Because It’s my Birthday

I closed the French doors shutting out the noise of the party
behind me, then took a sip of my sangria and walked out on
to the deck outside. The flavors of the ice cold drink swirled
over my tongue and teased my senses. The night's cool
air felt good against my skin. I sat my drink down on a table
near a chase lounge chair then took a deep breath in. I released
the cleansing breath, letting out the stress of the evening.

Just as I was getting a little relaxed while taking in the
beauty of the night, I heard sounds of the party again. I
turned around and the deep brown eyes of a truly handsome
black man captured me. He had dark skin, smooth like Godiva
chocolate with lips thick as sweet molasses. I gazed at
his stride, strong and confident. His body exuded such
sensuality that simultaneously provoked divinity and

The handsome gentleman smiled, I smiled back with lust
in my eyes. I picked up my glass and took another sip of my
sangria, the flavors tasted just a little sweeter.

"You know, I really love nights like this. Feeling
the warm summer air, the bright full moon up in the sky and
the lighting bugs flickering in the distance darkness.
Makes you really appreciate life, you feel like you can
talk to any body about any thing, " I spoke to him as
he walked closer.

"Really, talk about what?" He asked.

"Things you can say to a stranger."

He chuckled a little and looked up to the moon.

"You know, when there is no past there is no guilt."
I took a few steps away from him and leaned against the railing
of the deck. "Have you ever made love to a perfect stranger"?

"Now you're teasing me, " he followed
me and stood about a foot behind me.

I looked over my left shoulder and grinned. "I believe
I am."

"Well, no not exactly. Do you mean someone I wouldn't
know at all, " he questioned me.

"That's kind of sad."

"That's sad, you think?" he looked at me
with a puzzled expression on his face.

My head turned back around and I looked up into the night
before speaking again. "Because there is all of nothing
more exciting than fucking someone you don't know."

He laughed.

"Right, " I quickly replied. "You don't
know their name; you only know their face, their body."

"So I guess, I shouldn't ask your name."

I looked back over my shoulder and smiled. "You know
what, in a little while. I have to go back into that party."

"And?" he interrupted.

I turned back and looked up at the moon. I felt him move a little
closer to me, his cologne teased my senses. I breathed in
the essence of his sexy scent before speaking again. "I
have to go back in there, stand next to my husband and smile
like I'm having a good time. Mingle with all of his friends
and business partners. You know." I paused for a moment
to take another sip of my sangria. "Today is my fucking
birthday, and I'm stuck here at this glorified business
meeting. Not one of my friends is here at this party, not

"I'm sorry, " he put his hand on my shoulder
to comfort me. He hand was smooth, warm, and soothing to
my skin.

"Don't be. It's okay. You know what the worst
part is? He won't even look at me, and he won't notice
I'm not wearing a bra under this dress."

"No bra?"

"Nope, no panties either, "

"Oh man, no underwear, " I could hear the grin
on his face without seeing it.

"No, not tonight. Like I said, it's my birthday."
I smirked sarcastically.

"Wow, I feel sad for this poor man who can see his wife's
hidden talents."

"No you're not, " I chuckled. "But
don't you think he is like every man though. Typically
blind and bored by his very own wife. Ready to fantasize
about the very first unknown woman who he hasn't fucked
yet. Probably thinking about whether she shaves her pussy
clean or keep it trimmed. Wondering if she would suck his
dick and swallow his cum. Even daydream about how wild she
would be in bed and is she the kind of woman that would take
his cock in her ass."

He didn't speak. "Am I hitting to close to home?"
I turned to look into his eyes over my shoulder.

He shook his head and moved his hand down on my hip. "No
not at all"

I smiled, "And you say that because now I've turned
you on, right, " I leaned back into his body and I felt
his manhood pressed against my body. "Do you want
to feel how wet I am right now?"

"Yes." He nodded.

I took his wrist into my hand. I slowly guided his hand under
my black Vera Wang dress until his fingers reached my sex.
I bent over the railing slightly and opened my legs wider
for him. It felt like his middle finger melted into my pussy.
When he added two more fingers and I felt them dart in and
out of me, I shuttered and breathed in through my teeth.
I was a ball of excited ecstasy expanding and contracting
with each stoke.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he whispered
in my ear. "I don't want to take advantage of you."

I licked my crimson lips and with a wicked look in my eyes
I said, "Trust me; I'm the one taking advantage
of this." I clutched his ass and pulled him closer
to me. "It's my birthday; I should be able to have
what I want. With that being said, let me ask you a question.
Do you like eating pussy? My husband hasn't eaten out
my pussy in so... so... long."

"I'm extremely good at eating pussy, "
he said with the greatest of confidence.

"All men say that, it's like how everybody thinks
their funny."

I felt him slowly remove his fingers from my slavering pussy
and I watched him suck my juices from his fingers. "Extremely
good." He moaned.

I wasted no time. I grabbed him by his sky blue tie and pushed
him down on the chaise. I hiked up my dress exposed my pussy
to his face and issued a weak threat. "You better be
good. You better be damn good or else..."

"Or else what?" he challenged.

"Or else I'm going to make you eat this pussy over
and over again until you get it right."

I straddled him and welcomed his face between my legs right
where it belonged. He spread my pussy lips with his thumbs
and my nectar dripped into his mouth. His tongue conjured
a magic I had never felt before. This man didn't lie
"extremely good" was an understatement. He
lapped at my pussy, clit, and ass until my moans became uncontrollable.
The feeling was just to damn good. My hips swiveled, swayed,
and grinded on his face while he cupped my ass and ate me out
into euphoria.

It felt like my entire body was going to implode. My hands
grabbed the back of his head and I rode the waves of my crashing
orgasm. I trembled in a deep moving rapture, with my eyes
shut tightly.

"Was it damn good, " he asked? His face was glazed
like a donut.

"Oh fuck... yes, it was damn good sweetie, "
I opened my eyes and kissed his honey coated lips. Then slowly
licked his cheek and whispered into his ear, "But
Mama still wants more."

I moved down on his strong body, undid his pants and released
his manhood. "Oh Damn, Happy Birthday to me!"
He was thick, long, cut, and nicely groomed just the way
I liked. I wrapped my hand around his hard black cock and
stroked his beautiful dick. If it were even possible I seemed
to get hotter, so hot and wet that I felt the lips of my pussy

I positioned my body over his cock and rubbed the head of
his dick over my pulsating clit. I slowly guided him into
my lust. The sensation of my flesh being stretched wide
was almost overwhelming. My breathing quickened and I
gasped for air, but I still gyrated my pelvic area and rocked
my hips. My muscles tightened and gripped him, pulling
that big black cock of his in deeper. I sensed the electricity
surging through my body.

"Oh yes! Fuck yes, " I moaned.

He pulled down the top of my dress exposing my heaving breasts.
He gave them the attention they ought to have by cupping
them and teasing my nipples with his soft but firm hands.
He seemed to know my every weak spot, pinching my nipples
just hard enough to give me pleasure and not pain.

I rode him harder, getting to my feet and squatting over
him. I shoved all of him into my wet bottomless hole.

"Oh my God, " he screamed.

I rode his massive cock as hard as I could stand. Before long,
my pleasure heightened to its pinnacle, I rode him with
a mindless salaciousness. My throaty, passion filled
cries escaped my body as if they were being f***ed out of
me with every pummel onto his dick. "I'm going
to cum, " I screamed out. He joined in, moving his
hips, meeting mine in the middle of each stroke. My body
froze, caught up in ecstasy like a deer caught in headlights.
I was held there suspended in an agonizing need, on the edge
of the highest cliff wanting to dive into a sea of lubricious
gratification. But my body would not relent. My breath
was caught in my throat. He reached out and gently rubbed
my clit, which instantly sent me over the edge. I trembled
uncontrollably. Sexual yearning and pure lust raged through
my body, boiled up inside of me, and pressurized to this
point of combustion. My muscles flexed and gripped his
cock wildly trying to milk every ounce of cum out of his pulsating

"Yessss!" I exclaimed. I collapsed on top of
him. I was worn-out, depleted, and somnolent... barely
able to keep my eyes open. I kissed his lips tenderly.

"Happy Birthday, " he whispered softly in
my ear.

I held him tightly and felt our mixed juices seep out of my
body making a pretty little sticky mess. I was completely
relaxed and satisfied for the first time in ages. "Thank
you; you just don't know how much I need this."

We cleaned ourselves up and I took a sip of my watered down

"You were right."

"Right about what?" I questioned.

"There is nothing more exciting than fucking someone
you don't know."

I chuckled and raised my glass to him. "I told you."

We parted ways without knowing each other's names
and I went to the bathroom to freshen up. My emotions were
high and I felt so refreshed and alive. I had never done anything
like that since being married. Yes, a few times in my single
days but never since I married Richard. My mind wondered
if I would see my sexy stranger again at the party and what
would I do if I did. I put those thoughts out of my mind and
rejoined the party.

"Valerie! Valerie!" I heard my husband shouting
my name only moments after I left the restroom. "I
have someone you should meet." He prodded me through
a maze of people. All I could think about as he led me through
the crowd was another fucking business associate that
he has to show me off to.

"I know how you like doing your little design work
in your spare time, " he said with that patronizing
voice of his. "I think he may have some work for you."

"Okay, okay, I'll meet him. Just stop pushing
me Richard."

He tapped on a man's shoulder. "Mr. Rose, I'm
sorry what was your first name again?"

He turned, and those sexy deep brown eyes captured me again.
"Anthony, " he looked at me and gave me the most
pleasant smile.

"I'm sorry, Anthony I would like you to meet my
wife Valerie, She is an excellent interior designer. Valerie,
Mr. Rose just bought that big house up the street from us
and is looking for a designer to do his bedroom."

"Oh really, " I reached out to shake his hand
as if this was our first meeting.

"I'm very pleased to meet you, Valerie, "
he shook my hand firmly and smiled that sweet sexy smile
of his.

"Well let me let you two alone to talk business."
Richard was gone in a tick of a New York minute.

"As you can see, my husband cares about me so much,
he leads me to a stranger's bedroom after only knowing
him for a few moments."

"Well maybe he knows that there is nothing more exciting
than working with a complete stranger." I laughed
at his joke and touched his arm.

We watched him move through the crowd of people. He joined
a small group of men and two young blonde women with huge
fake breast hanging out of their dresses. We watched my
husband boldly flirt with the women from across the room
as if we couldn't see him. "You know... I really
don't think he knows that at all." I turned back
to Anthony. "So Mr. Rose what do you want done in your

"You." He said as he looked down at me with those
sexy eyes of his.

"That can be arranged, " I smiled.

"When can you start?"

"I could fit you in almost anytime. How much work does
your bedroom need?"

"It's a real hard job, and I'm a very particular
person. It's going to take a lot to satisfy my needs."

I took a step closer to him and pressed my body against his.
"Mr. Rose, I'm willing to do anything. I mean
anything to make sure your needs are satisfied as long as
you do the same for me."

"Sounds like we have a deal. Can I show you to my bedroom
tonight? I would like to get started as soon as possible."

"Anthony, it would be my absolute pleasure."
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@ MinxGirl, Thanks so much I'm glad you liked it.
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oh my god. so hot it sizzles! i love it!