Fucking my 17 year old cousin

My mom and my dad went on a vacation to Texas on a hot cool wensday morning.My cousin was there as her mom and dad came aswell at 12:30 we were watching a horror movie.We began to talk and she said "Want to play truth or dare??" i replied "yes" but in my mind i thought "HELL YES!!!" as we went in i dared her to let me touch her tits and she said ok.I grabbed her tits and she said "only for a few seconds".I stated to pull and grab her nipples.She started groaning like crazy and couldnt stop.She grabbed my cock and i started sucking her nipples as i removed her top and bra.She ripped off my pants and notice i wasnt wearing any boxers.She began blowing and jerking my cock so hard.I went for her pussy when she stopped.I ripped off her pants and stuck my dick in her tight pussy.I made her ride my dick for a split 10 minutes.She replied smileing "I want to taste your cum".As she opened her mouth I sprayed tons of cum in her she swalled all of it and licked my dick clean aswell.She said "your cum is so yummy" i started fucking her more as we did this for another split hour.By then we both fell asl**p I fell asl**p with my cock in her pussy.The next day we woke up she pulled it out and started masturbateing.I opened my eyes and saw her.

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2 years ago
Very good start,,yes go slower makes for a better read
2 years ago
Slow down...more details ...good start