My new step-s****r Episode 3: the Sybian party

Hi, my name is Timothy, my new step-mum and her bossy daughter Molly had been living at our house for a few months and dad was away again working up north somewhere. Dad had bought Molly's mum something called a Sybian on the internet, and it was delivered by a lady who demonstrated how best to use it. Needless to say I was barred from the lounge for the morning, but had a fairly good view from the web-cam hidden in the bookcase. The Sybian was a black cylinder, plugged into the mains, that has a vibrating pink area on top. The lady showed Molly and her mum how to straddle it and what the speed controls did. My view was partly obscured by the sofa, but the rising buzzing sound and their moans were enough to know it worked well.
Molly let me photograph and video her on the machine, clothed and naked, even letting me control the speed and depth of its vibrations. I sent the video to dad who was delighted with his purchase.
After a few weeks Molly's mum decided to extend its use to her friends and organised a Sybian and underwear sales party at our house on Molly's sixteenth birthday.
Lots of gorgeous women turned up on the appointed night and I was delighted to also see Molly's friends Gemma, Becki, and Becki's big s****r Faye.
Becki and Gemma shot up to Molly's room and the three of them were soon rolling around naked on her bed giggling.
I watched the grown-ups getting very d***k downstairs via the web-cam for a while.
I slipped into Molly's room to photograph her trying out on Gemma her birthday present from her mum- a double-ended dildo. Becki was furiously rubbing her own pussy and trying to hang onto Gemma's slippery bum as Molly f***ed the lubricated purple double-ender further into their cunts.
Molly's mum walked in wearing just pretty blue panties, which soon came off, she snogged Gemma, while rubbing Becki's tits and Molly's pussy. After a few minutes she announced that they all had to go down to the party and demonstrate the Sybian.
They cleaned up most of the pussy juices with the blue panties and Molly handed out matching red thongs for them all to put on, and they trooped off downstairs giggling and trying to hide the dildo sticking out of Gemma's bum. I collected up all the discarded underwear for sniffing and longer-term wanking use.
In the lounge the guests were sat or lying around the Sybian mostly naked, or in undies waiting expectantly, and some had clearly already been masturbating hard, when I set the video camera rolling.
Becki was the first to straddle the machine, which was fitted with the basic clitoral rubbing attachment. Just wearing her red thong it was a delightful sight as Molly grabbed the control and increased the vibration speed. Everyone cheered when Becki climaxed and was helped, dripping with sweat and pussy juice, off the machine and cuddled by her big s****r.
Molly's mum swapped the attachment for a short stubby dildo type and Gemma climbed on just pushing her thong aside, exposing her dark pubic triangle. Molly squatted behind her, kissing her neck and slowly pushing her down onto the dildo by her shoulders, and pulling her up by the breasts. Molly's mum controlled the speed and stroked Gemma's very pink clit until she too came loudly.
Molly was on last, trying out the attachment which had two long curved spikes, so stripped off her thong and applied lots of lube to her cunt and arse. She eased down carefully onto the two spikes while Gemma and Becki held her tits and after a very few minutes with the control pushed to maximum side-to-side vibration she shook all over to a violent climax.
Becki's big s****r Faye tried a single huge dildo attachment whilst chewing on Molly's mum's cunt.
Faye took the Sybian home for a month and promised to demonstrate her techniques at the next party, and allow me to photograph her for dad's collection.
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3 years ago
Part two?
4 years ago
I want to becum a panti saleman with atachments thanks
4 years ago
very good