A Hidden Fantasy of Mine

I was playing a video game on my Xbox 360, and i was having fun. For the record, it was Forza 3. But as I was playing, my apartment door got knocked on. I open the door, and in walks two hot looking girls. One was named Beth and the other one was named Jenna. Well, it was nice to see them again. Jenna was a BBW with black hair, nerd girl glasses, and had huge tits for a BBW. Beth was a tiny little frame. She had long brown hair and wore nerd girl glasses as well, and had tiny tits. So we talked for a bit, and they watched me play Forza 3 as well as Modern Warfare 2. I noticed that after a bit, that Beth and Jenna started to be all over each other and they were kissing and all that. Damn, I enjoyed watching that then playing my Xbox. So, they saw me watching and they said, "Viper, you naughty boy, we got some stuff in store for you." And I had a devil grin on my face. So, they both went into my bathroom to change their clothes since the weather was hot that day. I was thinking, "What did they mean by that?" Then I heard the door open and out walks Beth and Jenna in two sexy outfits that they knew i liked. Jenna was wearing a black goth schoolgirl outfit, and Beth was wearing a naughty cheerleader outfit. They lifted up their skirts and showed me that they weren't wearing any panties. I instantly felt the nerves in my cock twich as it was turning me on. Beth approached me first and took the controller out of my hands, then got on top of me and started to kiss me really deep. Jenna, on the other hand, started to take off my pants, and then she started to suck my cock really well. I was moaning through the kiss that Beth gave me. I stuck my head under Beth's cheerleader skirt and started to eat her pussy. Beth started to moan loudly as my tongue darted on her clit. She was moaning and saying, "Oh Viper, oh my god. That feels so good. Oooh baby." Jenna heard Beth moan and starting to suck my cock more and started to deep throat my cock as well. Damn, this was hotter than I expected. Beth moved her hips on my face as her pussy throbbed to the point where she moaned out loud and had an orgasm and made her cum hard. Jenna told Beth, "You want some of this cock, Beth?" Beth nodded, as horny as she was, and her and Jenna took turns sucking and deep throating my cock as well as kissing me and having me eating their pussies. Beth rips off my shirt, and gets on top of me and starts to ride me hard, while Jenna kisses Beth deeply and then Jenna had me eat her pussy. DAMN! I was seriously not expecting this, but it was very hot, so I didn't care. Jenna then started to have me suck on her huge tits, and she came when i licked her nipples in the right area, and i fingered her pussy. Meanwhile, Beth saw all this, and she came two more times on my cock. Jenna asked Beth if she could ride my cock. Beth agreed and they swapped spots. Holy Shit! Jenna rode me really hard and exploded four times on my cock, while Beth came two more times with me eating her out. My cock started to powerfully twich. I moaned, and they knew when I moaned that loudly, that I was gonna cum. So, they got on their knees and i shot a massive load on Jenna and Beth's tits and on their stomachs. Beth and Jenna started kissing lustfully as they swapped my cum on them. They looked at me, and Beth asked, "Is that what you wanted?" I said, "Oh hell yeah, it was." And Jenna asked, "are Beth and I your girlfriends now?" I said, "Two hot girls dating a bad boy like me, FUCK YEAH!"
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2 years ago
hey dummy. don't you get it? i know what an enter key is. I just choose not to use it. Now if you don't mind.
2 years ago
theres a key called the enter key, and its used so you don't get a wall of text...

Only critique I can point out.