The Studio and the Shemale

When the company I worked decided to relocate to the north of England, it was made clear to me that there would not be a job for me there and so the decision whether to move woth or leave was decided for me. The redundancypayment was extremely generous, as it should be, I had been with them since I left school. So now I had to find a new job and the decision was whether to stay in the line I was in or change careers, but With the redundancy payment as it was there was no rush.
Quite by chance I discovered that a photographic studio, which was literally a 5 minute walk away was looking for an apprentice. I was a keen amateur photographer and this seemed a chance not to be missed, I wanted that job. It didn't matter about the money. So I applied. The owner didn't want anyone as old as me, he wanted a school leaver. He seemed a little suspicious of my motives but I had taken a portfolio I had made up especially, for him to see. In the end he took me on but it was a trial period at first. The only reason that he did take me on was because I was the most enthusiastic person he had interviewed, in fact I think, I was the only enthusiastic person he had interviewed. I started the Monday after. George the owner was a very knowledgeable man, and that first week I learnt such a lot from him.
I found the job fascinating, even the mundane aspects of it, and the week shot by. It was Friday, that first Friday before I knew it. George had only got work booked in the morning, nothing had come in for the afternoon and at lunchtime he let me go home.
"You have done well this week." He said. "Thank you." We were getting on surprisingly well. I liked him a lot and he was an interesting guy, with a lot of anecdotes. Reluctantly I went home. There was nothing to eat in the fridge, and I needed to do some shopping. I had some coffee first and then wandered out to the supermarket. It was a very warm afternoon and as I neared where the studio was located down an alley, a very striking female crossed the road in front of me and headed towards the alley. She wore a very short denim skirt and pretty red top. Huge sunglasses hid her face. Her legs were bare and she wore high heeled sandals. I slowed down to see where she was going. When she entered the alley, I was very puzzled, as virtually the only business down there was the studio and so I found myself following her. When I reached the alley she was already through it and when I reached the courtyard at the end she was at the top of the steps that led up to the studio. I had a wonderful quick glimpse up her short skirt as she opened the door to the studio. I heard her say "Hello George! It's only me" before the door shut. Now I was very intrigued. I never said that the studio occupied the top floor of the shops in North Street and access to that floor was gained by means of an outside metal staircase. Without really thinking of the consequences I found myself climbing the stairs and carefully entering the studio. I closed the door quietly behind me. I could hear voices. I was in the reception area, luckily there was no bell on the door. An electric bell occupied one corner of the reception desk. A door led through to the studio. It stood ajar. I quietly pushed it open and peered round. The studio was empty. Puzzled I entered and then realised that there was a door open. The voices came from there but then it went quiet. I thought that the door opened to a storage cupboard. I had no reason to look into it before. I eased myself across the studio so that I could see in to the door. The girl that I had followed was facing me, eyes closed and George was on his knees in front of her, his head rising and falling, not in a way that you would expect if he were licking her pussy, more like he was sucking something long. Oh my God!!! She is a shemale! I have fantasised about having sex with a shemale for ages and here one was and I could do nothing about it. Thoughts of fleeing were banished from my head. I was entranced! Moving slightly I could see her balls. They were swinging slightly. Her hands were on the top of his head, pulling him onto her cock. Suddenly remembering where I was I looked at her face and she was watching me, a bemused look on her face. She smiled at me when our eyes met. I think I must have blushed. Suddenly I had no idea what to do and knew that I had been caught. "George! George!" She says. "You have a visitor!"
"Mmmmmm" He mumbles, his mouth full of her cock. "It might be a customer." I couldn't speak.
"He will be with you in a moment. He is somewhat busy at the moment."
"It's alright George, It is only me. I saw this gorgeous young lady heading this way and followed her to see if I could help her. I hadn't expected you to be here." My explanation sounds feeble in my ears, but the sound of my voice penetrates George's subconcious and he nearly falls over backwards to get away from the girl.
"Oh Mike!" He splutters and then obviously can't think what else to say.
"I am sorry George. I never meant to spy on you and your girlfriend."
"Oh Honey!!" The girl says "I am not his girlfriend. We are old friends as you can see, but I am only here for a photoshoot."
"But I am sticking my nose in where it is not wanted." I said to them both. The girl has a very deep throated chuckle which she demonstrates at that point.
"George loves our sessions sweetheart. In more ways than one. He loves handling the goods. I see that you are not adverse to a little action in that regard either."
"I fantasise about shemales but have never met one before!" She chuckles again.
"I am Jessica." She says. "you must be Mike. George's new mature apprentice."
"Yes that's right." I step forward to shake her hand. Her stiff cock pokes out from under her skirt, the large purple knob looks delicious.
"Mmmmmm. Well George. I would like Mike to suck my cock too. You always said that you would like to photoraph me with a bloke. What do you say?"
George has to clear his throat before answering. "What do you think Mike?"
"I have never done anything like this before. Never seen myself as a model before. But if Jessica thinks that she would like that I am happy to do it." Then a thought hits me. "Where do you show these pics George?"
"I use a site on the internet."
"Oh right. I suppose that if I do them my pics are going to be out there. Oh well! In for a penny, in for a pound!"
"That's the spirit!" Jessica laughs. "Come here big boy" I move closer and we kiss.George watches us and then grabs his camera and starts to film. Jessica's hand falls to my crutch and she squeezes my cock. I can feel her 'mmmmmmmmmmm' run through my lips. She presses her mouth hard against mine.
"Get his cock out!" George says. So she undoes my fly and reaching in pulls out my cock. "God! That is lovely!"
In the week that I have been working for George I hadn't realised that he was like that.
"I want to suck his cock." Jessica says.
"OK" George replies. "Strip him off first though. I want to shoot him naked"
She helps me to strip and then squats in front of me. I never thought that I had a big cock but that doesn't phase Jessica. She virtually swallows it whole. George seems to be enjoying filming me.
"Come on George. Let's see that dick boy. I want you in my mouth now." George drops his trousers and steps out of them, he snuggles up close to me. His small cock is very stiff and he pushes it in to her mouth. He puts his arm around my shoulder so that he can carry on filming while he is being sucked. Jessica deliberately rubs our knobs together. Mine is feeling sensitive and it is like an electric charge running through my body. George presses against me closer and we stand thigh against thigh. George's hand slides from my shoulder and runs down my back to my butt. He squeezes my arse cheek and grins at me.
"I want to see Jessica fucking you." He says.
"That is a good idea George." Jessica says. "How do you want to play this?"
He thinks for a moment and then directs us into what positions to adopt. I kneel to start with and Jessica positions herself behind me. George arranges us into the places that he wants. This involves a lot of touching and feeling, At one point he holds my cock. I find it rather horny making. Jessica kisses my arse first and then licks up between my cheeks. She fingers my arse and attempts to slip 2 and then 3 fingers in there. I can hear Georges shutter whirring and clicking. Next is on my back, she pulls me towards her and tips me up. The pain was hard at first, but the dildo I have been using is bigger than Jessica's cock and with the lube that she is using, slides in fairly easily.
"You have done this before!" She says.
"Honestly Jessica. This is my first time!" I manage to say. My arse feels so full of cock. Her flesh slaps against my arse cheeks. I am vaguely aware of the clicking and the flashes of Georges camera and the words of encouragement that pour from his mouth in a constant stream. Part of me wants to tell him to shut the fuck up.
I hear a groan and suddenly realise that it is me. Jessica is holding my cock and rubbing it. I suddenly cum, long before I can say and warn them. The thick white cream sails into the air and splashes onto my stomach and chest. Then, Jessica pulls out of my arse and air rushes in. It feels cool. She kneels between my legs and rubs that magnificent cock. Her head is thrown back and she gasps as she cums. Her cum splashes onto my belly as well adding to mine. The camera click and whirrs and flashes. "Brilliant! Brilliant!" George is muttering like a litany over and over again. Jessica scoops up some of the cum on my belly and offers it to George and he takes her finger into his mouth. He kneels beside me and starts to lick up the cum on my belly. George is naked. I hadn't seen him strip off. He is quite skinny but has a bit of a belly. His legs are very skinny and his knees quite prominent. There is a thick pelt of grey hair on his chest. Jessica waks behind him and pushes him. "Go on! " She says. " He will love it!" George suddenly looks down at me with an apologetic look. He rises slightly and throws one leg over my chest so that he is straddling me. His cock still semi hard brushes my face.
"Go on Mike" Jessica urges me. "Suck on it. It is so tasty." I open my mouth and take his cock, he pushes down. Jessica squats beside us, her legs apart and that magnificent weapon danglig from between her thighs. I notice for the first time too, that she is not fully naked, she still wears her top. She sees where I am looking.
"Yes I know! That is a first for me too. I always strip very quickly." She tells me. "Do you like the taste of his cock?" I mmmmmmmm at her and try nodding my head. She laughs delightedly. "That was the best photo session that we have ever done George. Are you ready to cum?" He nods, obviously unable to speak. His cock has grown in my mouth and is very hard. He has been pumping in and out for a little while. He gasps and gasps. His cum splashes into my mouth and he pushes his cock in deeper and it splashes deep in my throat. Once again I am pleased at my practice with my dildo and I am able to take it fairly easily. A shadow falls across me and I see Jessica kneeling to look closer. She kisses me on the cheek. She pulls Georges cock from my mouth and pops it into her own mouth to savour his cum still leaking from the knob. She then kisses me on the mouth and pushes her tongue deep into my mouth. She gives little cries of pleasure.
She suddenly kneels up and looks down at me. "Would you like to lick my sweaty crack and bumhole?"
"Oh God!! Yes please!"
She crouches over my face and lowers her arse onto my face. At first she actually lowers her arse onto my face but then raises it slightly so that it is less than an inch above me and I can trach up into her crack and lick it. I reach up with my hands and part her cheeks and and try and push my tongue deep into her hole. It tastes fantastic. I would never have imagined that it would taste that nice. I tried not to think about what it could be. Just enjoyed the moment. Somene was sucking my cock and I realised that it must be George.
"Oooooooohh!!" Jessica groans and stands up. "Sorry Mike I have cramp." She hobbles round the studio for a few moments.
"I have some tonic water at my flat."
"What good is that?" She asks.
"It contains quinine and that helps."
"Good sex always makes me hungry." She suddenly declares. "I need something to eat."
"And I need to look at these pictures" Says George
"Then lets go to my flat and and get a takeaway and you can have the tonic water, Jessica and George can look at the pics on my computer."
"Now that sounds perfect."
So I rrang the takeaway and arranged for the food to be delivered. We dressed and I led them round to my flat. I told them to make themselves comfortable and they both admired the flat. I opened some windows. It was very stuffy. I turned on the computer and george inserted the SD card. The food arrived at that point and i laid it all out on the table and put out plates and cutlery and we helped ourselves. Jessica stripped off. She had magnificent breasts. George looked at me and I at him. I shrugged and undressed as well, as did George. We lounged about and ate and chatted and really got to know each other well. I was surprised when Jessica said that she had a boyfriend.
"Doesn't he mind you doing this?" I asked her.
"He thinks it just nude modelling work, not porn. I don't think he will be to pleased when he sees these pics come out."
"I hope he is not violent or anything Jessica." She roars with laughter and George chuckles as well.
"You don't need to worry about me Honey! I can handle myself!" I am a little puzzled, but obviously George knows him as well. I leave it there and we chat about other things. I find myself admiring Jessica's breasts, they are very When we have eaten as much as we want, Jessica suddenly looks at her watch. "I must go. I had arranged to meet Robby at 5." I am really puzzled but George seems to sense my confusion.
"Jessica lices in London."
"Ahh! That makes sense."b She dresses hurriedly and kisses George and then kisses me. "I hope that we can do this again sometime." She says.
"I for one would love that Jessica! Thanks for taking my virginity. I couldn't have wished for anyone nicer to do it."
"Oh sweetheart. Thank you!! I have so enjoyed today." She blows us both kisses. At the door she pauses and looks back. "Be gentle with him George."
"Get out of here you sentimental old mare!"
After she has left, George stands and heads back to the computer. I watch his arse cheeks as he walks into the other room. They are very beautiful. I follow him. He is sat at the computer. I grab a chair and carry it over.
"Sit on my lap." He says. "You will be able to see better."
His leg was thin and bony and i was very uncomfortable. It took a little bit of squirming about to find a comfortable position. I put my arm around his nrck to staedy myself and then we went through each of the pics in turn. There was a lot of them. I found myself reliving that time with Jessica and started to get stiff. He must have noticed but never said anything. He was getting lost in the pics but I could feel his cock starting to stiffen beneath my thigh. I shifted my position a tiny bit and his leg parted ny arse cheeks; my bumhole was rubbing against his skin. I was feeling very aroused. I knew he was as well but he was still looking at the pics. My hand that was around his shoulder I used to turn his head towards me and I kissed him on the mouth. He forgot the pics at that moment and we rolled onto the floor kissing. "Fuck me Mike!"
He rolled onto all fours and I came up behind him. His arse looked to good not to be kissed first and so I obliged it and then pressed my face into the crack so that I could lick between the cheeks. When I find his butthole it tastes different to Jessica's. Still tasty though. Then I am rubbing my cock up and down his crack, before sliding it into the warm hole. He gasps. He is so tight. That surprises me. The sensation from my point of view is wonderful. I pump in and out and then I sense that he wants to alter his position and he lies on his back, his legs are round my neck. I pull him up a little more so that his arse is above the carpet and slide back in to his arsehole.I grab his cock and play with it. It is still soft but he suddenly cums all over his belly. The suddeness and the smell and the sexually charged atmosphere affects me as well. I pull out just in time and cum over that gorgeous belly. He uses his finger to scoop it up and lick it up. I make us tea while he continues to look at the pics.
"They are good stuff Mike. the site will love them. They keep asking me for stronger stuff."
"I have really enjoyed today George. No. I have really enjoyed the whole week and this was the crowning glory."
"Well don't get any ideas..."
"Oh George! We don't know each other well yet. I won't. You are still my employer and I still have an awful lot to learn, but if this is going to happen on a regular basis...then bring it on. It will be the icing on the cake and if we can spend odd times together as well, that will be even better."
"You are a surprising fellow Mike. I have enjoyed this week as well. It is wonderful to meet someone that is as enthusiastic about this as I am. I look forward to our time together." He suddenly grinned at me. "I think your trial period is over. The job is definitely yours. We will see about a pay rise as well."
"Thank you George!" I threw my arms around his neck and standing belly to belly, cock to cock, I kissed him on the mouth.

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6 months ago
thank you so much. I am so pleased you enjoyed it!
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oh Shirley!! Thank you so much for that sweet comment. Missing uou darling!
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Brilliant story!!

Sooooo HOT,!

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Hi well this is a really hot sexy story i really enjoyed it pls keep it up shame it not true tho now that would be exciting xxxxxx
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so pleased you enjoyed it!
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Really enjoyed reading this story, makes me want to meet a shemale now!
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wow!! That really is the most wonderful comment yet,. Thank you
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my lil clit/cock gets hard to good stories but especially so when i know it is real time story
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very nice imagination hun
9 months ago
but thanks for reading it and the lovely comment!
9 months ago
hehehehe! I am sorry boiblue. It is a figment of my fevered imagination!
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great story if it is true
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fantastic story
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Excellent..please share more
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mmmm love it i should have been there
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