My Neighbor the MILF...and her pantie drawer

So we all have that one Neighbor right? That Milf next door, or down the street, that mature babe with that son you hang out with sometimes. At some point in your life when you were younger, you all crushed on a older women at one point.

I know I did! We have these Neighbors that my parents always use to hangout with and I use to play with there two sons. But there mom was a complete MILF, huge tits, Water Mellon ass & tan washboard abs! it was fuckin crazy man I swear she coulda been a porn star!

Anyways, her husband was cool with me and I continued to be good friends with there k**s who were my age, it seemed I was always over playing xbox or whatever at there house since they only lived right down the street, every time I went over I would try to catch of glimpse of there mom changing, or during sl**povers try and get up early to see her in her pajamas. I craved her! and most often masturbated to the thought of her.

And one summer they got a hot tub built on there deck, so my f****y and me would usually go over at least once a week to hot tub with there f****y,and one night she wore this extremely small neon pink bikini top. It was starting to get me hard so before it got noticeable I urged there son to go get a drink with me.when we left they were drinking wine like water and were having jello shots too,and when we came back they were all slammed and my friends mom's tit was hanging out of the side of her top as she laughed and splashed around. She was quick to cover it after her son brashly brought it to her attention.

After that night I wanted nothing more than to fuck her like a jackhammer! A couple weeks later they were getting ready for a camping trip and asked me to watch there dog, Of course I agreed not thinking much of it at the time.But when the day came they left and I walked over in the morning to let the dog out, I thought to myself... Holy shit her room is open and no ones hear! I let the dog out ran to the front door shut an locked it, bolted up stairs and had a field day!

I opened her dresser to find a cache of thongs, g-string , crotch-less panties, lace,silk, every fucking kind you can imagine! there must have been at least 150 pairs, it was a big ass dresser.then the second drawer was full of her 38 DD bras! I was in heaven!!! a full week of this to myself I thought...I open the third drawer and socks and nylons were poorly hiding what I later found to be 9 dildos! she had rabbits, realistic ones,scary big ones like foot long ones, pussy anal combined dildos, like the kind that go in your ass and pussy at the same time. I found a huge but plug and anal beads and TONS of lube.

I didn't even know what to do with my self! I was the happiest k** in the world,my dick was so hard it hurt! the veins were popping out like I was on roids.My head was easily bigger than half dollar and throbbing for action! I take a step back and see a labeled "his" and "hers" laundry basket. so I immediately empty the one labeled hers on the floor to find probably a weeks or more worth of bras , and cum stained panties and other misc. clothes. I lay there and immerse myself in the sent of her sweet smelling pussy that lingered in her sexy little panties.

I undress entirely and lay alongside her dirty laundry, as thought of her nude danced in my head.They were a pretty well of f****y so there carpet was always professionally cleaned and they had heated tile bathroom and shit, so it was super comfortable to lay on the floor nude with all her clothes laying on, and around me.I begin to feel soo horny so i grab a pair of her dirty panties that have the extra cotton sheath in the crotch for her pussy and shove my dick in it,it feels soo good as one side rubs the outside material and the other side of my dick rubs the cotton. As i do this with my right hand i grab another pair of panties and bring them to my nose and it instantly makes me harder ,then I taste he crotch and can taste her sweet nectar. As I spluge in her panties I get a full body orgasm and spasm on the floor in intense pleasure!

I lay on the floor for a bit longer to soak up all thats around me, Then I get up scoop the laundry back in the hamper, and go let the dog back in and leave only to return that night.Later on that night my mom reminds me to let there dog out as its getting late and shes going to bed, she reminds me as I walk out too lock the door when you come home im going to bed. "okay" I said thinking to myself perfect!I walk down the street once again.I open there door and let the dog out lock the door behind me and make my way to the master bedroom.As soon as I enter I shead my clothes; *and just a side note im completely straight,not a cross dresser at all!* and put on a pair of her crotch-less panties and dangle my junk through the crotch-less part as I marvel at her toys.

I pick up the one that looks like its been used the most and taste it to find the most delectable taste of residue from her sweet pussy, and it gets me hard as a rock instantly! As I thought to my self I remember seeing somewhere prostate massages are said to be heavenly... so I take off her panties and get her lube and lube up my asshole and her dildo that vibrated the hardest and inserted it into my asshole and it was so different and weird,but I liked it and it felt really good from the inside! So I started jacking of over her dirty panties on the ground and then after a bit I came more than I have ever in my life to this day!You probably could have filled a film canister with the whitest cum I have ever seen!It was GREAT,and I finished the week up the those two nights until they came home and they gave me 50 bucks for watching there dog. But in my mind I got paid for jackin off in there house haha.

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2 years ago
Awesome story!
2 years ago
Great story. Thanks.