Episode 25 - House Warming Party

This is probably Timmy's final episode of the series; it doesn't contain much i****t and hopefully no u******e sex. No characters actually fuck members of their own f****y during the story, but they might occasionally cuddle intimately. No c***dren join in with the adult orgies, but are encouraged to watch and learn by playing with themselves or each other.

New House
In the autumn the Ami twins moved into their new house, number 69, with their dad Bob, and were still planning their triple naturist wedding to Maggie the Estate Agent and her two sons Derek and Justin. The porn studio in the attic was up and running, with a regular traffic of their friends visiting for a day or more to pose for photographs or act in porn videos. Sweet-Ami wrote the scripts and Tangy directed the action, often making guest appearances when an additional mouth or cunt was required.

Sweet and Tangy-Ami were lying on the grass in the back garden, just absent-mindedly kissing and holding hands, the way identical twins do (but in a completely non-sexual way) when Derek and Justin arrived: "Wow it's true – all pretty girls are bi-sexual" as Tangy withdrew her hand from Sweet's panties.
Tangy, licking her fingers covered in her twin's cuntal goo: "So what about you two? Why aren't all hot boys attracted to each other?"
Sweet-Ami, gently rubbing Tangy's breasts: "You do, don't you? I can see an erection forming in those trousers. When did you first fuck each other?"
Justin: "Well, when we were little, Mum used to bathe us together, and I accidentally brushed against his soapy arse. It felt awesome – all that slippery crack to slide little willy up and down. It got really hard and hot. I remember one time, Mum came into the bathroom, and she had to pull us apart. It had swollen so big it was kind of stuck up his bottom".
Tangy-Ami: "So why don't you help me suck off your b*****r. Come here Derek, get those trousers off, and get that prick down my throat. Now Justin, open wide; get your teeth around that bit, and we'll bring him off together."

Of course none of that really happened, they were just fantasising, but they did plan a house-warming party for 17th June (Father's Day) and sent out this invitation by email to all their friends:
Invitation: cum to our house-warming party (orgy):
clothing optional, PVC and leather preferred,
micro-bikinis for the girls. c***dren welcome,
can play in the garden if it's sunny or in the attic,
but may see some nudity and their parents having sex with strangers.
No u******e intercourse allowed; any adult trying to seduce a c***d
will be tied up and made to stand in the naughty corner,
and not allowed to fuck anything for at least 10 minutes.

The party
Dave, the previous owner of number 69, arrived first with his son Rory, dau_ghter Tina and her baby boy. Tina wasn't quite sure who had fathered the baby; he looked a bit like Dave and a bit like Rory, the way all babies resemble their fam_ily. Sitting around large glasses of wine, Tina told the story of the birth:

Her dad Dave and b*****r Rory took Tina to the maternity wing when her baby was due, but they were thrown out by the midwife when she caught them both rubbing Tina's breasts instead of just holding her hands. The delivery went surprisingly well for the inexperienced 16 year old. Tina promptly fell asl**p exhausted, but awoke at 3 AM desperate for a fuck. Baby James was safely asl**p in the cot, so she wandered off to find the showers. Ten minutes of soaping her pussy and arse had her feeling quite mellow and looked around for something more penetrating than her fingers. The shower head looked like it could fit and slipped into her wet cunt easily, but after twisting it around to get the best internal angle for the spray, got it stuck.
Tina thought of simply unscrewing the shower head from its pipe, but it was jammed on tight. She managed to turn down the flow of hot water to a gentle stream, but it had to come out soon; her pussy was getting very warm, and her baby might need feeding. She reached for the panic button and kept pressing it for ages until a pretty, young student nurse appeared, relieved to find Tina, and not one of the older ladies on the ward.
Nurse: "What's up babe?" then looking down at the stream of water running down Tina's thighs "Oh I see you appear to have overdone the internal showering. Is it stuck? Oh you poor thing, we can't have that".
Tina: "Get over here and get this thing out of me. Gently please, I don't need a hysterectomy as well. Oh that's it I can feel it moving, just twist it gently, I think it’s coming. Oh shit so am I, you lovely girl".
As the showerhead emerged from Tina's cunt it dropped to the floor, spraying in all directions and soaking the nurse from head to foot.
Tina: "We can't have your uniform all wet, you'd better take it off" and pulled the tunic up to breast height and sliding both hands into the nurse's shapeless trousers, as she struggled to free her hair from the wet fabric. Nurse was soon naked and kissing Tina deeply, holding each other's buttocks to mash their breasts together. Tina explained that Dave and Rory hadn't let her have her girlfriends stay over for months, insisting they could fully satisfy her by fucking her 2 or 3 times a day all through her pregnancy "Just to make sure" they said.
The nurse grabbed hold of the showerhead and played it all over Tina's pussy lips, while holding them apart with her other hand. Tina fought back by pressing her thumb against the nurse's clit, and slipping two fingers into her snatch, sliding around inside her wet cunt.
Tina: "You know those ante-natal exercises, where your partner sits behind you. Well Rory insisted on milking my engorged breasts while dad photographed the bump from interesting angles".
Nurse: "When did they stop fucking you? It must have been difficult towards the end".
Tina, rubbing the nurse's breasts hard: "Oh a few days before I came in here. When I was enormous, they had me on my hands and knees, you know one each end. Oh what's it called? Pig-sticking? Pot-roasting? No that's not it. You know when one is in your mouth, the other..." she trailed off remembering the deep double penetration.
Nurse: "Oh you mean Spit-Roasting. Did they take turns?"
Tina: "No dad always insisted on taking my arse, so I could taste Rory. He tried to be grown-up and hold back, but I always milked him dry. I love his salty flavour, it's really sticky too, gets wrapped around your tongue. Oh sorry, fantasizing again; now I just need to get this shower-head up your cunt, and then we'll be even".
Later, when the entire ward was asl**p, nurse slipped into Tina's bed, and they made passionate lesbian love again. The nurse came to live with them for a while, but got fed up fighting off Dave and Rory trying to convert her.

More Guests arrive
Beautiful blonde Becki, with the bubbly smile and fabulous breasts arrived next, and couldn’t wait to get her clothes off and get her tongue between Sweet-Ami’s thighs.
Tangy-Ami didn’t have to wait long to get her pussy chewed out as Molly and her big s****r Faye knocked at the door dressed in identical mini-skirts and bra-tops.
Fashionably late, a huge pink stretched limousine with dark tinted windows pulled into the driveway.
Bob watched as a stunning red-head, dressed in peak cap, long leather boots, matching tight green shorts and waistcoat, stepped out from the driver’s door, walked towards the passenger door and let out half a dozen similarly beautiful blondes. They tottered towards the front door on impossibly high heels, dressed in the requested micro-bikinis, still clutching glasses of champagne and a variety of dildos they must have been using for the journey up from London. Last to leave was Kurt, the tall black nightclub owner where the girls danced, and his young bride Gemma, unusually wearing a long coat.
Sweet and Tangy rushed over to greet Gemma, who they hadn’t seen in over a year. When they pulled off her coat, kissing her all over, it was clear she was hugely pregnant again. The hem of her short red skirt was pushed so far up at the front, that the ‘jpc’ logo on the matching red thong was clearly visible. Faye had had the Junior Porn Club thongs made long ago for the film-making weekend, and all the girls had kept them as mementos. The logo was carefully positioned low down so that the circle of the ‘p’ neatly outlined a girl’s clit in case her lover needed some guidance. Tangy-Ami stroked and kissed the black bump, sliding a few fingers into Gemma’s juicy pink pussy while Sweet massaged her engorged breasts and swapped tongues. As Gemma climaxed to rapturous applause her young daughter stepped out from behind her legs and introduced herself as Kit, and asked where she could get a decent drink of juice, as the champagne made her head feel all funny.

Bob kneeling down in front of her: “Come on little lady, let’s get that jacket off”. Underneath she wore the same style red mini skirt as her mum, which really showed off her long dark brown legs, and a tiny top leaving a delicious expanse of flat bare midriff. Bob couldn’t resist kissing her belly button, and found his hands sliding up the back of her legs, underneath the red skirt and grasping her firm smooth buttocks.
Kit: “You naughty man, if you keep doing that you’ll make my pussy all sticky and dad will have to punish you”.
Bob asked “So you must be nearly 4 by now?”
“Four and a quarter” announced Kit indignantly “ and before you ask – No I don’t have a boyfriend” then whispering in Bob’s right ear “Actually I prefer girls, they’re so much sexier; better kissers, and not so rough as boys”
Bob, joking along, hoping to show his sophistication: “So is there one special little lady that licks you out and makes you cream all over her strong fingers?”
Kit looking over her shoulder towards Kurt and Gemma, who were now proudly displaying photos of the new bump’s scan: “Come into the kitchen, and I’ll explain. But if I can just release that big erection from your trousers, perhaps we’ll be even”.
With that she deftly undid the zip on Bob’s slacks and the enormous prick she’d been hoping for flopped out into her tiny hands. Bending forward so her open mouth was only inches from his cock head she said “I know the rules don’t permit you to seduce me, but it says nothing about nieces sucking off a favourite uncle”, and with that she noisily licked the drops of pre-cum from his slit.
Standing up, Kit led Bob by the prick into the kitchen to get a glass of orange that she drank by repeatedly dipping his erection into the glass and slurping off the liquid. It was hard for Bob to remember she was only 4, as he stroked the back of her thighs: “Is this alright? I see you’re not wearing any panties”
Between mouthfuls of juice and cock little Kit managed to mumble “Yes it’s fine, dad usually holds my ears when we do this” gently squeezing Bob’s heavy balls “but I like the feel of your fingers on my bottom. One of the dancers has my panties if you want them, we swapped in the limo; she wanted to see me in her new transparent blue thong. I’ve got some photos here if you want a perv".
Bob, stumbling: “Ah, you were telling me about your lover…”
“Oh Ellie, yes, she's gorgeous – long blonde hair, deep blue eyes, perky little nose, fabulous legs, sorry I'm drooling. Well, one day last week Dad came home from work early and caught us in bed together. We were sixty-nining, she was on top; gorgeous little pink bottom wide open, my tongue deep in her pussy. I guess she hadn’t heard Dad come in, as my legs were clamped tight around her head to keep her sucking mine. Dad knelt down by the bed and slipped one enormous finger into her bottom; amazing it went right in up to the knuckle, she was so wet. I could feel the start of her climax; she actually shuddered, just like in the videos. She lifted her head up out of my cunt and fell on Dad; her little pink hands trying to hold onto the biggest blackest cock she could ever imagine.”
Kit closed her eyes and trailed off for a moment: “We took it in turns to suck him, trying to kiss each other around his cock. Four little hands trying to hold onto to his snake; impossible really. He seemed to get bigger each time we swapped turns for licking him. When he came it spurted everywhere; Ellie tried to swallow most of the spunk, but she couldn’t control it, it covered her face, eyes, hair, even dribbled into her ears".
Bob: "That's very rude.."
"Shut up, don't be so judgemental. I love her, it's real. I want to be a lesbian, but Dad keeps trying to get me to play with the boys at school too. I'm not sure, boys are so useless - once they get their little pink willy aroused they forget a girl needs pleasuring too. Anyway he dumped us both in the bath, to wash off the sperm, and we made love again – all soapy and slippery. Dad took some rather rude photos of us tribbing – her little pink slit all squashed into mine – look."
“Tribbing?” Bob spluttered “that’s rather advanced, if I may say, for a little beauty under 5..”, absent-mindedly slipping one finger into her bottom, and his thumb automatically brushing her tiny clit from side to side, first slipping it between her lips to pick up moisture.
“So what’s wrong with using the proper names for sex positions? Ellie’s big s****r told us what it was called. We just thought it felt nice rubbing our bare pussies together. We do it all the time now. She let us watch her videos; they’re awesome. There’s a specialist web site you know, Danish I think, showing beautiful girls pussy-fighting. It’s OK nobody gets hurt” and looking over at her Mum “and you don’t get pregnant. But you can keep stroking my bottom, you naughty man, I like that”.

[Author's note: cannot real describe what happened next, within the self-imposed no c***d-sex rule. But we last see Kit sitting next to the sink with Bob trying to sponge his sticky white stuff off the front of her tiny red skirt]

Against the Wall
Jason quickly realised that the number of blokes were never going to satisfy all these incredible sexy women, so called up the entire football team he played with, suggesting that they should just bring some beer, but leave their girlfriends at home. The hottest six players soon arrived and stripped off when they saw the dancers, some still in their micro-bikinis, others having lost all their clothing in a game of strip-poker. The naked dancers lined up facing the lounge wall, legs spread provocatively, arms above their heads, pushing their bare butts out, just waiting to be fucked senseless. The footballers satisfied their every desire to be kissed, sucked, breasts groped, bottoms rubbed, and finally fucked. Sweet and Tangy-Ami joined the end of the line as Jason and Derek worked with their mates; the boys rotated taking a new girl each 5 minutes. Some wanted cuntal, others preferred anal. Two of the girlfriends who insisted on coming along, both got off with Ami’s dad Bob, who insisted on taking one in a reverse-cowgirl, while the other watched and masturbated until it was her turn.

Looking out of the window Dave notices Mandy the driver trying to reverse the limo out of the drive, so goes out to help her. Leaning into the open driver’s window he catches an eyeful of heavenly breasts escaping from the open waistcoat. He then realised Mandy has her left hand deep in the pocket of her tight green satin shorts. After pulling out and parking, and turns off the ignition Dave can still hear a whirring sound, which seems to be coming from her crotch. Mandy explains the need for her small anal vibrator to loosen up her arse before Kurt checks her out. Dave cannot take his eyes off her large breasts rising and falling inside the top, brushing nipples against the smooth fabric, as she spreads her legs wide displaying the fingers in her cunt clearly through the thin satin.
Mandy: "I'm still out here, because actually I'm a bit scared of Kurt, he has a reputation for breaking new girls in quite roughly. Reckons that if his bbc fits up a girls arse then she can comfortably lap-dance for any client. He had most of the girls on the drive up, your should have heard the screams in the motorway services car park, other drivers tried to peer in through the tinted windows – they must have thought someone was being ra_ped".
Dave: "Perhaps I can help; happy to replace that vibrator with the real thing. Come on, I've always fancied having a beautiful lady on the back seat of a limo". Mandy elegantly swung her gorgeous legs out of the car, and stood in Dave's arms, swaying slightly on her high-heeled boots; mostly from the aftermath of her masturbation and the idea of a new bloke to train in how she liked her cunt sucking.
The vibrator was obviously plugged into a special socket in the centre console, the plug popped out, leaving the cable swinging sexily from between her buttocks.
“Come on into the back before someone sees us” Mandy breathed, trying to stop her breasts tumbling out and flashing to passers-by. Safely ensconced on the back seat Dave dropped his trousers and beckoned Mandy over to massage his prick with her tits. Mandy carefully stripped off the waistcoat, leaving her shorts on and plugged the swinging cable into another socket. This time the buzzing noise was slower and deeper, more like a large motorcycle engine. “You can adjust the speed and depth with that control over there” advised Mandy speeding it up a little “That’s how I like it, nice and deep”. She didn’t keep Dave waiting long; his prick was soon at the back of her throat, while fingers roamed all over her breasts and bottom.
Mandy: “OK, here’s the deal: make me cum with just fingers and tongue, then you can replace the anal vibe with this lovely hard cock”. We couldn’t hear Dave’s reply as his mouth closed over Mandy’s right nipple and slipped a hand down the front of her shorts to stroke her cunt. Dave found the zip in the back of her shorts, turned her around and eased his erection between her taut buttocks, aiming for her puckered pink hole.

Mandy’s Motorcycle Fantasy
As he slipped off into his fantasy of being the best anal lover in the county, Mandy closed her eyes from the discomfort in her backside, entering her favourite motorcycling fantasy:
She was tearing along the Cote D’Azur, stark naked on an enormous Harley Davidson. Long blonde hair billowing in the hot summer breeze, fabulous all-over bronzed tan (no nasty white bikini marks). Beads of sweat standing on her proud breasts, occasionally dripping from her hard dark nipples to land on her hot thighs spread wide by the black leather saddle. She had stopped a while ago to cover herself in sun-tan oil; she didn’t want burnt nipples again, and now it had pooled between her legs mixing with the juice gushing from her overheated pussy to make a fabulous lubricant. The cuntal vibrating egg high in her pussy was driven from a 12V power socket on the bike, linked to the throttle, so that each time Mandy accelerated the bike into a corner the frequency increased. But the best part of the fantasy was the anal dildo stuck to the saddle between her cheeks.
When her pussy was close to cumming she would gently lift her bottom off the saddle, trying not to wobble, lean back and take the dildo up her arse. She could then sit back down and slowly ease her sodden cunt backwards and forwards on the slippery saddle, powering the dildo deeper into her wet arse. The delicious squelching sounds of rubber forcing its way into her highly lubricated backside overcame the roar of the engine; as she slowed down to watch a group of women, wearing little more than her, kissing by the roadside.
When her climax hit she had to pull over and cut the engine to stop the cuntal vibrations and just concentrate on the deep anal probing, making her cum again and again while she grappled with her breasts seemingly trying to tear the nipples right off.

When Mandy opened her eyes after a few minutes to recover, she was surprised to find herself in the middle of a group of hairy bikers applauding, licking their lips and generally trying to grab a bit of her hot sweaty body. Strong arms lifted her into the air, the anal dildo and cuntal vibrator left behind on the bike, they carried her screaming and dripping to a clearing in the trees where she expected (or hoped) to be gang ra_ped by each and everyone.
While four bikers held her face-down on the top of a tomb, she caught sight of the gang leader sniffing the anal dildo still stuck to her motorbike saddle, then licking her juice off the cuntal vibrator. Mandy assumed it was a bloke, and very surprised when she dropped her black leather trousers revealing a gigantic black strap-on dildo: "Hold the bitch down" she commanded in guttural French.

Mandy was spread-eagled on the cold stone slab at the exact level of the bikers' cocks and flinched as the first 3 inches of fat hard dildo penetrated her backside. Luckily the sun-tan oil still provided plenty of lubrication and the dildo head drove it deep into the upper reaches of her arse. The next 3 inches would have made her scream had it not been for a real black cock pushed into her mouth. Mandy tried to clamp her teeth shut, but the owner of the black cock held her jaws apart, sliding it further down her throat. After a few minutes of vigorous anal fucking the Leader declared herself delighted with her new bitch, and pulled out, letting the biker crowd wank themselves silly over Mandy's prone body. She slowly rolled over onto her back, still sucking the black cock, now jerking his bollocks with both hands. Any biker with spunk left sprayed it over her breasts and face; some dripped dangerously between her thighs – this might be a fantasy, but she still had no wish to get pregnant. When they grew bored with bukkake the black guy carried Mandy over to her motorbike, impaling himself on the anal dildo and motioning her to straddle his hard cock. Mandy was delighted and sucked in his erection, which was now safely encased in a condom, high into her womb; letting herself go to the sheer wantonness of fucking a complete stranger on her bike.

Meanwhile the leader had lined up 6 more of the gang under the row of beach showers to choose her next fuck. Carefully selecting the fattest cock she impaled herself standing up under the stream of hot water and clawing sharp finger-nails into her slaves' neck and shoulders. She pounded her cunt up and down his cock, screaming abuse, and finally shook to an erupting climax, just after the slave slipped a fat thumb up her arse.
But that was clearly someone else’s fantasy, and Mandy slowly returned to the reality of Dave pounding her backside in the limo.
She was still incredibly dry and tight; pushing past her ring into the depths of her intestines was quite painful. Mandy screamed quite a bit, but fortunately it was muffled by the car sound-proofing.

Dave was now grappling her tits hard from behind, tugging at her nipples on each stroke into her backside. Mandy slipped two fingers into her cunt, surprised at how wet she had become. Obviously her arse actually enjoyed this relentless pounding. Her fingers automatically smeared her juices up onto her clit, rubbing and pinching it into erection. Dave didn't notice; he was too busy revelling in his fantasy of giving this gorgeous woman her best anal orgasm ever.
Pretty soon Dave was jetting sperm into the deeper recesses of her body, apologising that he didn’t usually cum so fast on a first date. They cleaned up, pulled on some clothes and rejoined the others in the house for the main orgy.

Bob and the Young Amis
Bob was talking about ordering the twins their first dildos as a birthday present. Sweet-Ami lay on her man, gently wanking him into Tangy's mouth. Bob phoned his favourite sex shop and spoke to a very helpful lady, called Eve, who guided him through selecting the best model.
Eve: "So how old is your daughter?"
Bob: "They're twins actually; it's for their thirteenth birthday".
Eve: "Twins, oh how lovely; you must be very proud of them".
Bob: "Well they can be a handful at times, but very loving. I was hoping to get them a double-ender; are they available in junior sizes?"
Eve: "Sorry, but I have to ask; are they virgins? They might be a bit young for our adult dildos".
Bob: "No, no problem. I've been fucking the little beauties for several years; they lost their virginities ages ago. And before you ask; yes they can take a moderately-sized cock, all the way in, and they love it".
Eve: “Well I’d recommend our 10” pink model, it’s certainly my favourite, and most girls come back for another go”.
Bob: “Sold, I’ll call in later to pick one up, perhaps we could try out some others..”

In the Porn Studio
Upstairs in the attic porn studio the only people not entirely naked were the little girl Wendy from next door and Kit – Kurt and Gemma’s baby daughter. They had plundered the dressing up box to show off their tight little bottoms in suspenders and stockings. Wendy wore black lacy-top stockings which perfectly framed the smooth peachy-white skin of her cute 9 year old arse and the occasional flash of her puffy cunt lips when she removed her fingers. Little Kit had found a pair of white fishnet stockings in her size, which complemented her darkest brown bottom and moist tight slit set in the middle of her lovely smooth pubic triangle.

Wendy showed Kit how to push a Barbie doll between her legs; slowly rubbing the doll's entire body up and across her pussy – Barbie's magnificent plastic breasts easing apart Wendy's lips, and rousing her little clit into a spike. Kit tried to copy with her own Barbie; holding onto its long hair and tickling her pussy with its feet. Wendy now had one of her Barbie's legs exploring the upper reaches of her own bottom; thrusting the plastic doll vigorously in and out, making strange little high-pitched gurgling sounds. Kit had often listened to her mother climaxing in the next bedroom, so grasped Wendy around the waist and held on through her orgasm.
When Kurt quietly poked his head into the attic from the top step he spied Wendy and his gorgeous dau_ghter locked together at the cunt, trying to rub another orgasm out of each other. Wendy's cute little arse spread wide by Kit's fishnet-covered thighs was too fabulous to interrupt; but Kit spotted him watching and dashed over crying "Daddy, daddy, pick me up. Show Wendy how you give me a Special Hug".

Kurt scooped her into the air, under the arms, kissing her fully on the lips on the way up. As she flew upwards into the high ceiling space, Kurt rocked her side-to-side kissing each nipple in turn, then her belly button, finally ending up with his tongue firmly in her slit. Kit’s giggling turned into a deep gurgle as she playfully raised her legs up onto her dad’s shoulders and gripped his head firmly between her thighs.
“Now watch this” she shouted to Wendy sitting aghast on the bed, the discarded Barbie doll glistening on the floor. Slowly Kit leaned backwards, Kurt holding her tiny body by the hips, until she was at right angles to his chest. Then finally all the way down to his stomach, so that she was suspended upside down facing outwards, held up just by her legs wrapped around his head. As Kit rotated downwards her dad’s nose and tongue plundered her young pussy, finally ending up wedged in her backside, holding her taut cheeks apart.

“Now Wendy ask him a question, but remember he can only answer Yes or No”.
Wendy in a slightly shaky voice: “Can he breathe alright?”
Kurt couldn’t talk with a mouthful of Kit’s arse so nodded up and down opening his daughter's pussy with his nose and then sliding his tongue into her delicious gooey depths.
Wendy: "Ah, erm, has he had all the dancers yet?"
Kit: "Great question babe. Have you Dad? I saw you taking one in the kitchen. I bet you haven’t had time to fuck them all yet"
Kurt rocked his head from side to side; his stubbly chin rasping between Kit's buttocks, making her scream in delight. Each time his mouth passed her butt-hole he slid his tongue inside, making Wendy really jealous.
On the point of another orgasm Kit managed to guess that her dad was still waiting to have Mandy his driver, so she asked "Daddy is it Mandy you're still waiting to fuck?"
Kurt nodded violently up and down, thrashing his tongue deep between his dau_ghter's pussy lips, and rubbing her hard clitoris into a froth. Kit slid her hands downwards into her dad's shorts and pulled out his enormous erection, trying to maintain a grip around the hard shaft. Wendy couldn't resist the temptation any longer and walked over wiggling her hips seductively and licking her lips. Wendy's two hands joined Kit's along Kurt's prick, stroking and rubbing, before popping the head into her mouth. Wendy had no idea what to do next – she could hardly breathe – the prick filled her entire mouth, threatening to choke her. She pulled back, leaving a trail of spittle hanging from the tip and tried again. This time it slid cleanly down her throat, making Kurt groan and automatically grasp the back of her head.

Kit was screaming "No daddy you mustn't fuck her face like that, you promised, don't you remember – No c***dren you said! Let her go, she needs to breathe, she's my new best friend. Daddy put me down now, you can't do this".
Kurt relented, easily lifting his dau_ghter up off his face and dropping her spread-eagled onto the bed. Wendy's head now free from his iron grip, she climbed up next to Kit wondering what was going to happen next.

"Quick get your feet around his cock, it's starting to droop" as Kit showed Wendy the way. Kurt adored Kit's painted red toenails poking through the white fishnet stockings, especially the way the rough fabric chafed against his member. Wendy flipped over onto her front, pulling her feet up and back over her bare bottom and gripping Kurt's cock-head between her tiny stockinged feet. Kurt's cock responded automatically to two pairs of young feet, alternating between squeezing like pussy lips and rubbing underneath his scrotum. It grew to an enormous erection, just inches away from Wendy's hot little arse, framed by her black lacy-topped stockings. The girls giggled, rubbing their hot legs together "Do you think he likes this? Does he have a foot fetish yet?" asked Wendy as she plundered Kit's wide open pussy lips. "Oh shit, I'm cumming" he groaned, depositing great gobs of hot sticky white sperm all over Wendy's waiting arse.
"Happy Father's Day" chimed Kit and Wendy, rubbing the sticky sperm into each other’s bottoms.

Mandy’s Real Fuck
Mandy the driver appeared at the top of the attic stairs in time to see Kurt pulling out of Wendy's mouth and both girls fighting to hold onto his slick erection: "OK k**s, this might not be pretty, you should probably go downstairs".
Kit and Wendy: "Rubbish, no way, we're staying to watch".
Mandy selected a very short tartan skirt and skimpy bra-top from the dressing up box. The bra was at least two sizes too small for her DD-cup breasts, which bulged dangerously out of the sides. She emerged from behind the screen as Kurt lifted Kit down from his shoulders and set her down next to Wendy on the bed, both face-down. Mandy lay down between them, flicking the hem of her skirt up to reveal a dark luxuriant pubic triangle.

Kurt knelt at the foot of the bed, licking from Mandy's feet up past her knees and straight into her waiting cunt: "Let's see: tastes of metal, plastic and sun-tan oil" and running his tongue down between her arse cheeks "leather and loads of spunk. You’ve been on that motorbike again. And some of this spunk tastes very fresh, who’s been fucking your arse this afternoon?"
Mandy stretched her legs wider: “Oh that was Dave, he helped me park the car” pushing her cunt downwards into Kurt's mouth, luxuriating in the sensations shooting up into her womb, as he ate her out: "Hmmm, South of France again, fucked a whole biker gang. Come up here and give me some of that famous North London seed".

Wendy gasped as Kurt's erection rose above the bed, and travelled unerringly straight between Mandy's lips, forcing her cunt open, dribbling a trail of pre-cum up her thighs. Mandy lifted her legs upwards and outwards giving him perfect access. "Wow what a fuck" breathed Kit "I haven't seen him that eager in weeks"
Mandy moaned deep in her throat as the engorged cock thrust her pussy lips apart, and growled as each knobbly vein slid inside stretching her wide.
“Shut the bitch up!” commanded Kurt “we’ll have the whole party coming to watch her official deflowering”. Without thinking, Kit covered Mandy’s wide open mouth with her own, sliding her little tongue around the inside. Mandy’s automatic reaction was to explore the 4 year-old’s teeth, delighting in the sharp frilly edges, pushing her tongue into the gaps.

Not to be outdone, Wendy lying on the other side unclipped the front of Mandy’s bra, and caught each heavy breast as they tumbled out. She ground her teeth around the nearest nipple, making Mandy flinch from the pain.
Kurt pulled out, and pushing Mandy’s legs back even further, sliding cleanly into her backside on the next stroke. Mandy screamed as the huge cock head entered, threatening to tear her apart, but it carried on ravaging her arse, not letting up until Kit begged him to stop. Eventually, sweat pouring down his chest, and his fingers exploring the two girls’ upturned bottoms, Kurt climaxed depositing a huge dollop of sperm in her natural red pubes.

Adventures with Maggie
Much later Maggie (Justin and Derek’s mum) found the girls curled up asl**p on the bed, Wendy holding her new best friend’s head against her chest, breathing deeply. Wendy woke up as Maggie approached, smiled and stretched like a cat: “Oh Maggie you would never believe what we saw. This is Kit, and her dad broke in the new driver Mandy. It was awesome. So much spunk, he made us lick it all up. I think that’s what made little Kit fall asl**p. And I had my whole fist inside Mandy, rubbing her special spot just like you showed me. And I could actually feel Kurt’s prick slamming up inside her arse. I had no idea we were made like that inside. She came and came, shaking and cursing – so rude – I can’t wait to be fucked like that.”

Maggie was just wearing her son’s shirt; from the back you could just see her cute hot buttocks below the shirt tails, but from the front – stunning. Her large heavy breasts completely exposed, caked in dried spunk, spilling out above the buttons. Down below her engorged pussy lips visibly bulging out from under her dark pubic triangle, just waiting to be touched.
Maggie’s arm accidentally brushed against Kit's bottom and woke her up. Kit automatically responded by leaning over and inhaling one hard pink nipple and chewing in the lovely tit flesh: "Yum you taste of my dad's spunk; he's been fucking these tits right? He can never resist a large sloppy pair with bumpy areole, and these are fabulous, really tasty. Did he eat you out too? He gives amazing head, really makes my Mum scream. But she's gone off sex lately, being so pregnant, so we both just jack him off between her breasts, and then I have to clean it all up".

Wendy: "Did you fuck him? He's got the biggest blackest cock I've ever seen, I watched him shagging Mandy's arse; he nearly split her apart".
"It's OK baby, he couldn't fuck me; I was already filled up – my lads to be precise, Jason and Derek - they gave me a great time".
Wendy: "You slut – double fucked by boys only half your age, and her dad cumming over your tits".

Kit: "Were they both up your bum? I watched one of the dancers giving two blokes a lap-dance once; they nearly split her apart too. Couldn't believe my eyes; she had them both up her arse. Both at the same time, not one after the other. Both hard dicks pressed together, all shiny and slippery, in her tight bum-hole. Amazing. She only lets me watch her Special Clients. One of the club regulars always brings me little presents. Here look". Kit pulled on a tiny pair of panties – no more than shiny silver string really. They neatly framed her pretty slit, not providing any coverage of her 4 year old darkest pussy lips, and the string then disappeared into her bottom crack to emerge again on a tiny waistband. “He likes to watch me wearing these when he’s fucking the dancer; sometimes holds my bottom, he says I look good enough to eat. He bought me a tiny blue dildo once, but Mum says I’m not old enough to use it properly yet, perhaps on my next birthday”.

Meanwhile Wendy had bunched up her fingers, just like her Mum had shown her, and was pressing her little fist between Maggie’s pussy lips. They slipped in quite easily and Wendy twisted her wrist to make it more comfortable, rubbing all her knuckles across the sensitive spots making Maggie open her legs wider and start panting.
Without waiting to be asked Kit did the same thing pushing three finger tips into the other hole, while chewing on the other nipple.
"Wow you girls are hot" she panted "much more of this and we'll have to get into the shower; I think I'm going to spray. Oh watch out!" as a deluge of pee and pussy juice, and Jason's spunk shot out of her cunt around Wendy’s fist and landed on the floor. "Remember not a word of this to anyone; house rule – no sex with the c***dren".

Snap On Toys
Most guests arrived with a bottle of wine or some erotic underwear as a house warming present, but of course Mike (the inventor) had to be different. He carried in a large cardboard box, and settled it on the floor before kissing Sweet and Tangy, Molly, Becki and of course the heavily-pregnant Gemma.
"Wow you look gorgeous" he purred, lightly stroking her bulge, "I'm not sure you should be using these in your condition, but we'll see".

Like a magician he pulled brightly coloured handles from the box and popped them into the charging base, plugged into a wall socket: "We just need to let these charge up a bit, I may have tried them out on the train over here". After 10 minutes being shown around the house, especially the porn studio in the attic, where Kit, Wendy and her Mum were still playing, he returned to the box and laid out the selection of vibrator heads of all shapes and sizes. The colour-coded heads clearly clicked onto a handle to make a selection of powerful vibrators. Blue ones exclusively for girls, black for boys only and red for unisex. Tangy chose a fat bulbous-headed red penis on a right-angled handle slipped it between her already-moist pussy lips. Sweet-Ami went for a blue rabbit-ears clitoral vibrator and helped her boyfriend insert the long curved black prostate-stroker up his backside. Derek's reaction was instantaneous – Sweet-Ami could barely keep her hand around his massive hard-on. She wanked him hard in time to the deep gurgling noise emanating from his arse, and narrowly caught his prick-head between her teeth before it exploded a stream of spunk into her mouth.
Jason discovered a black flexible dual cock-ring device for him and his twin to try; it took one motor each side and massaged their pricks held vertically together, licking up and down their bulging shafts as they revved up each other's vibrations.

Becki experimented with a girls-only double-headed dildo, not realising it had a vibrator socket; the ultra-smooth silicone surface slipped effortlessly up her wet cunt, and facing Molly with her legs wide apart managed a good girly fuck. Uncle Mike couldn’t resist helping so snapped on a slow-speed motor and held on while both girls trembled in time to the deep oscillations high in their pussies.
I sat down behind Becki, little willy pushed up against her spine, grasping a succulent breast in each hand. Kissing the back of her neck I watched my step-sis_ter Molly’s face as the double-dildo thrusts from Becki brought her off. Soon the pair of them were for_cing the sticky dildo-end down my throat, and what felt like a large vibrating anal plug up my bottom. My lovely Molly held my cock in her hands, gently massaging the balls and was just starting to licking around the tip when I looked up and nearly died.

There was little 4 year old Kit playing Horsey on her daddy's leg; he held her gently while she bounced her pretty bare bottom up and down onto his thigh, letting out little gurgles of delight whenever she landed. The bouncing slowed to a vigorous rocking motion, rubbing her open pussy against his raised leg.
"What's the matter" growled Kurt, her dad "never seen a young lady masturbating? Put that notebook down and come over and watch if you like. You should see her tiny bum-hole opening up on each thrust, she likes a finger in there you know". Kit continued to bounce her pert bottom for a few seconds and then slid off leaving a shiny trail of sticky girl juice on her dad's thigh.
"Your turn" announced Kit, offering her young pussy to my face.
"But, but.." I stammered, acutely aware the effect her delicious scent was having on my erection.

She must have misunderstood, thinking I was asking for her butt. She slowly turned around, swiping her cute bottom across my nose and mouth, coming to rest with my tongue buried between her hot little cheeks. I licked and licked, sucking in her gorgeous taste, and making her legs wobble. The heavenly scent wafting up from her pussy made me lick forward between her slick lips, coming to rest on her hard little under_age clit. I sucked it in and gently ground the bud between my front teeth. Kit had stopped giggling when I left her bottom, breathing hard as my tongue opened up her pussy and then she just gurgled as I repeatedly abused her clitoris. Her juice was streaming onto my chin and then down her thighs; I swallowed as much as possible – it tasted divine. She just came and came, making fabulous high-pitched 'chipping' noises, rolling her hips to keep my tongue inside her cunt, and then back into her bottom. I knew it was so wrong, but couldn't stop; I wasn't actually fucking her, it was more like providing a masturbation device for her pleasure. As she reared up in another mini-climax her taut black bubble-butt smearing girl juice all over my face; I closed my eyes for a second, revelling in the feel of her smooth skin.
Then there was a call from outside the bathroom door: “Come on Timmy, no more time for 12 year old fantasies, you’ve got to get ready for school”

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Great story. Thanks
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Grerat story. Kit is my fvorite and Wendy isd my second favorite. They make me sooo HARD...MMMMMMM...5/5
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