Episode 10 revised: mk4 masturbator

Becki and Molly are now 16 and easily recognised from the mk3 masturbator videos circulating on the net. Gemma is living with her 8-month old baby Kit in Kurt's flat in London, invites the girls down for a dirty weekend. Wearing short button through dresses, they catch the train to London. Catching a crowded Underground train their breasts are squashed together hanging onto the overhead grab rail; Becki cannot resist a quick grope of Molly's bum. A rather smartly dressed lady sitting opposite the swaying pair casually lifts the hem of Becki's dress and smiles at the sight of shaved bare pussy.
"Sorry luv" Becki whispers "I'm spoken for" and kisses Molly full on the lips; Molly responds by undoing the top two buttons on her dress to give the lady a better view. They reach the next station and 4 young Japanese schoolgirls crowd into the carriage giggling, and end up standing next to Molly. The nearest girl catches a glimpse of Molly's nipple rings and chain between her exposed breasts, and tells her friends. Amongst the sing-song Japanese the only recognisably English words were "Becki", "Molly", and "mark-three masturbator"; clearly they had seen the videos.
One girl cautiously slid her hand up Molly's thigh and on reaching unfettered bushy pubes asks "no masturbators today?"
"Not that one today babe" whispers Becki "have a look in the rucksack" swinging Molly round. The Japanese schoolgirl fished around and first pulled out an enormous purple dildo.
"No not that one" laughed Molly; the smart lady blushed and got off the train.
On the second attempt the girl pulled out a small velvet pouch with a discreet "CtoA" logo; timidly she opened the drawstring and held the shiny device. It consisted of two small silver eggs joined by a chain at their pointy ends. At the outer flattened ends one had the raised letter "C" and, you guessed it, the other the letter "A". There was also a tiny bottle marked "anal lubricant" and a piece of paper containing an insertion diagram and a web address.
The probes looked enormous in the girl's tiny hand, but Molly assured her they would easily fit and slipped her a phone number in case of problems. The girl popped these all back in the pouch and then noticed two bracelets just like Becki and Molly were wearing.
"Just put your hands together like this" said Becki "to make it go faster – experiment and have fun".
Thus the viral marketing campaign was kicked off.
Kurts London Flat
Gemma hadn't used the mk3 masturbator since before Kit was born as she found it uncomfortable, so she tentatively pulled on the thigh straps and secured the waist strap, and holding a mirror watched the rear probe snaking its way into her bum and then oscillate gently. After a few mellow minutes she let the middle probe push into her cunt and climaxed violently, milk streaming out of her tits. She was just rubbing her clit to a second orgasm when the Becki and Molly phoned to say they were outside the flat.
"Hang on just a minute" she panted "I'm coming" and staggered to the door naked and dripping.
The three girls hug and kiss grab some drinks and flump down on the sofa. Becki and Molly sit quite primly with knees together, but undo each other's dress buttons to the navel exposing curvy breasts joined by nipple rings and chains. Molly demonstrates problem of the mk3 by grabbing Gemma's smart phone and winding up the clitoral pressure combined with deep anal vibrations – Gemma sinks to the floor, gasping "turn it off I can't breathe" then realises her cunt has gone numb.
Becki slowly parts her legs, gently massing her clit, revealing the gold chain vanishing up her cunt. Gemma crawls across the floor and sucks all the juice off Becki's outer lips. Molly has slipped around behind Gemma and pushes the large purple dildo into her arse after pulling out the reluctant probe. After a few changes of position and several climaxes each, Becki describes the public reaction to the mk3 and what led to the design of the mk4 helping to keep her and Molly's bodies in peak sexual condition.
A number of girls complained that clitoral stimulation was not like their fingers and often numbed their entire pussy, so Mike the inventor decided to remove the front probe and encourage and enhance manual stimulation. Some found the remote control distracted from primary purpose of achieving orgasm – often dropping their smart-phone nearing climax. Many requested a more 'naturalistic' means of control, others that it was great under shorts but cannot use under a swimsuit – want something more discreet.
Molly helped Gemma to pull off the mk3 and handed her a gold-plated mk4; which fitted her holes perfectly. Gemma quickly found that she could control the speed of cuntal vibrations by moving the bracelets together or apart, and that the anklets controlled the anal probe. Bringing one hand towards her pussy deepened the front thrusters to match her clit rubbing, but both made her climax so fast she had no idea what was going on.
Becki droned on describing the opportunity for third party bracelets, designed into watches, wristbands or jewellery, and Molly added that it came with a miniature kilt blanket pin for attaching to skirt or waist-band when you needed to remove it to use the toilet. The web site showed the Mk4 as being very discreet – barely visible under the sheerest of panties, could be worn underwater, very effective with upward facing shower head. Movement of hands and feet control energy to probes. No need for any instructions probes simply marked 'C' and 'A' carved into surface so can fit correctly in the dark just by feel. Bracelets detect others – holding hands synchronises pulsing, keeps memory of last sex with person.
Chain has magnetic effect on bl**d flow. No batteries required it is powered from difference in temperature between probes and chain – so need to wear loose undies to keep it cool. Can slow down vibrations by squeezing thighs together – heats up chain – less current
Becki felt the urgent need to use the toilet, strolled to bathroom, and soon called out "Gemma you slut, you've run out of toilet paper – what am I supposed to wipe my pussy on?"
Gemma "Use the bidet you idiot, it's much nicer"
"Oh I love bidets" said Molly "show me the way", and found Becki facing the wall writhing on the stream of warm bidet water jetting straight onto her pubes. She massaged liquid soap into Becki's tits, which then slid down her wet body to assist Becki's right hand furiously rubbing her clit. Gemma dropped to her knees and pushed a well lubricated thumb up Becki's exposed bum-hole, who climaxed noisily and demanded to take the bidet home.
Gemma scooped up the discarded mk4 masturbator and popped the 'C' end in her mouth. As the probe quickly warmed up it buzzed against Gemma's tongue enhancing the flavour of Becki's pussy juice clinging to its recesses. Tentatively Gemma sucked in the 'A' end and instantly got the tangy taste of Becki's backside that she remembered licking out on many occasions.
Gemma sat spread-eagled against the side of the bath while Molly attacked her cuntally with a short stubby double-ended dildo. Face to face and cunt to cunt they rubbed each other's breasts and kissed deeply, while shoving the squelching dildo in and out. Rocking her hips forward Molly was able to pin Gemma to the bath side and torment her clit and nipples until she creamed just before a wail from the nursery reminded them that baby Kit needed feeding.
They all trooped into the nursery dripping pussy juices and soap and cooed at baby Kit waving her bare legs in the air. Gemma gently pulled off her nappy and blew a raspberry kiss on Kit's tummy which made her gurgle. Becki leaned over the cot for a tickle and Kit saw the swaying breasts above her face and latched onto a nipple.
"Sorry babe no milk there" beamed Becki "these ones are just for show".
Gemma lifted Kit up to her milky tits; Kit sucking hard on one and Molly on the other.
Becki could not resist massaging Gemma's cunt with her fist, and stroking baby Kit's bottom.
After her feed, Gemma stood Kit up in the bidet and gently washed her all over from the warm water stream. Becki asked if it was OK to stroke her cunt, and Gemma said "I do that all the time – it really calms her down, is it wrong, is it c***d abuse?"
"Search me" said Molly and Becki in unison, and collapsed in giggles searching each other's naked bodies for inspiration.
"My god I can get most of a finger up her tiny cunt – she's going to be popular with the boys" exclaimed Molly.
"And girls" added Becki, carefully holding Kit’s bottom and allowing a finger to slip between the cheeks.
The Club
After something to eat Gemma took Becki and Molly to her favourite hunting ground – a girls-only club. Becki and Molly wore flesh-coloured leotards with miniscule black skirts and thigh-length boots; from a distance appeared to be topless. Gemma actually was topless – she carried Kit in a baby-sling between her bare breasts, with a short zip-up jacket to keep them warm. At the club door a butch door-woman was checking everyone in. She grappled one obvious T-girl between the legs, and told him to come back on Tuesday, which was trans-sexual night. Gemma was next in the queue and whispered "say clit-rings" to Molly and Becki behind her. The door-woman made a great fuss of Kit – licking her tiny fingers, and pulled down Gemma’s zip to kiss her toes, “Oh my, still lovely tits, in you go miss”.
The metal detector was flashed near to Molly’s crotch –it screamed, but the guard was distracted by the low cut top of her leotard perfectly holding 34C breasts punctuated by enormous nipple rings. The nipple (and clit) piercings had been a birthday present from her step-father, who delighted in adjusting each to make sure they were level each morning before allowing Molly out to school. Molly whispered “clit-rings” as the guard stepped back to check if her nipple rings were level, and Molly shot through the gap into the club door.
Becki's leotard was cut very high on the leg, exposing her hips; the micro-skirt was pushed down low, which would have displayed the top of her pubic hair if she wasn't perfectly shaven. Hands on bare hips Becki pushed her cunt forwards to the guard, legs apart and joked "clit-rings" as the metal detector went off the scale again.
"How much metal have you girls got down there?" joked the guard, and popped open the press-studs in the crotch of the leotard. The guard flicked Becki's clit hard side to side with her thumb and suddenly said "Hey I know you – pink leather climbing harness video, shower scene with young girl, dad watching through mirror – hunt for the red thong, wait a minute he actually filled your pretty cunt with cum"
"Sorry" said Becki pretending to be a lesbian "I didn't realise they had carried on filming".
Unimpressed the guard f***ed two fingers into Becki's moist cunt and tried to find her g-spot.
"Whoa" cried Becki as the girl behind in the queue started to push forwards and rub her bottom. She hurriedly pulled a CtoA velvet bag out of her rucksack and pushed into the guard's spare hand "Try that".
The guard withdrew her sticky fingers from Becki's cunt to open the bag, and Becki raced for the club door.
Inside the Club
Inside the club Gemma flashed her VIP card (Kurt owned the club) and the 3 girls were ushered up a spiral staircase into the private bar.
Surrounded by the metal staircase Becki's CtoA vibrators went wild – the 'A' probe thrusting side-to side up her bum and the 'C' probe hurtling front-to-back regularly hitting her sore g-spot. She had to sit down and stroke her tingling clit. Closing her eyes, legs spread wide on the metal stairs she soon gushed pussy juice all over the girl who was climbing the stairs below her. A pretty 20 year old caught the full f***e of Becki's climax on her chin, neck and breasts, turning her white tee shirt completely see through. Bending down she pushed Becki's knees further apart and gripped Becki's clit in her teeth and brought her to a second climax. The pair staggered upstairs and flopped down on a huge leather sofa where Becki ripped off her jeans revealing a beautifully trimmed dark triangle, and finger fucked her mercilessly. With Becki chewing on Jen's large dark nipples through the damp tee-shirt she soon came noisily. After she recovered, Becki had gone but left behind a velvet pouch holding a shiny blue CtoA masturbator with a note attached saying "love you, Becki".
The VIP Suite
Gemma left Kit with the 12 year old s****r of one of the pole-dancers, who ran a sort of crèche, which consisted of a bunch of near-naked teenagers stroking Kit and another naked baby.
Gemma re-arranged the baby sling to support her boobs, as she had put on 2 bra-cup sizes since having Kit, and didn't want too much bounce as she danced. Becki stood behind her squeezing milk over any girls who got too close.
Molly was minding her own business watching girls bending over the pool tables when two identical twins, tall, about 30, stood either side, one in blue bra and long skirt, the other similarly dressed in red. They looked a little out of place – no other skirt in the room was more than 6" long, but it soon became clear what they were hiding. The blue-girl had a short fat strap-on dildo and her red twin a very long thin one.
"Who do you want first" asked blue-girl, stepping in front, grinning and undoing Molly's leotard poppers. Before she had a chance to reply blue-girl had pushed the head of the enormously wide dildo into her cunt, and Molly felt red-girl rubbing herself against her bum.
"Hold on" exclaimed Molly "I just need to..." and pulled the 'A' probe out of her arse before red-girl shoved her dildo up. The three girls soon developed a comfortable fucking rhythm after Molly lifted her legs around blue-girls hips and leaning back supporting herself around red-girls neck. The 'A' probe of the mk4 masturbator swung backwards and forwards on its chain as the front girl pushed the 'C' probe further up with each cuntal thrust.
Blue-girl seemed a bit miffed that Molly was enjoying herself so much – it was supposed to be **** after all.
She moaned that the dildo may go in easy, but really hurt when it came out, so yanked backwards pulling the fat dildo out with enough suction that the 'C' probe followed. Red-girl reluctantly pulled out of Molly's arse and pocketed the CtoA hanging from blue-girls fat dildo. As they swapped places Molly demanded "you had better clean that one from my arse, I don't want to catch anything". So red-girl wiped it on Molly's skirt before pushing it all the way into her cunt, lifting Molly off her feet. "You'll need these" said Molly removing the CtoA bracelets and dropping them down red-girls bra. Blue-girl finished the session by firing a stream of fake cum up Molly's bum.

Gemma led the way to the snooker tables and hopped up onto on her back legs either side of a corner pocket sucking noisily on a juicy cunt of a pretty blonde straddling her face. Becki wasn't far behind leaning over the table pushing several fingers, then whole fist into Gemma's wide open pussy, when she felt firm hands pulling her bum cheeks apart and a very life-like penis sliding into her arse. She could easily tell it wasn't any normal dildo, so looking down at the rather large feet, she said to the obvious T-girl "How did you get in?"
The boy/girl replied "It just slipped in, you were very wet"
"Not my arse you idiot, how did you get into the club? – it's not Tuesday"
"Oh that was easy, once that guard had your masturbator fitted, she let in anything with tits" and proudly swung his about.
"OK, then let's do this properly" said Becki "I'm Becki, and I'm bi-sexual".
"Hi I'm Samantha" said the T-girl "and I love fucking bi-sexuals", with that he thrust really hard up Becki's arse and came loudly.
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