Episode 14 - dark drawings

A large padded envelope arrived, addressed in a very sexy handwriting to Bob, the Ami twins' dad, from the West Country. He placed it on the table at breakfast with Amy and Amilie (Tangy-Ami and Sweet-Ami) wondering what it contained. Sweet-Ami tore open the package and pulled out two pairs of boyish panties and two tiny bikini-style bras – just their size: 32B. The best thing was that they were not just see-through, but completely transparent, and stretchy. Tangy-Ami stood up, turned her back, stripped off her pyjamas and pulled the panties up her long legs, covering her pretty bum in the shiny fabric.
"Amilie help your s****r with that bra" instructed Bob, and after a good deal of unnecessary fondling Tangy-Ami turned slowly around to reveal her gorgeous dark nipples poking through the soft clingy fabric, and pulling her hands out of her crotch to reveal her pretty Brazilian pubic landing-strip.
"Wow Amy" said Bob "you look fabulous; who do you suppose sent them?"
Sweet-Ami was already pulling some drawings out of the torn envelope – Bob recognised the style instantly – it was by May's mum from the Junior Porn Club. One picture showed him laying down sucking one Ami's cunt and fucking the other – the girls facing each other, kissing and fondling tits.
"Wow" exclaimed Tangy, "she has an excellent imagination".
"She asks us to pose like that, wearing the undies, and send some photos" babbled Sweet-Ami "When do we start?"
"Just a minute, I'm sure I never fucked either of you during the filming week.. how did May's mum find out?" wondered Bob out loud.
"I might just have mentioned it to May one morning: we were discussing i****t, she told us about her mum regularly licking her out, and I described our first loving fuck" apologised Sweet-Ami.
Tangy-Ami pulled more drawings out of the envelope and spread them over the breakfast table – several showed May, drawn as a blue cat with a huge bushy tail, tiny furry bum and chewable tits. Sometimes she was being chased by a boy drawn as a brown dog, with huge lolling tongue and prick that almost reached the ground. The final two drawings had him lifting her tail and licking all around her dripping pussy lips, before fucking her up against a lamp post.
May's Drawings
May's mum had started drawing the blue cat fantasy when May was quite young – initially concentrating on her pretty face with cat's whiskers, a hint of breasts to come, and the bushy tail erupting just above the bum hole. Gradually over the years the breasts enlarged and the smooth but furry pubic area became split with open moist lips between the curvy bum cheeks. Blue cat was often drawn licking her own cunt, as cats do, or fisting herself with a front furry paw, and all claws extended in ecstasy.
Another series showed butterflies feasting on May's breasts, licking her into an orgasm, and the proboscis extended to inches long and covered in spiky points for pushing between her cunt lips.
May had drawn her own fantasy a****l based upon her c***dhood 'my pink pony', and her misunderstanding of "bi-sexual", in having both male and female genitals. The pony often sucked its own prick whilst getting cuntally fucked by brown dog. When she was feeling particularly randy May would draw brown dog licking 'bi-pink-pony' under his/her tail, and then fucking its arse with long slow deep penetration with lots of cream. Both toys would frolic around the page, watched by blue cat through half-closed eyes as she rubbed herself to another climax. Sometimes bi-pink-pony tied brown dog to his favourite lamp post by his choke chain and buggered him mercilessly, while blue cat hung on to his cock with all four paws full of claws.
May often drew herself, aged 12, wearing just a red cat collar, attached by a thin leather strap, wrapped so tightly around pony's penis that the head bulged massively and dribbled pre-cum down her throat. In the real world May's mum would sometimes insist that May tied her down to the bed at wrist and ankles with cat collars and suck her clit while fisting her cunt until her nipples looked like they would explode, and she came noisily, wondering if other families had so much fun.
Photos Arrive
Bob was a little concerned at the legality of the photos he sent to May's mum, so stored them encrypted onto the SD card and emailed her the key. After opening them, May's mum was delighted with the first set showing the twins posing coyly in the transparent bras and boy-pants, sometimes partially covering their large brown nipples, sometimes hiding their pubes behind each other or a raised thigh. The next series were far more explicit – the girls sitting on a table, knees spread, and pussy lips held apart by hand stuffed down the front of panties. Bob was clearly enjoying the challenge of photographing his daughters in the most erotic poses. Others showed the large circular base end of an anal plug framed between pretty bum cheeks, stretching the back of the panties to bursting point. One photo had Sweet-Ami penetrated by matching blue dildos in cunt and arse, with Tangy-Ami underneath licking her boobs.
Sweet-Ami took over the camera for the next set, with dad licking out Tangy who straddled his face. The fabric over her cunt was slightly porous so he could drink in her pussy juice and brought her off just by sucking hard. Tangy leaned further and further forward as her climax approached, to get the full vacuum effect onto her clit and grabbed hold of Bob's prick in both hands. She eventually toppled forward and chewed up and down his penis, just avoiding swallowing the stream of red-hot spunk that splattered against her face and stuck in her long dark hair.
Sweet-Ami put the camera on a tripod and holding the long remote shutter release, hopped up on the bed and sat across her dad's hips. Photographing herself, and Tangy still sitting on his face, she rubbed the crotch of her clingy transparent panties along his deflated sticky prick. It only took a few seconds of this for him to be fully aroused again and Sweet lifted up on her knees to accept him. Bob wondered how flexible the panty gusset was and tentatively pushed upwards into her waiting cunt. The fabric gave a little and then tore open, at the same time as Sweet-Ami thrust downwards, impaling herself fully for a fantastic fucking ride. The camera quietly recorded 10 minutes of the twins getting hot and sweaty riding their dad; the bras soon ripped off while tweaking each other's nipples.
Guessing that May's mum was planning to draw some internal views of their bodies – did she know about their Orgasm Control Centre fantasy? – they took some composite photos. These showed Bob's erect prick against their thighs, buttocks, hips and belly to see how far up it would penetrate internally, and another set showing each other's hands probing inside the bras and panties, and fisting cunt and arse.
A second envelope arrived from Bob returning the torn and spunk-laden panties, which May ran away with to sniff and lick. He explained the twins had kept the bras and wore them to school most days, just to confuse the boys peering inside their school-uniform blouses.
The Ami twins' guess about internal drawings was spot on – you could see right inside any skin that was covered by bra or panties. May's mum spent hours perfecting the views through the transparent bras to show fingers caressing the fantasy 'nipple hardness control buttons' buried inside each breast. She carefully drew the bundles of nerve fibres leading from the buttons to each nipple and away downwards towards the crotch. The inside of each breast was soft and downy, a very pale pink in contrast to bright white of the bra, and deepest brown nipples. The nipples themselves were the most erotic thing May had ever seen – just the right combination of rigid, crinkly and chewy forcing themselves out through the bra fabric to daylight.
The cuntal area drawings were sublime, showing enormous pricks dripping spunk into little caves high in their cunts, and long fingers wrapping around the slithery bumps on their Orgasm Control Centres. Whenever a hand or penis penetrated the transparent panties it opened up their bodies to extreme inspection. The lower end of their twisted spiralling colon was drawn stretched out straight where it was filled with prick pushing into their bum holes.
Based upon some rear views of the twins May drew Tangy-Ami kneeling and leaning forward onto her elbows, bum high in the air, pulling the clingy fabric taught into her snatch. A thin hand pushed straight through the side of a bum cheek, avoiding the anus, it had a firm grasp around the tubular slippery outer walls of her cunt filled with a prick-shaped dildo and wanked it to spurting.
May called out “Mum how do I draw Sweet-Ami with a tail – it doesn’t look right?”
Her mum returned a few minutes later wearing just a black leather open-tipped bra, boots and matching tight shiny hot pants with a large zip that ran all the way underneath. Dropping onto hands and knees she proudly swished side to side an enormous black tail that erupted from the anal probe buried in her arse.
“Wow mum, you look fabulous” breathed May, stroking the tail “can I borrow it?”
“No need” replied Mum “here’s one of you own” handing over a vicious looking conical lump of black rubber with a plume of silky black fur attached. “A girlfriend with strange tastes left them behind last year, I don’t think she’ll mind you using them”.
So both May and her mum, still dressed as an evil bitch, drew pictures of an Ami wearing just the transparent panties clearly showing the black anal probes stretching their bum holes wide as their dad tried to pull their tails off.
The masterpiece was a series based on the original sketch of Bob and his two daughters, sucking and fucking; showing the flow of spunk placed deep in Sweet's womb up her body, passing from tongue to tongue into Tangy's mouth, and down past Tangy's tits to drip out of her cunt between Bob's eager teeth. Both twins' tits were smouldering under the relentless twisting and massage from the other. In a related drawing their entire bodies were shown filled with spunk – it just dribbled out of mouths and bottoms, pooling onto Bob, for recycling into Sweet-Ami's pussy.

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4 years ago
Ohh yes..love it..so descriptive..would love to see the pictures!!
4 years ago
They say art is a window to the soul,
if May's mom was drawing such things and May was drawing herself like that, Mmmm what a naughty mom and daughter
4 years ago