As I entered this Kroger around me on Michigan near Elizabeth, I saw this tall, thick-assed white chick! I instantly let out an audible, "DIIAAAMN!!!" fully on purpose to see if I'd get a sneer out of her or whateva'. To my surprise, she came back with, "Well thank you, hon!" Two things occurred within me at the same jaw dropped, & my dick got rock hard! She had just accepted this sluts challenge to a duel. Beaming like I had no business doing so, I shot at her with, "Anytime sexy, by the way what's yo' name?" She told me, "Emma." I said, "I neva' met an Emma before." She asked me how old I was, and I told her 35. she said I could pass for 26 easy, and I almost stuttered as I chuckled out an, "yeah right." This is when she told me that I was a cute lil' man. I lushed that time. All the while my freaky-slut-ova'-mind was only how she'd look naked!

I totally forgot about whateva' it was I wanted to get from the supermarket, as we exited the doors.

I generally take my time in giving most of the women I cross in passing a once-ova' with a perv's appraisal of who all's around that I'd luv to bang the shit out of, but she'd slipped under my radar as she told me that lots of times I came into this place, She had glimpsed me...
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