Episode 13 - the twin experiments

Following the sex-picnic with the twins Sam and Tony, our identical 14 year old lesbian twins Amy and Amilie are sat at their laptop writing a thank you email. Sweet-Ami wrote that her cunt had itched while Tony was shagging Tangy-Ami's arse, and was very aware when her s****r climaxed. They wondered if there was any scientific explanation for twins – identical or fraternal – coming together, and would love to take part in an experiment with Sam and Tony.
Tony couldn't believe his luck and swiftly replied that he and Sam would love to assist and asked if Ami and Ami had ever heard of Mike the Inventor to help with any monitoring equipment.
Ami's reply was just a link to their Junior Porn Club video called "the babysitter fantasy" (see Episode 8), which Sam and Tony watched together in bed several times – loving Jill's exquisite tenderness stroking the 7-year old Ami's bottom and her violent downfall getting dildo fucked by their stage mum. Ami explained that it was Mike in the very last scene shagging Jill's bum, which was already full of anal balls.
They all met up the following day and Tangy-Ami explained what happened after the official filming ended
Mike had withdrawn from Jill's arse and lay down next to his real wife Pam, gently kissing them both. Together they pulled off Punk-Ami's studded black leather thong, licked her arse and held her, face-up over Mike's erection, which slipped easily into her bum. Little-Ami was getting Jill off again by chewing on her tits when their real dad walked in.
"Bob" shouted Pam and Jill, "daddy" shouted little-Ami jumping up and wrapping her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. She rubbed her bare damp pussy against his hip bone and inside thigh against the rising prick in his trousers.
"What are you doing here?" Ami asked, kissing all over his face.
"I was here all week, keeping an eye on you two" he replied slipping a hand under her bum to take the weight off his neck. One finger 'accidentally' slipped on the juice into her bum-hole, Ami wriggled it further in.
May had carried on filming, rather unsteadily, as Jill climaxed again as she slid off Pam's dildo and slumped onto the floor exhausted. Bob lay down next to Pam pulling little-Ami's bum onto his condomed prick and tried to catch up with Mike.
Mike and Bob raced to make their Ami climax first, but no matter how fast or slow, shallow or deep they fucked the bottoms, rubbed their clits or tweaked the nipples the two Ami's climaxed within a second of each other. Re-running the video in slow motion you could easily see above the arse-pounding pricks the slight quiver in their open pussy lips, followed by a vertical eruption of juice. The juices sprayed into the air, and dripped off Mike and Bob's legs onto Pam' neck and face, who had slid down the bed to watch the fucking close up. Pam licked her lips and rubbed her hands in the mixed up juice and sucked her fingers gurgling "this finger is sweet, this is tangy".
After they had finished recounting the film, Sam hugged the girls, who had started crying. Tony had been holding his breath throughout, afraid to spoil the moment, and just said "wow, you squirted!" They all composed a note to Mike asking how they might experiment with simultaneous orgasms in identical twins.
First Trial Experiment
Mike had made a deeply padded leather examination / treatment table, with soft adjustable panels to hold an Ami in extreme comfort either way up. Face down their pretty breasts flopped into a deep aperture which housed an array of video cameras to monitor all nipple arousals. At the 'working end' of the table their thighs were held apart and supported, leaving the entire cuntal area exposed to the temperature, viscosity, pressure and sound probes carefully inserted into her pussy. Tony stood between Tangy-Ami's outstretched legs and tried to concentrate on the instructions to only shag her bottom when instructed and not make too much noise.
In the next room Sweet-Ami lay on a similar table but with the addition of a bank of video cameras trained on her genital area, and wearing a pair of headphones playing soothing non-sexual music.
Both Ami's were dressed in just a choker and matching leg warmers – red for Tangy and green for Sweet so that there could be no doubt on the videos. Sam and Tony wore the same skinny black vests – Sam's pulled tight across her large boobs and just exposing her dark pubic triangle. They snogged deeply, Sam fondling Tony's impressive prick holding up the hem of his vest, before letting him into the 'treatment' room with a slap on his arse.
After pouring a dollop of lubricating fluid onto her bottom, Tony pulled on a condom and pushed gently between her tight bum cheeks, and then firmly into her arse. After a few minutes of vigorous fucking he pulled back to hold the outer edges of her cheeks and then slid his hands up to her slim hips.
"Don't go" moaned Ami, wriggling her legs against the restraining straps.
He had never buggered a small boy, but imagined it must feel this good; so guiltily swept his hands up her sides to cup her tiny breasts and make certain it was a girl. Ami moaned as soon as he held her nipples, which rapidly hardened. Looking down at her heaving shoulders and downy spine, he wished out loud to be able to see her front. Mike quickly switched on the large monitors surrounding the table, and delicious live views of Ami's tits from the cameras under the table and her huge nipples from each side sprang to life. His entire view was filled with succulent breasts and dark, dark squeezable nipples.
As Tony gripped each nipple he could see the breast swelling and the nipple trying to fight back; Ami moaned deep in her throat. On Mike's screens all the monitoring data from Tangy-Ami being fucked indicated an approaching orgasm, and he was amazed to see almost the same results from Sweet-Ami lying passively on the other table next to him. Both were breathing hard and wriggling their fingers in a curious stroking fashion.
Tony was convinced someone (Sam?) was sucking his bollocks and came violently inside Ami's bum-hole. Sweet-Ami tried very hard to follow Mike's instructions to do nothing, but could not resist touching her throbbing clit and then with a guttural moan pinch both her nipples hard. Sam stroked her hair, kissing under Ami's breasts, sucking in large sweet mouthfuls of tit flesh, whilst rubbing her own clit hard with her spare hand. Both Ami's climaxed, sending all the monitoring data off the scale, and Ami's arse clamped shut around Tony's relaxing manhood.
Analysis of Results
Tony lifted Tangy-Ami off the table, after undoing the restraining straps across her waist and thighs, pulled the monitoring gear out of her dripping pussy and licked the tangy mixture of pussy juice and sweat from her legs and bum. Just wearing warm towels they walked slowly into the main monitoring room where Sweet-Ami was slowly sitting up, still holding onto her nipples for comfort. The three hugged and kissed, while Mike processed the monitoring data and played back the videos at the point of climax, on the enormous monitors around the room.
Mike asked each of them to describe what they felt at each stage of their orgasm. Tony started hesitantly, aware that Bob – the twins dad – was watching him intently "um .. Ami only came when I squeezed her nipples, and there was a strange sensation that .. um Sweet-Ami was inside pushing back"
Tangy: "you mean .. You could feel her fingers pushing my nipples out?"
Sweet: "it was like my entire right arm fisting her, in cunt up to the elbow.. I've never told anyone, not even you babe".
Tangy: "I had no idea you could feel it too babe.. Your hand was like .. stroking my tits from the inside"
Sweet: "There was like touch controls inside your breasts, with a dial for each nipple going from soft to rock-hard".
Tony: "wow – it was so vivid – I could feel your fingers inside each nipple – stopping me crushing them"
Mike: "this is amazing – it might be how you both climax together"
Sam: "and I did think hard about sucking your balls to make you come".
Tony: "thanks babe, it was amazing"
Bob: "I don't know what to say" so just stroked his talented twins.
Second Trial
For the second trial of both twins, Mike adapted an Olympic athlete body monitor, adding pressure sensors and embeds it in a spare mk4 masturbator metal probe. The probe is worn internally by the girls and held in place at the top of the womb by a large magnet on a waist belt, fitted with batteries and radio transmitter.
Sweet-Ami tries one on and bounces up and down to test it for stability and comfort and demands that Sam licks her out.
Lying Sweet-Ami onto the treatment table face up, Sam pulls her moist crinkly pussy lips apart, circling her tongue around each side then thrusts it in.
Meanwhile in the monitoring room Bob kisses Tangy gently, then open-mouthed f***es his tongue down her throat, slips a finger into cunt, stroking her g-spot.
Watching intently Mike quietly asks Tony "when does parental affection become i****t?"
Ami props herself up on one elbow and turning her head chews her dad's prick through his trousers "just about there" replies Tony admiringly, as Bob licks her juice off his fingers.
Freed from the constraints of monitoring cables, Tony lays on the monitoring table with Tangy resting on her knees either side of his head, and elbows at his waist in a classic 69 position. Mike adjusted the table to raise Tony's head so his nose pushed right into Ami's bum and could lick any part of her cunt with ease. The table panel supporting Ami's elbows dropped so that his prick slid straight into her open mouth.
As she sucks him in Tony feels his prick is massively growing in length –pushing down her throat, through her body, past squishy organs heading for her OCC (Orgasm Control Centre). He enters the top of her womb and carefully pushing past the monitor probe – Mike notices a strange tremor – and slowly emerges between her cunt lips into the daylight. Tony watches in shock as his prick head eases out of her cunt, glistening with his and her juices and he slowly licks it clean.
At the same time Sam who has her tongue firmly up Sweet-Ami's pussy feels it pushing into her mouth so bites down on it and gets a mouthful of Tony's spunk.
Tony comes in his own mouth, recognising the taste from the times he had to lick it off Sam's breasts after she had given him a soapy-tit-wank, and swallows the spunk down, causing both Ami's to complain they weren't getting any.
On the way back up his prick bumped into her OCC, just behind the clit, resetting the pussy lip sensitivity to max. Looking about just before he left her womb her saw the two the Fallopian tubes leading to her ovaries, and a conveyor belt of tiny numbered wooden cots. Counting to 30 on each side (5 years at one a month) he saw it occupied by a pair of smiling twins, but thought this too weird to explain.
Sam's turn
Sam complained she rarely saw the girls dressed, and wanted to watch them while she masturbated. As Mike fitted the cuntal detector, held in place by the strong magnet, this time attached to the strap-on dildo waste band, she described her fantasy from years ago: a bottle-nosed dolphin swam up her vagina; if you stroked its tail it would direct it's echo location beam at her g-spot and blowhole eruption sprays out of cunt.
The plan is for Sam spread-eagled naked on the table, back propped up for watching, with both Ami’s behind a screen at foot of bed, walk up and down wearing variety of outfits. The first ensemble they pulled on soft fluffy red jumpers paired with tiny red thongs. They stood at the foot of the table in unison lifting up the hem of their jumpers just catching the nipples so that their breasts lifted then bounced down into view, and then quickly covered up again. Each time Sam saw their nipples her own grew harder, until she was f***ed to stop massaging her clit, cup both breasts and squeeze hard. Tangy-Ami could not resist dropping to her knees and chewing Sweet-Ami's clit through her thong, before they dashed behind the screen to change again.
Sam's strongest cuntal reaction (95% arousal) was to their pale blue dungaree shorts – quite tight across the hips so moulded to their bum cheeks. She avidly watched their tits joggling from around the sides of the bib top as they walked around her on the treatment table.
Behind the screens they replaced them with just a pair of tatty denims, sunglasses, no top and laid the dungarees across Sam's bare tummy and wielding a large pair of scissors shortened the legs to show more bum cheek. They played around with the scissors – pushing them down onto Sam's tits so that each nipple poked up through the circular handle hole, and when most of each breast was 'captured' biting down hard on both nipples, Sam screeched.
Putting the now shortened dungarees back on they bend right over to display the maximum amount of bum cheek and finished off by fucking her feet. Tangy-Ami was clearly making this up as they went along – she stood legs spread over Sam's right foot facing away, and lowered her bum so that Sam's foot slid up the back of her thigh and inside the shorts, between her bum cheeks. Sam climaxed from the delicious combination of her foot encased in taught fabric and soft bum cleft. She came again when sweet-Ami managed to engage the big toe of Sam's left foot firmly in her arse and rode it up and down spewing her own cunt juice out of the shorts. Sam's hands were a blur rubbing her clit and fisting herself through these climaxes, eventually squirting a bubbling stream of pee into the air.
The last outfits were a long cardigan just reaching below bum level, opened to reveal shiny bra, stay up stockings and a huge black strap-on dildo. One Ami ploughed into Sam's dripping snatch while the other deep-fucked her mouth. Sam lifted her bum off the table to get the dildo in deeper and Ami stuck a finger into her arse, making her squeal and cream again. The face-fucking Ami walked around behind her twin s****r and pushed the wet dildo into her available cunt between the straps.
Mike decided there was no scientific explanation for the simultaneous climaxes he monitored between the two Ami's, but they clearly had an extraordinary i****tuous relationship with each other and their dad, that others could only watch and admire. Being b*****r and s****r, Tony and Sam could readily make each other come, but rarely at the same instant. Tangy-Ami wrote up the notes of being fisted by her twin s****r describing the sensations of having her breasts lovingly stroked from the inside, and the rows of orgasm buttons just behind her clit to control her climaxes.

{editors note: 5 years later the two Ami’s found a boy that could match their sex drive; he shagged them both continuously for over a month. Next summer Sweet-Ami gave birth to identical twin boys, and a day later Tangy had twin identical baby girls}

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