Episode 26 - Ellie and Roberta

After her brutal pounding in the porn studio at the house-warming party Mandy, Kurt's red-headed driver, staggered off downstairs,
clutching at her ripped clothing, spunk still dribbling down her thighs. The dancers had warned her that Kurt was in a particularly aggressive mood,
and no amount of lubrication could lessen the pain in her backside from his violent penetration.
She managed to pull the torn green satin shorts over her wet thighs and snuggle her aching pussy into its soft fabric crotch.
The zip was broken and the waist button ripped off, but they just managed to cover her bright red pubic triangle, provided she kept a hold of the waist band.
She was gently stroking her still-engorged pussy lips through the shiny fabric when Mike strolled into the kitchen:
"Wow, you're a sight for sore eyes. You look shattered. Don't worry I'm not after your body. Just came in for a drink.
Here, let me help hold those shorts up". Mike deftly removed his belt and slipped it through Mandy's belt loops and adjusted the buckle to hold the shorts up.
Mike kissed her bare hips, sliding both hands around to clasp her buttocks. "There, how's that, now only friends and small c***dren will guess you've been fucking Kurt all evening".
Mandy: "Thanks honey, I could do with that drink, my jaw feels like I've been chewing on a rock-hard penis for hours. Oh yes I remember."
Mike: "Say, how did your shorts get so messed up? I thought in the last story you said you carefully hung them up, after selecting a tartan mini-skirt and tiny see-through bra-top to wear from the dressing up box".
Mandy, relaxing into Mike's arms: "I guess we both fell asl**p after he'd finished taking me in both holes. When I woke up the c***dren Kit and Wendy had gone, and I tried to get dressed and slip away quietly.
But the stairs creaked and he yanked me back onto the studio bed and ravaged me again; the shorts were a complete right-off. I have never had so much cock up my arse, he is an awesome lover".

Mike changing the subject: "I guess you spend a lot of time driving Kurt around, does that car-masturbator device work well? Does it keep your pussy juiced up"?
Mandy, feeling very tired, head drooping into Mike's lap, eyeing up his emerging erection just inches from her mouth: "It's OK, but what I really wanted to talk about is your lousy mk4 masturbator.
It doesn't work properly in the limo; it's way too slow. I guess it's because my legs get so hot on the leather seats there's no temperature difference between the chain and the probes".
Mike reaches down and gently massages her sore breasts; once both nipples are erect he measures the nipple length and erect diameter.
Then pushing her breasts together he measures the closest distance, and then pulling them apart the maximum length for the nipple chains.
He holds onto Mandy while she falls asl**p on his lap, breathing gently onto his prick.

Five year old Kit and her best friend Wendy walk past, stark naked, hand-in-hand, smiling: "Uncle Mike, you old devil, you've been feeling Mandy up while she's asl**p".
Mike, prick rising: "Shhh, don't wake her up. If I can just slip this into her mouth, ah that's it. Now we're both happy. Off you go, not a word of this to your dad, Kit."
Wendy: "You need to hold the back of her head if you want to fuck her face properly. Yes that's it, gently push forwards. You can see her tongue sucking you in. Her dad says she sucks like a vacuum cleaner".

Gemma's Flat

Mike forgot to ask Mandy for her address before she left with Kurt, Gemma, Kit and the dancers, so posted his specially designed masturbator to Gemma and Kurt's flat with a note for Mandy.
The instructions were:
Mandy - Make sure the 'C' probe is lubricated: insert into vagina. Place the 'L' clamp onto left nipple, 'R' clamp on right nipple, and 'A' probe (lubricated of course) up your pretty arse.
The chains should hang loosely around your body. You can wear it under clothes if you need to get dressed. In the car, direct the air-con outlets onto your breasts to keep them cool.
The large difference in temperature between nipples, arse and cunt will drive the masturbators into a frenzy; hopefully giving you great orgasms.

Gemma tore open the package from Mike, not noticing it was addressed to Mandy, and pulled out the familiar cuntal and anal vibrators, but now they were joined by a very long silvery blue stretchy chain.
And oh the pair of nipple clamps, marked 'L' and 'R'. She whipped off her red dress, white panties and bra, and fetched her favourite bottle of flavoured lubricant.
Reclining on the sofa, oblivious to Kit playing in the next room, she massaged lube between her lips and cheeks as directed and pushed the cuntal probe inside.
The large anal probe took a bit more effort; Gemma realised that Kurt must be satisfying his arse-fucking-fixation elsewhere lately.
Once the two nipple clamps were locked in place, the vibrators kicked in with a satisfying sound.
Soon Gemma was moaning and thrashing around on the sofa: the clamps biting into her nipples in time to the deep contractions happening in her womb.
She closed her eyes, drifting off into a fantasy of group sex on a massive scale.

"Mummy what are you doing?' demanded little Kit, standing over her.
"Oh shit" muttered Gemma "didn't realise you were here. Be a good girl and get me a cold drink; plenty of ice cubes. Oh and turn the light off".

When Kit came back in to the room, carrying a large glass of juice, the other hand down the front of her tiny white panties, it was dark.
The blue chain between her Mum's breasts was pulsing with light, illuminating her rock-hard nipples and the sweat pooling on her extended tummy.
Kit scooped out an ice cube and as she rubbed it underneath Gemma's right nipple the pulsing light grew stronger and faster.
"Yes that's it babe; oh god, this machine is awesome. Mike's instructions said it's fine to use it while I'm pregnant.
The cuntal probe detects the foetal heartbeat and flashes the chain in time. Oh and when your little br0ther kicks inside my tummy, it gets amplified all over my body.
Oh shit, it's making me cum again; keep pushing the ice cubes Kit love".

Kurt stumbled in from the bathroom, wondering what his two favourite girls were up to now.
Watching Gemma convulsing and the blue chain pulsating between her fabulous breasts, his erection smacked against his bare belly: "Can I help?" he asked suggestively.
"Oh daddy" replied Kit "You're just in time, I think mummy needs a good fucking. She keeps moaning that her bottom is all juicy and wants your cock".

"Off you go babe", suggested Kurt, pulling out Gemma's 'A' probe, and left it vibrating on the sofa "Your mum's arse is about to get pounded; she might scream a bit".

Kit grabbed the instruction card and ran off to her room. Flumped down on the bed, she read the back of Mike's masturbator directions out loud:
"Kit if you're reading this, then I guess Gemma has tried out my new device, and Kurt has found her hot wet arse again and you have been thrown out.
Give me a call and prop your phone up at the end of bed, so I can see your pretty little pussy".
As soon as Mike answered his manly face appeared grinning; Kit could feel her pussy creaming up.

"Rub an ice cube across your nipples" Mike instructed "Yes that's it, make them all crinkly for me".
Little Kit gurgled in delight as she angled the phone so her lover could watch. "Now tip the phone down so I can see you panties"
Mike's voice trembling slightly "Oh gorgeous – my favourite – tight white panties covering your hot little brown slit.
Now slide one hand down the front – slowly, one finger at a time. Just brush them across your slit; make your pussy love you".

Kit rolled on the bed; fingers buried between her legs, and then suddenly sat up: "Need to pee" grabbed the phone and rushed to the toilet.
Mike could only see the bathroom ceiling, but the sound of Kit peeing filled the air.
When she was finished Kit stood the phone up opposite her on the toilet, swinging her little brown legs, with the white panties still caught around one ankle.

"Stand up baby, so your Uncle Mike can see your lovely little pussy. I really want to bury my tongue in there, but watching your fingers will be just as nice".
Kit followed his instructions, stood up with her legs apart and wiped the dribble of pee from her perfect hairless slit with a tiny piece of toilet paper.

"Do you want to see my bottom?" Kit asked coquettishly, turning around and pushing her pretty bubble-butt towards the phone.
"Oh shit, that's beautiful" breathed Mike, hardly knowing what to ask for next: "Can you just lean forward? Yes that's it rest your hands on the wall, open your legs a bit more.
I can just see your pink bum-hole winking at me between your brown cheeks. Can you pull those pretty cheeks apart?
Yes you little beauty, that's fabulous, so sexy. I could munch on your bottom all day".

Kit was getting uncomfortable holding her bottom open for this strange man to fantasize over; she needed a good wank to relieve the pressure in her cunt, and wanted to see his prick.
So picking up the phone she skipped off back to her bedroom, lay down, legs wide apart facing the window and propped the phone up so he had a clear view straight up her legs.
She slipped two fingers in between her lips, just like her mum had shown her. Up behind the pubic bone to locate her soft, silky smooth gee-spot area.
Kit purred as her finger tips massaged her sensitive pussy; juices dribbling out and rolling down her taut buttocks.
Kit was in heaven. So was Mike. With Kit's middle fingers firmly up her cunt, her thumb naturally came to rest on her tiny clit.
She experimentally rubbed it, and was amazed that her nipples stuck straight up from her flat chest, hard and pointed.
She pinched one with her spare hand; hoping that her breasts would soon grow.
Watching this sex-kitten playing with herself, Mike's erection threatened to erupt as he watched Kit close her eyes, luxuriating in the glow emanating from between her thighs.

"OK you perv, now it's your turn" Kit had flipped over onto her front, holding the phone up close to her face. "Get on floor and let me see that hard prick".
Mike wasn't sure he could satisfy her young cock-craving, being watched by a five year old; but the old prick was soon curving upwards flashing in front of the ipad camera looking up.
"That's it; now wrap your fingers around the shaft. Squeeze your balls with the other hand; I want to see sperm. Lots of lovely thick creamy white spunk" commanded Kit.

A few moments later Kit added "Look I've stuck a finger up my bottom, just like Mum does; do you like it? Would you like to lick my finger? I bet your prick is harder now. Are you ready to cum yet?"

Squatting over the ipdad, looking down past his erection, all Mike could now see was Kit's face, looking up imploring him to wank faster: "Open your mouth darling. I think its cumming".
Kit's pearly-white teeth grinned up at him. The sperm splattered all over her pretty face, great gobs of hot sticky spunk, covering her eyes and nose and mouth.
Mike shook the last drips out over the camera lens, and Kit's view was obscured by white stuff: "Fabulous" she moaned "best phone-sex ever".

Later after they had both recovered Kit said "My mum loves her new body vibrator toy, can you make me one? Please, I'll do anything kinky you want to watch".
Mike: "OK, I'll think about it. But right now I want to read you a story; so lie back, grip the phone between your knees and listen to me....

In bed with Ellie

Later Kit slipped out next door to play with her best friend Ellie;
before long they were rolling around on her bed, skirts tucked into waist-bands and the air filled with the scent of their succulent open sex.
Ellie held Kit's thighs apart, thrusting her tongue in and out of Kit's snatch, trying to bring her friend off quickly, so that they could get down to some serious 69.
Kit retaliated by clamping her thighs closed around Ellie's head, f0rcing her up for air after a few moments.

"My Dad says my pussy colour inside is called Salmon Pink; what do you think?" asked Ellie shoving the photo of her open lips before Kit's eyes.
"Not so close, I can't focus" replied Kit, pushing the phone away to a more comfortable viewing distance. "It's a stunning photo, hey is that a finger up your bum?'

"oops, sorry, you weren't supposed to see that one" mumbled Ellie, flipping to the next photo on her smartphone.

"Just a minute, little lady. Just whose finger is that? I thought I'm your best friend. Show me again, it looked quite big."
Ellie reluctantly flipped the photo back and zoomed in to the thick (male) finger buried to the knuckle in her own backside. "It's my Dad's, but please don't tell anyone".

Kit had kept her pale blue panties on almost covered by her short blue skirt, and her knees together.
Between giggles they heard the sound of Ellie's big s****r moaning in next room.
Kit clambered up on the cupboard, on tip toe to peer through hole in the wall, describes lovely bare breasts and hard nipples, s1sters hand between her legs, watching a video on the laptop.
"She's got real pubic hair, lots of it, all thick and glossy. Your s1ster's got a lovely arse, bet she's had some boys up there".
While Kit was engrossed in spying on the big s1ster masturbating to lesbian porn, Ellie crept across the room and flipped up the back of Kit's skirt revealing her taut brown cheeks,
and tiny blue panties and the two silver chains reaching down from the waistband and sliding between her legs.
"What are those?' Ellie asked slipping her hand under the panty hem and upwards between Kit's cheeks.
Tugging gently on one chain the Anal probe flopped out into her hand, still throbbing.
"Wow what is this?" checking out the big letter 'A' carved into the flat end.
Kit "It's Mandy's masturbator; I'm just trying it out for her. The Cuntal probe is on the other chain. You can lick that one if you like"....

Next day as soon as the post-lady delivered the small padded bag addressed to Kit, she scooped it up off the hall floor and raced up to her bedroom;
Her Mum, Gemma calling after her "Was that the post?" Kit lying unconvincingly mumbled "Just a letter for me".
Kit nervously opened the package from Uncle Mike and pulled out a tiny pale blue bra, already fitted with fake breasts that perfectly matched the chocately brown of her dark skin.
The soft fabric of the bra barely covered the erect fake nipples, complete with bumpy areole.

Kit shrugged off her pyjama top, admiring her perfectly flat chest in her bedroom mirror; slipped her arms into the bra and slid the fake breasts around to the front, popping her real nipples into the smooth cavities.
Now the view in the mirror impressed, she delighted in her new natural-looking 'B' cup tits; twisting from side to side admiring the flash of nipple through the see-through bra cup fabric.
Kit slipped one hand inside, luxuriating in the warm softness of her new right breast, amazed how realistic it felt, just like when she cuddled her Mum's.
She realised that the insert was somehow transmitting her own body temperature to its surface, and keeping her real nipple underneath cooled.
Kit tentatively squeezed the nipple between thumb and forefinger, and was amazed at the firm rubbery texture, and the hugely erotic feeling permeating her own nipples underneath.
She flipped the bra edge down slightly, fully exposing the nipples; eagerly watching as they crinkled and puckered, looking delicious.

Kit was sure that her best girlfriend Ellie would adore her new breasts, so phoned her up inviting herself round, just mentioning casually she had something to show.
Kit felt around inside the package and pulled out what looked like a jumble of satin ribbon and beads.
Holding the ribbon in both hands it transformed into an amazing thong with a tiny blue waist band and a 'Y' shaped string of beads suspended from front to back.
Kit was not often stunned by erotic underwear, but his was just beautiful. She threw off her pyjama shorts and carefully put in one foot, then the other, and eased the belt up towards her waist.

"No way" she breathed, as the belt stopped at her hips, with the beads snuggling between her cheeks at the back, and framing her moist slit at the front.
"Oh wow", then to herself "don't I look gorgeous", twirling around trying to catch sight of her pert bottom in the mirror.
The 'waist' band was slightly sticky so managed to hold up around her straight boyish hips, grazing the top of her pubic bone at front, and neatly dividing her rounded brown bottom at back.
The graduated beads felt fabulous holding her cheeks apart; Kit felt sure that one was gently trying to push into her tight bum-hole.

A hand-written note fell out of the package:
"Dear Kit, hope you like your new bikini.
Whatever you do, don't squeeze both your new nipples at the same time if you're standing up.
Have fun, Uncle Mike".

Of course Kit couldn't resist, so carefully put the note aside, and grabbed each nipple. The sensation between her legs was immediate.
She felt like the bead strings either side of her pussy were massaging her clitoris, but from the 'inside'; there was no feeling of pressure, just a blissful deep vibration.
The juices were streaming out of her slit, down her thighs and dripping onto her discarded clothing between her feet.

"Oh shit, I'm cumming" she moaned, gently sinking to the floor, her legs all gone to jelly.
Kit was now certain several of the beads had penetrated her arse, and were now twirling around inside her, churning up her intestines to pulp.
Reluctantly she was f0rced to let go of one nipple, and the sensation of the beads lessened from a ferocious shaking to a gentle throbbing; keeping her cumming and cumming.
In the mirror she could watch as her dark brown pussy lips opened and closed, exposing her perfect pink insides and the juice continued to trickle out.
When Kit's pussy had stopped convulsing, she staggered to her feet; drying the pussy juice off her legs and feet.
Kit hunted around her wardrobe for something dry to wear, that would disguise her new figure. She found an old baggy tee-shirt and pulled on a modest skirt, covering up the gorgeous blue underwear.
She strolled downstairs, reached up and kissed her Mum, Gemma on the lips and slipped out the front door to Ellie's house next door.

Gemma was surprised to see Kit in a long shapeless tee-shirt, her usual outfit comprised the tightest tops and tiniest shorts that were just shy of indecent.
These showing off her perfect flat midriff, long shapely legs and round brown bottom.
Also there was something different about Kit, she only realised later – she now had a visible bra strap and breasts.

Ellie opened her front door and hugged Kit in a strange way; holding her close, hands roaming up the back of Kit's tee-shirt.
"What's this?" when she touched the bra strap "have you grown tits overnight?"

"Come upstairs, and I'll let you play with them" murmured Kit.
As soon as they were safely in Ellie's bedroom and the door closed, Kit lifted up the front of her tee-shirt, revealing her blue bra and new perfect breasts; one nipple just poking out above the fabric: "Get a load of these!".
"Wow, can I touch them? You look fabulous" replied Ellie, pulling the tee-shirt right over Kit's head.
"They're so warm, and soft, just like real skin. Oh you lucky girl, they're beautiful. Can I lick one?"
without waiting Kellie gripped one nipple between her teeth while rubbing the other breast with her spare hand.
Kit subsided into her girlfriends arms, making a strange gurgling sound and clawing at Ellie's hands:
"No, no, not both at the same time. It makes me climax. I can't stop it. Oh hell, I've squirted on your feet too".

Ellie stopped chewing and fondling, looking at Kit's skirt with suspicion "What on earth have you got up there"? she demanded, removing Kit's modest blue skirt.
"Wow what a stunning thong, it's so low, and and cuntal. That string of beads frames your pussy, and oh gosh it goes up the back between your buttocks" running her hands up over her friends bottom.
"The beads feel alive" she said extending her tongue to lap at Kit's slit.

Kit continued her slump onto the floor, panting from the combined attack of Uncle Mike's evil underwear and Ellie's probing mouth, which felt like her teeth gouging lumps out of her thick juicy pussy lips.
Kit came and came and came. Her legs trembled and more juice erupted from her open cunt, straight into Ellie's mouth.
Never had two 5 year old friends made such passionate lesbian love.
Slowly Kit recovered from her orgasm, hugging and kissing Ellie. She slipped both hands inside Ellie's jeans, reaching for her tight cunt.
Ellie responded by peeling off the jeans, then her pink panties and white top, revealing just plain little-girl nipples.
Kit didn't care – she lapped at Ellie's pink pussy, easing the lips apart with her thumbs, until her friend's hard little clit slipped between her teeth.
Without the benefit of a magic thong, she had to work quite hard to extract Ellie's orgasm, but she knew a finger up her friend's bottom always did the trick.
They didn't have to wait long; Ellie's panting and moaning threatened to bring her mother upstairs, so Kit stuffed the pink panties into Ellie's mouth, just as her orgasm hit, covering her own face in delicious goo.

As Ellie came back down to earth in Kit’s arms, the girls kissed open-mouthed swapping the fantastic taste of Ellie’s pussy- tongue to tongue.
A strange sound from her br0ther’s bedroom made Ellie pull back and listen intently: “Shh..” she whispered “I think we may have some fun with Robert.
He’s twelve and in love with breasts, but especially on boys. Come on, but no giggling you” poking Kit in the ribs to make her erupt with silent laughing.

Robert thought he heard his baby s1ster giggling; perhaps she had that beautiful little black slut from next door in her room.
Thinking they would be ages yet he browsed to his favourite porn site and found a suitable video.
Kit and Ellie slipped out of her bedroom, down the hall and into Robert’s room without a sound. Ellie was still naked and Kit wearing her amazing blue thong bikini.
Robert was sat at the computer on a stool, oblivious to their presence, wearing what looked like mum’s see-through nylon nightie.
Ellie could just make out a pair of earphones, and as they crept closer Kit was shocked to see part of the video playing on the computer.
The scene had a girl with a small cock (or a boy with breasts) being fucked up the backside by a stunning women wearing an enormous black strap-on dildo.
Kit stood directly behind Robert allowing Ellie a good view from the side. Ellie was still a bit naïve and gasped, she had never imagined anything as rude was possible.
They all watched as the boy/girl in the film writhed and thrashed around in silence, while the woman’s massive sweaty tits flew up and down with each thrust of her dildo.
Robert was furiously jacking himself off, all attention on the screen, the veins on his cock straining for release.

He first noticed he wasn’t alone as Kit rubbed her new breasts across his shoulders and his s1ster Ellie grabbed hold of his balls.
He panicked – not knowing whether to pause the video, slam down the lid of his laptop, pull out his earphones or try to push his cock back into the frilly panties.

Ellie took charge, trying to calm him down: “It’s OK Robert, or should we call you Roberta?
Yes I like that” then to Kit rubbing her fake breasts “I think Roberta here needs a hand with this erection” maintaining a firm grip on his wilting prick.
Kit leant over and restarted the video: a young black girl was now spreading her thighs holding the boy/girl's head between her legs for a good anal licking.
After Robert's embarrassment at being caught by his baby s1ster had turned to lust, she said “Come on stand up, let’s get this nasty nightie off.
Kit wants to admire your body, and you have a tight black arse to lick out”.

Ellie grabbed both Roberta's hands and slipped on a pair of handcuffs behind his back, pushing him kneeling onto the floor; his head at precisely the right height to gobble Kit's breasts.
He had no idea how a five year old had breasts, but these were gorgeous: full and soft, as black as her face, with hard erect nipples straining through the pale blue bra fabric.
Pulling aside one bra cup with his teeth, he latched onto her right nipple – kissing, sucking and licking it to an erect point.
Kit was already quietly moaning, so he carried on, gripping her whole nipple surround between front teeth and lashing it with his tongue.
Kit had stopped moaning and was now panting a little; Ellie was sitting on the bed watching intently and quietly stroking her pussy.
Slipping one hand out of the handcuffs was easy; sliding it up the back of Kit's leg without his bratty s1ster noticing was harder.
Kit eased her bottom away from the wall to allow his hand to slide up one buttock and onto her spine. He quickly brought it around the front of her chest and inside the other bra cup.

Both girls shouted "No, you mustn't touch both". Kit pleaded "Please, please, not both together, you have no idea what that will do to my cunt.
I don't think I can cum any more today. My pussy is aching. Please get this bra and thong off me. Hey I know, you could wear them if you like dressing up as a girly.
Just please don't touch both nipples".

Robert just had to find out what would happen, so spat out her right nipple, slipped both hands around her tiny back and undid the bra clasp.
The blue see-through bra slid down off her tiny shoulders and lay in puddle across his knees.
Her quivering false black breasts were still attached to her chest somehow, and looked so inviting that he just had to cup them both and crush both nipples between thumb and forefinger.
Kit screamed, thrusting her pelvis forward, Robert licked downwards over her flat stomach, down past her pubic mound and into the heated slit between her legs.
The string of beads on the blue thong framing her pussy seemed to be pulsing, commanding his tongue to lick her out, but Kit had other ideas.
She grabbed his head, tilted her pelvis forwards, burying his nose and mouth between her cheeks. The largest blue bead slipped out of her arse and dangled invitingly.
It popped into his mouth before he had a chance to do anything else. He needn't have worried - it tasted divine, all creamy and sweet and salty at the same time, covered in the most erotic juices imaginable.
Robert luxuriated in its flavours, licking every last drop out of the crevices; then going for the source – her bum-hole itself.

Kit screamed again as his tongue entered her most private place, swirling around the rubbery flesh, making her cream again and again.
Her knees buckled; Robert had to hold her buttocks to stop her collapsing completely, which meant his fingers were ideally placed to rub along the spot between arse and cunt.
The juice was now streaming out of her pussy onto his face; when he left her bottom for a moment to lick it up she screamed again and sank right down onto his lap.

Robert had been paying so much attention to pleasuring Kit that he hadn't noticed his own erection, which Ellie now had in her mouth, and was only inches from Kit's backside.
When Ellie released it from her grip it sprang up straight into a line with Kit's arse. "Please fuck me" she pleaded "I've never had a real penis up my arse. I need you to fuck my bottom".

How could he refuse; but he had no idea what to do. He'd never been this close to a real girl's bottom, let alone fucked one, so just hoped Kit knew.
She pulled the bead string to one side, held her cheeks apart and dropped like a stone onto his erection.
She gave a muffled "Arrgh" as it penetrated her virgin hole, then started whimpering as the full length slid upwards past the ring into her body.
The large anal bead which had been holding her arse open dissolved into a number of smaller lumps which scurried between her lips looking for somewhere warm and dark to hide.
Slowly Kit lifted herself up and slammed down again making his prick flinch from the pain. But it was a gorgeous pain; each time her thighs hit his she gasped and kissed him, open-mouthed, full on the lips.

He wanted this to last forever, but after only 4 or 5 thrusts he could feel the sperm starting to fly, "Can you get pregnant" he worried, trying to sound calm "if I cum in you?".
Kit didn't seem to care, she was having too much fun, but Ellie chipped in "No, its fine. I read somewhere that anal is recommended if you don't want to have any more babies".

As Kit slowly stood up straightening her legs, Ellie snapped away with her smart-phone. Kit's pussy lips looked delicious and the spunk was starting to leak from her stretched bum-hole.
The thong rearranged itself so that the small cuntal beads reverted to a single blue anal bead, which slipped into place holding most of the spunk in place.
She sat down, back against the wall, knees pulled up and spread wide to open her pussy for Ellie. Her inner colour was a stunning salmon-pink, surrounded by dark brown flesh lips.
These photos would be restricted to Mum, Dad, Uncle Mike and special friends only; which now included Robert.
Ellie also took some 'non-nude' pictures, with Kit's pussy hidden, suitable for ice-pie.net and similar u******e porn sites.
Reluctantly Kit pulled off each fake breast and handed them over for Robert's use.
They made a small sucking noise as they released, and Ellie said she saw a tiny wire unwinding from around Kit's nipples just as they came off.
Ellie adjusted the bra straps around his chest and popped the breasts inside. The colour slowly faded from Kit's dark chocolaty brown to his pale pink, with deeper pink nipples, until they matched well.

Ellie pushed him down onto the bed and Kit sat on his face: "Lick me out you worm, make sure you get every bit of your disgusting spunk out of my arse, and clean up this thong".
Who could argue, anyway she had already dropped the large anal bead into his mouth, and her wet cunt covered his nose.
She tasted divine: a delicious mixture of sweet and salty; the sperm dribbling down the back of his throat.
Kit whipped off the thong when she was convinced he had thoroughly cleaned it, handed it to Ellie who was demanding to wear it.
Kit settled back down on his face, blocking out the view of Ellie in the fabulous blue thong, then he felt her hot thighs encasing his as she lowered her bottom onto his erection.
Facing each other, the girls kissed passionately; Kit bouncing her open pussy on his nose, Ellie lifting up to get the hard-on up her pretty arse.
Kit slammed Ellie down by the shoulders, her tiny arse expanding rapidly to swallow her br0ther's prick until his balls slapped flesh.
She sat very still for a moment, then slowly eased up, and with a whimper slammed herself down again.
Robert could feel her pussy juices leaking out, coating his cock in her love, his balls aching for release. Kit had swung her bottom forwards so that it was now balanced on his nose

Ellie now held his prick in both hands, stroking, rubbing and licking dribbles of pre-cum from the tip; then Kit stopped playing with herself and joined in.
The two girls taking turns at deep-throating, and rubbing each other's backsides. Finally Kit pushed his engorged prick into Ellie's moist bottom, easing her bodily backwards and forwards fucking him with her entire body.
Robert had lasted 3 thrusts, when Kit laughed and grabbed both nipples, automatically filling his s1ster with white hot cum.

“Is that man watching us making love?” asked Ellie spotting the face on Kit’s phone propped up on the floor.
“Oh yes that Dirty Old man is Uncle Mike, he’s not really my uncle, but her likes us little virgins to call him that. Uncle Mike invented this bikini, just for me, and wants to watch us playing in it”

Ellie snuggled up to Kit, licking up the inside of her brown thighs, pulling her arse cheeks apart until she can just insert a fat anal plug she found under Robert's bed.
"Whoa, what's that?" moaned Kit, loving every inch of it. Then Robert twisted his s1ster around so that the girls were rubbing their bare bottoms together, and the anal plug changed shape.

It locks in, pulling the girls together intimately, cheeks spread, little butt-holes opening up to accommodate the swelling dildo between them.
Once their bottoms are perfectly aligned the dildo pistons out of one hole and into the other girl, sliding silently between their taut young body cavities.
Mike's cock went wild spraying his phone with more spunk.
It reminded Ellie of her f****y visit to the pumping station last week, where a giant a steam engine in brilliant colours filled the room with heat and sound and action.

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