Episode 8: the Junior Porn Club

The response to Mike's sales video was astounding, with numerous emails from girls and mothers wanting to order an mk3 masturbator (see Episode 7). Pam and Mike set up an area on the web-site where parents could send photos of daughters wanting to get into porn. An application form to join the Junior Porn Club asked for photographs – nude and clothed, bust size, age (although no restrictions), sexual preferences, and confirmation the girl was technically not a virgin.
Faye, Pam, Molly and Becki met up at the workshop to judge the entries. A mum had supplied a beautifully observed line drawing of her daughter, topless and peering down the front of her skimpy shorts. The second drawing of May had her sitting on the floor legs widely spread, a close up of her open cunt with anatomically perfect walls coated in spunk, dripping out and pooling between her bum cheeks. May was instantly accepted, and her mum was invited to give an art class.
Many girls had to be rejected as being far too young – some were only 6, others told to apply next year when their breasts had grown a bit more.
Bob had supplied nude photographs of his identical 13 year old twins Amy and Amilie– long dark hair, large dark eyes, large dark nipples, a bit like younger versions of Little Lupe; they were instantly accepted.
The porn video director turned over the house in Bristol for a one week junior porn school for the three selected girls.
Faye had a set of shiny thongs specially made, printed with the jpc logo, girl's name, age and bust size, and the postcode of the studio on the front. Red thongs for the 'instructors' Faye, Pam, Becki and Molly, blue for the 'students' May, Amy and Amilie, and silver for Jill the make-up girl and Dee the director. These were posted out with the dates, syllabus and house rules printed onto silver vibrators.
Getting there:
May and her mum travelled up from the West Country by train and then jumped into a taxi at Bristol Station. When the taxi driver asked for the destination May just pulled up the hem of her skimpy dress exposing the jpc logo and postcode on the front of her shiny blue thong. On the journey May's mum explained the week-long residential course syllabus of acting, writing and filming lesbian porn videos. After trying out the vibrator on her nipples, she read out the printed rules " 1: No boys or parents to stay overnight, 2: no nipples on show at meal times, 3: no squirting indoors and 4: no couples – only solo masturbation or orgies allowed"
The driver could not keep his eyes off May's delicious body and nearly drove off the road. He waived the fare for a quick grope, and drove off happily with a print of the dripping cunt line-drawing as a tip.
Bob drove Amy and Amilie down from the Midlands, they spent most of the journey on the large back seat swapping thongs and licking each other's size 32B tits.
The jpc house:
Mike had turned the gym into a play room, mirrors on one wall (with video cameras behind). Giant soft cushions a dressing-up box full of erotic underwear, silky skinny dresses, shorts, revealing tops, dozens of thongs, dildos of all shapes and sizes. Becki fixed a range of dildos with sucker bases onto the mirror wall in increasing size order and different heights. The girls' favourite game every morning was to kneel and push backwards onto each dildo in turn to see which was the largest they could take. The view of tiny cunts being f***ed around larger and larger dildos each day was nearly too much for Bob and Mike watching through the two-way mirror. Pam and Kaye helped with lubrication and encouragement as May squatted on a surprisingly large anal plug for such a tiny bum, while Amy tried out a strap-on dildo inside Becki.
Each day after lunch there was a different class: Dee the Director taught video filming and stills photography – learning the importance of always focussing on eyes, nipples and clit. Faye ran a practical lesson comparing the effect of different vibrators and dildos.
Jill taught 'stage' make-up and cuntal grooming. She instantly fell in love with the twins, who were physically identical, trying to find a way to tell them apart. One day she was licking one cunt while the other twin masturbated furiously just inches away; when they kissed a shock wave seemed to ripple out of Ami's clit and her tongue was covered in sweet pussy juice. The other twin leapt to her feet, hand covering her cunt and rushed outside to the pool (rule 3). Quite by chance Dee was in the pool testing a new waterproof camera when she was covered in Ami's tangy squirt; so set up a competition to see who could squirt the furthest.
Jill, whose usual job involved keeping male porn stars erect throughout shooting, let the girls try out her box of creams and potions. She found that after a very careful pubic shave and moisturising a mixture of delaying cream and talcum powder on tangy Ami's pussy hid her protruding lips, and removing her clit rings made for a passable 7 year old.
May's mum's art class was an instant success – Becki found a talent for drawing a beautiful transsexual with pretty face, small tits and narrow hips, but sprouting an enormous dripping penis penetrating either boys or girls.
Pam and Dee ran a porn-writing course throughout the week, helping the girls with plot, scripts, costumes and rehearsals; here are the video results:
May and Becki's Video:
After tea on the first day with the girls just wearing short camp tee shirts, May's mum, the twins' dad Bob and Mike leave and the girls told to get a shower before bed. Little May pulls off tee shirt and panties walks nervously up to the shower controls on the mirrored wall of brightly-lit communal shower room. She presses the big friendly start button and a horizontal array of warm jets spray her chest, the jets oscillate up and down and appear to converge on her pretty nipples. Water streaming off her breasts down tummy and legs held together, blast of warm soap over upper body. She scoops up soap from her breasts and rubs it into her pussy with both hands. The shower wall notices the gap opening between her parted legs and extends a shiny triangular tube between her thighs with upward spray along its 30cm length. Tube slides upwards until just touching cunt, pushing her legs further apart, forcing her onto tip-toe. Carefully directed jets open her lips, filling her cunt with warm soapy water. May relaxes onto the tube and thrusts her belly forwards onto an expanding bump for her clit, which vibrates on contact. Something strange happening at back of tube – a smooth lubricated probe emerges and enters her tiny bum-hole.
She was just starting on her third climax when Becki walks in naked, stands behind May soaping her tits and engaging her own cunt onto the horizontal shower tube slowly extending further between May's bum cheeks. Spray pattern changes to ensure soap all over May's back and Becki's front; holding hands over her eyes Becki pushes May forwards squashing her tits against the mirrored wall, then nibbles her neck and ears. Being so close to the wall Becki can see through the two-way mirror at Bob – the twins' dad – masturbating furiously on a swivel stool. The walls of his room are covered in CCTV monitors showing views of the girls playing around kitchen, bedroom, pool and play room. Bi-sexual Becki was drooling at the shape and size of his prick when it exploded a stream of spunk down his side of the mirror wall. Becki considered that May wasn't ready for that level of adoration so early in her porn career so pulled her away from the wall after blowing Bob a kiss and shaking her hand in a wanking motion. Becki told nobody about her discovery of the shower wall, but after tea got a picture message from Bob on her mobile. The picture was a line drawing of his erect prick covered in cum, drawn by May's mum. The message was "meet me in the play room 10 minutes wearing red scarf and thong you had on earlier".
Becki still had the see-through red scarf around her tits, grabbed a thong and strolled into the play room. Bob sat on a large boxy cushion making no effort to hide his erection. Becki noticed this room also had an oddly mirrored wall and wondered who was watching this time. Clearly she was not wearing the thong, but Bob played along, "Lift up that scarf" he ordered, and kissed the undersides of her breasts just to be sure it was not hidden there. "Turn around" and licked all down Becki's spine and between her bum cheeks, "So where is it?" he demanded.
Becki giggled and coyly stoked her pussy where a red thread emerged. Bob easily lifted her hips up to his face, holding her upside down and burrowing his tongue into her willing cunt. Bob alternated between licking her clit and pulling an inch of the thong out of her cunt with his teeth. Occasionally he got it wrong and instead chewed her clit and licked the thong. Becki continued to get as much prick down her throat as possible rolling each ball between thumb and finger. Turned the right way up and sitting astride his legs, Becki lowered herself slowly onto his prick, remembering to mention that she was on the pill until Bob released another stream of spunk into her young body.
Molly's Video:
Molly had not had intercourse for at least 2 days and needed to satisfy the deep itch in her womb, when she spotted Faye sun bathing face-down next to the pool. She undid the ties of Faye's bikini and poured huge dollops of suntan oil onto her back and down between her cheeks. Straddling the back of Faye's knees she pushed the thick fluid up the back of her thighs and deep into her bottom using both thumbs and her own pussy. Faye woke up, muttering "Get Off" and tried to turn over. Molly had no intention of letting her turn over and pushed her right thumb into Faye's slippery bum hole, and three fingers into her cunt, while keeping her weight over both thighs. With her free left hand Molly reached downwards to grapple with Faye's left breast, teasing the nipple harder. Faye relaxed for a second and catching Molly off guard managed to rotate her body rightwards by ninety degrees, pulling Molly's hand out of her two moist holes. Molly retaliated by sliding upwards and clamping her thighs around Faye's hip, in Becki's favourite pre-pubescent trib position. Grabbing both Faye's tits she ground her cunt into the hip bone, rocking backwards and forwards, hoping to climax.
Faye bodily lifted Molly off by the armpits and pushed her sideways onto the grass, smearing suntan oil onto her tits. While Molly was struggling to sit up again Faye lifted her left leg over Becki's shoulder and held her in a head-lock behind her knee. Molly loved this rough and tumble and climbed back up between Faye's now open legs, leaning back slid her cunt up Faye's thigh. Faye pulled on Molly's slippery hands and they fully engaged cunt to cunt. Because their bodies were now interlocked at ninety degrees their clits ground together with a lovely squelching sound. Molly then bunched her fingers and pushed her fist between their touching labia until she climaxed at last and Faye threw her off again.
This time Faye was quickest to recover pinning Molly down in a wrestling hold with her tongue buried in Molly's cunt. Molly squeezed her legs around Faye's neck and lifted her hips to allow Faye to pull her bum cheeks apart. Molly furiously rubbed her own tits to distract from the sensation building deep in her pussy, but was mortified when Faye suddenly pulled her head away to see who was attacking her own bottom with a hard plastic dildo. Pam had arrived and hearing the girls 'fighting' in the nude, apparently violating Rule number 4, decided it was her duty to join in.
Jill, Ami and Ami's Video:
The make-up girl, Jill, fell instantly in love with the twins when they arrived dressing them identically, discovered the only difference when she licked out their pussies. Amy's juice was sweet and Amilie's more tangy. The twins were inseparable and nobody (except Jill) could tell them apart so the other students just called them both Ami. In the script-writing class Jill worked with Ami and Ami, producing pages of story-boards and dialogue for a film called "the babysitter fantasy". The director quickly approved it, while being fisted by one Ami and kissed by the other.
After tea they set up the studio with May on camera and Molly on costumes and make-up because Jill was cast as the babysitter. The first scene was Jill dressed in jeans and tee-shirt arriving at Ami's house. Dad off-screen called out that they were just getting dressed and for her to wait in the lounge. Ami's screen mum, Pam walked in wearing a tight hipster skirt and a short blouse slashed nearly to her navel, sat down very close to Jill. Jill couldn't take her eyes off Pam's substantial boobs swaying inside the blouse, with the nipple rings scr****g the fabric.
Pam stroked Jill's thigh and explained "we're off to a swingers party, do you think this outfit will do?"
"You look fabulous" replied Jill trying to tear her eyes away from Pam's still joggling nipples "the blokes will be all over you"
"OK, but I was hoping for some girls too" murmured Pam stroking Jill's hair, nibbling her neck and squeezing one breast.
Jill admitted to messing around with girls when very young, but had never had a proper lesbian encounter, except for the school games mistress who groped everyone in the showers.
Pam promised to fix that situation when they returned, and dragged Jill upstairs to see her daughter Ami who was nearly 7. Following Pam up the stairs, Jill could not help noticing Pam's hairy thatch and quite attractive arse inside the see-through panties. They slipped quietly into Ami's bedroom; it was hot and Ami was laying face-down, so that there was a delicious strip of bare flesh between her baggy tee-shirt and the thin sheet moulded around her boyish hips. Pam sat on the edge of the bed and stroked her long hair, then pulled the sheet down to expose her pretty bottom, making sure that Jill had a good view of Ami's bare young snatch. Jill leaned forward to kiss Ami and could not resist a quick stroke; Ami moaned in her sl**p and clamped Jill's hand between her thighs. Pam mentioned that Ami sometimes woke in the night, but she was certain they would get on very well.
Back downstairs Pam pushed Jill up against a wall, ripped off her tee-shirt and chewed each nipple. She dropped to her knees, pulled down Jill’s jeans exposing the tiny silver jpc thong, and pushed one finger into Jill’s bum. Jill had never had anybody else up her arse and it sent a shock wave through her pubes.
A male voice off-screen shouts “Pam stop r****g the babysitter and lets go – we can't be late for the sex party”
Pam reluctantly pulls Jill’s jeans back up, kissing her hard on the lips, video focuses on Pam's heavy breasts sliding out her split top squashing Jill's, down to her hand inside Jill's thong and leaves saying “Keep that pussy warm for me later”.
Jill found the porn DVD collection and was sitting topless on the sofa watching a good orgy when Ami appeared, dressed in just her baggy top and complaining she'd had a bad dream. Ami hopped up onto the sofa into Jill's lap completely at ease with the noisy sex scene on the TV and demanded a hug.
“Will I get nice tits like these when I grow up” asked Ami gently fondling Jill’s breasts.
Jill was feeling pretty randy from the orgy scene and swung Ami round so that she was kneeling over her own legs, and held Ami's 7 year old bum in both hands. Ami carefully removed Jill’s right hand and pushed it down between her thighs whispering “Daddy always strokes my Gyna when I can’t sl**p”. The camera focuses on Jill’s palm cupping Ami's soft baby-smooth pussy, with the fingers just grazing her lips, and after a few minutes Ami dozes off, head on Jill’s shoulder. Jill knows this is very wrong but cannot resist pushing one then a second finger into Ami's warm cunt; feels her own nipples tingling again and closes her eyes in the warm sexual glow.
The orgy scene finishes and Jill is shaken awake by the click of the DVD ejecting. Ami is still in the same place but feels taller, her face is a few inches away, grinning, wearing black lipstick, but her hair is now a short crew-cut (props department wig). Jill's right hand can now feel rough pubic hair and her fingers are enveloped in squishy cunt juice; she pulls her hand away and brushes against the side of a huge shiny black strap-on dildo curving upwards into Ami's belly button.
"Oh my god, what are you going to do with that?" Jill whimpers.
"Whatever you like; it's your fantasy" murmurs Ami.
Ami is also wearing a black leather strappy bra which has no cover for her pretty breasts but just surrounds each nipple by a circle of sharp steel points. Ami sc****s the bra back and forth across Jill's bare tits, while hungrily snogging her. Ami slithers off onto the floor and roughly pulls Jill's jeans and thong off, and chewing up her thighs into her rapidly moistening cunt. As she crawls up Jill's body the camera follows the massive dildo head which hovers against the quivering pussy lips.
"It's OK Jill, once the head is in the rest follows easily", and pushed forward quite f***efully.
Jill screamed until Ami's hand covered her mouth "Shh you'll wake Ami upstairs".
The dildo was about half way in when Jill's muffled screams were joined by the sound of a car on the driveway.
"Bugger, mum and dad are home", Ami roughly pulled the dildo out, scratching her nipple spikes all down Jill's tummy, making her climax. She hopped across the lounge trying to get out of the strap-on, and disappeared upstairs, leaving a waft of unusual perfume. Jill struggled her jeans back on, covering the large damp patch on the sofa with a cushion and tried to find her tee-shirt. Ami's mum Pam beamed at the sight of the exhausted half-naked babysitter, and led her by the hand up to the master bedroom to show her thanks. She pulled off Jill's jeans sniffing the damp crotch and kissed Jill hard on each bruised nipple.
Pam flopped backwards onto the enormous bed un-zipping her short skirt to reveal Ami's black strap-on dildo emerging from her hairy mound. Jill knew what was expected – lick juice off the tip and crawl up bed straddling the dildo with her sore cunt, pushing her bum in the air. Again Jill managed to get half the dildo in when Little Ami appeared on the bed, complaining "You were only supposed to stroke my vagina, not go hunting for the lost g-spot. Lucky I'm not really only seven" and pulled up her baggy top revealing her 32B tits, which she mashed into Jill's mouth.
Punk Ami walked in, still wearing the spiky bra, now with matching studded thong, which she grazed across Jill's bum. She pushed down on Jill's hips forcing the dildo right to the top of her womb, the camera focusing on Jill's pained expression. Punk Ami leaped onto the bed and gently pulls 3 shiny anal balls out of her identical twin s****r's cunt.
Mum and Little Ami chanted "1 and 2 and 3" as each was exposed; Punk Ami licked the pussy juice off and fed them slowly into Jill's bum, chanting "1 and 2 and 3".
Jill groaned in unison "1 – oh no, 2 – gently, 3 –oh oh oh".
Camera switches from a direct rear view to a side view and a deep male voice chimes in "4" and Jill was amazed to feel the head of a real penis pushing into her stretched vulnerable bum-hole.
"You're not in the script" she exclaimed as Mike's hands engulfed her breasts and she shuddered to another climax. Both Ami's giggled, fisting each other; and kissing mum.
Mike announced their video the winner of the week as he filled Jill's arse with spunk.
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Those twind and jill have got the ablity to make me not gay wow thanks
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just to hot & sexy