Her first time.

It was her first time having sex. She was nervous and shaking and i kissed her neck and started to suck it a little bit it started turning her on. she rolled me over on to my back and took my shirt off and started to kiss my neck and as i started taking her clothes of she said I want you to stick it in me now. so she quickly undresses herself, and then undresses me. She lays down on her back and says stick it in but when I tried to she put up a little fight. She was so tiny and petitie and really tight and I was really big. So I held her hands down and jammed it in there and started to thrust she started to moan as I was thrusting no even 5 minutes in there and she orgasmed and started to scream. She wanted to try other positions so I layed on my back and she fucked me cow girl while kissing my neck. After about 20 minutes I still hadn't cum yet but she had orgasmed at least for times so we took the condom off and she sucked it for a bit. Then she layed on top of me and started to kiss my neck while gliding back and forth across my dick. Then I slipped in tp her and she moaned and started to ride it so i started bouncing her to get deeper she was moaning so loud the upstairs neighbors started blasting Sweet c***d of Mine by Guns 'N Roses. So I turned her around and started to do her from behind and I pulled back on her hair as I fucked her sensless after about 10 minutes straight of that. Still unable to Cum I flipped her over and started to 69 with her and finger her pussy and eat her out she orgasmed while I did that and squirted in my face. Still turned on by that I turned her around and she started fucking me cowgirl style she started to moan again and I came inside of her. She got off and sucked my dick clean before she went into my bathroom and took some dirty pictures of herself which are here:

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