was supporting her breasts perfectly without any feeling of pressure or discomfort; Laura thought her normally heavy breasts were floating.
Sue explained that the metal bands automatically adjusted their tension to keep the nipples level and avoid the breast weight shifting. Each areole was completely bare except for a pair of fine silver wires gripping the sides of the nipple. These kept the nipples erect by pulsing a tiny electric current; and as Laura later found out when masturbating, synchronised to the tiny probe permanently attached to her g-spot. She could now make herself climax just by rubbing or pinching her nipples hard. Sue explained that it was fine for wearing all day, and she could sl**p in it; the bra would detect her body weight if laying on her front and go limp. All Laura had to do to take it off was to press the red button at the front, and the panels unfold and collapse into a tiny bag. If she was wearing a tight tee-shirt or close-fitting blouse and didn’t want her nipples quite so visible poking through the fabric, there was a little remote control for adjusting the current so that her nipples could relax back to their normal shape. Sue pointed out to the enthralled girls the bar-code etched into the metal surface just below the left nipple; if you scanned the Quick Response Code with a Smartphone it would display all the breast size and weight data, and statistics on the bra control to make an animated video of breast joggling under exercise.
Laura had spotted her dad intently watching her every move, and ran over to hug him, her nipples thrusting into his outstretched hands.
“Oh daddy, I love you” Laura moaned, as he held her firmly, kissing her on the lips, fondling her damp bottom and then moving up to grasp her erect nipples between thumb and finger. “Oh, Oh, my nipples are so sensitive, please keep stroking them, Oh fuck, I’m cumming again, argh…”
Laura rubbed her pussy up and down her dad’s leg as she climaxed, pulling his jogging bottoms down, which had been straining to hold in his engorged prick. Laura dropped to her knees sucking him in noisily and just managed to catch a mouthful of spunk, before it erupted all over her chin. Looking up she spotted Lucy and her k**-s****r Kelly “Hi you two, how long have you been watching, did you see me cumming on the exercise cycle, it’s awesome, you must try it, even for babies in the Hymen Club”. Kelly and Lucy ran over to the group of girls around the machine, begging to be next up.
Then Laura realised that Lucy’s dad was also there watching her sports bra intently and licking his lips “Oh shit” she moaned “do you want a suck too?”
“No problem” said her dad “this little slut has enough here for both of us”.
She had heard from Lucy how big her dad was, but was willing to give it a go. Laying on top of her dad she sucked off Lucy’s dad, then had a never-ending series of orgasms as they double-penetrated her, with the new bra electrifying her nipples and g-spot on each thrust.

The Shy Girl
The last of the four netball players watched her friends getting masturbated by the cycling machine and having sports bras fitted, was feeling very nervous and had to be helped onto the cycle by Sue the gym mistress. She reluctantly pulled off her skirt and panties, but refused to remove her tee-shirt before climbing into the saddle. She was painfully thin with skinny legs and a boyish bottom, never seemed to be dating boys, and was probably still a virgin. She was very eager to try out the clitoral stimulator, and in her haste pulled back sharply on the right-hand handlebar before sitting down properly and the blue anal probe missed her bottom and slid up one cheek, spraying lubricant all up her back. Settled back on properly, she grew in confidence as the anal probe opened up her backside and began the throbbing deep inside her colon. When the bra size probes slipped up under her tee-shirt she was glad the other girls were not going to see her tiny boobs. The machine decided that her firm breasts were no bigger then AA cup size and had no need of a bra at all. Instead it formed a small half-circle of steel that encased the underside of her breast just outside of the areole, dished to fit her profile, and held in place by the two vertical silver wires gripping her nipple. It fitted perfectly holding her nipples erect and the breast underneath just slightly supported. Proudly she pulled off her tee-shirt to let the other girls admire her bright red individually sculpted micro ‘sports bra’. Each breast was gently held in place by the snug-fitting ring around the lower edges of each nipple, with no straps at all; all support coming from the nipples gripped between the pairs of silver wires.

In the Gym
The gym mistress noticed that Lucy and Kelly rarely attended PE lessons whenever jumping was involved. On the odd occasion they turned up, they spent most of the lesson surreptitiously masturbating or inspecting each other's nipples. She knew that most little girls were fascinated by their forthcoming puberty, but these two were a bit different. When confronted Lucy just said "ask my dad" and Kelly added "and my dad fancies the pants off you, even if you are a lesbian".
A few days later Lucy and Kelly's dads turned up after school and were e****ted to the gym and sat down on a c***d-height bench. After leaving them waiting for several minutes the gym mistress walked in wearing a pair of baggy, grey track-suit bottoms and a short zipped up hoody top leaving a lot of bare taut midriff on show. Kelly's dad half stood up extending a hand to shake her hand or stroke her tummy, he was not sure, but she barked "sit down and listen". "There's no easy way to say this, but I think you two may be abusing your c***dren".
"That's quite an accusation" said Lucy's dad getting to his feet "for a lesbian in charge of impressionable young girls wearing skimpy clothing" looking down her top.
"For a lesbian, I have to say you are rather pretty" added Kelly's dad, slipping around behind and locking both her arms firmly just above the elbow.
"And are you a natural red-head?" smirked Lucy's dad "let's have a look shall we?" pulling down the front of her jogging bottoms to reveal a bright blue thong, and then a neatly trimmed red pubic bush.
"Oh nice" pulling the trousers right down, followed by the thong, and sliding two fingers between her lips "what a lovely cunt; shame she's a lesbian, what a waste".
"I am not a lesbian, I don't need to explain my sexuality to you, and this is ****".
"Nonsense" replied Kelly's dad "it's only **** if you refuse, and we haven't asked yet", sliding his tongue up her right thigh and into her cunt.
Sue stopped struggling to get her arms free, as the warmth emanating from her cunt started to turn her on. From the back Lucy's dad let go her arms, pulling her bum cheeks apart, pushed his tongue into her succulent arse hole and lapped noisily.
Sue began to fight back, nothing like their pliant loving daughters; she wasn't going to take a double **** lightly....

The New Club
The next week Lucy met up with Kelly “Can I borrow your bike?” she asked with a wink.
Kelly: “Did you? Did you do it with your dad? Have you really lost your virginity? Oh my brave little girl, of course you can ride my bike as often as you like” and kissed her full on the lips, with just a hint of tongue “Tell me all about it. Did it really hurt? You’re dad is really huge, how much did he get up you?”
Tanya arrived: “What are you two whispering about?”
“Hush” replied Kelly “Lucy isn’t in the Intact Hymen Club any more, her dad did the business last night, really fucked her up, it sounded magical”.
Kelly then admitted to losing her virginity the night of the 2 dads picnic, assisted by her big s****r Laura, who held her legs apart for her dad to slip in easily, there was a lot of bl**d, but it didn’t hurt too bad.
Tanya admitted to losing hers when pissing on her dad: "He just went crazy; I couldn't stop him, it was almost ****. I begged him not to, but he said it was only a silly flap of skin, and now we could fuck like grown-ups".
“So that only leaves Jenny” remarked Lucy, just as Jenny walked up, looking a bit sheepish.
“It broke on that amazing cycling-fucking-machine in the gym; I just had to try it out, and now I’m not a virgin either. What are we going to do about the Club; we’ve all got to leave”.
“I’ve thought about that” said Lucy “We can start a new one called Daughters Love Their Dads, what do you think?...”

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love it dasx can read yours over and over
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I really enjoyed the “Human Biology” section of your story. In my sex education classes, we never had questions quite so crazy, but some of my classmates (mostly boys) were really pushing the envelope – shall i say – with edgy questions to our female teacher. I've often wondered if the sex education teachers go home and masturbate after they talk to the boys and girls about sex.
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Excellent my friend... :)
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good stuff
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awesome hot & so sexy i just love the way all females taste each with her own distinct flavor
3 years ago
"he loves to lick out red-heads, especially if they might be lesbian, he says they taste so much better”. Well its true they do.