Episode 17 - Baiser Moi (Fuck Me)

This is a story of Sperm Donation, **** and Retribution. Please do not read if easily offended by u******e sex, i****t and masturbation.

In Bed
Early one Sunday morning Tony roused from a wet dream to find a young woman’s body straddling his prick and rubbing her tits up and down his chest.
“Hush”, she purred “mustn't wake your s****r”.
Tony had already run his hands up and down her sides – taught firm flesh, and checked out her breast size – too small and pointy to be his twin s****r Sam. He well knew Sam's as a wobbly 34D pair; these were certainly no more than a delicious firm B cup, with dark hard thrusting nipples.
“Good morning” he replied “who are you and are you doing jamming that luscious wet cunt onto my throbbing pole at 6 o’clock?”
“Your mum said you had loads of spare spunk, so I was sent in to relieve you of some”.
Just then Sam, his twin s****r walked in carrying two cups of tea. Sam was wearing just the silky French knickers he had bought for her birthday. Like most presents it was much for his pleasure, ideal for fucking her through the wide leg openings and feeling the soft satin fabric against his balls.
"What are you doing fucking my b*****r?" she demanded "that's my job on Sundays" leaning over to stroke Giselle's damp arse cheeks. On the radio a news item on Human Genetics is discussing the problems of getting enough sperm donors.
After watching Giselle bouncing up and down on his shiny prick, Sam pushes against the bum cheeks and her b*****r's prick leaves the tight fleshy folds and stands up, glistening proudly with Giselle's juices. She eases Giselle forwards, pulling her arse cheeks apart and slips both thumbs between the soft lips. Taking Tony's cock down her throat, it tastes of raspberry-flavoured sex-lubricant and Giselle's perfume.
Sam: "I love the taste of your raspberry juice; it's so slippery, I can hardly grip your pussy lips".
Giselle: "That's the idea baby: keep chewing and I might cum on your face".
Sam alternates between sucking the juices off her b*****r's cock and licking more out of Giselle's arse, until with a grunt Tony pumps a large quantity of spunk down her throat.
Flipping Giselle over onto her back she traces the letters tattooed into her pubes with a finger "B", "a", "i", "s", "e", 'r" and lower down almost hidden in the jet-black hairy triangle "M", "o", "i".
"Baiser Moi" exclaims Sam. "Fuck Me" replies Tony "who did this?"
The radio drones on:
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority has begun a three-month consultation period on the existing rules governing egg and sperm donation. People who donate in the UK are currently only allowed to be compensated for expenses and loss of earnings, a maximum of £250.
Dr David King of Human Genetics Alert and Dr Allan Pacey of the British Fertility Society discuss payment for egg and sperm donors.
Although I can only comment as a multiple egg donor with a limited knowledge of the sperm donation process - what rubbish! I believe there should be equality for all donors, but see no reason why sperm donors should be paid more than egg donors. Blah blah blah…

Licking out Giselle, Sam asks "Why is this debate all about men, egg donation is far more invasive – hormones for weeks, and a nasty trip to the clinic to 'harvest' them. Tony why are your nipples so hard?"
Both girls stop fucking him and demand he signs up right away as a Sperm Donor on the laptop.
Tony: "OK, but only if I can watch you two and mum putting on a Lesbian Show".
The girls complain they are hungry after licking each other out and promise a show after breakfast.

Signing Up
Downstairs, after breakfast, Tony is sat at the laptop signing up on web site – Giselle watches over his shoulder.
Question 1: usual stuff: Hair colour, eye colour, ethnicity.
[Answer 1: brown, brown, white]
Question 2: who have you fucked in the last 6 months [tick all that apply]:
[Mother , Twin s****r , Mother’s live-in lesbian lover , Blonde Barmaid with Big Tits ,Random Girl picked up in Pub , College Fuck-Buddy , Post-Mistress , Other -please name]
Question 3: "When did you last have sex (with someone else, or masturbation)?":
[Select from last week, yesterday, 10 minutes ago]
Question 4: You need to abstain from ejaculating for at 2 days, can you do that?
[Select from OK , OK but only if don’t go to pub , OK but only if Sam doesn’t wear her cheerleaders outfit]
Question 5: Describe your very first sex with your mother [hint on the beach 2001]:
[Answer 5: was nearly 8, been swimming in the sea, mum wrapped towel around my middle, pulled off wet swimming shorts. Little prick smacked her on chin, she sucked it down, said it tasted all salty. She squeezed my bottom as the white stuff spurted down her throat]
Question 6: Describe where you learnt cunnilingus:
[Answer 6: learnt between Sam’s thighs, at age 12. Mum showed me how to chew her clit]
Question 7: How many girls / women have you screwed at one time [hint mum, s****r, hotel waitress 2004]:
[Answer 7: quite right just the 3]
Question 7: Describe your favourite masturbation fantasy [maximum 250 words]:
Question 8: Your mum picks up a bar-maid for you to play with – what do you do?
Question 9: You are walking close behind 3 teenage girls wearing tight white shorts, sunlight glowing through the fabric: are you hoping to see white thongs underneath or just bare slits?
Question 10: Does your twin s****r Sam give you the best soapy-tit wank ever?
Question 11: If you found Sam and Giselle tribbing could you just watch or need to join in?
Question 12: Can Giselle fuck you up the arse with her black strap-on?
Study these 6 photographs of naked c***dren, answer the questions:
Question 13: Determine their gender [photos only show bottoms, some wearing thongs]
[All boys, All girls, 3 of each, don’t care I would fuck them all anyway]
Question 14: Determine how old they are [photos are probably not legal]
[6-8, 9-11, 12-15, don’t care I would fuck them all anyway]
"Do you like my web site?" murmurs a voice over his shoulder.
"Yours?" enquires Tony and Sam turning around to lick Giselle's nipples.

Lesbian Show
Mum, Sam and Giselle are dressed identically in soft see-through white crotch-less panties, long white stockings and black chokers. Giselle has a green narrow army-style belt around her hips carrying a number of tiny screw-top jars full of differently-coloured (and flavoured) sex-lubricants. Following her brutal gang-**** and vaginal reconstruction surgery she cannot produce cuntal juices naturally, instead never goes anywhere without this assistance.
Tony watched open-mouthed as his mother ground her cunt between her lover Giselle's thighs; hauling on her hard pointed nipples for traction. Sam applied her new-found favourite raspberry juice to her own cunt and her mum's tits, before licking it all off. Sam had to restrain Tony from joining in, by giving him some juice to masturbate with. She then strapped on a giant black dildo, lubed it up to attack Giselle's exposed arse. Giselle screamed as it powered in, and shook violently to climax crushing mum's head which was now between her legs, lapping at her hairy cunt.
Sam just managed to bound across the room and get Tony's erupting prick between her soft tits before his spunk flew in an arc, pumping and splattering her face and neck.

Sperm Donation Centre
Tony got an email from the Sperm Donation Centre asking him to attend the following day; Sam asked "Can I come too?"
"Yes of course" purrs Giselle "I hear that you two climax at the same time – it would be lovely to have you too" watching Sam's chest rise and fall.
Giselle asks to fuck Sam's breasts when she strips off – grinds her cunt onto Sam's nipples, catching and squeezing them, trying to get at more and more tit flesh.
Sam accompanies Tony to the donation centre and they meet Giselle in a black mesh cat suit in reception. After filling in a simple form, Giselle hands Tony a locker key and towel and leads him upstairs to the 'treatment' room. Tony cannot take his eyes off Giselle's wriggling perfect arse and hairy mound through the open-crotch of the cat suit, and strokes her bottom in the top corridor. She orders him to strip off, leave his clothes in the locker, runs through the Safety Instructions, pulling his hand off her breasts and pushes him into the shiny cylindrical booth.
Giselle and Sam sit in the 'control room' monitoring the videos that Tony is seeing in his booth; Giselle turns down the volume to talk with Sam.

Sperm Donation Booth: Stage 1
As Tony sat down onto the carefully sculpted seat, designed to keep his legs apart and prick fully accessible, a circular screen slid effortlessly across at waist level to rest against his tummy and disguise the machinery slowly engulfing this erection. A video of gorgeous women sucking peaches, kissing each other, with juice dribbling off their chins played onto the front wall. Whenever Tony turned his head to focus on a pair of breasts or even a nipple, the eye-tracking system enlarged the image, producing massive heavy tits encased in flimsy fabric. Peering down a cleavage running in sticky peach juice, he watched hands pushed into panties, reaching for cunts. Looking down he watched in awe as the image of a hardening circumcised penis, rather like his own, was sucked into a cavernous mouth, just as the pressure increased for real on his prick head in the machines mouth. The machine felt exactly like his prick was engulfed in a giant peach, except that it was pulsating. His prick felt like it was growing to enormous girth, splitting the peach open, letting the juices drip down his thighs.

Meeting Yasmin
Meanwhile in the control room outside Sam asked “How did you get into this job, and where did you meet Yasmin?”
“I was 15 and out with a bunch of school friends in a coffee shop in Paris, one was giggling that the serving girl had enormous feet, and her tits didn’t look quite right “maybe she’s one of those trans-sexual thingies – go give her crotch a squeeze”. So I dutifully brushed my hand across the front of her trousers, and wow she had a prick. We were in a quiet corner of the bar, so I unzipped her fly and out popped this enormous prick right into my hand. The other girls had stopped laughing and watched in awe as I sucked Yasmin off – we were instantly lovers.
She was Moroccan, perfect almost black skin; we danced all night, hands caressing our boobs and thighs, his/her fingers shoved gently up my cunt. I woke up next morning in her bed, curled up with Yasmin behind kissing my neck and ears, pushing his/her breasts into my back. I turned onto my front and Yasmin licked all around my bottom and cunt, then there was a real-feeling prick sliding in from on top. I assumed at first it was a strap-on, it was so hard, and then she spurted real spunk. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, and she was my lover, didn’t matter that others called her a trans-sexual. Her large hard nipples were pierced, each fitted with a small silver ring, joined by a shiny blue heavy chain. I quickly moved in to her flat, and we would often spend all day in bed just sucking and fucking, but she would never put anything larger than a slim finger into my arse; she said I must save it for someone really special. I had lost my virginity to a schoolboy years before, but none had made me feel so complete and sexy. We worked out at a mixed-sex gym, where the usual dress-code was topless; lovely to see the sweat dripping off male and female nipples. Most sessions ended up as giant fuck-sessions in the showers or sometimes in the swimming pool.
We invited lots of boys and girls my age, and some like Yasmin, to our parties, which were really orgies, where every imaginable form of sex happened.
So when she got a job in a Sperm Donation Clinic; I cannot really imagine how she hid her prick during the 'interview', I went along too. We made a formidable double-act, dressed in just leather skirts and long boots; all the men stared at our breasts and ignored the bulge in the front of her tight skirt. If the client 'needed a hand' I would wank him into a flask from the front, while Yasmin would fuck his arse from behind. Most spurted so hard I had trouble catching it all, and often had to suck them off. The men were paid in cash, about 100euro, and they often gave us a tip for our trouble, so the money was great. If the guy was attractive I would sometimes let him fuck my cunt for money, and Yasmin loved it up the arse. But I began to wonder what anal would feel like and experimented with her smallest anal plugs and thinnest dildos, but she would never do more than lick my arse, never fuck it.

Meeting the Minister
The official car arrived at 7pm exactly, the driver holding open the rear door of the limousine with blacked out windows. He handed us each just a pair of skin-tight red leather shorts, and watched attentively in the rear-view mirror as we struggled them on. He particularly seemed to like the bulge in the front of Yasmin's shorts, contrasting with the smooth uninterrupted flow between my legs. We popped jackets over our bare breasts, and ran giggling into the apartment, wondering what was to come. The leather shorts were cut so low at front that the top of Giselle's dark pubic hair showed above the waist band, and Yasmin's cock head shone wetly against her stomach. We just had to stand at the door handing out drinks and helping her friends out of their exclusive gowns. The guests couldn't keep their hands off my 15 year old bum, and several poured their champagne into Yasmin's shorts then sucked it off. Inside their expensive underwear they just have cunts like you and me. The Minister was held down on the bed by her friends at ankle and wrist, sucking off Yasmin kneeling by her head. I pushed two fingers into her slippery cunt and gripped her clit ring between my teeth. After some furious finger-fucking she squirted all over me and the silk sheets. I was so apologetic – she loved it. She f***ed me to lick out all her friends, some quite old and wrinkly. For a finale she was tied face down to the bed and encouraged Yasmin to fuck her arse, while all her friends watched masturbating each other with honey on her giant bed.

Country House
Once we were taken to the owner's country house, I remember it had gym full of fucking machines, I had never seen so many together. Most of the party guests were stunningly dressed females in their fifties. There was a swimming pool of naked c***dren, face down in the water, we could just see their naked bottoms bobbing up and down. When the Minister called they all rushed over, dripping wet, mostly girls under 10, a few boys trying to hide erections. When they spotted the guests they walked demurely to another room to get dried and dressed. They came back later; the boy just wearing tiny pyjama shorts, and the girl a very short skirt and padded bikini top. The boy and young girl kissed each guest lightly on the lips, and then sat on their aunt – the Minister's lap chatting about their adventures.
Her niece whispered "Aunty who is that strange girl?" pointing at Yasmin "she seems to have a penis".
“Come over here” called out her aunt.
Yasmin crawled over on hands and knees trying to hide his erection from the c***dren, and knelt between the Minister’s feet “How can I pleasure you Mistress?” he fawned.
"Not now, not in front of the c***dren", and then "Yes my lovely c***dren, this is Yasmin, she is a trans-sexual".
As Yasmin stood up the little girl grabbed his erection and twisted to see if it came off “Please can we play with her, aunty?".
"Yes can we?" echoed her b*****r, grabbing hold of the chain between Yasmin's nipples "Are these real?"
Yasmin walked off with her niece and nephew, hand-in-hand, to a quiet corner of the room. He lay down on a mattress lifting up the girl's skirt, "Oh what silky thighs you have" he said licking up into her crotch.
"Are these real?" asked the boy twisting each nipple viciously, "and why did you call our aunt 'Mistress' – does she do BDSM on you?"
Giselle walked over to assist Yasmin and watched for a moment as the girl straddled Yasmin’s face and rubbed her bare, smooth, hairless cunt over his mouth and nose. The young boy jumped onto Giselle, pulling her black leather shorts down and stroking her pussy. "I'm glad you're a real girl, my s****r says I'm rubbish at muff-diving, she wouldn't let me chew her clit. My aunt says you must show me how to suck pussy properly".
So I took hold of his young cock in both hands, and sucked hard on the head “Feel that pressure; you need to take her clit hard just like that, now practice on mine” He pulled down my tiny shorts and devoured my lips, then gripped my clit in his teeth, getting my juices flowing. He chewed and licked really well, and even cheekily stuck a finger up my bum, making me shoot a second load of pussy juice into his mouth.
Giselle: “You’ll be fine, just take your time and do exactly that to your s****r and she will be begging to have your babies”, as an afterthought "Is your mum happy with you making love to your s****r?"
Boy: "Oh yes, and when I'm twelve Aunty wants me to fuck her too".
At the mention of her name, my Mistress came over and insisted I demonstrate what the c***dren had learnt. Yasmin lay back on the huge circular bed, pulling the young niece backwards into a reverse cow-girl, with his prick nestling between her tender young buttocks. She was still wearing her padded bikini top, pushing out her tiny tits into a moderate cleavage. Yasmin slipped both hands inside her top and caressed her breasts until she was willing to expose them to her b*****r, me and assembled throng of ladies. She held her thighs apart giving everyone a delicious exposure of her already dripping cunt. I pushed the boy forward to stand between her legs and gently pushed his tightly bunched fingers between her waiting lips.
She moaned as his 11 year old fist rammed up into her 10 year old cunt and tried to rock forwards to lessen the pain, but Yasmin held her still by the nipples, easing his cock further into her damp arse. The initial look of shock in her eyes turned to pleasure as the juices cascaded out of her cunt, running down between her bum cheeks to coat Yasmin's cock buried there. After a few minutes with her eyes tightly closed, she climaxed violently crushing both her b*****r's hand in her pretty cunt and Yasmin's cock up her arse. My Mistress dropped to her knees sucking her nephew's cock and milking his young spunk down her throat, before packing both c***dren off to bed.
As each guest disentangled themselves from a different fucking machine, they pulled on a black strap-on dildo over their lacy stockings and took turns in buggering Yasmin, resting his legs on their shoulders, and then fucking me in their choice of hole. Mistress, dressed in a leather basque and spike heels, took great delight in whipping her guests' backsides to make them fuck faster. Yasmin was dribbling pre-cum onto his tummy, as each dildo pounded into his arse; when the last guest had finished our Mistress licked it all up.
Yasmin slithered off the circular bed, dripping his own spunk and the ladies juices onto the floor. Mistress whipped him until he had licked it all up, then sucked her toes. "Mistress" he mumbled "some evil people are saying you only got the job at the Ministry by sl**ping with the President".
"Absolute rubbish" howled the Minister "I only slept with his wife, when we were at University, everybody did." "He might have been watching, but I never fucked him", she said slowly grinding her spiky high-heels into Yasmin's thigh.

Paris Clinic
The Minister had set up a sperm donation clinic in Paris, mostly because she loved to watch men being masturbated, and it provided a secure job for her favourite trans-sexual Yasmin. It was located in a quiet street next to a brothel; men could come and go at any time of day without arousing suspicion.
The clinic just had a reception area with desk and a comfy sofa for waiting, and out back a 'treatment' room filled with men's magazines and a cupboard. It was full of glass flasks, latex gloves, whips, studded collars, dildos and anal plugs; anything really to assist the clients to produce loads of lovely sperm, which was quick frozen and sent to the lab for testing. Giselle would pop in after school to help out, and sometimes worked a few hours at the weekend.
Most clients were friendly, except for one day in December...

The ****
Giselle describes her **** in Paris to Sam – gradually changes to first person "we're going to fuck you up you bitch". One morning Yasmin had thrown three English blokes out for being d***k, and told to come back when they were sober and could actually make some spunk. Yasmin was out at lunch and I was in charge when they returned.
One of them rips off her short blue overalls to reveal jutting bare breasts, with highly erect nipples, and open-crotch tights. "Keep them on" smirks the youngest one "we can fuck her up real easy".
They blindfolded me and tied me face-down to the desk, with my legs horribly spread, exposing my virgin 15 year-old bum-hole to their attentions. One by one they pushed enormous cocks in and then brought them round to my face to suck off the mixture of spunk, bum juice and bl**d. They swore and promised to tear me apart if I screamed – the panic button did nothing. One slapped and gouged my tits, and sc****d something horribly sharp between my legs, making me climax when it hit my clit.
She gouges her ring into one face. Another pulls out of her arse then f***es his prick down my throat, she spits him out "bastard" she snarls "I'm going to get even with you three"
One bloke lay across desk, pulling Giselle on top of him up the arse in a fierce reverse cow girl. Second bloke roughly blindfolds her tying her wrists tightly, and f***es several fingers into her moist cunt. I heard one of them laughing at an enormous dildo he pulled out of the desk drawer and whacked it experimentally across my bare tits.
"What do use this for, bitch?" he screamed, twisting my nipples hard. I was really frightened now as one stuffed the dry dusty dildo into my mouth, screaming "Suck this bitch". The groping fingers were replaced by a hard cock rubbing between my pussy lips, and he f***ed it in. In spite of the fear drying my mouth, the cunt was dripping her pussy juices, lessening the tearing pain. After a few agonising minutes, when I thought of passing out, they all swapped places, and a huge slimy prick thrust down my throat, choking my screams, I could hardly breathe.
The prick smelled and tasted disgusting – a mixture of bl**d and shit: "Oh God" I thought he has been up my arse, and this is my bl**d. The bloke grunted, then came hard pouring red hot spunk into my mouth; I bit him, sinking my front teeth into his cock head. He howled, and then I regretted it as he slapped me hard across the face, knocking off the blindfold. The spunk however must have gone straight into my central sex area, and I felt my cunt contracting towards a small shaking unwanted orgasm. Fortunately it didn't last long, and none of the bastards seemed to notice.
One of them found a felt-tip pen and scrawled "Baiser Moi" – "Fuck Me" across my pubes, jabbing the sharp point repeatedly into the soft flesh above my 15 year old shaven pubes.
Now I could see the youngest bloke filming his mates attacking me, zooming into my breasts dripping in sweat and mouth full of spunk. I then looked down in horror as the biggest bloke – he must have been a body-builder – wrapping a spiked strap around his massive cock. He held my ankles apart and plunged this spiked cock at my cunt several times before it sunk inside with a horrible ripping sound.
It was almost an out of body experience: I heard myself screaming as he plunged into her young cunt, the spikes tearing slices into the cunt walls, bl**d spewing down her thighs. She must have fainted from the pain, and then came around with two cocks down her throat making her heave. The taste of bl**d, her bl**d, was overwhelming. This was no normal **** they were clearly trying to tear her apart, f***e as much of their filthy English spunk into her body, stop anybody else ever enjoying her soft ripe young French body; breaking her arse, degrading her beyond recognition.
Before fainting I remember pressing the panic button under the desk, and some long time later a police car siren approached the clinic. The blokes panicked, grabbing their discarded clothing and rushing out the door, before giving me another hard slapping across the face and poor tortured breasts. I dare not look down at my damaged body, and just lay there slipping in and out of consciousness.

The aftermath
After Yasmin returned, untied me and bathed the wounds, we collected up the spunk pouring down my thighs and onto the desk, before the police arrived. They seemed more interested in Yasmin's papers – she was from Morocco, and may not have been quite legal, and they freaked when they discovered I was u******e. There was never any attempt to catch the r****ts. A video clip arrived the next day, showing the **** in excruciating detail. Over the next 6 months we planned the move to England to track down the bastards; the Minister's contacts providing a name from the mobile phone number.

After the **** the Minister paid for my treatment at a private hospital. It housed France's finest experimental vaginal reconstruction surgery. It was normally used for discreet temporary fake hymens for wedding nights, but the surgeons jumped at the chance to work on Giselle's injuries.
One day I woke from the d**gs to find a lovely physiother****t had inserted tiny magnetic vibrators to improve bl**d flow and speed up healing. After a week or two he gradually used larger devices as cunt scar tissue came away. Mike the inventor brought in his latest models for me to try; they purred gently through the day holding the wounds apart to stop adhesions. The magnetic fields aligned the new nerve cells injected near my G-spot extended to whole cunt, which now became extremely sensitive.
Yasmin visited every day, often stayed overnight. He gently licked Giselle back to health. The Doctors explained that I will never conceive – tubes were far too damaged to reattach, but they thought orgasms would soon return.
One day Mike noticed a row of builder's toilets outside window; one always used by men carrying porn mags, obviously just for a wank. Thus our plan for revenge was hatched.

After the stitches had been removed and most of the bruising gone down, I was placed in a gynaecological examination chair; legs gently prised apart and bright lights shone into my cuntal area. The student doctors and nurses were encouraged to don a latex glove, smear their fingers in flavoured lubricant and examine the vagina reconstruction work. Most were much too gentle just sliding one finger between my lips, but the girls were more adventurous – rubbing my clit to watch for a reaction. Clearly some were getting a bit turned on – bulges started to appear in trouser fronts and one very attractive girl pulled off her top and dangled her massive breasts over my face. When the physiother****t pushed the head of his erect prick into my moist bum-hole, I couldn't scream as my mouthy was full of tit flesh. After a few careful strokes it stopped hurting and became quite a good anal fucking. A girl was still massaging my clit and had at least 3 fingers in my cunt when I came for the first time in weeks.

A text message to his smartphone invited the builder to download an App of local Sperm Donation Centres. It directs him to Executive Wash-room on a major building site – sticking his finger into young tight bottom opens the door. Giselle and Yasmin had delivered the toilet just that night, and now sat in a lorry cab outside the site waiting...
A sign on the outside changes from OUT OF ORDER to WELCOME. Once inside it cycles, for its own amusement through HUMILIATION, CASTRATION, ANAL DESTRUCTION and finally TERMINATION. The inner walls are bathed in videos of young girls masturbating for him; he is instructed to strip off, put his clothes into the locker and push his prick into a glory hole on one side.
The Death-Wanker clamps his cock with backward steel points, so he cannot pull out and injects morphine into base of prick. Slowly as the agony wears off and he stops screaming, Giselle hits the 'Arse' button on her laptop and the machine pushes him backwards to sit on the 'toilet' seat. Giselle's picture appears on screen at eye-level describing how he ****d her. Sitting down, a spiked steel bolt enters his arse and expanding suddenly to many times its original size ruptures his guts. Giselle, now laughing, pushes the 'Castrate' button, and his cock is clinically separated from his body by rotating knives, and drops into his hands. His screams rise to a crescendo as pictures of u******e girls and boys frolic naked. The Death-Wanker pushes a vibrator with sharp metal ridges into the place where his cock used to be.
"There now you've got a cunt too".
He dies in agony of bl**d loss and shock as the macerator carves him up and flushes parts into storage tank below. Next morning the sign on outside just states “Out of Order”.
Yasmin drives our hired lorry into the building site as soon as it opens, lifts up the heavy broken toilet by crane, and replaces it by normal site toilet. Once away from the site we opened the little trap door on the side, pulled out his wallet, mobile phone and keys, which had stayed dry inside the sealed compartment.

Sperm Donation Booth: Stage 2
Tony twisted the large control one notch to the left, reducing the age. The videos changed to a team of 4 hard-bodied, tanned, beach-ball players dressed in tiny white bikinis, the tops straining to retain full breasts. Tony watched in awe as their tits bounced enticingly as they played ball, then all stripped off and knelt in a row. He was faced with a line of 4 hot sweaty backsides, with tight un-tanned triangles of flesh leading down to puffy lips. Sam arrived to massage sun-tan oil up their taught legs and deep into their bottoms.
Sam bent forward on her knees, hands clasped around a beach-ball players hips. She adjusted her kneeling position to get her angled buttocks just right to get maximum depth: if too far forward her butt opens flat just exposing her hole, which is too tempting to fuck, not far enough cannot keep prick in her slot. Just right gives perfect smooth riding position where bollocks thrust against cunt lips, then prick head emerges from cleft onto her back, leaving the balls squeezed between fleshy cheeks. After several minutes of vigorous thrusting, massaged by sun-tan oil, Tony yelled "Holy shit I'm coming", and the video of Sam's back was showered in his sticky spunk between the shoulder blades.

After Destruction
After we returned from dumping the portable toilet and its lorry at the depot, Yasmin found the Builder’s van parked in a quiet side-street near to the site. There were only two keys on the key ring recovered from the toilet cubicle, and one opened the van. I jumped into the passenger seat, leant over and kissed Yasmin in the driver’s seat, before he/she started the engine, relieved to be rid of the builder. Before we started off there was a faint hammering noise from the back of the van, which got louder. I nipped round the back and opened the door, to find two small, naked, very frightened c***dren. Once they saw I was a girl they stopped trying to hide their genitals, and pulled me onto the mattress filling the area. The little girl announced her name was Lucy and she was nearly seven, and her little b*****r Tom was five. They had been dragged from their garden last night by the evil builder, stripped and thrown into his van, so that he could “use” them after his sperm donation session. This was all rapidly described as the c***dren snuggled up to me, one on each side, rubbing their firm young bodies against my sides.
“Please stroke my bottom” pleaded the young girl “My daddy always does that when I’m frightened”. I could hardly refuse so slipped one hand onto each taut, young, quivering bottom, getting quite a jolt between my legs.
“Not like that, do it properly, like Daddy does” instructed the boy “you have to push your finger all the way between our legs”, he grabbed my left hand on his s****r’s bottom and pushed the middle finger into her ultra-soft, warm, hairless slit from behind. She moaned a little and clamped her thighs shut, trapping my finger in her moistening cunt. The heat and smooth walls of her nearly-seven-year-old pussy was astonishing. As the c***dren warmed up from their night in the van, the boy became bolder and started exploring my dungarees, opening the top and stroking my bare breasts under the thin tee-shirt. Soon the tee-shirt was pulled up around my neck and both c***dren were chewing on a breast.
“Where did you learn to do that?” I asked as both nipples automatically responded to their teeth and tongues.
“My Mum showed me” replied Lucy, just gripping the nipple in the gap between her front teeth “and I taught my b*****r”.
I had hardly noticed the van moving off, and after a few miles the little boy announced we had to stop so he could have a wee, and banged on the back of the cab for Yasmin to pull over. We stopped near a wood; the little boy, still naked, ran off towards a large tree, his erect penis banging against his tummy. I showed the little girl how to crouch down and spread her knees so her stream of hot yellow pee missed her feet. I slipped off my dungarees, and wearing just pumps and a small thong lay down on the short grass watching the form of this lovely bold creature walking around trying to shake the last drops of pee from her tiny slit.
Dropping to her knees by my head she asked “Can I sit on your face, then you can lick my vagina clean, just like daddy does?” and without waiting for an answer flung one knee across, so my nose nestled into her bald slit and tongue naturally engaged with her hardening clitoris. After a few moments of vigorous licking she arched her back, forcing my nose deep into her bottom, and came like a train, gurgling her love for her Mommy, Daddy and me.
I vaguely noticed Yasmin and the boy watching his s****r climaxing on my face. Yasmin was making a poor attempt to hide her erection, and the boy fondled her breasts, then stuck a hand down the front of her pale blue dungarees. “You’re a funny girl” he said, pulling out her dark prick into the sunshine “Is it real? Can I play with it, like Daddy’s?”
My face was buried in Lucy's delicious virgin cunt, so could only wave a thumbs up sign.
"Giselle" called Sam, dragging her back to the present "I need a pee too; it's all this talk of young moist pussy lips, and i****t".
"OK, let's try out the new washroom" I replied, thinking back to the little girl's bottom, that I had been so eager to sink my teeth into. Both wearing crotch-less cat-suits it was easy to squat over the drainage holes in the brightly-lit wet-room floor and let the pee stream out, afterwards Sam stuck two fingers into my cunt, to lick off the juices. I played with her massive tits and swollen lips and continued with the story.

Sperm Donation Booth: Stage 3
Tony selected Stage 3: the video showed the identical twins called Ami: Young cunts, tight silky thighs, masturbation with bananas, small hands guiding his prick towards her twin s****r’s open cunt. Tony watches the head of his prick engulfed in warm wet cunt, as the second Ami ravages her own breasts, then her s****rs. Pulls off her tiny shorts and pushes a huge curved banana deep into her cunt, furiously rubbing her own clit, as the banana gets all slicked up with her pussy juices. The video wall goes a dark pink and then bursts into life as cameras placed high in each Ami’s cunt facing outwards reveal one set of slick pussy lips opening to the light as the tip of a bright yellow banana f***es its way in and up close. Two fingers replace the banana dildo rubbing away at the sensitive g-spot, causing cascades of juice to run out. The second cunt remains dark and filled until the prick slides out and then rapidly back in, causing the pussy walls to quiver and contract. Tony can just make out the slit in the tip of his prick forcing its way up Ami’s cunt and banging into the lens of the endoscope. Video changes to one Ami hanging around her dad Bob's neck, his large hands supporting her tiny bottom, spreading her legs wide across his hips. A side view show his prick slamming into her wet cunt, making great squelching sounds; Ami is moaning deep in her throat.
Bob to camera "So you want to fuck my pretty daughter? Can you make her climax? Will you fill her with your seed?" The camera swings around behind her, zooming in on her tiny throbbing bum-hole, which expands and contracts under the onslaught of her orgasm.
Bob again "Come on in – you can have her arse, she loves being double-fucked; you know you want to. You can grope her tits – just like this. I love my little girls, they are so bendy".
Tony was desperately trying to look away from her taught thighs and wanton u******e arse, spread so invitingly for his prick. Just then the other identical twin Ami grabbed hold of his cock; he could feel light fluttering hands caressing his balls and pulling him towards her open snatch. The sensation of her hot wet tight cunt on his hardening prick was nearly enough to make him spurt again straight away, but Tony managed to resist, wanting to save the last of his sperm for Stage 4, whatever that might be.
Bob withdrew from his daughter, sperm pouring down her thighs; kissing her all over. Ami grabbed her favourite large double-ended dildo with heavy pink ridges, resembling the veins of an over-sized prick and shoved it un-ceremoniously up the arse of her twin. Tony felt the bumpy ridges grazing along the underside of his prick through the thin wall between her cunt and arse. This took him right over the top, spewing spunk into the Sperm Donation machine, and causing another round of applause from Giselle and his s****r Sam, watching over the monitors.

At Lucy and Tom’s house
Lucy and Tom found most of their clothes in the front of the van, and reluctantly got dressed, before we drove back to their house. We never found their underwear, which the builder must have kept as trophies. Their Mum and Dad rushed out to meet us, scooped the c***dren up, demanding to know what had happened. Lucy explained how the builder must have watched them playing in the front garden, bundled them into his van and driven off. He explained as he stripped them naked and locked in the back, that he would be back soon after his sperm donation to play some games.
“We just lay quietly until these two, er, ladies rescued us” added Tom.
“And she sucked my vagina just you do Daddy” confessed Lucy “and he” pointing at Yasmin “did little Tom just like Mummy does”.
“I think you have two very lucky c***dren here and a wonderful f****y sex-life” I responded, before Daddy got the wrong idea. Lucy was whispering in her dad’s ear while he continued to hug her bottom a little too enthusiastically for a ‘normal’ non-sexual father-daughter relationship. Suddenly Daddy was all over me: kissing, stroking, rubbing my tits “I need to thank you for saving my k**s” he said, before filling his mouth with my tit flesh. After the first orgasm I looked up to see that Yasmin had gone off with the c***dren’s mother.
“It’s OK” piped up 5 year old Tom “Mum said she was just r****g your friend’s arse with her strap-on dildo, whatever that means” he giggled innocently.
“You can sit on Daddy’s penis, just like Mummy does when they want to make a baby” said Lucy stripping off her tight shorts “while I sit on his face and make him all long and hard for you”. “And then you Giselle must suck little Tom’s testicles, because that makes him very happy, and then swallow his entire little penis, just like Mummy does” added the lovely i****tuous daughter.
After daddy had finished thanking me with two more crashing orgasms and a good dollop of hot spunk, we got dressed and drove over to the builder’s flat just around the corner.

At the Flat
On the way I explained how the builder and his mates had brutally gang-****d me at the Paris sperm donation clinic, and left me for dead. So today was pay-back time; he won’t be bothering anybody else again. We let ourselves into the flat with the builder’s keys, Lucy ran to a telescope in the corner, and commanded Dad to lift her up. He slipped one hand under an armpit across her tiny nipples and the other under her bottom. For just a moment I wondered if the whole i****t thing had been in the 6 year-olds vivid imagination, but as she stared through the 'scope and wriggled around, I could see that Dad's middle finger was pushing through the carefully positioned gap in the stitching of her short’s crotch. As his finger probed her tiny slit from behind, through the soft tight pink shorts, they both grinned, and Daddy made a poor attempt to hide his erection in the grey jogging pants.
"Look Daddy you can see our house from here, and that's ... oh my, that's my bedroom; he must have watched you on my bed licking out my cunt.. Oh I'm sorry I mean vagina".
"Have you been teaching my six year old daughter those words?" he glared at me.
"Oh yes" Lucy chirped "I know Cunt and Twat and Beaver and Muff, but best of all is Pussy; I shall call her Pussy from now on".
With that she wriggled out of Dad's sexual embrace, and sat on a sofa watching us pack up all the builder's personal stuff into boxes. Lucy looked exhausted and slowly closed her eyes, slipping a hand down the front of her shorts to massage her newly-named Pussy.
Dad was brilliant, cancelling all the builder’s accounts for electricity, telephone, internet, rent and local taxes on the phone saying that he was going abroad for several years. On the desk I found a laptop full of c***d pornography; it didn’t take long to guess the password “p0rn”, some of it quite artistic, but all filthy and quite i*****l.
I made the mistake of leaning over the desk, legs apart and hadn’t realised Dad was behind, watching me, watching a rather erotic porn video of two gorgeous young women sitting astride Sybian masturbators. Facing each other and grinning, I realised they each had the other's speed controller and were racing to see who climaxed first.
Dad was trying to poke a rigid 10 inches of prick through the back of my dungarees into my arse. How could I object? He gently undid the shoulder straps and the dungarees dropped to the floor, leaving me standing in just a cropped tee-shirt, white socks, and of course the sex-lubricant belt. Dropping to his knees he pulled apart my cheeks and thrust his tongue into my puckered brown hole, holding onto the belt for support.
"Try the mint flavour" I suggested, and without delay he poured a dollop onto his prick and then my arse and pushed it in. I screamed as the first 6 inches found my sensitive areas, and woke up Lucy.
"I .. thought.. Lucy.. was... exaggerating" as his huge prick slid up inch-by-inch, until I had to stand on tip-toe to keep balance.
Dad was grunting with each thrust "You ... little .. bitch; Lucy .. said .. you .. had .. a smooth arse".
Lucy ripped off her shorts and plunged three fingers into her wet slit; watching her Daddy r****g her favourite girlfriend's backside was too much: “wow, I didn’t realise you could fuck a girl’s bottom, I wish Daddy would do that to me, it looks hot”.
Lucy flipped over onto her knees, pretty bottom pushed up into the air "Daddy when can we make love? When can you fuck me? Look I can get a finger all the way into my bottom".
"Not yet babe, when you're older" replied Dad slowing down his pounding.
"What when I'm seven..... or eight..... I can't wait to have your babies"
"Breasts" I suggested panting hard. Dad reached up and fondled my boobs, squeezing the nipples hard between thumb and finger, "No not mine, hers" I whispered.
"Oh I see" said Dad "Lucy baby, we'll make love properly when your breasts grow".
The thought of that was just enough to push him over the edge, grunting heavily, his cock erupted into my arse before pulling it out and spraying his sticky white cum all over my thighs. Lucy's fingers were a blur in her tiny cunt; mauling her lips and erect clit she climaxed noisily.
Daddy just slumped to the floor exhausted; Lucy grabbed his prick in both her tiny hands and licked off all the cum, arse juices and mint-flavoured lubricant. There was so much spunk it coated her lips and nose, as he drove his tongue between her bum cheeks, seeking out her puckered hole. We took turns in sucking Dad's rigid pole until he erupted again; Lucy jumped off and wiped it all up with a towel, after smearing lots onto her nipples, hoping to make her breasts grow quickly.
After that we left the flat keys with a neighbour, put all his furniture into storage for 5 years, paid with cash we found at the flat, and emailed his mates to say he had to leave the country to escape a local criminal gang.

Dad tries Frottage
Back at the house, Lucy ran up to her parents' bedroom to discover her mum standing up against the mirrored wardrobe door. The room was in darkness, so pulling open the curtains she saw her mum was wearing nothing but a new black strap-on dildo, behind the trans-sexual Yasmin who was wearing a blue thong.
She said used her normal long thin blue strap-on on the young mothers at their Tuesday afternoon sessions. They brought their c***dren over to play with Lucy and Tom, generally naked in the garden, and spent a d***ken afternoon trying on rude underwear and experimenting with sex toys. Dad always wondered why Mum felt so frisky when he got home from work and delighted in licking out her recently shaved pussy, before filling it with hot spunk every Tuesday.
The short fat black dildo was clearly jammed into Yasmin’s arse; he was held up by the breasts and little Tom was standing on a bedroom chair in front experimentally whacking his little penis against Yasmin’s.
“That looks fun” boomed Dad “what’s it called?”
“It’s frotting” laughed his wife “you rub your penises together instead of fucking”.
He scooped Tom up off the chair and plopped him down on the bed next to Lucy and me; wrapped his big fist around both their cocks and wanked until semen dripped out of Yasmin’s, and his own erupted all over her tits.
Lucy bounded off the bed scooped up a handful of spunk and massaged it into her nipples, squeezing and pulling at them to make them hard. “Daddy says he’ll only make proper love to me when I’ve got breasts” she moaned.
“Oh that seems a bit harsh” replied Mum “I think a little b-o-t-t-o-m action would be OK, provided you were gentle”.
Lucy was ecstatic “Daddy, daddy, please, please” whipping off her shorts and pulling Dad off Yasmin.
“While you’re buggering her arse, I can plough her cunt, and then we’ll be double-fucking the i****tuous little bitch” added Tom.
“Language” replied everyone laughing.
So Mum pulled the dildo out of Yasmin who slipped out to shower off the layers of spunk on his/her tits, and I watched Mum lay on the bed holding Lucy spread-eagled face-down ready for her first adult arse-fucking. I kissed them all good-bye leaving a large bottle of raspberry-flavoured cuntal lubricant, and tip-toed out. With Yasmin half-dressed in her torn dungarees we left quietly to the sound of Lucy mewling like a kitten, and Tom demanding that it was his turn.

Sperm Donation Booth: Stage 4
Back in the sperm donation booth Tony had selected the final stage:
He was standing in the shallow end of a large outdoor heated swimming pool: he could feel the warm water lapping against his thighs. A small dark-haired girl, he guessed about six years old, sat on the poolside splashing her feet in the water. She was wearing just a pair of white bikini bottoms, with no tits yet she had no need of a bra. With a smile she jumped down into the pool in front of Tony, laying back in the water with her hands on the side-rail she carefully placed one foot on each shoulder. She wriggled her bottom until his prick was caught tight in the V-groove between the top of her thighs. He could feel the soft, warm, wet skin along the sides of his penis, and the hotter smooth taut fabric across her cunt pressing hard on the underside. As she slid up and down his tip emerged from the confines of her bikini bottoms to slap into her taut belly. The sensation was electric; Tony was sure he could feel her lips opening beneath the thin fabric, separated by just millimetres from her hot centre. The virtual girl remained absolutely still except for clenching her thighs; Tony was certain he could feel the hard nub of her clitoris rubbing against him. The video wall displayed an underwater shot of his prick pressing up between her thighs and slipping against the thin slither of cuntal fabric that was still opaque, the rest stretched across her bottom being completely transparent in the water. She powered her wet cunt up and down his shaft, gripping and releasing the pressure with her thighs, until Tony blew his load. It sprayed in a great fountain up her wet tummy, and dribbled in gloopy blobs back down inside the waste-band of her bikini bottoms, as if trying to make her pregnant.
Untangling her legs she slipped off the transparent panties and swam lazily away. "Next time, if you're good, you can come right inside and take my virginity... just start at Level 4 and ask for me".
"What's your name" called Tony watching her bottom rise and fall as she swam away, the water cascading off her bare cheeks, leaving a trail of sun-tan oil and spunk in the water.
"Lucy" called back the lovely creature over her shoulder "we're all called Lucy in here".
Then Tony realised that all the bottoms in the pool were identical, opening up perfectly as they slowly performed the breast-stroke swimming kick. Sunlight glinted off their wet buttocks, inner thighs exposed, and with each kick he was sure he saw a flash of shiny pink lips protecting their hairless six year old cunts.
"Come and break our cherries... as many as you like" she called "and if you fancy boys, then you can have my little b*****r Tom".
That was enough, he couldn't possible produce any more; Tony thought he had made enough for dozens of babies, so he punched the stop button.
The video wall went blank, and all he could hear was the slap of water and far off c***drens voices "Baiser Moi..... me….me… please… fuck me please" they called as they swam away....

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3 years ago
good abit too young for me
3 years ago
Thanks so much dasx for the great series. I enjoyed your eye for erotic detail and your wicked imagination. I hope to read more of your stories..
3 years ago
10 stars********** this is outstanding seems mild to really discribe this the best addition to this excellent series!!!!!
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enjoy it very much, thanks for letting me know you'd finished it. 5 star from me
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another good story
I see why it takes so long to write, I only got part way in and I have to run, I will be back later to finish. Keep up the naughty work.
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very good