Episode 15 - UKPI Awards & Biographies

Dee the porn director was proud of her lithe athletic figure, surrounded by naked porn stars each day, she needed to keep supple for the experimental copulation positions attempted before filming sessions. Dee loved to go jogging each morning, to clear her head and sometimes check out new outdoor sex locations. One early morning running through a wood she distinctly heard moaning emanating from a coach pulled off the road, which had unusual blacked-out side and rear windows. Jumping up and down at the front of the coach she could just see between curtains drawn across the windows a huddle of naked bodies. One man looked up from the pretty girl clamped around his cock to watch Dee's tits bouncing into view and waived her to come in. The amplified moaning sounds assaulted her ears and the aroma of spunk, sweat and perfume hit her as she opened the coach door and clambered in.
"Welcome to the dogging bus" shouted the man "come in, take your clothes off", but seeing her clinging damp tee-shirt and sweaty shorts, said "no keep them on, come over here". Most of the seats had been removed, or turned to face the stack of mattresses in the centre of the coach, on which writhed numbers of couples shagging vigorously. Some people were just watching or wanking from seats at the end. A young boy was crawling around the couples with a video camera, displaying the live close-up sex images onto a large screen down one side, and playing porn videos on another screen.
Dee sat down next to one woman dressed in a black basque lying on her back, who had black stubby dildos strapped to each knee. Her naked husband obviously enjoying himself anally penetrated on one spike and a young girl (daughter?) wearing just a lacy white bra, embedded on the other.
"Nice camel thingy" said the woman staring up at the crotch of Dee's tight shorts.
"Camel toe" chorused the husband and daughter.
"Whatever, ... can I suck it?"
"Sure" replied Dee, pulling off her shorts and with no knickers to get in the way, knelt over the woman's mouth facing the man and girl, and spread her cuntal lips wide over the up-thrusting tongue.
The girl leaned back revealing she had also taken the black dildo up the arse, and asked Dee how she had found them, whilst increasing the massage on her clit and with her other hand jacking off her dad.
The mum was doing a brilliant job chewing her lips and clit, and Dee was warming up nicely, between little gasps she managed "I was just out jogging"; and seeing a professional lesbian trib scene on the big screen added "hey that's my latest film playing, I was really proud of those girls".
The dad pushed his daughter forwards asking Dee if she was scouting for young porn talent. The girl reluctantly let the dildo slide out of her arse with a loud "plop", and moved up her mum’s body to face Dee. Expertly licking the middle two fingers of her right hand she shoved them hard into Dee’s cunt, as her mum eased Dee forwards so that she was now licking her arse. The girl and Dee kissed, explored each other’s tongues, and Dee f***efully pulled the girl’s bra off, tweaking her luscious large nipples. Soon both were breathing hard, and encouraged anally by mum and dad shoving fingers up their rectums, achieved strong orgasms.
“Well you’ve certainly passed the audition, come down to the studio next week and we’ll get you started” said Dee, writing her phone number inside the girl’s bra.
Dee sat for a while watching a woman dressed in black BDSM leather gear being pulled around the bus by a young girl, on a dog lead attached to her choker. Everyone she passed attached another clothes peg to her nipples, breasts or pussy lips, until her minder pulled out the enormous anal plug and fucked her up with a bulbous blue strap-on dildo.
Tribadism lesson
Dee pulled her clothes back on and just before staggering out of the coach to continue her jog, she spotted the only girl with any clothes on, sitting opposite the screen showing her movie. She had very short dyed blonde hair, wearing a short blouse and concentrating on a Kindle e-book readerin her left hand. The other hand was buried down the front of her tight jeans, obviously masturbating hard. Dee crawled over and sat beside the girl fascinated by her single-minded attention to her cunt amidst the carnage of sweaty bodies.
Dee asked what she was reading, and the girl huskily replied that it was a fantastic porn story by Kysa Braswell called "Bang the Teen Slowly" about a 13-year virgin called Clarice, and the wicked neighbours who d**gged her and ****d by a German shepherd dog called Miller. Together they read some passages from the story as Dee watched the girl's tits rising and falling inside her open blouse.
“And then she began panting again as Evanik showed her
another photo, that of a girl on a bed, three pillows
under her hips, with her legs spread wide apart and a
German shepherd between them on his haunches, his enormous
cock sunk all the way into her up-lifted pussy. The camera
angle showed clearly his thick pink penis disappearing
into the hair-fringed folds of her cunt. Almost buried
to the hilt, only a small stretch was still showing,
wet and shining. The girl's face was twisted into the
most depraved portrait of ecstasy Clarice had ever seen.
Oh... oh... how she must feel”
The fat man pressed her mouth open in a frantic, r****g
kiss, shoving his big tongue all the way down her throat
until she gagged. At the same time fingers were inserted
and toyed with her tender little pussy, sliding sleekly
in through the sparse pubic hairs and tickling at her
defenseless cuntal lips until they were finally rewarded
a light seepage of clear fluid. There were fingers on her
rounded buttocks as well, taking big handfuls of flesh
in greedy grabs; hands pulling at her bobbing breasts
as if they were cow udders; lips sucking hungrily at
her nipples; and worst of all, dogs' tongues lapping
all over at her nakedly vulnerable flesh, licking up
the moist crevice of her ass- cheeks to make her tiny
puckering ass tingle madly.
And finally
They grabbed impatiently at her hips and f***ed her to
her knees. Clarice rested panting for a moment on all
fours, her long honey-gold hair streaming down over
her bewildered face. Her nakedly rounded buttocks
waved high in the air while her full swaying breasts
sc****d the bed sheet. She felt through her sensual
haze a pair of heavenly hands moving over on her hips,
and she waved her straining ass cheeks back in invitation
at whoever it was. There was something else. The subtle
spearing pressure of Satan's large and nicely-tapered
cock, hard, wet and ready, against the tightly puckered
entrance to her virginal rectum. Having already been
widened and made hungrily ready by the Fat man's r****g
finger, her nether passage fairly ached to be filled
up again. She wiggled her backside and tried to squirm
backwards onto Satan's long slender organ. It bumped
the interior sides of her buttocks and then slid forward.
The tip of the taper slid through her tightly puckering
anal orifice, and then Satan gave a mighty grunting bark
and, propping his forepaws up on her back, rammed his
swollen penis viciously forward. Clarice coughed and
groaned. This feeling was pain, but it was exquisite
as well. The finger that had been up inside her rectum
previously could not remotely compare with it. She could
feel every delightful ridge along its meaty a****l length
as the powerful German shepherd drove upward and home
into her sex-starved nether passage. Satan widened her
tight rectal channel as he went, imparting a fresh and
wonderful thrill with each additional inch of his thrilling hot member.

Dee made a note to download and read the entire story, as her cunt became creamy and the girls nipples swelled between her fingers. The 20 year old masturbating girl quietly explained she was the German au pair of a couple fucking furiously at the back of the bus, and had been brought along to find some k**s her own age and improve her English. Her girlfriend back home had insisted on no messing around with any local girls, and she had yet to a find a boy she fancied enough to fuck. She had obviously overheard part of the conversation with the i****t f****y, and asked Dee if that was her bum in the film.
“No” laughed Dee “I’m just the Director; I don’t usually star in the porn action”.
“But can you teach me how to do that” asked the au pair “I’ve never tried trib”.
“Of course” breathed Dee, kissing the girl gently, then quite hard. She quickly pulled off the girl’s jeans and approved of the damp white panties, and neatly trimmed dark bush; she then stripped off her own jogging outfit. They found enough space amongst the writhing bodies to lie end to end joined at the cunt and Dee squeezed her thighs around the au pair’s pubes and bum. Starting out dominant she rubbed her own pussy hard against the girls pubic bone, then slid her open lips downward past the bumpy clitoris and very wet slit into her firm buttocks, and then back up again. The au pair moaned each time their cunts engaged and started clawing at her own nipples. Dee was delighted when her partner started fighting back, lifting up onto one elbow and pushing Dee down with the f***e of her cunt and thighs. The girl was a natural: getting exactly the right amount of pressure into Dee’s clit and opening up her cuntal lips. The au pair’s clit ring ground its way into Dee’s pussy on each thrust, heightening her intense pleasure. Someone watching poured a great dollop of massage oil onto their hot cunts and the trib became very slippery. The au pair raised herself onto her knees and pulled off her blouse revealing large heavy boobs, complete with gold nipple bars. The previous sounds of fucking and sucking dropped to a hushed silence as the crowd watched the au pair grab both of Dee's wrists and yanked their cunts together with a great squelch. Dee was surprised to see herself panting on the live video screen, complete with a close-up of the au pair's arse, penetrated by a large vibrator, as the video-boy crawled around them. A minute of vigorous pressure and release and Dee was screaming "Harder, fuck me harder", lifting her whole body upwards to get the greatest contact area, then creamed noisily.
The pair collapsed to a round of applause, and several pricks deposited spunk onto both tits. Dee kissed and kissed the exhausted au pair, licking her sticky breasts, and dipping fingers into her own sore cunt.
Dee had assumed that the deep thrumming sound was the engine running, but walking unsteadily to the back of the bus spotted an attractive woman wearing just a cardigan squatting on a Sybian masturbator. Her ankles were tied down to floor, and she was rapidly rubbing her hairy cunt back and forward across the vibrating clit pad. Her boyfriend pulled off the cardigan revealing a pair of double-G size tits encased in a stretchy white bra. The bra was quickly removed and used to bind her arms behind her back. Her shockingly large and heavy tits threatened to tip her forwards off the masturbator. The video camera panned up from her throbbing clit to her man tying her tits up in thick ropes and onto overhead cleats in the bus roof, turning her droopy boobs into massive suspended bulging dark globes. The man dropped his trousers to satisfy her craving to suck a prick, but could only manage a half-sized erection. Dee rummaged around in the rucksack she always wore for jogging, pushing aside the variety of dildos, to pull out the velvet bag with the PtoA logo. Wrapping the short chain loop of the male mk4 masturbator around the blokes prick, she sucked the 'A' probe to lubricate it and shoved it up his arse, before he had time to complain. The effect of the tightening chain slowing the bl**d flow was more dramatic then Dee expected, his prick grew to massive proportions in length and girth, as he whacked it experimentally against the boobs bulging out of their ropes. She begged him to stick it in her mouth and recoiled as far the ropes would let her as he gripped her head tightly with his fingers in her hair and rammed his wildly expanding cock far back into her throat, not letting her escape. After a few moments she groaned as the heavy spurts of fiery hot cum came squirting out, stretching and bloating her cheeks to bursting. But she swallowed gluttonously, spluttering to keep from choking on the sticky white semen as he emptied his testicles into her voraciously sucking mouth.
Dee reluctantly pulled her sweaty shorts back onto her aching cunt, and staggered out the door, being told to visit the blue Kitten van outside.
Junior Dogging Van
She almost fell over the large blue van amongst the parked cars; as she approached, the side door slid open revealing a young boy and girl snogging in the front seats, and a girl in back huge leather armchair in the back. Inside all the walls of the van were covered in pictures torn from porn magazines: one wall was entirely females nude and masturbating, one area devoted to lesbians. The back door was dedicated to couples fucking and sucking, with a few gay men thrown in for fun. The best part was the roof which was covered in pictures of c***dren and a****ls performing the most outrageous sex acts on each other that Dee had ever seen.
At first sight she could only see the young girl’s bare closed legs sticking straight up from the armchair, exposing a puckered bum hole and the hint of cunt lips. The girl gripped her ankles and tantalisingly slowly pulled her legs apart to d**** them over chair arms, revealing tiniest tits, a perfectly trimmed pussy and a brown kitten curled up on her tummy. “Hi I’m Kate, this is Kitten and this” pulling her lips apart “is Pussy”. “Lovely to meet you all” breathes Dee, dropping to her knees, pushing her nose into Kate’s bum. Dee didn’t care how young Kate was, she just had to have some of this cunt, and lapped her tongue from bum hole to clit and back again several times making Kate shudder. She squeezed a bum cheek with one hand and stroked Kitten with the other, causing him to saunter up Kate’s body and resume licking the double cream carefully applied to her nipples. Dee hadn’t paid much attention to the spare boy in the front seat reading a porn mag and patiently waiting his turn to fuck something. Suddenly he was behind Dee pulling her shorts down and pushing a firm cock up and down her arse cleft. "Don't you k**s ever ask?" "Thought you might say no" pushing his prick head against her closed bum hole. “OK so when you’ve finished chewing my s****r's cunt will you teach me fisting” he asked nicely. Watching the live video feed from the dogging bus on a laptop she giggles "I loved you tribbing our au pair, and he's really hopeless, can never make me cum". Dee grabbed his prick before it shagged her bum and dragged him round between his s****r's thighs. "Right, now squeeze your fingers together like this" she said demonstrating the proper fist shape, "and dip the finger tips in her juice here". Holding his wrist, Dee gently pushed his arm forward between the girl's smooth cunt lips until his knuckles disappeared inside and then further in up to the wrist. His s****r moaned and the kitten increased its licking, as her b*****r got the hang of pushing his fist in and out of her sopping cunt and gently twisting it side to side. After an age she lurched forward, crushing his hand between her legs, climaxing heavily and the kitten jumped off just before it fell. "There, I think you've got it" said Dee licking the boy's ear, and then figuring what the heck, pulled her shorts right off, rolled onto her back and fucked the boy senseless while his s****r watched in awe.
Surprise Visit
Dee arrived, un-announced one day at Kurt's flat, wearing a short school uniform and teenage makeup designed to seduce Kurt. Gemma looked her up and down over the door entry video-phone, liked what she saw and pushed the open door button to let her in. Gemma grabbed Dee's wrist and dragged her into the flat, kissing her hard and ripping off the taut school blouse. Gemma hadn't bothered getting dressed, so nakedly mashed her milky brown tits into Dee's large pink nipples, and groped her bare bum.
"Bring that delicious creature over here" boomed Kurt from the bedroom, after watching Gemma **** the visitor.
"Wow" panted Dee "I just wanted to discuss an idea with you both", her carefully planned presentation abandoned, she blurted out her thoughts whenever her mouth wasn't full of Kurt's prick or Gemma's tits. Kurt insisted she kept the torn blouse and tiny skirt and socks on until they had made her climax, before forcing her to her knees for an anal finale.
Kurt and Gemma particularly liked the tan lines across her pale bum and pubes, contrasting to the bronzed torso and tits, as he spread her arse for fucking.
After a vigorous shower with Gemma to wash off the streams of spunk up her back and in her arse, they both settled down on the sofa wrapped in warm towelling robes.
Dee explained her idea for a competition to attract new porn talent, to be called the UK Porn Industry Awards, and hoped that Kurt would host the events, and perhaps fund the prizes.
Kurt readily agreed, provided he could watch her fucking Gemma again, and suggested they go over to the club to plan the event.
Dee hadn't brought a change of clothes – her blouse was ripped and the little skirt covered in sticky spunk, so Gemma being about the same height lent her a pair of black latex hot-pants and matching bra-top, covered in a duffle coat. The waist of the hot-pants was quite low so only just hid the row of dolphin tattoos diving down into her pubes. Kurt found it very difficult to keep his hands off Dee as they travelled to his club in a taxi, promising to be gentler next time, honest.
Ladies Toilet at Club
The club was almost empty when they arrived, so Kurt helped them to some drinks from the vacant bar. Dee dragged Kurt and Gemma into the ladies toilet to demonstrate her first competition idea – spunk collection. Each male competitor stands in front of a sink, wearing just regulation thong, hands by the side. His girl partner stands behind, clothing optional, and on the signal wanks him over the sink to achieve the fastest spurting. Any combination of hands, water and soap are permitted, but no dildos or fucking allowed. Prize for first ejaculation to hit the tiled wall; second prize for greatest volume after scr****g off the wall into a graduated test tube.
Gemma pushed Kurt against the sink, pulling down his trousers and carefully holding his balls in one hand and head of his prick in the other. Dee runs the hot tap and massages warm soap down the length of his shaft, and with Gemma jacks him off for 5 minutes.
"Well you're certainly not going to win the speed prize", just as Kurt groans and starts splattering the tiles above the sink. Dee increases the speed of her hand, while Gemma pushes her now bare breasts into his back, to keep him going. Dee scoops it up and licks her fingers, offering some to Gemma "Delicious" they agree, "Awarded prize for quantity and flavour".
Kurt pulls Dee to the floor and chews her cunt through the hot-pants, while massaging her bum. Dee lifts her hips to allow Gemma to pull off the shorts before they got ruined, and Kurt sticks a thumb straight up her arse. True to his word Kurt very gently licked her to climax, leaving her tits covered and un-m*****ed. But then Gemma spied her breasts heaving inside the top as she climaxed, and could not resist them any longer. Gemma pulled Dee to her feet and pushed back against the sink, dropped to her knees between Dee's well spread thighs, as they devised the second contest. Using any combination of hands and mouths make the standing girl cum as quickly as possible. Her orgasmic state to be measured by one of Mike's cuntal sensors, and displayed on the monitors above the sink. Gemma explored Dee's dripping cunt with tongue and teeth, then sucked out a mouthful of pussy juice, and swallowed it down, licking her lips.
Just then two of the Club's Pole dancers walked in, seeing Dee pushed up against their sink, eyes closed, and tits heaving, and Kurt just watching.
"Hi boss, testing out a new starter?" asked Cindy, pulling off her clothes and sinking her teeth into Dee's right nipple.
"Make the bitch scream" urged Kurt, sliding up Cindy's long legs to finger her bum.
"Hey babe, you've got cracking tits" mumbled Cindy between loud slurping sounds "I'm gonna make you cream"...
The Contest
That evening the dance floor was full of couples – mostly heterosexuals – dancing, gyrating or vertically fucking in slow motion. A row of sinks had been installed along one wall, with large video monitors above showing split-screen close-ups of the pole dancers' faces, bouncing tits and spread cunt lips.
A crowd appeared behind the contestants for the UK Porn Industry Awards - Spunk Competition, cheering the attempts of the partners to extract jism as quickly as possible. Some girls had secreted devices into their partners arse to assist the wanking, and were quickly disqualified. Most mashed bare breasts or spiky bras into their men's back or bum, achieving some deliciously rude poses on the video wall. The winner climaxed in 45.20 seconds, spurting great gobbets of milky cum into the sink, and dropped out leaving the remaining 6 contestants to compete for the greatest volume. Most of the girls in the crowd stared in admiration at the wanking techniques employed, and some sucked off their partners in anticipation.
Once the UKPI male Awards had been handed out, it was the girls turn, and dozens rushed forwards naked to enter. Dee and Kurt organised heats of 6 at a time, the girls leaning back onto a sink edge, legs spread widely, with a cuntal Orgasm Detector device inserted. This displayed their state of arousal on the monitor above each sink; many were already dripping and were splashed with cold water to calm down. Their partner – male or female – knelt between the legs and when the music started had to bring the girl to climax without using hands. The winner was decided by the crowd eagerly watching the girls' faces, tits and the monitor displays of internal temperature, wetness, pressure and contractions. The UKPI female Awards were made for quickest and longest orgasms.
Dee and Gemma then put on a demonstration trib session, copying the gyrations of the two pole dancers; their luscious bums displayed on the sink monitors. Kurt couldn't resist interrupting them before climax to f***e Dee's cheeks apart and plough into her arse, while Gemma hung out her clitoris. The crowd roared their approval when Dee climaxed spewing juice down both legs; soaking Gemma who licked it all up before wolfing down Kurt's spunk.
On the Beach
Kurt had set up a beach area with drinks, tables and chairs and a large pile of sand. Several girls in a variety of open-crotch bikinis gathered up handfuls of sand and pushed it between their bum cheeks. The contest was for any man willing to rub his cock up and down a bum crack full of sun-tan oil and gritty sand. The contrast of the soothing oil and hot sharp sand was enough to limit most blokes attempts to a few seconds, but Kurt managed the pain on his prick head long enough to fully fuck one girl who screamed as the grittiness penetrated her bum hole, and had to be carried out to the showers, bl**d, semen and sand spewing out of her arse.
I realise there have been a lot of named characters in my stories, but they all serve a purpose, so here is their backgrounds, including the episodes they appear in:
Ami: u******e identical twins. Real names Amy and Amilie. Bust size 32B. Love experimenting to achieve simultaneous climaxes. Feature in numerous episodes under pseudonyms Tangy-Ami and Sweet-Ami, based on the flavour of their pussy juices.
Becki: u******e bi-sexual – blonde pubic hair - my favourite character. She stars in numerous videos with Molly and Gemma. Favourite dildo: purple double-ended.
Bob: Amy and Amilie's dad, well established i****tuous relationship.
Dee: porn studio Director. Responsible for establishing the UKPI Awards. Preference is for Lesbians, but will shag most male porn stars.
Faye: committed lesbian, Becki's older s****r. Loves making erotic underwear. Favourite sex-machine: Sybian. Winner of the UKPI Tribadism Award 2010.
Gemma: u******e black bi-sexual – owned by Kurt. Had his baby Kit [in episode 9] after improving Island e****ts. Fabulous tits and wicked sex drive.
Jill: porn studio make-up girl. Featured in 'babysitter fantasy'. Only person who could tell the Ami twins apart.
Kurt: owns night club in London and most of St Lucia. Sexual preference for very young boys and girls, but will fuck anything with a pulse.
May: u******e i****tuous beauty. Loves drawing erotic a****ls. Starred in video with Becki on tip-toes in automatic shower scene. Her mum produces the internal sex views of the Ami twins.
Mike: Inventor of the mk range of masturbators (see glossary), featured briefly in Jill's arse in video 'babysitter fantasy'
Molly: u******e bi-sexual, 34C bust, pierced clit and nipples, moved in with mum to Timmy's house. Loves fisting, anal, very short skirts and crotch-less shorts.
Pam: Mike's wife; runs the village post office, mostly lesbian. Adores Becki in leather climbing harness.
Sam: Busty twin s****r of Tony. Runner-up in UKPI soapy-tit-wank Award 2010.
Samantha: trans-sexual in love with Becki.
Timmy: 12 year old filthy minded narrator – loves peering up skirts, ambition to fuck step-s****r Molly. Hobbies include photography and wanking.
Tony: Starred with Sam in the Twin sex-periments.
A few abbreviations appear in most stories:
CtoA: Female version (Cunt-to-Arse) of the mk4 masturbator.
JPC: The Junior Porn Club – focus for u******e porn production.
Mk1: Mike's first prototype masturbator – row of vibrating bumps from crotch to arse, introduced in Episode 5.
Mk2: Set of flexible shafts support the cunt to arse vibration panel from tight thigh-mounted leg straps. Includes a web-cam for observing up-skirt arse views; was introduced in Episode 6.
Mk3: Refinement from Mk2 to stop cunt over-heating, it has 3 individual self-guided massage probes for anal, cuntal and clitoral masturbation, introduced in Episode 7.
Mk4: design evolved to fully internal, dual probes marked 'C' and 'A' female version joined by active chain. Fully size adapted, all heat powered, massive deep vibrations controlled by position of bracelets (front) and anklets (rear). Leaves the clit fully exposed for manual stimulation; introduced in Episode 10. Delivered in tiny velvet bag with CtoA logo. The male single 'A' probe PtoA version introduced in Episode 11.
OCC: Orgasm Control Centre. Fantasy area just behind clit, with settings for Squirting yes/no, Intensity, Pressure, Throbbing, Duration etc. Can be set locally by hand, or remotely via connections in breasts.
PtoA: Male version (Prick-to-Arse) of the mk4 masturbator.
UKPI: UK Porn Industry – offers awards for outstanding sex on video. Contests usually take place at Kurt’s club.

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