Anytime you want to play

touching, kissing, probing
every inch and everywhere
consider it a sex game
where everything is fair

moisture on my finger
a sweet, erotic taste
going down upon you
immersing nose and face

increasing moans of pleasure
a groan, a scream, a yell
presuming that you like it
you know that I can tell

shiver, shake and trembling
going deep inside of you
slowly first, increasing
erotic through and through

am I an illusion
your wetness says it all
is it imagination
I’m at your beck and call

coming in behind you
beneath, beside, on top
you control the movement
slower... faster.... stop

satisfied and panting
just knowing what’s in store
now the question is
should I leave you wanting more

fulfilling every fantasy
I didn’t come to tease
nightly erotic intrusion
whenever you so please

the moon is gently waning
it’s time for you to rest
I pull you close and hold you
I slowly kiss your breast

in your dreams, I leave you
completely satisfied
anytime you want me
I’ll be right by your side

I’ll love you for an hour
for an evening, for a day
I’m here for you, forever
anytime you want to play
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