Episode 9 - Where was Gemma?

Thirteen year old Gemma could not attend the Junior Porn Club School as she was back in St. Lucia topping up her tan and getting pregnant.
The journey
Dad dropped Gemma off at the Coach Station, chattering about usual Passport / tickets / money stuff and dreamily watched her bare black bum under a very short dress as she mounted the coach steps. Gemma flopped into a seat near the back, blew a kiss to Dad and selected a very graphic porn movie starring Molly and Becki to 'watch' on her smart-phone. The nipple rings pulsed in time to the beating music in her earphones, and her cunt was soon feeling very mellow, without even switching on the mk3 masturbator. A f****y of mum, dad, little girl and boy about 7 clambered aboard the coach and sat in the row in front of Gemma. The little boy kept turning around in his seat to stare at Gemma's tits, and then plucking up courage slipped into the empty seat beside her. As he wriggled around trying to get a clearer view of her porn movie his leg pushed up her dress exposing the silver mk3 thigh strap. Dad then realised where he had seen Gemma before, and had to hide a substantial erection between his daughter's legs who sat on his lap.
At the Airport
Gemma shakily walked off the coach giving Dad a good eyeful of wet cunt and headed for the Airport Terminal. She checked in a small holdall of bikinis and dildos and was imagining lying on a beach in the hot sun trying to choose between 2 gorgeous boys when she walked through the security scanner and all hell broke loose.
A very load klaxon shook her from her reverie and she was instantly surrounded by male and female security guards who bundled her roughly into a brightly-lit side room. The 2 female officers were the worst pushing a detector wand hard between her legs and groping her breasts and bum while they f***ed her to strip.
The senior male guard recognised the mk3 masturbator still pulsing front and back and ushered everyone else from the room declaring he would need to interrogate the suspect.
"Show me how you control those probes" he said gently trying to calm Gemma down.
Gemma tentatively increased the oscillations of the front probe, the guard dropping to his knees to lick her exposed clit. He roughly pulled the rear probe out of her arse and pushed two fingers in, catching Gemma off balance and making her climax.
"We cannot possibly let you on a plane wearing that" he said undoing his fly and pushing his prick into Gemma's mouth.
Gemma reluctantly undid the straps and let the mk3 drop to the floor and removed the nipple ring vibrators while sucking hard on the guard. Fortunately there was a box of tissues to wipe up the stream of spunk he left on her chin and breasts. Later she rang Mike – the inventor, to put a Health Warning on the mk3 web-site on how to avoid getting ****d by airport security.
The Flight
It was a night-time flight, so the cabin lights were low, and the drone made her sl**py. So with eyes nearly closed and legs wide apart, f***ed into manual masturbation, a butch stewardess leaned over the seat and asked Gemma to accompany her. Gemma had thought the drop-down table would ensure nobody could see her right hand buried up to the knuckles in her cunt, but had not reckoned with the air conditioning wafting the delicious aroma of her pussy juice around. The stewardess nibbled Gemma's ear and helped her out of the tight seat, brushing against her nipples and pushed the still groggy Gemma down the plane aisle to the galley area. Pulling the curtain across she kissed Gemma f***efully on the lips and grappled her pussy; Gemma fought back by yanking down the front zip of the flight uniform and unclipping the front bra fastening. Candy's generous tits fell out and Gemma pinched both nipples hard. Pushing Gemma back against the counter top f***ed her legs apart and Candy's first and second fingers shot into her already wet cunt. Candy expertly fingered Gemma's g-spot until she trembled to a climax and shot a stream of juice all over the floor.
Candy insisted that Gemma reciprocate using a blue strap-on dildo that magically appeared from a cupboard. Candy pulled her zip right down, stepped out of the uniform dress, and turned round leaning on the counter, revealing stay up stockings framing a pretty bare bottom. Gemma lost no time in moistening the dildo from her own pussy juice before jamming it into Candy's arse, while still pinching hard on one nipple. Candy muffled a scream, expecting cuntal action, not anal, but came anyway after a few minutes.
After they had both got their breath back, dressed in smart clean uniforms with regulation airline thongs, they unsteadily climbed the spiral staircase to the VIP lounge. A small group of mostly dressed male passengers were surrounded by an orgy of nearly-naked male and female cabin crew. Candy explained that the tips were brilliant from the strongly built black man, named Kurt, who owned a large part of St Lucia, and loved little girls. Candy stripped and pulled off Kurt's trousers, gasping at the revealed prick and tried to get either hand around it. But Kurt was drooling at the sight of Gemma dressed in the airline uniform and insisted she kept it on. Candy explained that Gemma was only 13 and preferred anal, while licking the head of his penis. Gemma reluctantly climbed onto Kurt's prone body and felt Candy feeding his prick into her moistening bum-hole. The orgy went very quiet whilst all eyes focussed on his enormous length disappearing inch by inch into her bum. Gemma held her breath until the entire length was buried in her arse, and then screeched as he started to pull it out again. This was the trigger for all the crew to resume fucking, sucking and masturbating. Candy sat behind her, pulled the zipper down and gently massaged Gemma's breasts as she rode up and down, until Kurt grunted and filled her arse with spunk. Candy helped Gemma off the softening prick, and licked her bruised bum-hole while everyone else cuddled her.
Gemma staggered off the plane at Hewanorra Airport in her own dress, richer by $2000, with a permanent invitation to Kurt's mansion.
The Mansion
Gemma couldn't believe her luck – she had only booked a cheap flight, half expecting to sl**p on the beach, but now had the run of a palatial house complete with swimming pool, gym, sauna, at least eight bedrooms and full maid service.
Gemma selected a lovely room opening onto the pool and Kurt insisted on sl**ping with her whenever he was at home. There was only one rule – she must not fuck anyone else – her cunt was his property.
A pretty, young boy from the swimwear shop delivered a selection of bikinis for Gemma, her absolute favourite one had an open mesh top which kept her nipples permanently erect due to the slight friction whenever her tits moved. The bottoms were made of a seamless metallic see-through fabric; close up anyone could clearly see the individual folds of her dark lips, puckered bum-hole, and pink shiny cunt walls when her legs were wide apart.
Gemma managed several Skye video calls back to the UK until she squirted all over the laptop webcam and the delicious close-up of Becki’s cunt full of Molly’s fist disappeared with a loud bang.
The bracelet
Gemma woke late one morning to find Kurt had left just a silver bracelet with instructions to phone this number and ask for Tim – get yourself some company – I am away for 2-3 weeks.
"Island e****ts" answered a cheery voice when Gemma phoned.
"Could I speak to Tim please" Gemma.
"Certainly Miss, you must be Kurt's new bitch, can I suggest a young boy that just joined, he's available all day" replied Tim.
"Er, do you have any girls?" Gemma hesitated, imagining Becki licking up her inner thigh.
"Oh no problem I'll send over one of each, say about 10 o'clock, usual clothing and toys?"
"Hmm, can't wait, I'll be by the pool" and Gemma hung up, pulled on her favourite bikini, feeling her pussy moistening.
A brightly painted jeep drove up the hill and two young c***dren jumped out, nearly naked carrying a large see-through carrier bag full of clothes and sex toys. By the pool the girl and boy went through a series of set-piece positions – pussy licking, deep-throating, mock anal and finally full-on fucking each other, before asking Gemma sitting on a sun lounger what services she wanted.
"OK k**s slow down, put some clothes on, and make it more erotic" said Gemma pulling her lips apart to reveal a lack of pussy juice. The boy, now wearing tight shorts, who could not have been more than 10, crawled over to Gemma and gently stroked her breasts through the mesh bra.
"That's better, now some sun cream, mmmm" moaned Gemma as the boy pulled off her shiny bikini bottoms, and pushed his tongue into her cunt. Meanwhile the girl had donned a white tee-shirt and thong and was pushing a large vibrator into the boy's raised bottom. Finally Gemma turned over, taking the boy's small but rigid prick into her still sore arse, with the little girl on top of the heap screwing the boy with a strap-on dildo. Juices were beginning to flow when the Maid called out "Hurry up lunch is ready" and gave the young girl a helping hand between the legs. She jerked violently as the maid's fist entered her cunt causing the boy to spurt into Gemma's bum and took her over the edge. They all jumped into the pool, and then, wrapped in towels sat down to lunch.
The young girl explained how Island e****ts supplied girls and boys of all ages to rich locals for their own use or regular parties, where they would perform for the assembled guests. All booking was done by phone, each client asked for a coded name – 'Tim' had identified Gemma as Kurt's latest bitch.

At Island e****ts
After lunch Gemma slipped on the bitch bracelet, dark glasses and a pair of thin open-crotch dungarees that also displayed her pretty tits each side of the bib. When the jeep arrived to collect the girl and boy she hitched a ride between them down the hill to Island e****ts headquarters. The HQ proved to be a stuffy office with a telephone and internet terminal, the walls covered in nude or nearly-nude photographs of the available girls and boys. 'Tim' sat Gemma down, pushing her knees apart, checked her bracelet and dropped to his knees nuzzling her cunt, and groped her tits. Introductions over they talked for hours about Gemma's idea to modernise the organisation and get bookings on-line. Next day 'Tim' had assembled a team of 2 web designers, a graphic artist, a photographer, a body painter and a hand-full of older girls and boys.
Gemma sketched her concept web-site comprising an initial photo gallery; clicking onto any girl or boy revealed their age, detailed statistics, close-up genital photographs and preferred partners. Having made a selection the user could 'dress' the girl or boy by dragging real or imaginary outfits onto their naked image. The body painter produced a range of stunning luminous bikinis and swim trunks. Gemma's favourite being a pair of pale denim shorts painted onto skin, which 'covered' a modest amount of bum, but the peeled back open fly at the front 'exposed' a girl's pubes or boy's entire penis. So from the back the stitched pockets and seams painted right into the bum crack supported the illusion of clothing even with the boy or girl bent right over, but the front view was spectacular display of their sex. Gemma insisted on road-testing the resilience of the painted shorts by tribbing a lovely 12 year old girl, and later watching her fuck a boy wearing a green pair. The body artist refined the paint mixture until it could survive pussy juice, spunk and being peed on without smearing.
Once the client had selected a girl or boy the site would automatically offer recommended additions based on the lesbian, gay, hetero or bi-sexual preferences and their previous orders, so in a couple of clicks you could assemble an entire orgy of compatible c***dren. Clients were encouraged to 'score' each young person and leave comments on each sexual encounter; videos and photos could be easily uploaded.
e****t School
Now it was easier to order the boys and girls, bookings escalated and Gemma had to tackle the next problem of quality. She turned half the mansion into a classroom, where c***dren would come to relax and learn when they were not booked out. Sometimes the younger boys and girls slept over if they were not required at night. Gemma gave lessons in undressing, makeup, pubic grooming for the girls and delaying techniques for the boys. All lessons were practical with the c***dren experimenting on her or each other; older c***dren helping the younger ones, sometimes the young maid assisted.
By the time Kurt returned the number of available girls and boys was in the hundreds, with a similar number of regularly paying clients, so the money rolled in.
Kurt's Orgy
Kurt ordered 5 girls and 5 boys of varying ages from 12 upwards. The first game was spin the bottle, where they all sat in a circle and once the bottle stopped it was used to make the winner climax in a different way each time, until everyone was exhausted.
Kurt's favourite game was to line up a random group of girls and boys, all wearing the painted on denim shorts, presenting their bums by resting hands on a low wall on the poolside. His trick was to bugger each one in turn with his eyes covered trying to guess boy or girl. Any that were guessed wrongly were eliminated from the line until only one remained as the winner. Everyone knew he cheated mercilessly reaching under the painted shorts to fondle pricks or cunts, while hammering their backsides. Unsurprisingly the winner was Gemma; her prize was a long slow cuntal fucking after Kurt had removed his over-used durex.
The girls were all subject to double (or even triple) penetration by Kurt from underneath and a boy on top.
Two months later it was clear that Gemma was pregnant and Kurt employed a live-in nurse to look after Gemma, and provide him a new bitch. The school lessons now included safe sex, masturbation techniques and where babies come from, until Gemma considered there was nothing left to teach the k**s.
After the beautiful black baby girl Kit was born Gemma and baby returned to the UK and stayed at a flat Kurt owned, sl**ping with him whenever he was in London.
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